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Switch4MrRight1 52F  
3579 posts
10/5/2018 4:43 pm
Anal, yay or nay?

Will you let him/her do whatever they want to your bum?
Yay, bring it on
No, stay away
Maybe, maybe...

spankme2150 55M  
9 posts
11/30/2018 2:46 pm

I got my ass worked on with no choice!

My wife took a Sharpe and wrote Fuck This Hole on my lower back just above my ass and made me get dressed in warmups. She took me to a adult book and video store where they have a large room closed off and little viewing rooms in it. once we got past the main door to the little rooms she made me take my warmups off and hand them to her she left me there from 7pm to 2am hours to walk around each room and for people to read the message she wrote on my back. Needless to say I had a sore ass when she picked me up.

Suzy_Que 47T  
495 posts
11/22/2018 10:18 pm

When that's all you have, that's what you do!

submanbxl 62M  
120 posts
11/16/2018 8:36 am

It has to be consensual.

3 posts
11/16/2018 4:53 am

If it's consensual. No fisting.

EmkcuFzlp 53M  
10 posts
11/9/2018 5:41 pm

Oh yeah, I say bring it on! Please!!!

iam4u2use 64M  
7 posts
11/8/2018 9:00 am

Do me all day long

submanbxl 62M  
120 posts
11/4/2018 1:50 am

i'm 'open' to pretty much anything apart from fisting

lic4hours 60M
89 posts
10/27/2018 5:57 pm

Sanja is smoking hot and also ok with anal?

biass4all 51M  
9 posts
10/20/2018 11:25 am

That's a big YES from me! I have been on the receiving end of some great anal over the years and I am always ready for more. Whether it be toys, fingers, tongue, cock, or even an old fashioned enema, I am always eager! And it seems to always give me a raging erection and makes me cum hard!

guylookinfun 53M
4 posts
10/15/2018 9:15 pm

Why is the ratio of m/ f answers so far apart. Come on gals let us know your thoughts

barmay01 58M
2 posts
10/15/2018 5:18 am

Yes as long as it’s consensual

BiM4BDSMFtHood 47M
3 posts
10/15/2018 4:56 am

I love it up the ass . don't get me wrong I also love sucking cock but if I could only have one kind of sex oral or anal it would be anal all the way

guynud 57M  
3 posts
10/14/2018 4:02 am

Yes, absolutely. So many nerves endings back there, feels so good, love to be rimmed, fingered, vibrated, probed, and fucked. Slow and gentle at first, but then give it to me deep and hard.

SurrenderUrself 35M
18 posts
10/13/2018 7:59 pm

I let her play back there for sure

submanbxl 62M  
120 posts
10/12/2018 1:16 am

Cocks and dildos, yes, i reserve the right to refuse anything spiky.

LordVladsMinion 48M
10 posts
10/11/2018 8:07 pm


surrenderandobey 67M
2 posts
10/11/2018 6:00 pm

I am too attached to my penis to put it somewhere that is normally full of shit.

slaaf85_91 55M
445 posts
10/11/2018 7:25 am

As gay bottom, this is what I seek to get from horny males. I get married men who tell me my ass feels better than the vagina of their wife....

Being different from the majority of people as homosexual my pleasure is in being used by others...

sanja25 47F  
1 post
10/10/2018 10:37 am

not a fan of it but guys i am with are not much into asking

diavoloslave 56M
145 posts
10/9/2018 6:59 am

of coarse once trust and respect is in it I am totally all hers

Btccu4 58M  
45 posts
10/9/2018 5:02 am

Yes anything !!

jstlkng41 50M
2 posts
10/8/2018 8:21 pm

I have to say yes yes yes.. I enjoy being on the receiving end and the pleasure I get from anal is unmatched. submitting my tight ass for someone elses pleasure mmm

iam4u2use 64M  
7 posts
10/8/2018 11:55 am

Yes please

lwbtmboy 53M  
31 posts
10/8/2018 6:24 am

my answer would depend on size i like average or less it gives so much more pleasure to me.

glenn0725 54M  
188 posts
10/8/2018 12:09 am

Had to vote yes bring it on I love giving anal and have some hot ladies playing with my asshole.tongues , fingers, dildos. loved it all.

soft_tongue4fun 63M
3 posts
10/7/2018 12:43 pm

Sort of depends on what they want to shove up your ass.

camperdude_69 57M
539 posts
10/7/2018 4:07 am


gafferh 63M
10 posts
10/6/2018 6:14 pm

Giving/receiving, topping/bottoming... absolutely yes!

DemandingDad4u 52M  
20 posts
10/6/2018 2:30 pm

So many holes, so little time

hammerhead33 49M
4 posts
10/6/2018 9:35 am

Looking for a nite on the beach kinda girl

yourpleasure42 66M  
177 posts
10/6/2018 8:04 am

I've had the experience in both giving and receiving with men and woman.

looking4fat 67T  
112 posts
10/6/2018 6:31 am

i voted maybe, because it really depends on the Man that i am with. Some are able to talk me into just about anything, but most are not.

boringbloke60 58M
68 posts
10/6/2018 6:06 am

I voted yes!

Although I have not yet had the pleasure or pain of anal sex I would love to find out how it feels, so I have to say yes yes yes! Then and only the could I say no, only because I could say no based on experience, to answer Maybe Maybe would again have to be based on experience and wether or not one is in the mood for anal at the time the question arises.

likesmatureones 50M  
2693 posts
10/5/2018 5:24 pm

Heeeellllls yeah

Switch4MrRight1 52F  
639 posts
10/5/2018 4:43 pm

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