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Vacant House
Posted:Jul 26, 2019 3:47 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 10:43 pm

Writing challenge posed to :
Imagine you are looking to a fixer upper and you are going to one in your area. As you pull up, you notice a car, must be the real estate broker. As you walk in, there I sit. Naked and bound to a chair. I am blindfolded and have no way of knowing who you are. You notice my nipples are hard, but it is not cold today and there is a wet spot on my chair. … You know that something has me turned on and you want to see what I would be willing to do for a release. What would you do to make me submit to your desires?

For me, this story is dark. Far darker than my other material. It has material I don’t like to think I would bring on. It has material that I would bring on. I feel I have to take the bad with the good. I wrote this in March 2019 and hid it away. I post now because I come with both bad and good.

The Vacant House

I say nothing; allow my steps to announce my presence. Walk around you. Return to front doo:. Loudly, I lock it. Your quick gasp reveals you know you are captive. Your moan reveals part of your anxiety and excitement. Your strong nipples, plump pussy lips show more. Loudly, I troop through the house, looking. Returning several times to circle you. Stop and look: Quiet and still now.

The house has clutter – so much to work with. I collect the simplest materials. Rope, wooden rods, a metal mattress frame, pulleys, chains, wooden spoons, brushes rough and smooth, a low bed frame and a box of assorted, wicked bed post knobs. You are still, breathing strong. Your juice has deposited on the seat your pussy. Your tits are flush, full, upright. The nipples best described as ‘turgid’. Releasing one hand and removing the blindfold, you are made to feel these instruments. Wooden spoons cause a moan. Chains send a shudder after the cool links are dragged across your breasts. You feel the bed post knobs, your fingers slipping across the swirled ridges. And you push yourself tighter into your ropes.

I strip my clothes. Rod straight. Hold your chin. “Open” First words. I slip my cock into your mouth. Slide it back and forth, feeling your tongue the suction of your cheeks, the passage into your throat. Throat grasps me. Step back. Your eyes meet mine. I down. You see my cock before you. You open again and we move together, my cock running in and of your throat. I shoot myself onto your tits. “I have more. More use of you. More use of your tits. More use of your cunt. More use of your mind. “please, Sir” your answer.

Rummaging in back, around kitchen. Return and watch you. You are quiet. Your eyes speak fear, speak excitement. The old armchair pushed to middle of room. Back in kitchen, noises of banging, of table and chairs being moved. Back to you. “Open” You open your mouth and accept my cock, again. Again and more. You are swallowing my cock, sliding up and down its length.

I push your head back. Untie legs, arms. “Stand. Arms behind head” “Yes Sir” Back into kitchen and return. Kitchen oil onto your back, your ass. Oil onto your thighs, hand run roughly over your cunt. Slight laps left behind. Oil rubbed into your large tits. Oil poured on your ass. Fingers explore your ass, your pussy. Both holes at same time. Fingers in both holes as hand slaps onto ass. Mild, harder, harder. Over and over. Moving around your ass. Bend you over, ass out. Spanking around ass and backs of thighs.

Step in front. You into my eyes and your mouth opens. Cock glides in. Grab your head. Pull myself into you. Push myself out. Into back of mouth, pushing into throat. Hard now. Step to back. Slide firmly into your ass. You moan. I take you firmly, holding your hips. You take over. You push against . You pull away from . You slide my cock in and of your ass.

I come and go around. You jump your mouth onto my cock. Suck it in and roll your tongue on it. Your mouth is . Your mouth is wet. Your throat is deep. I return to your rear. Push my cock straight into your pussy. Slam it in swift. Back and forth. I put two fingers into your ass. Grind my cock into your cunt while spinning my fingers in your ass.

Your grip holds my cock. Your cunt ripples up and down the shaft. Your ass spasms on my fingers. Your fluid flows from your cunt as you come, flows down the inside of your thighs. You moan, growl. You shake as your lust powers higher in you..

I take you to the armchair, drop you in. Find rope from an old clothes line. Tie your ankles to the feet of the armchair. Tie your arms down to the legs . Tie your tits to stand out firmly. Clothespins found in the laundry. Pull out your nipple, clamp clothes pin. Pull out other nipple, clamp clothes pin. Light slaps on your tits. Light slaps on your pussy. Climb up and push your head back. Drop my cock again into your mouth. Straight in, Straight down your throat. Feel your mouth grip me. Pull me into you. Tongue spinning as I pull back. Cheeks gripping as I surge in. You make me come again.

I untie your tits, take away clamps. Run clothes line around you, tied behind the back of the armchair. Put your legs over the arms, tie your legs to pull your pussy open. Arms are free. Knots out of your reach. I step outside.

On my return speak. “I bought this place. I came out to examine it before cleaning it out. Three men who work for me will be out in 45 minutes with a dumpster. I have told them to clean the place out, but to leave behind the tied package in the front room. I told them I will pick that up this evening.”

Exhausted. Used. Sore – sore cunt, sore tits, sore ass. & glowing still. Draped in an old armchair. Legs open over the arms. I watch my hands rub and over my breasts. Feeling the air in my crotch. Feeling the fingers glide over my nipples. Eyes, open as just slits. Mouth open bringing in all the oxygen I can obtain.

Steps outside on the porch. Shadow on the window blocks the setting sunlight. Door swings open. The stranger who found this morning is there. The stranger who used . Used my mouth, my throat, my cunt, my ass. Slapped my tits and my ass and my thighs.

Stanger who left , roped to this chair, telling his men would come to clean the house. Leaving me bound, naked – my body open. I had stayed after he left. Bound and still feeling the glow and aches of having been used by this man. Leaving waiting for the coming of men to clean the house and leave me when they left.

Late morning, sound of truck coming up the dirt road. Door slamming. Then doors slamming. Oh God – how many? My pussy twitches – well, She’s not scared, even if the rest of me is. Men talking. “I gotta take a piss” “You too old to hold it in for long” “Not so old your mama don’t want it”. Mature men. Maybe they can’t do enough to harm me. Wait, do I want that? Do I want just a poke and a pat? I hope – I don’t know what I hope. I hope they release me and send me on my way. I hope their cocks are long and hard and plow into my holes. I hope my cunt stops leaking so much.

The door swings open. One man, another. Then a third and a fourth saunter in. “Well, the Boss said there was a package that had to be left behind.” “I like this package – soft and curves.” Men shuffle around me. Reach for my tits, pulling them pushing them. “Twist my nipples” I murmur. Moan as two men twist my nipples, one apiece. I try to slide my ass forward. To get my pussy to the edge. I try to hold my head back, my mouth open for a cock, any cock.

My ropes are untied. I rise, wiggle my tits and ass. Walk around the room. “See this guys. See this meat. Prime. You own it. Your boss gives it.” I walk around, helping each man take off his shirt, pull off his boots, shed his pants. I get to see them. I get to run my fingers over their chests, over their backs, over stomachs. Feeling the muscles, prodding and poking. Dropping my hands to their cocks. These are big men. Long, girth.

I climb onto the armchair. My ass sticks out. My head rests on the back. “This meat is ready” And they start. They start spanking me. They start piling their cocks down and into my throat. They start pushing their cocks into my cunt. They start pushing their cocks into my ass. They hold my hands around their cocks. They sit , sliding down onto a cock while another pushed into my ass.

They take individually. They take as a . I am pulled of the chair. My tits are bound and then toyed with. I kneel so that they can run their cocks into my mouth. So that they can run their cocks between my bound tits. I am turned upside down and held. My mouth is lowered onto a cock and I am pulled up and down on it. I am tied, a pole across my back and along my arms. I am taken outside and I am made to walk around. My arms spread wide. My tits pushed out, waving with each step.

I am wet. I am so, so wet. I want this, to be used by strangers, to be tied by strangers and to have their cocks go in and out of . I moan, I yell, I cry. My body spasms and my cunt gushes each time I come. I come many times. Towards the end, I come in long minutes of shaking. All the while these men are exchanging my body from one man to the next. One man using my pussy and then pushing it towards another cock. Two men using my holes over and over. Three men using my holes so I am plugged solid.

My eyes are only slits. My tits burn from their heat. My ass stings from its use. My cunt just throbs. It can’t help but grip on each rod as it slides in and . It can’t help but ripple along the shafts.

I am used. I want to be used. I want my body to be seen. I want my breasts to be pulled and for cocks to run between them. I want my mouth to take their sperm, swallowing them all down. I want my ass to hold their girths. I want my cunt to accept their seed. I want to feel today that I have been bred by men who know nothing about me but for my mouth, my tits, my ass and my cunt.

They are done. I am put back to my armchair, exhausted and barely able to move. They give me water and some food. They go about cleaning this place out. All the junk goes. All of it but for the armchair and me.

Now You are here, looking down at my smile. Smiling back at me. You telling me that I am Yours. You tell me you are to use when you want and as you may. You to take when you want and how you may. I smile and nod. Yes Sir. Yes . Take with you. Use as best you will.
Harlequin in the Barn
Posted:Apr 8, 2019 1:44 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 10:43 pm

The sun shining into the barn door suddenly was broken by the arrival of Harlequin. The darkness inside allowed her body to be outlined, light shooting through the white, short dress she wore. The sun sparkled through her red hair, setting a fire halo around her head. Her shoulders are bare. Hands clasped behind her neck. Feet with fine leather boots apart. The dress stopped at mid-thigh, The sun shine blocked only by the line of her inner and outer thigh. Bright enough to show her mound, even suggesting a sparkle on her lips.

“I am pleased that you have come down. You showed yourself admirably just now. You are my favorite – Bold, Sultry, Wet and Hot. Come, stand there, against that grill. Keep your arms up and hold the bars. Keep your legs apart. I will finish cleaning and grooming this mare. Then deal with you.” Harlequin steps in and down the aisle, letting her hips roll, trying – and succeeding – to be provocative. Letting her breasts jostle under her thin dress. Keeping her arms up, hands behind neck. Her eyes wide and sparkling, shining into the dark spaces. Pushing her tits out – proudly – so that their invitation precedes her into the barn. Her nostrils flare, grabbing at the heavy smell of sweat, Man sweat, hay, and leather. Her eyes take in her Master, bare to the waist, sweat glistened chest and shoulders. Her eyes drift to his leather leggings, outlining his crotch and its package. Her eyes take in the whip and the lash and the crops hanging on the wall behind Him. A whimper at first. Then a groan as she remembers watching Him work His big mare outside in the ring earlier.

Harlequin arrived early, slipping into the hayloft while Master prepared his animal below. She stood in the dark of the loft, inside of the light from the open loft door. She took off her dress, leaving only her knee high leather boots. She stood and watched as He took out the mare to exercise. Watched how he rode, sitting and driving himself into the saddle on the canter, pushing with his thighs and tapping his heels to make the curves and bends. Recalling the many times he had done the same to her. Making her curve and bend. Remembering the control of his cock deep into her, working her inner walls. Recalling His hands on her, His implements on her, moving her senses around while focusing on different parts of her body. The fingers dancing on her face. The oil massaged into her skin. Oil making her skin grip onto the leather straps he laid across her back and her ass. Remembering the slap of the falls on her thighs. Remembering the sting of the crop and its thong on her breasts. Remembering why she returns here to His barn so regularly.

She watched as he clipped the mare on a lunge line, wondering if He would ever use the lunge whip to move her along. She thought how He would like to watch her breasts bounce as she circled him. Dreamed that He would bind them. Dreamed that He would take that long lash and lay onto her back and her butt. She dreamed of Him leaving his long, thin mark on her back. Harlequin stepped forward into the light, up to the edge in the open door. She took hold of the ropes He had left there the other day. He had tied her there and used to satisfy his cock. He had taken her over and over, had made her suck him – deep, had made her accept Him into her ass, had made her hold the ropes as her legs clutched His waist, accepting Him into her pussy. Now, holding the ropes with her head high, her breasts out, her mound shining from her excitement. Watching as He sees her, her pale skin reflecting the strong light. Watching as He continues to lunge the large mare, pushing her over low jumps, controlling with the light flicks of His lash the supple muscles – never touching her powerful haunches, but communicating with the mare with His low voice and the light flicks making their own slight hiss in the air. Watched the mare accept His control, flexing and turning. This mare was diligently trained and enjoyed her chance to perform. Harlequin was jealous.

Master sees her now. He calls to her: “You come at a good time. I soon am done here, then groom. After, Your turn.” All the while, moving His mare through her exercises and watching Harlequin each time He comes around to face the barn. “Cup your tits, push them out to me.” The command makes her jump, makes her push her heavy breast up cupped in the palms of her hands. As He turns away again, “Pinch your nipples, pull them out to me.” That command is obeyed too, and held as the mare circles many times. “On the shelf, inside the door, get the dildo I used in you the other day.” Harlequin shifts over, finds the spot. “God,” she thinks excitedly, “This is even longer than I remember”. “Bring it back to the door,” Master calls out, “Show me as you push some of it in.” No resistance, her cunt wants to swallow it in. A strong grip is needed to stop the whole thing being sucked in. “You shall not come, not now. Keep working it. A long stroke each time I circle to watch you.” The lunge whip snakes out again, the mare is put into trot and the circle moves faster. Harlequin pushes in and out in sequence to the circle, a half turn has it go in, the return turn it comes out. Master smiles and calls approval and pride in her performance as He circles to catch her showing herself to Him. He flics the lash again. A canter now. The dildo moves in and out faster as the turns go faster.

The dildo is wet now, hard to hold. Breathing is hard, gasping almost. The sun is on skin, heating the outside in match with the boiling turmoil inside. Legs won’t hold and Harlequin drops to her knees, still pushing and pulling grasping at the strong staff that now twists and turns inside of her. “Now slap and pull at your clit. Make yourself come on the count of . Do the count.’ Harlequin screams the digits down, going moderately to start, then rushing as the slaps send shocks through her insides. She rushes the last count, to “One”, and comes as she drops the rest of the way to the floor.

While Harlequin lays in the hot sun, Master finishes the mare’s lesson, working her warm and sweat coated slower and slower, before taking a long walk along the river banks to let her cool down. He returns to the barn. Harlequin hears Him below, gets up and dresses and goes down to meet up with Him, wondering what the rest of the day and night will bring to her, to her senses, to her body and to her mind. This is why she returns as often as she may.

Now she stands straight, breasts pushed out, eyes wide as always, red hair cascading to her shoulders, mouth slightly open as her tongue slides along her lips, arms out and gripping the iron bars. Wide eyes watching as He cleans the mare, making sure she is rinsed down and cleaned off before she can be put to her stall. Sighing as he stops to turn to her, striding to her. Holding her head between his hands he brings his tongue to her salty skin, licking the flavor of the hay barn and her excitement from her forehead, her eyelids, her ears, her cheeks. Taking the taste of her lips and her mouth as he forces his tongue into her, dueling with her own. He pulls back, reaches to unbutton her dress. Slowly, allowing her to look into his face and down along his body. The dress slips away from her and the cool of the dark barn covers her.

He turns her, gripping her hips firmly. Speaks softly, with firmness from His confidence, into her ear: “Shortly I will bind you, put your arms out onto a pole. I want your breasts to stand out. Hold your breasts up, show them to me. I will bind those, push them out further so that I may with them. I will have you stand in this aisle, arms out to the sides, your tits pushed by My bindings to accept my caresses. I will slide these rough brushes across your tight skin. I will bite the sides, softly, and pull on your nipples with my teeth.”

“I will pull those hay bales into the mare’s brood stall, stack them and lay you down across them, your breasts and thighs and stomach and mound pushed into the straw. Little pricks all along your body. I will oil your skin, making it nearly slick, but only a slick to let my falls and thongs hold to your skin as I warm your back and your ass. You will feel the heat on your back and your ass and the heat from the rough hay pushing back at you as my strikes push you down. I will spank your cheeks, spank your thighs. Bring their red glow up and out, provide heat to this cool aisle. I will reach in and with your pussy, pushing my digits into you. I will whisper into your ear, describing how wet you are, how hot your skin. How your beauty is inspiring, making me want to use your sex for my pleasures.”

“Turning you over, I will strap your thighs, flog your breasts, gentle falls causing your bound tits to wiggle and bounce. I will with your clit, rubbing it with my rough hand. I will cover your pussy with my mouth, forcing my tongue into your heat, drinking your slick juice. I will suck lightly on your clit, sucking more and more until I can pull it out enough to cover it firmly with my teeth while my tongue flicks along the top.”

“I will pull your legs up, tie them to the pole holding your arms, opening wide your holes to me. I will strap the inside of your thighs and I will strap your pussy. Then I will take my hard cock and I will push it firmly into your pussy. As always you will be open. Your muscles will grip me and hold me as I slide in and out of your channel. I will pound into you, making you come and your fluids flow from you. I will pound you until you come three times, with you counting them out loudly to me. I will pull out, moving my mouth and tongue to collect your flow, sliding my tongue along your pussy and down to your ass. My fingers entering your ass and sliding back and forth. No, this time it won’t be the whole hand, though I know you will push back at my fingers trying to collect all into your ass.”

“I will withdraw my cock and renew the flogger, keeping you hot because it is so cool down here below the barn. I will push my hard cock into your ass, sliding in and out over and over. The falls dropping onto your bound breasts, the nipples standing out firm. My fingers now will with your cunt, pushing in, moving around. I will push firmly and slide my hand in, making my fist inside you to expand your walls. My cock will slide in and out of your ass, surrounded by the pressure of your firm grip and the pressure from my fist filling your cavity. We both will feel my cock expand, releasing into you for its long surges.”

“And afterwards, Harlequin, I will walk you to the river. You will wash me, first with your tongue on my cock. I will wash you, first with my mouth sucking your clit. We will wash each other in the clear, cool water. There is a light lunch of cheese and fruits waiting for us there, water and wine cooling in the water. We will spend the afternoon relaxing and playing and exploring. Now, let me finish cleaning this mare so that we may start together.”
Posted:Mar 11, 2019 8:43 pm
Last Updated:Mar 12, 2019 6:16 pm


Driving up to the front of our favorite Inn, it is time to cover myself. No more basking in the sun shining in the front window. No more buzzing clit with wand. No longer His possessive hand stroking the inside of my thigh. No more tweaks of my clit. Arrival in time to settle in, prepare for dinner and after. Our best room with fireplace, armchair, ottoman now, room to move freely. Small pitcher Sangria and note “Welcome Back! The Dinner you ordered will be ready at 7 PM.”. As you unpack, “Take a quick shower, then go to the lounge and wait for me.” Washed, He descends, leaving you to ready yourself for the evening.

Before He is too impatient, I descend. Red hair glows in the light. Eyes shine, lips seem afire. Red diamond painted on each cheek. Sparkles of gold around eyes, on neck. Sheer top, a Harlequin Scarf. Bold colors, exotic head across the waist. Opaque on top, allowing sparkle of my net necklace scarf to glimmer through, offset by the white skin of my breasts. Harlequin designed chaps. White and Black checkers on one leg, stripes on the other. The Harlequin Scarf diaphanous to show that there is no crotch. I am free and open and smiling as clearly I have an effect on you.

Eyes turn as I stride over. Rising He praises, “Your best Harlequin yet. I know your dance will be superb.” He cups the back of my head and kisses me firmly, whispering a rumble, “You present yourself with beauty and charm. Very sexy! It is hard, but I know I must wait for your show.”

At dinner, discussion of the world, of travels and friends past and prospective, of clothes you like, of places that I want to be when you take and use me. Discussion of the ways I have let you take me over time. What you like. What I like. What you don’t like. What I don’t like. What you once liked, but no longer. What I once liked, but no longer. What you want to try. What I want to try. And, “Thank you Sir for explaining on the drive here on how my pleasure becomes your pleasure, that I should not worry about your sexual satisfaction, to replace much of what prior, past Doms may have taught me. Give myself to you, allow you to take me, but for me to take pleasure from it, laugh into it. Our compromise is good. I will satisfy you at the outset, freeing you after to do with my body what you will. I give you my body and mind as your focus. You are welcome to use my pleasure and allow it to take control of me.”

Done, we rise and I kiss you, slipping my tongue out to tickle your own. “I will be ready soon, allow me ten minutes before coming up” Sassy, you reach under my scarf, cupping my pussy, rubbing it, tried to push a finger into me. But I moved quickly, leaving you with only a wet digit to suck on.

Upstairs, turn off the lights, light candles. Remove my scarf cover and stand with my bare ass toasted by the fire, letting it redden from the heat. I turn as I hear the door open, pushing my ass out away from the heat, showing you how red hot I am in contrast to the Harlequin’s checks and stripes of black and white. I bask in the fire roasting my tits and stomach and pussy. It is quiet. No music. No talking. I am doing the Harlequin dance.

I hear your clothes rustle as you undress. I hear the armchair breathe as you settle in. I begin to move, swaying my red ass, sinking my ass to let my cunt lips appear between you and the fire. Reaching back, slapping my ass with my hand. Again. Again. Reach below and run my finger along my pussy, wagging my wet digit at you as I look over my shoulder at you. Stick my tongue out to you, wagging it through the “O” of my lips. Reaching down, I pick up two of the pine cones I prepared at home. Epsom salt on these. I throw the two on the fire. They crackle and bright blue flames shoot up. I turn, letting you watch the blue fire burn between my legs, coloring my crotch.

I am moving now, silent. Stepping around the room, showing myself with high steps, with high arcs of my leg opening my core to your vision. I come behind you, my arms reaching out to blind you, then to push my fingers into your mouth, pulling your head back as I reach down and grab your mouth with mine, seemingly inhaling you. Dancing back to the hearth to place more pine cones. The cones burn bright red and bright yellow. I turn my body, letting you watch the silhouette of my breasts, my stomach to my thighs and of my ass against the bright colored flames.

I move around, on my toes, stretching my legs, jumping, dipping and rolling. I invite the firelight and candles to shine on my necklace scarf; I allow my tits to bounce in the light, sparkle as they move freely before you. My breasts are larger, brighter, glow more fully now. I feel they now show themselves off, without my help. They have made themselves a special invitation to your use and pleasure. The scarf has fallen open. I wrap my fingers around them, pushing them out to you. The gold glitter sparkles against the white skin of my breasts.

As I sway close before your eyes, I race my fingernail across my tits, pressing in, leaving a slight trail of red color. I pretend that they are your lashes, mapping out the marks to come. I spin and slap my ass cheeks. Hard. Hard enough that my palm leaves a red mark. I pretend they are your straps, making my rear burn. Turning back, I pat my pussy with my hand, fingers spread and open, slaps on my cunt. I pretend they are the falls of your flogger. I pretend they are the frayed ends of your thongs.

Back to the hearth, I take the last of the pine cones and throw them in the fire. Green shoots high, bathing the room in its special light. Turning I tiptoe slowly toward you. My eyes now on your cock. Your cock rising out of your center. I drop down and engulf it. I twirl my tongue on the head. I allow my saliva to dribble down. My hands wrap the base and slide up and down. I pull on the head with my mouth, sucking and then using my tongue. Sucking and tonguing. Pushing you into me with my hands. You grab my hair, wrap your fingers in my red hair, now made almost yellow by the bright green of the fire. You stand, holding yourself into me. Tight. I feel the pulse. I feel the heat of your sperm coat my throat.

You sit down. I lay my head in your lap. You hold my head, look down to me. “Harlequin, that is your best dance yet. You deserve the name Harlequin now. A famous name, one for a beauty and an artist. A name for the erotic and mysterious. The Dark and the Light. And for a trickster! Not some romantic novel star. Much more. Rest here in front of the fire. My own use of you, your body and your sensations, will begin shortly. Drink cool water. Refresh yourself.”

Having wrapped in a blanket watches as I unpacked my satchel of toys. Not all of it will be used. Harlequin is already warmed up, her mind is in a place to expand her sensations. The dance you did was erotic and dynamic. Our talk coming here and at dinner opened your mind to being used by me and to accept the pleasures I will be drawing out of you. It is time to start.

I complete the baring your body. Off came the chaps and the necklace scarf. Eyes opened and your face smiled up at me. “Are we starting? Yes. Good, I want this.” Heated massage oil is rubbed into your skin. your back, your ass, your thighs. Kneading the muscle, loosening you up. The oil helps the leather grip onto the skin. The massage allows the impact to reach deep into the muscle, and into the mind. Turning you over, I do the same on shoulders, chest and breasts, and thighs. Massaging and oiling. Eyes are closed, lips open, chest rising and falling as deep breathing takes hold. Harlequin is moving toward the relaxation needed.

I pick up the pace. Again, my dance I prepared you. Senses at skin level are heightened with stiff brushes and combs. Unusual but very effective. On your stomach now, light scraping along the skin sends tingling and erotic signals. Hard bristles then slapped onto the skin, pushing their impact deeper and below the surface. Now bringing out heat from below so that I can see the red and feel the warmth when I break for a rubdown. Watch the breathing, even and regular. Nearly a smile on the lips. Body relaxed, taking it in without resistance.

Taking the straps, I lay one across your back. A quick jump, then you recognize your friend the strap; the sensation is not pain, only hurt, tingle travelling around the point marked, heat. I continue, laying strikes up and down your back, onto the ass, across the thighs and the calves. Up, down. Down, up. Across. Not counting the strikes. Watching the time. I keep it under 8 minutes, my rule. Pace and spreading the sensation important. After 5 minutes your skin is red, the great heat can be sensed from just a light touch. Breathing is regular, but deeper.

The straps then are used as whips. The tips bounce against the skin, making a snap at the impact. You jump, startled by this next level. This is slower going. Time is allowed for the sting of the strike to work in. Now more oil, rubbing it into your skin replenishing the moisture lost to the air. Massaging your body, moving the impacts felt so far further into your body.

The flogger is next, used for its deeper impact. The light flogger in my hand gives a strong sting, as its handle allows me to lift the falls higher before they reach out to strike. I make only the ends strike, providing a hurt, a sting. The heavy flogger has more blunt impact, pushing the rare massage of the leather strike deeper into the body. My strikes with this are mostly to the ass and thigh. Letting them redden. A touch of bruise for the next day. Your eyes are open now, looking aside at me. The face smiling, the breathing deepening. A humming noise starts from inside you.

Time for water, time to check in on your feelings. You are not speaking, your mouth open with only the hum. Your eyes are open, and still can focus, looking at me, looking at my cock, looking at your skin. You run your fingers over your breasts over your thighs, touching your pussy. You speak softly. “I want this, I want to continue.”

I move you to the ottoman, laying you on your back, a pillow under the small of your back. As I tie your arms to the front legs, your breasts move higher. Your legs are apart. Again, I massage your skin with oil. Rubbing deep into your chest and your breasts. Manipulating them. Rolling the nipples. I rub oil into your thighs, massaging them deeply. Grabbing at the skin to roll the thigh back and forth, rolling it up and down. I lift your legs up, expose your bottom. An oiled plug is pushed slowly into your bottom. Your breathing jumps, quicker, less paced until the plug is settled. Your legs are dropped and tied to the ottoman. I lift each breast, wrapping each with binding tape, only enough to make them firm, slightly taut to the touch.

A pillow under your head, letting you watch. Watch as I take the brushes, passing them lightly across your breasts. Watch as I tap your breasts with the bristles, bringing the blood up to the surface, sending signals down into you and to your pussy. I take the round, stiff bristle brushes, pass them along your breasts. Pushing in and turning, the bristles are grabbing at the skin, then releasing it, only to grab and release again just a little further along. Moans are deeper now, the hum stronger. I place the round brush over your nipple, press in so that the ends push like little needles at the skin. I turn the bristles, slowly, lightening the pressure to let the skin, the nipple to slip between the bristles. The same on the other breast. Slow, paced. As I turn the second nipple, I take a second brush and I pull its bristles up inside your cunt, across your clit. A sharp cry, your hips bounce. You leave a moderate discharge of your fluids from your come. Your hum is steady now. Your eyes at times open and wide, alternating with narrow slits as you watch me. Not fearful look. An eager look. You start to chuckle, then to laugh. The release of your tension through your orgasm also releases your worries, opens your mind. One of my most valued rewards, making me grin.

I take the straps and start to work your thighs, up and down, inside and on top. You feel the heat and the sting, moving your thighs up and down as the heat travels through them. Again, I play with your pussy and clit. Again you spurt and come. I move the straps to your breasts. Striking down, first from under then on top, finally across including the nipple. I strike with the ends, slapping the leather together as the ends come to your breast. The leather sounds off as the ends slap together. You cry out with the strapping as it starts, then laugh gently as you settle into it. Clearly you are well surprised by the joy of your experience.

Another rest, you sip water as I hold your head up. You smile at me, without words. Your eyes are open, but not so focused into your feelings. I start again with the flogger. The single thong is more than you need tonight. The smaller flogger has a long handle. I can toss throws which strike your thighs and your breasts with a sting. The weight of the flogger spending out into the tips of the falls as they snap onto your skin. You are jumping with the strikes, even anticipating them. I press the round brush into your pussy, the bristles poking at your lips and onto your clit. Your come starts slowly, and then builds. Your tremble from the experience. Shake a bit. I continue to press. Your body is shaking more as you continue to come. After about two minutes, I release the brush. Your shaking continues for a bit longer. I hold you, though you don’t seem to know it. I release your arms and legs. Take binding from your breasts. Release your plug. I hold you still as tremors pass through you.

After a while, your eyes open and you look up. You smile. And continue to tremble. I take warm oil and rub you down lightly. Not changing your feeling, not altering the glow you feel. Reassuring you of your safety. Later, I lift you to the bed, under the blanket, spoon with you as you lay. Finally you speak. “I was overwhelmed. My whole body felt the strength you pushed through you and into me.” I still hold you, hold you as intermittent shudders of ongoing pleasure took hold. I rose, banked the fire, blew out the candles and joined you in your glow waiting for your sleep and then the morning. I whisper, though I doubt you can hear. “Know that giving you such pleasure is my own pleasure. Thank you for taking it from me. And thank you for your dance. Thank you for satisfying me in so many ways."
Taken at the Inn
Posted:Mar 10, 2019 8:57 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 10:43 pm

Winter eve, travelled North to a favorite Inn. We had dinner in the barroom, enjoying fine food. Salad with peanut sauce. Yum. You wanted Sangria, which they made – even sent some to the room. Upstairs we watched the clouds dance across the full, bright moon. Finish our wine, our treats sent up from the kitchen.

We have.our room with wide wood floors, wood paneling. Dark wood. The waxed paneling and floor reflecting the candles, the fire glowing in hearth. Command: “Dance for me, Show yourself” “Yes, Sir” You start barefoot, wearing only long red scarf, dancing lightly, then faster, showing yourself to me, dropping the scarf from shoulder, slipping under breast, from onc side to the other. Flicking across your core. Letting the fire glow warm on ass and pussy.

Smiling, laughing, revealing yourself. Moving to the music in your mind. Swaying, dipping, thrusting. Lifting your breasts to me. Pushing your pussy to me. Wagging your ass. Your wide eyes watching me, naked on edge of bed. Licking your tongue out to my rod. Upright. Your laughter fills the room. Who owns whom just them?

Twirling, dropping to floor, arching your pussy up to me. Bouncing to your feet, stepping to me, shaking your breasts as you come forward. Dropping your mouth to my cock. Taking me in. Letting me clasp your head. Move you up and down. Up Down Up Down. Red hair spilling around my hands. Sucking and tonguing me. Gripping me to remind me of your cunt. I groan and release you. Too fast, too soon. Need to build more before I end.

Determined. Eyes wild. Breasts rising and falling. You climb on the bed, push me back. Standing over me, you wave side to side. Lifting your breasts Offering them for gentle then not so gentle slaps. Offering nipples to be rubbed between thumb and finger. Demanding they be pulled and tugged. Demanding my hands slap them so they bounce. Demanding I make them blush red.

Enough. Enough of your play. Of your laughter. Grabbing you hips I pull you down. Pull you onto my cock. You yelp, then moan as I enter you. My hands on your hips, I make you bounce on me. Gasping, open mouth. My fingers in your mouth. My fingers rubbing your nipples. Pulling your nipples. My hand holding your neck. Pulling you to my mouth. Kissing you. You kissing madly back, racing your tongue around my face. My tongue racing across eyes, nose, ears, lips. Twining with your own.

I reach to your ass, slip my finger in you. Moans, cries, yelps. You spurt your come.
Kink Treasure Hunt
Posted:Mar 3, 2019 2:29 pm
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2019 1:34 am

Your cryptic demands are really scary – in tolerable except that I expect I am going to be well fucked. A kink treasure hunt around town? What was I thinking, walking up the public library steps just as it opened in the morning, holding instructions to search for Juliette, to be found in Fiction S for De Sade. Why? Why am I compelled to do all things that you tell me to do?! I shuddered to think I may end my days with a cannibalistic Russian hermit. All made worse by your choice of my wardrobe. My tits bouncing around behind a front tied cardigan, knotted all the way down at the waist and my bare ass spinning behind a short denim skirt.

Finally arriving at “S”, I find Juliette and pull it out. I look for a note. For something for the sake of Beelzebub. Nothing. Nothing all. Curse: “WTF, he’s jerking off again no doubt.” As I re-shelve the book, I see something at the back of the shelf. A can! I reach in – a can of Peanuts. I pop the lid. Inside is a note, along with a medium anal plug and small, individual pack of lube. My smile returned. The note read, ‘Slip into the men’s room in basement, and put this plug in. Then go to Smith’s Campsite for lunch.’. Okay, Smith’s Campsite belongs to my uncle and you knew he was leaving town for the week. This could be good.

Driving with the plug is delightful. The long dirt road bounces as it twists and turns. I fear my seat is getting quite damp. At the camp, Nothing. No car. No Master. I walk around, wagging my ass, hoping I can get Master out of hiding to jump me. I untie the cardigan and spread it open, hoping that my glowing body will bring Him out. All I get is more glow as walking stirs the butt plug around. I see the lunch box near the dock.

Inside a sandwich, fruit, cool wine. And a brand new mini wand!!! The one I have been looking at online. An envelope and a wrapped box. "Lay on the grass. Use the wand on your pussy and clit. Run it over top of plug. Come 2X. Then have the wine, no more than 1 glass and eat. After, open the box and put it to use. Remove your plug. Then, go to the Blue Slipper Erotic Emporium. Give your name to the clerk. Collect a gift card for you. Select new toys. We will be having dinner at the Mountain House.” I take my time. A new wand is a wonderful thing. This head even slips inside, making my plug surge around inside me. “2X come – Hah, try 4” I unwrap the box. Aha, a vibrating egg. Bluetooth control. Master has me from wherever. I pull plug from behind, push in egg at front. Driving off, the egg starts up, low. Driving has not been better.

At the Emporium, a gift card awaits. The buzz inside me increases. I had skipped in, now I step slowly around the store. A new flogger, a paddle, cuffs, a hood. More lube! A lovely, heavy anal/vaginal hook with three balls sized large to medium. Spiky head for wand. Silver glitter. Then off to the Mountain House. My lovely egg is starting to shake inside me. Heaven!

At the desk, I am given the card to our room. Spacious, deep wide couch. , big, bed with posts on the corners. I shower. Glorious hot. I am pink to rose as I dry off. In the middle of that, the egg had gone to high . I held onto the bath bars as I come, shaking. I sprinkle the glitter on my tits and chest. Some on my cheeks, coming off the eyes. I make my eyes glitter. Red lipstick. Hanging in closet is wonderful, off shoulder black mini-dress with zipper down the whole front. Black calf length suede boots. As I cross the lobby, heads turn. At the restaurant, you have a table over the lake. I sit, smile and thank you for the day and its events. You like my glitter. Getting up you come across to give me a kiss with lots of tongue. Holding your kiss with my hand behind your neck, I pull my top more open, let you see the shining ice sparkle of my tits. You tell me to leave the top open as it is. You order for us. We talk of many things. You cell phone is on the table. Normally rude and you don’t. On the screen is the control for my egg. You show how it can be run to high. God that is intense! From time to time, I reach over to tap it, setting my pussy off again and again.

We talk of our ideas, of adventures to take. Skinny dipping under the moon. Taking me doggy on the dock. Paddling a canoe, naked, to an island to spend the night on a blanket. I want you to tie my arms, pulling them into a tree and spreading my legs, tied to a branch you find. I tell you I want you to wrap by tits, make them surge out into the cool air. I want you to flog my tits, flog my thighs, flog my pussy. I want you to wrap your crop and thong around my back, flick the leather popper onto my engorged tits. I want to be suspended by my new hook, held on my toes by the large, heavy metal inside me, twisting and turning as I sway. We talk of you watching my eyes, watching my mouth and my tits. Feeling my heat. Watching and feeling as I come and come again and again.

I tell you I want you to put me on the blanket, my legs tied back and my pussy and ass open to you. I want to watch you, watch you with my wide, hot eyes as you pile yourself into my holes. I want my pussy to spasm around your cock. I want my ass to grab your dick. I want to race over the edge, gush my heart out to you as you come inside me, responding to me grabbing your prick and pulling your juices out of you.

After that you have us finish dinner. Leaving the dining room, you steer me to the stairwell. Yes! Master has taught me how fun stairwells are. At the second floor landing, finally you stop me, pull down my zipper and peel away my mini-dress. You push me, my tits into the wall. You slap my ass, hard, over and over. You lean into my ear. A growl from deep in your throat, “You took too long on your business deal last night.” You turn me around. Without being told, I push my breasts out. With a growl in your throat, you slap my breasts. Master hardly ever uses his hands to slap tits. I am scared, but only slightly scared as Master’s punishment means deeper pleasures.

He pushes me out the door, down the hallway to our room. I enter just as the elevator opens to let out a couple. My ass must have shown, as the woman comments “You should do that to me!” A thud against our door, and a long moan and some scratching says her mate did just that. I sneak a out the spyhole: Yes, she is naked, sucking his cock in front of our door. I would join, but Master pulls me into the suite, puts me into an armchair. He ties my legs and arms. I am open. This time He doesn’t start with brushes, He doesn’t build my heat up, He doesn’t spend time making my skin tingle and ripple. Tonight he has heated oil ready. He massages the heat into my shoulders, my chest, my thighs, my crotch. The oil makes my skin all the hotter. He slips a hood over my head. I hear the woosh of air as he warms up his wrist, spinning a heavy flogger. Woosh onto me. Woosh onto my breasts. Woosh onto my thighs. Woosh onto my pussy. Over. Over. Again. Again. Spaced out. Delays between strikes.

Stopping, my chest rising and falling from deep breaths. I am given cool water and I gulp that down. More heated oil is put on. Massaged deeply into my skin. My muscles already loosened by the heavy flogging, now heated up again. My cuffs are released and I am made to turn over, my ass in the air as I grip the back of the chair. My hair is pulled back, bound. I feel the hot greased ball of my new three-ball anal hook slip inside my ass. My ass takes the second ball. The top ball is large. He eases that in slowly. I have this rod of heavy, round balls stuffed into my ass. I am filled, stretched out. I feel good. Master ties a cord to my hair, keeping the hook tight into my rear.

Woosh, the falls hit my ass. Woosh, the falls hit my back. Woosh, the falls twitch the cord and the hook jumps inside me. The Woosh goes over and over. Sometimes short breaks between. More often long breaks. My skin feels the strength of the falls. The impact is heavy enough that the muscles in my back, my ass and my thighs feel the deep massage from my being whipped.

Another rest. More water. You take off the hood and I feel cooler after the great heat you have put into me. You slowly pull out the hook. I haven’t told you that I came twice: those balls are too big and too deep to be ignored. You probably guess or know I came, but I get more punishment if I don’t tell.

Master spreads oil on my ass, dribbling it down into my pussy. He rubs all around and gives tugs of attention to my clit. His fingers go into my ass. Then more fingers. He pulls them out, pushes them in. Soon I am helping him. Back and forth I rock. Moaning and asking for more depth. Soon his hand is inside. I am full. I am filled with my ass grabbing his hand, feeling his fingers rotate inside me.

Master has bared himself. He steps toward my head so that I can see that today he is strong, long, ready. OMG. I am ready too. I am very close to being very loud. Stepping back he pushes his cock into my pussy. I am sliding back on it. I feel the heat of his cock inside of me. He is thrusting and I am running myself back on him. I come. I pour liquid out of my pussy. My cunt grabs his cock, pulls on it, rippling up and down its sides. Master comes soon after, putting his own come along with mine.

As we rest on the bed, stroking each other, Master admits “I don’t know why I punish you. You enjoy it far too much. And I keep having to do that. You will need to be punished for the two comes you had tonight that you are keeping secret. Clearly, you will never stop misbehaving.” All I can say, “Thank you for the treasures you had me hunt, though I think I am more the prey hunted.”
Beach Pride
Posted:Feb 24, 2019 5:26 am
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2019 6:06 am


The text was concise: “Today is beach day. Be ready 9 AM. You won’t need a suit. You can bring a wrap – no more. And sandals. Your broad straw hat for the sun.” Well, that was easy to prepare. But, no simple wrap. Nothing so simple for me. No A shift of purple voile – tied loosely at waist with teale silk belt wrapped several times around me, with slits up the side so that the shift slips over my thighs as I walk and with a front of two strips that rise to tie behind my back leaving my back and sides open. My large breasts shine from the sides. When He comes, I trip out to the large car, letting the early sun shine through my shift, showing my body. My smile is broad. My eyes sparkle out, “I am ready for you!” I climb in and lean over the center, “I love the beach. I love the sun on me. What a wonderful idea. Give me a kiss!” He pulls me across and while he grabs my breath from my mouth, I let his hands roam over me, slipping on my nipples, across my ass, onto my pussy. Neither of us is surprised that I am so wet, ready to take his two fingers slipping into me, still providing enough slick that the third can enter my ass.

“Take me off now, To the Beach” as I settle back into the broad seat. Heading down the highway, I pull my breasts out and start to rub oil into them. He says, “I will do your thighs. I love your thighs.” I hand over the bottle and pull up my shift. Thighs open, pussy open. He drizzles oil on me and rubs it in slowly as he drives. Then firmer. Then up to my pussy which he rubs. Then slaps. Then rubs and slaps in alternating cycles. Not hard. Not soft. He listens to my moans. Finally he grabs my mound, pushing the heel of his hand on my clit, grinding it. I shake through my come.

Arriving at the beach, we drive along a long narrow road, arriving at a small cove. Private. Quiet but for birds and surf. Clear water. Clean sand. There is a wooden platform with a bench, table and wide, cushioned chair. A gymnast could use the pipe spanning two posts. While He unloads the car, setting the table with food – and TOYS, I wander the cove, slipping into the water, letting the cool liquid soak my shift, making my shift clear as it sticks to my body. I cross to the gym bar, stand between the posts, look into Him. Reaching behind my neck I pull the tie and slip the top from my breasts. I stand there, reaching out to Him with my tits and my hands clasped behind my neck. He crosses to me, walks around me. “Your eyes have fire. Your lips glow. I can devour your neck. I can wrap my mouth on your tits and pull them deep into me. I love your pride. I love the pride you have in your body. I love that you know I want you, that I want to use you. I love that you have the pride to be used by me.” He drops to His knees, brings His mouth to my pussy, tongues me, drinks me. Yes, drinks me because I am flowing now. None of it escapes him. Rising He moves next to my ear: “I love the taste of peanuts.”

My hands lower, pull the silk rope wrapped about my waist, and hold it out to Him. I pull my shift lower so that it drops, pooling between my legs. I reach to the bar and grasp hold tightly, arching my breasts out, then pushing my mound forward to Him, swaying back and forth. He crosses to the table, bringing back oil. His strong hands rub oil all around me, kneading my skin, my flesh. Massaging deep and firm. Making my body pliant and fluid. From the table he brings a flogger. Many falls, soft leather this one I remember. He plays it across my back, over my ass. The sun is strong. My skin is heated. The flogger makes it hotter. I am pushing my ass back, not feeling any pain from the falls, feeling the hurt, the sting, the dwell of heat and hurt which gets more and more intense, making my ass move around, up and down, shifting to meet the falls. From the front, He does the same for my thighs. Wrapping the fall around my skin, across the top and into the middle, the soft middle which he grabs from time to time, pulling and pushing firmly to make me more supple. Playing the falls across my mound, slapping the leather onto my pussy.

He stands behind. Presses against me. I feel his cock hard, slipping along my ass, teasing the crack. Then my tits are pulled out, massaged with firm hands. I arch them forward, nearly toppling as their weight is suspended from my chest into the sun and onto His hands. I arch my ass onto his cock, capturing it between my legs. Now from the front, He moves His mouth onto my tits, nibbling my sides. Nibbling my nipples. I swing my tits with His head held onto my nipples. I am moving with Him, following his mouth and the action of His head. He takes the teale rope, wraps my breasts, tieing them, Binds them firmly. They tauten, become hard, filling my head, my mouth, my cunt with the sensation of my tits being full, being thrust, being beauties for Him. He rubs my breasts, he plays with the nipples, letting my tits adjust to the firm pressure of the rope pushing them outwards, grasping them up and out. The tension is tightened further, firmed more. My breasts are proud signals of the pleasure I provide and proud beacons of the intense pleasure I take in. My mouth forms a smile, a broad smile. I give a deep, satisfied sigh.

He takes a light flogger, with only a few falls, short and narrow. He plays that across my tits. The leather seems to bounce off me: my breasts are that taut. I feel the tightness of the bonds. I spasm, leaking onto my thighs with the scratchy sting of the falls. I sway my body into the strikes. They are not hard, but they feel strong as they slide across my tits. I moan. I whimper, all through this silly smile painted across my mouth. I stand, swaying, with the sun shining on my oiled and sweaty body. I wonder when I will be made to come, when His use of me will send me into release.

From the table he comes with a rope which he ties to the bar. Then he ties a hook, an anal hook. He slowly slips the ball into me, pulls it up and inside of me with the rope. The sensation causes me to shake, causes my fluids to drip from my pussy. He returns with a crop and pats my tits, letting them bounce lightly. The signals from my tits and from my ass are pouring into my pussy. My fluids are seeping down the inside of my thighs.

From the table he returns with a candle in a small bucket. The massage candle is fragrant with scented oil. He cups my breasts. He drizzles the warm oil over my already heated breasts. The oil is rubbed into me. Lightly, then firmly. Lightly and firmly. He has a small wand, plays the vibrating head across my tied and bound breasts. Holds it against my standing nipple. I think I am coming. Continuous cycling of electricity and heat through my core. He holds the wand against my tits while he reaches behind, moving the hook, pushing the ball inside me forward, back, up, down. I am coming, quietly, repeatedly, the smile on my face still broad, my eyes but slits as my concentration is on the thrill in my breasts, the pressure in my ass and the contractions in my cunt.

He backs away. We stare at each other. For both of us, our eyes are hot coals. Our mouths are open and pulling hot air in and out. He pops the ball out of my ass. I feel the pleasure of it leaving. Feel the loss of its pressure in me. I am eased down into the chair. He drops his shorts. His cock is straight, a rod, His Prick. He plunges it into my core. In Out In Out. Wrapping his arms around me, rocking into me, rocking out of me. Holding my breasts into His chest. Reaching with His mouth and taking mine. Reaching with His tongue and taking my eyes. Reaching to wrap my ears, my nose, my mouth with his own moist heat. I feel some of what he must feel around his Prick. Roaring into me with His prick and His tongue. And coming into me as I make my own release, each holding tight onto the other as our bodies rub and merge.

He crosses to the table again as I lay back, eyes just slits, nostrils wide open as I gulp in more air, trying to cool myself with the hot, salty, beach air. On His return He loosens my breasts, lets them fall free, lets the blood surge back into them, making me moan, shake with the sensation. We share cold water, drinking deeply. Pour it over our bodies. Water evaporates before it can roll off to the chair.

He has brought lubrication oil which He applies liberally to my pussy. I hold my legs wide watching intently as he does this. He plays with my clit, he plays his fingers into my pussy. The oil is reaching further into me. His fingers are reaching further into me. Pushing and prodding. Finding more depth with each minute.

He rises up to suckle my tits. He rises further to kiss and nip at my neck. He comes to my mouth and smothers mine with His, reaching His tongue deep in a duel with my own. His fingers are reaching further into me, sliding the palm into me, sliding the thumb into me. Slowly, gently. I begin to push some, pushing stronger with each of his own thrusts. I am determined to take part in this experiment. It is what I have wanted from Him. To be held within my core by Him, even to be lifted from within me by His power. Bigger, broader, stronger than his cock. Now the hand is in, my pussy grabs the wrist holding it, keeping it in. He holds still, letting me adapt to this new sensation. I am full, as full as ever and maybe much more. My eyes are wide. He moves his hand around, scraping over my bumps and stretching my corners. He moves back, then forward, calmly, firmly. He lifts His mouth from mine. I break into a broad, wide, pleasured smile: I finally have done it, had His hand enter me and fill me as full as ever He could.

His mouth moves lower, suckling on my tits, finally coming to my clit. My clit which is nearly popping off of me. He covers it and licks it gently. I faintly hear a buzz. He has the wand. The vibrating head is touched to my clit, pressed onto it. I begin to come, deeply and profoundly and widely throughout my core. After a while, my arms and legs fall out, leaving me open and relaxed. My breasts fall against my chest, rising and falling as I take deep breaths. He pulls his hand slowly from inside me. He holds me tight. He rubs my skin, slowing the effect of the air trying to cool me down. He tells me that He is very proud of me. That I am all the woman that He could ever need. That He never wishes to stop needing me. He tells me that my acceptance of Him using me is a wonderful gift. He vows that I am His Woman to use and to pleasure.
Stair Well Oct 2018
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 2:12 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2019 5:35 am

His message was clear and precise. “Prepare yourself. Prepare your skin. It will be beaten. Prepare your hair. I will pull it. Prepare your wrists and legs to be tied. Prepare your lips, keep them soft and glossy so that I may glide across them. Prepare your breasts assuring that they hold the heat they will feel. Prepare your throat for it will be clasped and bitten. Prepare your thighs that they shine and welcome the beating to come, Prepare your ass that they demand the strap. Prepare your pussy for the tickle of leather strands. And prepare your ass that it may be hooked.” A column of prepares left for me on the front table. More was written. “Wear only your warmest button up wool cardigan dress – the short, blue one. The air may be chilly. But nothing of value as it may be cut and destroyed. Midday, His voice on the phone. “Be at the old stable at 6 PM”

I am there at 5:55. I cannot say “no”. I am not allowed to say “no”. Not when the commands are like this. It is chilly standing at the stable. There are noises as the animals shuffle about in their stalls. I look around. There are hooks hanging from beams. Normal equipment for a stable. More sinister for me. One hook is stainless steel. A ball is at the end of the hook. I go up to it and examine it. His voice comes from behind: “Slip the ball into your mouth. Hold yourself up on its strength. Remove your dress.”

“Unbutton your dress and drop it. Turn toward me. Show me your breasts. They are proud and strong. Eager for touches, kisses, and my attention. Put your arms out.” He reaches above, pulls down ropes with cuffs, cuffing my wrists before pulling my arms up above my head. Cuffs are put on my legs and I shuffle them wide as He ties them securely apart. He rubs a mildly fragrant, and warming oil across my body, massaging it into my skin, my back, my ass. Then my shoulders and works the oil into my breasts. Over my tum, and sliding down my thighs and back up inside my thighs. Over and over. Around and around. Finally fingering my clit. Spanking me with the other hand as my clit is rubbed and palmed. Slipping fingers into me as He tells me to keep sucking at the metal ball in my mouth. Using his own mouth to suckle at my nipples, pulling them slightly and then harder until they are being engulfed by His mouth. Sinking his teeth lightly onto my nipple as two fingers enter my pussy and another my ass. Pumping my holes. He whispers. “You may not come”

He pulls his hands from me, stepping back, watching me moan and sway, eyes only slits watching him. He pulls the hook and ball from my mouth, releasing the rope lower. It slips gently into my ass and glides up as he ties off its rope. His pulls on the rope causing the ball to jostle inside me, making me spasm and jerk in my pleasure.

From a nearby bench, He picks up a new flogger. Heavy falls. He dances these across my back, moving around me as he slowly spreads their heat throughout my backside. When the leather strikes my hook, the jerk inside me sends electric shocks throughout both my holes. He chooses another flogger, strands of leather. This is used on my thighs, wrapping inside them and leaving stings. Stings which repeated cause my legs to redden, showing the extreme heat that I am feeling. “Touch me. I want to come.” Silence.
The new flogger is taken to my back. It is long as it lashes across my back. He moves closer, closing the distance. The strands of leather begin to wrap around my side. They move closer and closer to my breasts. First one side, Then the other. Over and over again. Not hard. Not quite bruising. But stinging as the narrow strips of leather play across my breasts, touching and tweaking at my nipples. From behind, He moves the lashes lower and across my thighs. They tickle inside me. The heat I feel now on my breasts, my back and now my thighs is intense. I rock, causing the ball to move about inside me. No release for me.

The leather strands now are dropping across my hips, down to my pussy. They strike softly on my lips. I feel my wetness growing, dripping on the strands, making the leather heavier and causing them to bite just a bit harder.

My hands are lowered. I am pushed forward and my hands put up against a stack of hay bales. He takes some hay, roughly brushing my back and my ass and my thighs. He comes up to me from behind. His cock dances on my clit, on my lips, and pushes firmly into me. He thrusts into me. My pussy is clenching, releasing, clenching in no pattern or purpose. I can not control it, as usually I can. I can feel his cock rubbing against the metal ball inside my other hole. I want to come. I moan I want to come.

He takes the hook and ball from my ass. On his next thrust he enters my ass. He eases in and as I welcome him he moves deliberately forcing himself further and further into me. Finally, as I feel him swell, He shouts, “Hold me, take me, and give me your pleasure.”
Stairwell Oct 2018
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The small, bedside light was on. You sat upright, your back against the headboard. Your hands shuffle a deck of cards. You know I have stirred. Slap. Slap goes the cards, spread for solitaire. “KNOW I am deciding how pissed I am with you.”

“I thought the evening was good. Good dinner. You chose the restaurant. Did I not tip enough?”

“No, the meal and restaurant was all I hoped.”

“I loved your dress. Scooped and short hem. The way I like you when we go out.” “I chose the dress because you would like it.” “And the teal, I like you in teal.” “I feel very sexy when I wear it.” “I enjoyed running my hand inside your thigh.” “I liked that, even when the couple next to us saw your hand into my crotch as they left. I hope she had a good ride home.”

“When we left. I expected you to take me out the lobby. I was shocked, and hopeful, when you steered me to the elevator. I thought, ‘He has taken a room for us. I love a new place to couple. The last time, He had taken the room earlier He had left his bag of toys. I love being used in a new place.’

“We rode to the 4th floor, nearly to the top. You steered me out, putting your hand under my bottom, and down the hall. I was wet anticipating another night of being tied, flogged, fucked in all my holes. You even slipped your fingers into me. You knew I was boiling.”

“I took you by all the rooms. You looked confused as I opened the door to the stairwell and pulled you through the door. You looked confused when I kissed you, hard, pushing my tongue down your throat. Your eyes widened as I gripped your throat. You shuddered as I pulled down your zipper, your dress pooling on the floor. You moaned as I pulled your mouth to my cock.”

“I sucked you deep, running my tongue around your head. The taste of you made my pussy surge. You spun me around. My hands went to the bannister, gripping it hard as I leaned over, pushed my ass back and spread my legs. I wanted to be open to you. And, you pushed firmly into me, pushing hard in and pulling hard out, over and over pumping me and using me as yours. You fingered my ass. You spanked me, taking your belt across my cheeks. You eased into my rear, opening me slowly but firmly. We rutted just like that.”

“I pumped myself into me you. Yelled at you, ‘Now you come’. We fell back onto the steps, holding one another tight. I picked up your dress and held it for you as we walked naked down the four floors. We walked out the back to the car. “You put me in, drove me here.. “And I had you open your legs and put the seat back. I do love to rub the inside of your thighs. You were so wet. You masturbated and flowed. You know you didn’t tell me you came. I am owed a punishment of you.”

“What were you trying to decide, back at the top of the page?” “I was trying to decide just how pissed I am that you had not used me in a stairwell before tonight.”
Show Off on a Raft Jan 2019
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Sitting on the stone patio, I watched Cinnamon climb the steps, smile broad on her face, eyes glittering, skin glowing under the open knit wrap. Her breasts jiggle comfortably with each rise. “That raft out there,” pointing to the small lake before us, “Will you use me there?” “Certainly, your name is on it for today.” Taking a seat in the shade and an iced drink, you exclaim, “You give great massages.” “You needed your sunblock for today’s lake adventure. I used that wonderful sunblock you found in Arizona. It goes on just like the finest massage oil, goes into your skin and leaves a shiny glow all over. You know how I enjoy massaging your thighs and ass.” “You paid dear attention to those, and my tits, along with you lips and teeth biting at the tips. Along my feet and hands. By the time you came to my puss, I was a running brook.” “I had to make sure you drank lots of water after: I think I sucked more than ever before from your cunt.” “And, you refused, blocked every try I made, to let me cum during all that. My tingles were electric charges at the end. A puff of wind would have set me into spasms. And, my tits pushed out into the air, my mound was sparking, demanding that I rub myself. What did you do? You dropped your pants, stepped up to my face, and growled. Growled, I swear it. God, my wet core surged again and I pushed my mouth onto your rod. You were HOT, I couldn’t quench your heat. I wrapped my arms around your ass and pulled you into me, out of me, back and forth. I was moaning then, you were just growling. Until you shouted and I swallowed. At last you lifted me, mashing your lips onto my own, swirling your tongue around mine. ‘Why won’t he just flip me over and ram his dick into me?’ That as all I could think. Instead, you put my mostly transparent cover on and pulled me toward the lake’s shore. Well, I didn’t stumble my way. I don’t drag well you know. I danced for you, lifted my cover pulling my breasts out to you, shaking my ass – slapping my ass and my pussy in front of you. Fire was in my eyes, across my tits and flowing from my cunt.”

“And you raced onto the dock, pulled off your top, turned to face me dancing legs apart, taunting me with your body. The sun, the heat, your cravings and demands all put a further sheen on you. Your skin shone, your breasts blew up under the sun, your juices dripped onto the boards. Feral!. You marked yourself ‘Prey’ and challenged me, ‘Predator’. It defined you and me at that time and moment.”

“Your eyes taunted me, your hands and mouth reached out toward my cock. Before I could capture you, or you capture my rod, you pushed yourself back off the dock. The laugh you gave was wild and bold. You stared back at me as you stroked backwards, out to the raft. You hopped onto the raft and strode around it, holding your arms to the sun. Stopping, you looked South, turning back to me as I climbed onto the raft. ‘Who is the lady on that dock there?’ ‘The neighbor. She’s nice, open minded. She would enjoy you.’ Your smile grew even bigger, your arms swayed above you gesturing ‘Welcome -- Watch”.

“Thinking about being watched. Wild surges of erotic thrill course through me then. I let you push me to my knees, turning sideways to the shore my wrists clasped behind me and my tits push out. I open my mouth as you push yourself into me, soft from the cold water. I hold you in me, slipping my tongue over you, capturing the cold and sending back my heat. Firmer, longer. Firmer, longer. Thick and Thicker. It is my creation, Right Mister. I pull my mouth away, letting the sun shine on my creation, holding it up against my nose. I inhale your body’s salt and musk, diluted by the swim, and the pre-cum drip. I make sure my Watcher can see the strength my sex has on this powerful digit.”

“’You Stay’, my growl is low. I put up the pillars and the cross bar, watching your eyes which never leave my groin. I hold my cock before you, ‘This is mine, and yours to receive this day, not yours to take. Another day perhaps. Not now. You are here to receive and to record your receiving. How do you record your receiving?’ ‘My record I my coming and coming and coming, again and again.’”

“My eyes are just slits now. Sparkle replaced by hot fire. I spring to my feet, wrists behind my neck. I strut round the raft, showing myself to you, or to your cock. That man tool can’t help but follow me. I show myself to my Watcher, wagging my ass to the shore. ‘If I am your record of your use of me, start with your marking your tally.’ I face the shore, let the Watcher see my face, see how my tits and pussy respond to a good use. My wrists slip into the loops to help hold them over my head, stretching my breasts higher and firmer just as I arc them out. My ass, I push that back just as I pull my legs apart, opening my cunt to the air.”

“You were ready, wanting, and eager, were you not? I watched all of your sex organs expand and flush outward. I watched your sure smile, confident in yourself to be used well. The slap of my hand on your ass was no surprise as it brought out an “OH” of pleasure. Those increased in volume and turned into a long moan as I proceeded to spank your ass. First I used my hands, never striking the same place, never using much force. After. I took the brushes with the rubber bristles scraping them across your tits, grinding into your tit flesh pushing the thick prongs into you and turning your nipples around. Your moan turned into a low wail. I turned to your thighs, tapping the soft flesh on the inside with the sharper, rubber tipped brush – a sting which turns quickly to heat.”

“I looked to the shore where the Watcher had removed her top, showing now to me her own breasts. I watched her hand grip her tit, her other hand drop into her crotch, working up and down. God I wanted to do the same, needed to do the same. Shock as the cool lake water you threw on me hit my front, then over my head and my back. I was so hot, from the sun and from my sex and from the strikes you made to my skin. I could tell not so much water was hitting the raft, evaporating as it hit my skin. I shook myself, whispered ‘Ready’.”

“Your strap slaps against my ass. Tighter hurt than from your hand. Over and over, but never hard, rarely on the same place. Higher, lower, left, right, switch up. Time between for me to feel the heat from each slap. The hurt taking on hot then cold then hot sensations. Then on my inner thighs. The same approach. Paced, never hard, moved from spot to spot. Same next for my breasts and my back. Then moving around from locus to locus. My mouth is open, no sound, just a big O. My breasts are heaving as I breathe deeper and deeper. You have not struck my pussy. You usually do. I want to cry, ‘Hit my pussy. Make me come.’ No sound, just my lips in a big O. Next, you return with your round comb with the long rubber spikes. God Above! Your work sends jolts of power from my tits to my cunt. I am shaking from the sensation. My feet are bouncing on the deck. Then along my inner thigh. Now I am making a shrill whimper. My juices are barely contained.”

“I rub my comb onto your pussy, pushing and pulling your lips. I attach my own lips to your mouth, sucking your tongue. I cover your nose, putting your air under my temporary control. My comb goes to your clit, the nubs grinding across and over, twisting and turning. Your come begins, and grows and growls through your body. Your breasts surge out, your juices slice down. The stamp of your feet is louder.” “I am coming now, my pussy is surging up and down its canal. Funny with nothing having been inside since earlier, on the patio. My limbs are shaking and I can stand only as my hands grip the loops that held my wrists in place. Your mouth on mine barely muffles my cries of pleasure.”

“Before you fall, I take your wrists down, shuffle you across to the bench and lay you down. Your legs still shake, can’t hold you up. Your legs stay spread and your pussy is open. I hold my rod straight and it eases and then speeds its way into your cunt. Your head pops up. Your eyes look out across the lake, seeing your Watcher. You push back on me, encouraging me to push in and pull out firmly, reaching as deep as ever I can be and spinning around inside of you. You are pulling me in and pushing me out. Instead of me using you; you are using me. You arch yourself as you come again, gripping my cock and sliding your flesh up and down its length. The ripples of your pleasure run back and forth, slowing a bit on each path until you pull yourself from me and drop your body on the bench.”

Finally, standing, you wave to your Watcher as we slip into the cool water and drift toward the dock. Walking to the house, you say, “Being watched is wonderful. But don’t expect me to share.” “She is open minded, I suspect she wouldn’t ask to share, but she likely would enjoy assisting you to be used.” “There is an idea, food for thought.”
Make My Music Dec 2018
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“You were away for long,” spoken as I lay in the large tub, working my soreness away with the Lily of the Valley bath salts you brought for the Holiday. “Almost too long, you know. I may move away myself someday.” Standing, I show myself to you. “You did well. All day play. You made my skin so, so hot. But no lasting marks – just the one inside my thigh which will be gone by Noon. I don’t think I will cover it much until the afternoon, just to watch it grow a bit more then fade. My titties are still sore, on the outside. Not from where you bound them, just from your thong. I will wrap myself in the red tulle cape you brought home for me. I can watch my body repair. Did it come home with me?”

“Yes, you left it on the divan near the fire. I liked how you wore it last evening. It opens as you walk, revealing your thighs and your pussy. Sometimes I wonder whether I like your thighs more than your pussy. It is a close race. Good thing they are inseparable.” “Please keep the fire strong, I want the heat to continue and the light shines through the cape so that I can see my breasts and recall how they stood out to your hands and toys.”

“Where was that loft you found for our play?” “Towards the river, an old wharehouse from the Prohibition Era.” “You knew I was terrified when you made me lead the way up that dark, narrow, steep, long stone staircase. Black and dark” “Yes, you were slowing halfway, and shaking some. I rubbed your ass to assure you.” “No, you stopped me on the landing, and pushed me into the wall as you reached between my legs. You assured me with your cock sunk into my pussy. You pulled open my new, mostly see through cape and pushed my tits into the cold stone. God, it did the trick. Fright became excitement so, so quickly. I went the rest of the way with my ass swishing back and forth and my tits bouncing to show you how well you do for me.”

“What a wonderful, scary room there was at the top. Dark walls, dark beams, a big wood table and bench, a dark chest was all I could see in the dim light of four candles on stands. I obeyed you, standing near the table, watching as your ropes dropped from the beam overhead. My arms rose and you completed opening my cape, taking it from my body, leaving my skin to glow in the candlelight.”

“You were doing very well. I had missed you these weeks. Had thought of how to rekindle your cravings. I watched your eyes close, your lips part, your nose flare. I watched your breasts push out. I watched your skin glow and your pussy grow out. Pulling your arms up, I slipped the loops on the ropes over your wrists, directing you to hold them tight, not to let go. My own hands then glided all over your body. I applied oil lightly, new oil with cinnamon just for you, warming your skin, giving it more glow. I found your knots and kneaded at them, loosening you.”

“Then your music started. You had never used music before when we were together. You said while you were gone you had prepared a tape of what you thought would best accompany your taking of my body. You said you had practiced with your toys and straps and floggers on a boxing dummy so that you could match the music with your strikes. It was a new experience for us. I loved it. Different tempos. Different styles. You were paced. Some songs flew into a fury, and your strikes flew with the music. Some meandered along and your fine brushes or hands smoothed the heat that was building. That heat was always building. Finally, you tied my breasts. Simple wrap of some of that tulle around my tits. I finally opened my eyes and looked down. They were red already, from your work until then. They stood out. I pushed them out as far as I could. I drove my eyes into yours, watched as you stepped behind me. Watched as the falls of your flogger came around me and struck against my tits. Not many strikes – only the four. Then you moved to my thighs. I pulled my legs open as best I could. Then you brought the bench closer and I could lift my leg up opening myself wide. You slapped my inner thighs, not hard. None of this was hard. But again, the heat rose and rose. You slapped around my pussy. Then pushed your fingers into me, driving digits into my pussy and my ass. I loved it and whimpered my joy as I came and came.”

“You spoke to me the whole time. Described to my closed eyes what you saw. My tremblings, my sheen of light sweat, the glimmer of my wet pussy, You told me how my thigh quivered as you strapped me. You described the tightness of my nipples, how they stood out with their jewels. Your words stroked my ass as your hand glided over and as your words hit me as your straps lay across my cheeks. Communication was good for me. I have trusted you before. Trust is deeper when there are words.”

“What was the music you pulled together?” “Classical such as Ode to Joy, Bolero. Picked the Flash Mob versions because the pace is much more exciting – slowly picking up, more effectively than in concerts. Rolling Stones’ Parachute Woman. Doors Moonlight Drive, Carmina Burana, Fortuna, M83 Nous, Rush 2112 Overture, Enrique Iglesias Bailando, Sibelius Finlandia, La Musa de la Sed, ATB Ecstasy, even Ecstasy of Gold-- and a lot more. I am very happy that it paced well, kept me going and kept you interested, kept you heated and stung, but except for that bruise on your tit, without mark or bruise I am gratified you took pleasure from it, that you allowed yourself to be my canvas to use and manipulate.”

“I had missed you using me. Please undress and join me.” “No, you rise out of there and come here. I have the rest of the day to use you. So much time to repair. This is our Holiday.”

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