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My Pet
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 8:59 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2019 8:52 pm

My Pet..

She is mine to play with..
She is so eager, ready and often wet for when I play with her she submits deeper to me. There can be no other love then this, nothing to replace it with, no material object, no large sums of money. When she submits she is ready to take all of me, all of what I offer to her, my raw desires, my forceful hands, and sexual advances. She takes them all willingly, thankful, worshiping every inch of my cock, my body and mind. My pet is a special breed, no ordinary woman can take my dominance over her, and the honesty to accept they idea that they are happy pleasing me, needing me, wanting every moment to be in my arms and for me to use them, fill them with my hot cum. No vanilla woman could even understand this and why would they try I have no use for them they couldn’t handle me. My Pet, the submissive the breed of women they need to be dominated, to be helpless, bound and taken deep inside filling the holes I own. They need to give it the power to me to be truly be happy.

I would never do anything to hurt my pet.. I need her, and she needs me,, she knows our safe word if my passions ever cross the line. But her passions are just as explosive as mine. She needs to release she needs to know I’m in control mentally and physically and taking her is all part of it. If she is that dirty slut in the bedroom she so much wants it to be for the man who can handle her who can give her all things they so much needs as well.

I haven’t seen my pet in almost 2 weeks while she has been on a business trip. We have exchanged emails, text messages and phone calls but this just won’t do. I need my pet., I need her now. My Pet is still learning, her rules, her submission, still learning to be my little slut, my , dressing for me, what it is to be my property, my friend, and most of all lover in my life. She doesn’t know all the ways I can take her, push her down, and make that trembling body submit to me. Even as a Dom with all my experience having my pet away for 2 weeks has been a challenge.

My pet had agreed to move in with me over the last month and just thinking of my toy, wet and ready for me waiting at home is building to something I have not felt but its been 2 weeks. That can feel like a lifetime when people need that physical contact.

She will be home on Friday evening and on Wednesday I had something delivered to the house.
Its not a gift or punishment, but I need my time, my service, my desire for her body, her mind and everything has built to this moment. My pet has expressed the need to feel like my pet again. After the trip the 2 weeks was hard for her and I know this extreme step will do that.

I pick her up at the airport.. She is so beautiful then I remembered, wearing her high heels, and collar I gave her as she wears it proudly for me. I kiss her, take her bags and whisper in her ear, tonight you are mine again, tonight you will feel like my pet. She smiles at me… with no clue what I really mean.

I tell her to suck my cock in the car on the way home.. Which she willingly does.. It was hard not to cum the moment her wet mouth and tongue touched my cock. I don’t cum but I know other next few days I’m going to use her so much that she will be tasting my cum for days.

We arrive home and I put the leash on her collar and lead her over to the bedroom.
I tell her to put her clothes away and unpack. Your not going anywhere for a while. I make her put on her usual outfit that pleases me, wrist restraints, ankle, collar and leash, and high heels.. Nothing else no panties nothing, just naked and ready for use when I need her.

I lead her to the object I had delivered Wednesday.. In the middle of the room sit’s a cage. Its large, but still a cage no less. I tell her to get inside. I lead her into the cage, my pet, my slut, my good girl where I can own you and keep you mine. She crawls into the cage, on her hands and knees, and at this moment she has accepted this.. She looks thru the bars, wanting to touch me and as do I want her to but I have my plans.
This is not punishment its to show you what happens when I am away from you to long. All the desires and passions and needs come full circle. I give you permission to cum as often as you need to get thru this, I will not deny you that, but you will take my use of you.

You will be taken, owned, used, fucked in the ways you should have been for the 2 weeks you have been gone I tell her. My cock is so hard, my hands tense, my shoulders ready to make this pet remember what she was missing for those 2 weeks.

I lock the cage…. Looking at her.. Still holding the leash… this is now your place.. When I keep you, you will be right here where I leave you, I tell her.

She knows in this bizarre way she desires this was well just to come back to where she can be my pet. Now since my cock needs a good sucking I start here.

I slide my cock thru the slots of the cage and tell her to suck my cock. Pulling her leash towards me.
When you have sucked me well, I will take you out of this cage for some play time I tell her.
The smell of metal and my throbbing cock in her mouth is making the cage real for her and for me as well.
My cock has been dying to be deep inside her.

I tell her good pet.. Its time for play…
I force her out of the cage.. Pull her leash, now out of the cage I have what I want.
My eyes turn to her, my also in a state of numbness with the built up pressure.

I throw her up against the wall, put my hand on her throat, looking into her eyes..
Asking did you miss me, my pet..
Did you miss this.. I turn her around hard and fast pushing her hard against the wall. I slide 2 fingers deep in her from behind.. Pushing her back hard against the wall,, deeper and faster I explore the holes I will soon be using. I pull her hair, making sure for the 2 weeks you kept it at the length I requested.
Then again holding her leash short, tight, I slide my cock inside her.. Fucking her hard.. Pulling her leash.. Back toward me.. Fucking hard. Fast, she moans, pushing on her back to arch it, taking my cock deep.. Her hands against the wall, legs spread, being used,.

I whisper in her ear.. I need this pet, this is what I need tonight. Take it all for your master.
Slamming into her, slapping her ass with my hips, hard, rough,… I so want to cum but I need her to know where the control is again.
I pull her off the wall to her knees and tell her to suck it.
She does then I pull it out and start slapping her face with my hard cock.. Over her cheeks, her lips, then back into her mouth. Fucking her face, that face I have missed for so long. Using her hair to help guide that mouth onto me.

I lightly slap her face.. Squeezing her breasts and slapping them keeping her going, keeping her with me.
Fucking her face.. I pull her leash.. Come with me pet.. Throw her on the bed.. Quickly tied her to the bed..
Blindfold her and spread her legs fucker her.. I slide a anal plug into her ass, I fuck her harder, she moans, screams, with enjoyment,… I ask what are you.. I’m your slut, your dirty slut, mister.. I am yours, I am your pet.. She rattles off..

Do you feel like my pet again.. I grab her tits, holding her down, bound to the bed, she takes every thrust every inch. I slide the anal plug out of her ass.. I turn her over.. I slide my stiff cock in her pussy, Fucking her slowly in the her pussy, as she cums very hard and since we started she has been cuming but this one was different. Her body thrusting, juices all over my cock, pushing me to the edge. I push her down, and grab her throat from behind, fucking her pussy.
I take her arms pulling them behind her.. Using them to pull her body harder into my cock.

Then it happens where I can’t hold it anymore and must release.
I slide my cock out of her.. And tell her to suck it out of me..
She moves quick not to spill any of my seed.. She takes me into her mouth and sucks every last drop and swallows.

I lead her to the bathroom.. I tell her to clean off my cock as she does with great pleasure.. Rubbing I with a wash cloth and soap..

I then lead her to her cage.. Tell her to get inside..
She does.. Looks at me.. And says thank you master for reminding me I’m your pet.

You will be in this cage for 2 more days in this fashion my pet.

Now go to sleep and I will wake you up when I need to use you again.
Good night mister she says… Good night my pet.

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