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LokatoveX 37M
3 posts
12/2/2018 12:59 am
Are subs intrinsically lazy ?

Are subs intrinsically lazy ? - Personally i prefer a sub with some “get up and go”, and that can take initiative
If yes it’s poor leadership from Dom
The dom should teach them how the sub should be

phatponyslave 45M  
13 posts
12/2/2018 2:48 pm

It also rather depends if you mean sub or slave,

A Master/slave is all about getting the slave to do stuff thus by definition can not be lazy,

A Dom/submissive relationship is more tricky the sub almost has to be lazy because mistress would get cross if sub started 'domming from the bottom'

looking4fat 67T  
112 posts
12/4/2018 5:38 am

The only "intrinsic" quality that "subs" have is being non-dominant.

In fact, i suspect that there are more "lazy" Doms than subs. Subs tend to be the ones that serve, while the Doms sit and command. (How many Dom "maids" have you ever seen on here?)

i know that when i am serving a Real man, i tend to do most of the "work." (Though it isn't work to me, it is a pleasure to pleasure a Man.)

LokatoveX 37M
9 posts
12/4/2018 10:07 am

Is the correct answer

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