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Is All BDSM The Same?
Posted:Jul 16, 2019 12:16 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2020 2:8 pm

Sensual Domination vs. Sadism

To set the correct context for my blog I should first explain there is an entire spectrum of sexual interests which all fit under the broad heading of BDSM. My blog only discusses the aspects of the BDSM spectrum called Sensual Domination. I am not an expert on Sadism so I will not be discussing it in length.

The two ends of the BDSM spectrum are Sensual Domination and Sadism:

Sado-Masochism is the mainstream of BDSM. Sadism is about tearing down a sub, enduring pain/humiliation as a badge of honour and behaviour modification to mold a submissive. Sadism does not necessarily involve sex but can involve severe pain, and various forms of humiliation. Sadism is sometimes referred to as “Hard Domination”.
Sensual Domination is about building up a sub’s confidence and unleashing the untapped sexuality of a submissive using flirtations, dirty talk, eye contact, various foreplay methods and multiple orgasms. Sensual Domination usually involves sex but does not involve extreme pain or humiliation. Sensual Domination is primarily about first arousing the mind then taking the body to wild new heightened sexual states. Sensual Domination is a way of developing a deep sexual hunger intense sexual experiences – Imagine 20+ orgasms in an evening. Sensual Domination is sometimes referred to as “Soft Domination”.
Can sadism and sensual domination coexist? Yes… For example, I always make a sub ask permission to as I stimulate her pussy intensely. I will deny her permission numerous times until I sense a hint of desperation in her voice as she is about to lose complete control over her body. At very moment, I will spank her has ass as hard as I can to evoke an intense pain response in her brain which will break her concentration and prevent her body from cumming while keeping her teetering on the edge of ecstasy. I would use this method repeatedly during the session to keep a submissive in a highly aroused state for hours without an orgasm – This technique is called Orgasm Denial.

Does Sensual Domination always lead to physical contact or sex? No… I will often arouse my submissive at work with numerous sexual texts. I will make her intensely aroused while at work and I will deny her the option to masturbate in the ladies washroom. Keeping her in a perpetual state of arousal while maintaining a proper work persona is part of her challenge.

I should also explain there is no “one right way” to enjoy or practice BDSM. BDSM is like an a la carte Chinese menu – choose whatever you like from the menu then is the right BDSM for you…


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