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The Morning Walk
Posted:Dec 3, 2018 10:33 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2019 6:7 am

The Morning walk

I wake you early. It’s gonna be a gorgeous summer day, humid but not too hot. I tell you to start a shower and call me in when you are ready for inspection. You smile anxiously, but do as your told. While you are in the shower I prepare a bad girl goody bag. I have been planning this since last summer.

You call me to inspect your grooming. Nice job…smooth lips, a one-inch wide strip of long thick hair up top! We quickly wash and dry each other. I then tell you what you are to wear. Tennis shoes tied and out the door we go. As we leave the house you ask why I have a backpack for a morning hike. “You’ll see soon enough” I respond with a smile.

We park and cross the road to the trailhead and off we go down the fire trail at the local reservoir. This early on a weekday morning few people will be out and about. Shortly after we begin down the trial I tell you to follow me as I veer off of the trail. The anxious look returns, but your do as you have been told.

A couple of minutes later we come into a clearing, and you understand why we are here. It’s perfect! Close enough to the road that we can hear the cars, close enough to the trail that we could hear people talking as they made their way along, but hidden enough for my purpose. Welcome to my dungeon in the woods!

I came last night and prepared this place. Ropes are hanging from trees, spikes are in the ground to hold you where I want you. Your face flushes. I tell you to come to me. I reach around and grab your ass and pull you tight to me.

Two rules for today. #1- do not cum without my permission, and #2 total submission, total trust. You nod your agreement. I lightly slap your mouth, “answer me properly” I demand. You say “yes sir, I understand.”

I immediately spin you around and firmly squeeze your breasts. Mmmmm. That athletic materials feels good, but not for long. I spin you back around, drop the backpack down and take out handcuffs. I then grab your hair and pull you over the closest hanging rope. You instinctively offer your hands. Up your arms go until they are taught.

I immediately pull your black skirt down around your ankles. Yes, there it is under the full morning sun. I begin to spank you lightly…increasing force as I go. I stir deep down within me. I then lift your top and squeeze your nipples, slowly increasing pressure. You begin pushing your ass back into me, so I smack it. I do love that sound! I pull your hair so that your head is leaning back towards me, and very lightly lick the outline of your ear with the very tip of my tongue. You moan from deep down. I smack your stomach.

Next, I pull the blindfold out of the bad girl goody bag and cover your eyes. The ear plugs are next. You will be able to see nothing, and hear very little. I untie your hands and tell you to remove your skirt and top. I circle you…taking it all in – you standing there naked in the morning sun in the woods. While you are complying I take a blanket out of the bag and lay it in the middle of the stakes, and then I just stand there feeling your anxiety of not knowing where I am or what is coming. Finally you call for me, “sir…where are you?” Over here I tell you. I then instruct you to get on your hands and knees and come to me. Being a smartass of course I move as soon as you start. Enough humoring myself, back to business.

Once you are bound spread eagle on the blanket, I fish out my next tools – and candle, lighter, and water bottle with ice cubes in it. But before I proceed, I stop to admire the scene. You spread eagle, tied down, blindfolded – what a gorgeous sight!

The first time the hot wax hits your body you lurch, then I follow it up with a drop of water from the ice cube that I have retrieved. Your nipples jump for the sky, hard angry, and dimply. So I reach down and flick your left nipple, your loud moan tells me you are having fun. I continue for a brief period alternating wax and ice water. You are beginning to sweat and tremble.

After a brief break where I leave you laying there, what a sight, I very lightly with the tip of my tongue start up your freshly shaven left outer lip. I circle high at the top, and back down the right lip careful to barely touch you. You quiver. I continue this for a couple of laps before I drive my tongue right into your pussy. Mmm, nothing better than wet juicy pussy. Now your legs really begin to quiver and shake as I roughly run my tongue up right up your middle to your clit.

I bring you to the edge several times while indulging myself with your pussy juice. I love pussy juice! Then, I slide up your body, naked skin on naked skin, I whisper to you that we are going to try something new. Slowly I run the tip of my tongue around your taught nipples as I work my way back down your body.

I know it’s there. I’ve felt it before, that rough patch just inside and on the top wall of your juicy center. I slide the middle finger of my right hand into your moistness. Yeah! I work it around touching your insides all over. Then, my middle finger is joined by my middle finger as I begin to rake them over your g-spot. I tell you that this may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but just hang in there with me. Time passes with you squirming and thrusting under my right hand. Close…back off, close…back off.

Now it’s time, I must have your nectar! I increase the pressure and speed of my hand in you. You’re shaking, sweating…asking me “please sir I need to cum.” I see your hole begin to swell in and out, we know it’s coming. Then, your sweet nectar begins to flow out of you and onto my waiting tongue. Yes, at last you have surrendered your sweet precious nectar, just what I’ve wanted. I lap all over you greedilty not wanting to miss any. I then slap your pussy gently and tell you “good slut” as your body trembles and shakes. What a sight you are! If only the world knew. They would see that “typical” woman laying naked on the ground tied to stakes, blindfolded, trembling and shaking, sweating, nipples pointing to the sky. If only the world knew to look. You are there for any and all to see. Glorious!

I slide my now naked body up yours slowly, flicking my tongue on your sweaty body. I take a nipple in between my teeth and lightly bite down. I move off of your to the right of your body and slide two fingers in you again going straight for your g-spot and start. Sliding in and out of your hot, wet sweetness until you are ready. I stop to position myself for your release. I want to see it again. This time I push down on your lower belly and you squirt nectar right on my face. Nice! I lap at you like a thirsty dog until I have it all.

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