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Stair Well Oct 2018
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 2:12 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2019 5:31 pm

His message was clear and precise. “Prepare yourself. Prepare your skin. It will be beaten. Prepare your hair. I will pull it. Prepare your wrists and legs to be tied. Prepare your lips, keep them soft and glossy so that I may glide across them. Prepare your breasts assuring that they hold the heat they will feel. Prepare your throat for it will be clasped and bitten. Prepare your thighs that they shine and welcome the beating to come, Prepare your ass that they demand the strap. Prepare your pussy for the tickle of leather strands. And prepare your ass that it may be hooked.” A column of prepares left for me on the front table. More was written. “Wear only your warmest button up wool cardigan dress – the short, blue one. The air may be chilly. But nothing of value as it may be cut and destroyed. Midday, His voice on the phone. “Be at the old stable at 6 PM”

I am there at 5:55. I cannot say “no”. I am not allowed to say “no”. Not when the commands are like this. It is chilly standing at the stable. There are noises as the animals shuffle about in their stalls. I look around. There are hooks hanging from beams. Normal equipment for a stable. More sinister for me. One hook is stainless steel. A ball is at the end of the hook. I go up to it and examine it. His voice comes from behind: “Slip the ball into your mouth. Hold yourself up on its strength. Remove your dress.”

“Unbutton your dress and drop it. Turn toward me. Show me your breasts. They are proud and strong. Eager for touches, kisses, and my attention. Put your arms out.” He reaches above, pulls down ropes with cuffs, cuffing my wrists before pulling my arms up above my head. Cuffs are put on my legs and I shuffle them wide as He ties them securely apart. He rubs a mildly fragrant, and warming oil across my body, massaging it into my skin, my back, my ass. Then my shoulders and works the oil into my breasts. Over my tum, and sliding down my thighs and back up inside my thighs. Over and over. Around and around. Finally fingering my clit. Spanking me with the other hand as my clit is rubbed and palmed. Slipping fingers into me as He tells me to keep sucking at the metal ball in my mouth. Using his own mouth to suckle at my nipples, pulling them slightly and then harder until they are being engulfed by His mouth. Sinking his teeth lightly onto my nipple as two fingers enter my pussy and another my ass. Pumping my holes. He whispers. “You may not come”

He pulls his hands from me, stepping back, watching me moan and sway, eyes only slits watching him. He pulls the hook and ball from my mouth, releasing the rope lower. It slips gently into my ass and glides up as he ties off its rope. His pulls on the rope causing the ball to jostle inside me, making me spasm and jerk in my pleasure.

From a nearby bench, He picks up a new flogger. Heavy falls. He dances these across my back, moving around me as he slowly spreads their heat throughout my backside. When the leather strikes my hook, the jerk inside me sends electric shocks throughout both my holes. He chooses another flogger, strands of leather. This is used on my thighs, wrapping inside them and leaving stings. Stings which repeated cause my legs to redden, showing the extreme heat that I am feeling. “Touch me. I want to come.” Silence.
The new flogger is taken to my back. It is long as it lashes across my back. He moves closer, closing the distance. The strands of leather begin to wrap around my side. They move closer and closer to my breasts. First one side, Then the other. Over and over again. Not hard. Not quite bruising. But stinging as the narrow strips of leather play across my breasts, touching and tweaking at my nipples. From behind, He moves the lashes lower and across my thighs. They tickle inside me. The heat I feel now on my breasts, my back and now my thighs is intense. I rock, causing the ball to move about inside me. No release for me.

The leather strands now are dropping across my hips, down to my pussy. They strike softly on my lips. I feel my wetness growing, dripping on the strands, making the leather heavier and causing them to bite just a bit harder.

My hands are lowered. I am pushed forward and my hands put up against a stack of hay bales. He takes some hay, roughly brushing my back and my ass and my thighs. He comes up to me from behind. His cock dances on my clit, on my lips, and pushes firmly into me. He thrusts into me. My pussy is clenching, releasing, clenching in no pattern or purpose. I can not control it, as usually I can. I can feel his cock rubbing against the metal ball inside my other hole. I want to come. I moan I want to come.

He takes the hook and ball from my ass. On his next thrust he enters my ass. He eases in and as I welcome him he moves deliberately forcing himself further and further into me. Finally, as I feel him swell, He shouts, “Hold me, take me, and give me your pleasure.”
Stairwell Oct 2018
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 2:11 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2019 5:31 pm

The small, bedside light was on. You sat upright, your back against the headboard. Your hands shuffle a deck of cards. You know I have stirred. Slap. Slap goes the cards, spread for solitaire. “KNOW I am deciding how pissed I am with you.”

“I thought the evening was good. Good dinner. You chose the restaurant. Did I not tip enough?”

“No, the meal and restaurant was all I hoped.”

“I loved your dress. Scooped and short hem. The way I like you when we go out.” “I chose the dress because you would like it.” “And the teal, I like you in teal.” “I feel very sexy when I wear it.” “I enjoyed running my hand inside your thigh.” “I liked that, even when the couple next to us saw your hand into my crotch as they left. I hope she had a good ride home.”

“When we left. I expected you to take me out the lobby. I was shocked, and hopeful, when you steered me to the elevator. I thought, ‘He has taken a room for us. I love a new place to couple. The last time, He had taken the room earlier He had left his bag of toys. I love being used in a new place.’

“We rode to the 4th floor, nearly to the top. You steered me out, putting your hand under my bottom, and down the hall. I was wet anticipating another night of being tied, flogged, fucked in all my holes. You even slipped your fingers into me. You knew I was boiling.”

“I took you by all the rooms. You looked confused as I opened the door to the stairwell and pulled you through the door. You looked confused when I kissed you, hard, pushing my tongue down your throat. Your eyes widened as I gripped your throat. You shuddered as I pulled down your zipper, your dress pooling on the floor. You moaned as I pulled your mouth to my cock.”

“I sucked you deep, running my tongue around your head. The taste of you made my pussy surge. You spun me around. My hands went to the bannister, gripping it hard as I leaned over, pushed my ass back and spread my legs. I wanted to be open to you. And, you pushed firmly into me, pushing hard in and pulling hard out, over and over pumping me and using me as yours. You fingered my ass. You spanked me, taking your belt across my cheeks. You eased into my rear, opening me slowly but firmly. We rutted just like that.”

“I pumped myself into me you. Yelled at you, ‘Now you come’. We fell back onto the steps, holding one another tight. I picked up your dress and held it for you as we walked naked down the four floors. We walked out the back to the car. “You put me in, drove me here.. “And I had you open your legs and put the seat back. I do love to rub the inside of your thighs. You were so wet. You masturbated and flowed. You know you didn’t tell me you came. I am owed a punishment of you.”

“What were you trying to decide, back at the top of the page?” “I was trying to decide just how pissed I am that you had not used me in a stairwell before tonight.”
Show Off on a Raft Jan 2019
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 2:10 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2019 5:31 pm

Sitting on the stone patio, I watched Cinnamon climb the steps, smile broad on her face, eyes glittering, skin glowing under the open knit wrap. Her breasts jiggle comfortably with each rise. “That raft out there,” pointing to the small lake before us, “Will you use me there?” “Certainly, your name is on it for today.” Taking a seat in the shade and an iced drink, you exclaim, “You give great massages.” “You needed your sunblock for today’s lake adventure. I used that wonderful sunblock you found in Arizona. It goes on just like the finest massage oil, goes into your skin and leaves a shiny glow all over. You know how I enjoy massaging your thighs and ass.” “You paid dear attention to those, and my tits, along with you lips and teeth biting at the tips. Along my feet and hands. By the time you came to my puss, I was a running brook.” “I had to make sure you drank lots of water after: I think I sucked more than ever before from your cunt.” “And, you refused, blocked every try I made, to let me cum during all that. My tingles were electric charges at the end. A puff of wind would have set me into spasms. And, my tits pushed out into the air, my mound was sparking, demanding that I rub myself. What did you do? You dropped your pants, stepped up to my face, and growled. Growled, I swear it. God, my wet core surged again and I pushed my mouth onto your rod. You were HOT, I couldn’t quench your heat. I wrapped my arms around your ass and pulled you into me, out of me, back and forth. I was moaning then, you were just growling. Until you shouted and I swallowed. At last you lifted me, mashing your lips onto my own, swirling your tongue around mine. ‘Why won’t he just flip me over and ram his dick into me?’ That as all I could think. Instead, you put my mostly transparent cover on and pulled me toward the lake’s shore. Well, I didn’t stumble my way. I don’t drag well you know. I danced for you, lifted my cover pulling my breasts out to you, shaking my ass – slapping my ass and my pussy in front of you. Fire was in my eyes, across my tits and flowing from my cunt.”

“And you raced onto the dock, pulled off your top, turned to face me dancing legs apart, taunting me with your body. The sun, the heat, your cravings and demands all put a further sheen on you. Your skin shone, your breasts blew up under the sun, your juices dripped onto the boards. Feral!. You marked yourself ‘Prey’ and challenged me, ‘Predator’. It defined you and me at that time and moment.”

“Your eyes taunted me, your hands and mouth reached out toward my cock. Before I could capture you, or you capture my rod, you pushed yourself back off the dock. The laugh you gave was wild and bold. You stared back at me as you stroked backwards, out to the raft. You hopped onto the raft and strode around it, holding your arms to the sun. Stopping, you looked South, turning back to me as I climbed onto the raft. ‘Who is the lady on that dock there?’ ‘The neighbor. She’s nice, open minded. She would enjoy you.’ Your smile grew even bigger, your arms swayed above you gesturing ‘Welcome -- Watch”.

“Thinking about being watched. Wild surges of erotic thrill course through me then. I let you push me to my knees, turning sideways to the shore my wrists clasped behind me and my tits push out. I open my mouth as you push yourself into me, soft from the cold water. I hold you in me, slipping my tongue over you, capturing the cold and sending back my heat. Firmer, longer. Firmer, longer. Thick and Thicker. It is my creation, Right Mister. I pull my mouth away, letting the sun shine on my creation, holding it up against my nose. I inhale your body’s salt and musk, diluted by the swim, and the pre-cum drip. I make sure my Watcher can see the strength my sex has on this powerful digit.”

“’You Stay’, my growl is low. I put up the pillars and the cross bar, watching your eyes which never leave my groin. I hold my cock before you, ‘This is mine, and yours to receive this day, not yours to take. Another day perhaps. Not now. You are here to receive and to record your receiving. How do you record your receiving?’ ‘My record I my coming and coming and coming, again and again.’”

“My eyes are just slits now. Sparkle replaced by hot fire. I spring to my feet, wrists behind my neck. I strut round the raft, showing myself to you, or to your cock. That man tool can’t help but follow me. I show myself to my Watcher, wagging my ass to the shore. ‘If I am your record of your use of me, start with your marking your tally.’ I face the shore, let the Watcher see my face, see how my tits and pussy respond to a good use. My wrists slip into the loops to help hold them over my head, stretching my breasts higher and firmer just as I arc them out. My ass, I push that back just as I pull my legs apart, opening my cunt to the air.”

“You were ready, wanting, and eager, were you not? I watched all of your sex organs expand and flush outward. I watched your sure smile, confident in yourself to be used well. The slap of my hand on your ass was no surprise as it brought out an “OH” of pleasure. Those increased in volume and turned into a long moan as I proceeded to spank your ass. First I used my hands, never striking the same place, never using much force. After. I took the brushes with the rubber bristles scraping them across your tits, grinding into your tit flesh pushing the thick prongs into you and turning your nipples around. Your moan turned into a low wail. I turned to your thighs, tapping the soft flesh on the inside with the sharper, rubber tipped brush – a sting which turns quickly to heat.”

“I looked to the shore where the Watcher had removed her top, showing now to me her own breasts. I watched her hand grip her tit, her other hand drop into her crotch, working up and down. God I wanted to do the same, needed to do the same. Shock as the cool lake water you threw on me hit my front, then over my head and my back. I was so hot, from the sun and from my sex and from the strikes you made to my skin. I could tell not so much water was hitting the raft, evaporating as it hit my skin. I shook myself, whispered ‘Ready’.”

“Your strap slaps against my ass. Tighter hurt than from your hand. Over and over, but never hard, rarely on the same place. Higher, lower, left, right, switch up. Time between for me to feel the heat from each slap. The hurt taking on hot then cold then hot sensations. Then on my inner thighs. The same approach. Paced, never hard, moved from spot to spot. Same next for my breasts and my back. Then moving around from locus to locus. My mouth is open, no sound, just a big O. My breasts are heaving as I breathe deeper and deeper. You have not struck my pussy. You usually do. I want to cry, ‘Hit my pussy. Make me come.’ No sound, just my lips in a big O. Next, you return with your round comb with the long rubber spikes. God Above! Your work sends jolts of power from my tits to my cunt. I am shaking from the sensation. My feet are bouncing on the deck. Then along my inner thigh. Now I am making a shrill whimper. My juices are barely contained.”

“I rub my comb onto your pussy, pushing and pulling your lips. I attach my own lips to your mouth, sucking your tongue. I cover your nose, putting your air under my temporary control. My comb goes to your clit, the nubs grinding across and over, twisting and turning. Your come begins, and grows and growls through your body. Your breasts surge out, your juices slice down. The stamp of your feet is louder.” “I am coming now, my pussy is surging up and down its canal. Funny with nothing having been inside since earlier, on the patio. My limbs are shaking and I can stand only as my hands grip the loops that held my wrists in place. Your mouth on mine barely muffles my cries of pleasure.”

“Before you fall, I take your wrists down, shuffle you across to the bench and lay you down. Your legs still shake, can’t hold you up. Your legs stay spread and your pussy is open. I hold my rod straight and it eases and then speeds its way into your cunt. Your head pops up. Your eyes look out across the lake, seeing your Watcher. You push back on me, encouraging me to push in and pull out firmly, reaching as deep as ever I can be and spinning around inside of you. You are pulling me in and pushing me out. Instead of me using you; you are using me. You arch yourself as you come again, gripping my cock and sliding your flesh up and down its length. The ripples of your pleasure run back and forth, slowing a bit on each path until you pull yourself from me and drop your body on the bench.”

Finally, standing, you wave to your Watcher as we slip into the cool water and drift toward the dock. Walking to the house, you say, “Being watched is wonderful. But don’t expect me to share.” “She is open minded, I suspect she wouldn’t ask to share, but she likely would enjoy assisting you to be used.” “There is an idea, food for thought.”
Make My Music Dec 2018
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 2:09 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2019 5:31 pm

“You were away for long,” spoken as I lay in the large tub, working my soreness away with the Lily of the Valley bath salts you brought for the Holiday. “Almost too long, you know. I may move away myself someday.” Standing, I show myself to you. “You did well. All day play. You made my skin so, so hot. But no lasting marks – just the one inside my thigh which will be gone by Noon. I don’t think I will cover it much until the afternoon, just to watch it grow a bit more then fade. My titties are still sore, on the outside. Not from where you bound them, just from your thong. I will wrap myself in the red tulle cape you brought home for me. I can watch my body repair. Did it come home with me?”

“Yes, you left it on the divan near the fire. I liked how you wore it last evening. It opens as you walk, revealing your thighs and your pussy. Sometimes I wonder whether I like your thighs more than your pussy. It is a close race. Good thing they are inseparable.” “Please keep the fire strong, I want the heat to continue and the light shines through the cape so that I can see my breasts and recall how they stood out to your hands and toys.”

“Where was that loft you found for our play?” “Towards the river, an old wharehouse from the Prohibition Era.” “You knew I was terrified when you made me lead the way up that dark, narrow, steep, long stone staircase. Black and dark” “Yes, you were slowing halfway, and shaking some. I rubbed your ass to assure you.” “No, you stopped me on the landing, and pushed me into the wall as you reached between my legs. You assured me with your cock sunk into my pussy. You pulled open my new, mostly see through cape and pushed my tits into the cold stone. God, it did the trick. Fright became excitement so, so quickly. I went the rest of the way with my ass swishing back and forth and my tits bouncing to show you how well you do for me.”

“What a wonderful, scary room there was at the top. Dark walls, dark beams, a big wood table and bench, a dark chest was all I could see in the dim light of four candles on stands. I obeyed you, standing near the table, watching as your ropes dropped from the beam overhead. My arms rose and you completed opening my cape, taking it from my body, leaving my skin to glow in the candlelight.”

“You were doing very well. I had missed you these weeks. Had thought of how to rekindle your cravings. I watched your eyes close, your lips part, your nose flare. I watched your breasts push out. I watched your skin glow and your pussy grow out. Pulling your arms up, I slipped the loops on the ropes over your wrists, directing you to hold them tight, not to let go. My own hands then glided all over your body. I applied oil lightly, new oil with cinnamon just for you, warming your skin, giving it more glow. I found your knots and kneaded at them, loosening you.”

“Then your music started. You had never used music before when we were together. You said while you were gone you had prepared a tape of what you thought would best accompany your taking of my body. You said you had practiced with your toys and straps and floggers on a boxing dummy so that you could match the music with your strikes. It was a new experience for us. I loved it. Different tempos. Different styles. You were paced. Some songs flew into a fury, and your strikes flew with the music. Some meandered along and your fine brushes or hands smoothed the heat that was building. That heat was always building. Finally, you tied my breasts. Simple wrap of some of that tulle around my tits. I finally opened my eyes and looked down. They were red already, from your work until then. They stood out. I pushed them out as far as I could. I drove my eyes into yours, watched as you stepped behind me. Watched as the falls of your flogger came around me and struck against my tits. Not many strikes – only the four. Then you moved to my thighs. I pulled my legs open as best I could. Then you brought the bench closer and I could lift my leg up opening myself wide. You slapped my inner thighs, not hard. None of this was hard. But again, the heat rose and rose. You slapped around my pussy. Then pushed your fingers into me, driving digits into my pussy and my ass. I loved it and whimpered my joy as I came and came.”

“You spoke to me the whole time. Described to my closed eyes what you saw. My tremblings, my sheen of light sweat, the glimmer of my wet pussy, You told me how my thigh quivered as you strapped me. You described the tightness of my nipples, how they stood out with their jewels. Your words stroked my ass as your hand glided over and as your words hit me as your straps lay across my cheeks. Communication was good for me. I have trusted you before. Trust is deeper when there are words.”

“What was the music you pulled together?” “Classical such as Ode to Joy, Bolero. Picked the Flash Mob versions because the pace is much more exciting – slowly picking up, more effectively than in concerts. Rolling Stones’ Parachute Woman. Doors Moonlight Drive, Carmina Burana, Fortuna, M83 Nous, Rush 2112 Overture, Enrique Iglesias Bailando, Sibelius Finlandia, La Musa de la Sed, ATB Ecstasy, even Ecstasy of Gold-- and a lot more. I am very happy that it paced well, kept me going and kept you interested, kept you heated and stung, but except for that bruise on your tit, without mark or bruise I am gratified you took pleasure from it, that you allowed yourself to be my canvas to use and manipulate.”

“I had missed you using me. Please undress and join me.” “No, you rise out of there and come here. I have the rest of the day to use you. So much time to repair. This is our Holiday.”
Cinnamon & Jade Dec 2018
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 2:08 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2019 5:31 pm

“You can do all that to me again – anytime, whenever, for as long as you want! That small ranch was wonderful. Hot, hot, Arizona sun beating. Harder at times than your strap, harder than your flogger. Of course, you had to start me off in anxiety: had the car service put me on the plane with only a short cotton dress – only the ticket said Phoenix. How would I know? And I was left at Departures, just inside from the snow, with no more than a small carryon bag and that ticket. Not much in the bag – a prepaid cell phone with note – text this number on arrival – and a double cock harness with short dildos with another note – Make sure these get past security. That is all. I nearly turned back but realized I had no money for the cab home. Into the ladies room, insert the dildos, take quick picture on cell, attach and text ‘You Bastard’, and off into the cold blue sky.”

Phoenix was dry and hot. Off the plane, again into the ladies, removed the dildo’s, took picture, texted – Hot & Ready for your service.” Message back, upstairs at Departures, and there you were, which just added to my moisture. Out front to the big SUV and off we go. I knew better than to expect information from you. Lay back, zipped off that dress, tired cloth after flight, lay in the windshield sun, knew you would stroke my thighs, tap them, tap my pussy. All very good to me, as always. I welcome your attention with pussy and legs open to you.

No notice to the time except we travelled through three of my orgasms. The last two quick surges of wet as you applied the strap to my thigh and then my cunt. A beautiful desert ranch: adobe walls, garden of grass, plants and cactus, pool, patios, bright house with open windows, stone floors, wooden benches and tables. A small second floor with broad stone patio before two open windowed rooms. I will say, I walked languidly in, looking around at the layout, imagining myself turned down onto a table, imagining myself strapped kneeling on a bench. I even lean back against a bench, opened my legs, pushed my mound and tits toward you.

You respond, taking off your pants, your cock walking toward me. I lean back, legs up and apart. The first contact is your head slicing into me, pushing firmly and quickly. You slice back and in three times before I come with legs shaking. You continue, steadily, speaking to me “You know what I feel? I feel your heat. I feel your moisture. I feel the ridges along your channel. I feel the drag before you flood. I feel your clamp around the ring of my cock. I feel the light bump against your cervix. I feel the throb of your heart pounding. I feel your grip travel along my rod.” You hadn’t spoken to me on this before. I didn’t know. Your words make me feel strong, good.

You pull out. I complete taking your clothes. You tell me to go up the stone stairs at the side of the room. You tell me to be sure to roll and sway my ass as I go. You instruct that I am to wait for you on the roof. I stop half way up, lean over and open my cheeks to you. Then continue up. The roof is so, so hot. I love the sun burning on my skin. I stretch my arms up and out, spread my legs. I drink the heat into me. I don’t go into the shade of the rooms, beds, couches, benches – benches made just so you can saddle me with your cock.

You instruct me to walk forward, arms above me, to stand below a stout, old tree trunk supported by two equally stout posts. I grab hold of the ropes, pulling the loops over my wrists. You pull my legs apart with soft rope. My eyes are slits. My breath is shallow and sharp. My breasts have expanded, nips thrust out, their jewelry heated by the strong sun, My ass is on fire from the sun and the heat rising from the stone. My pussy is draining, early excitement, light splats on the stone below me.

You begin to massage me with my favorite body oil. I know you love the cinnamon – for me it is the odor of a rich and fertile past. My face, filling my nose with its heady fragrance. My neck and shoulders. My back, working out the knots from the plane, making me sway on my ropes. My breasts, lightly rubbing then gently kneading. My ass, working the oil into my crack. I can feel the heat on my small hole and I push my ass out, urging your hands for more contact. Along my calves and up to my knees. By this time, my moans are regular, ongoing rhythm to your wandering hands. Onto my thighs now, getting the insides ready for your use. Straight on and into my pussy. Making my clit hotter than it was before.

Without hesitation your two hands are working on my ass, my thighs, my breasts and my pussy. Rubbing the oil in, getting the skin ready for your care. I am loving this. I came on the plane here for this. I came to this far away place on this roof so that you, only you, could take and use my senses and my feelings the ways you know best. I know I will have your pleasure, and I know you will have my own pleasure as your reward.

You talk to me. Telling me how my skin glows. Telling me that my ass is bouncing just as you wanted, that you know that bounce is your reward for all my work exercising for you. Telling me that my breasts are proud and firm, ready for the heat of your leather. Telling me to feel your hand on my pussy. I push myself out to you. Your fingers slide around my clit. Your fingers pull quickly on my clit, too slick right now for a strong grip to be had. Quickly you push three fingers into my pussy, and two into my ass. My moans grow louder, become whimpers. You push hard, alternating your advances until both hands push in together and I melt onto them, pouring my fluid out onto the stone below.

It is quickly quiet. My heart is pounding into my head, but there is little noise, just some whisp of wind that I barely can feel across my body. Your music starts. I know you are picking up your – no my – toys. You begin, leather striking lightly against my skin, here, there, my shoulders and my ass and the backs of my legs. Steady, with the music. No rush, not hard. Stinging slowly and building. The oil giving just the slightest drag as the leather moves across my skin. Then to the front, straps on my tits, on my thighs, my pussy. The music switches and you pick up your brushes, dragging bristles over my skin – first soft, then stiff and hard – then tapping them against my skin, striking a bit heavier each time. Working the combs into my skin, working them onto my nipples, their stiff points grabbing my breasts and sending strong ripples through my head and my cunt. Finally working the rubber tips across my clit, briefly, allowing me to come just a bit before cutting me off.

Music picking up again. Your thongs begin to fall. My body is being heated to be hotter and hotter. You put a glass of water to me and I gulp what I can down, the cold that escapes hitting my hot nipples and breasts making for that delightful opposite of hot wax. You go back to your thongs. Striking me gently then firmly, all around. Never too much in one place. Never enough to mark. Certainly enough to redden, a red that will last into the next Noon before the final fade. A heat and sting that will carry as long, especially as you will stop me from time to time during my morning to provide welcome updates to my sensitive skin.

Your strikes wrap around my side and onto my front, They bounce onto my tits as I look down. They curl into my cunt. I push my ass out asking silently that you ply the falls through my legs and up to my clit. Not much of this. Then your mouth clamps onto my tits, pulling them deep into your mouth. You even bite firmly on the side of the left tit. God, I don’t need much more as your renewed strikes cause me to come in rolls of heat and cool, rocking me back and forth. It seems as forever, but stops sooner than I would have it.

I am taken from the beam, carried to the bench and laid stomach down on it. My arms and legs hang down, satisfied and tired. You come up from behind. I feel the head of your cock press against my tight ring, pushing through quickly as your penetration starts. Steady, filling and expanding me. You are telling me that your cock feels the tight ring at the start of your path, that I cling onto your rod as you gain depth, that the clinging continues as you slide back, that the tightness is felt across your front as the flesh slips over the ridge behind your head. I pull myself tighter around you, wanting you to feel me holding you tightly, holding you to pull your pleasure from you. Shortly you come, flooding me as your rod pulls up and down, completing my own orgasm.

You carry me to the shower, and we rest beneath its rain. No towels, but back into the sun, regaining the suns heat. On the bed, you hold me and caress my sore parts. You describe to me the concentration you put into placing your strikes on me, the focus on how I respond, the observations that allow a build up of my own sensations and my own pleasures, your dedication to causing me to realize my need to have hurt and heat deeper than my skin. You speak to me that you enjoy your effort and that you are pleased and pleasured that I allow you to bring you to this point of satisfaction. I know that I am not your property. I know that I am your companion and that we complement one another in meeting our separate needs – yours as a man and mine as a woman.

The next day, you send me down the road to a friend who designs jewelry. I enter her studio and am told that she has prepared for me a selection to examine. I am allowed to choose new jade jewelry for my breasts. You have looked them over and I see the final choices. At lunch I stand before you with the new bars with jade caps that I picked. “When I took my blouse away, and your bite stared out at her, she smiled. She reached up and touched it lightly. She leaned forward and kissed it. I stood and pushed myself forward. She kissed my breasts and sucked them in. Did you know her name is ‘Jade’. She makes dildos and other toys of jade and beautiful stone. We spent the whole morning examining how things fit, both her and me. I will show you later. You know she will be visiting us in the Spring, sending before her samples of her work. I will help her sell them. A fresh line: “Pleasures of Cinnamon & Jade”. What fun!”
Cheap Seats Oct 2018
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 2:07 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2019 5:31 pm

“Ouch! Why bite my shoulder? Though, I do like your hand on my cock.” “My hand is for how you used me tonight. The bite is for what you did to use me. You know I love ballet, right.” “That is why I got us tickets for your favorite performance.” “And, I was super, super excited on the way to the theater.”

Then, we entered the lobby way off to the side. I asked, “Where are we going. The main stairwell is over there.” Ignored, I stumbled on after you, my tits bouncing under my top, my skirt flipping nearly to my bare cunt. And up and up and up you took me. I stumbled behind you into a large corral way up near the sky. You led me through the tight crowd of people to peer over a rail. Way, far below us was the stage.

“What is this?” You only replied, “I love your eyes when you anger. I love the taught lines in your jaw and neck” “Shut up, what is happening here, why are we all the way up here with all these people standing around.” “We are in SRO, standing room only, the only tickets I could get. Don’t worry, after the first Act, everyone here dashes downstairs to find seats that are empty. You will get a wonderful seat in 20 minutes.” I stand at the rail, looking way down at the stage and trying to count the number of empty seats. The show starts. I admit it is a novel way to observe. I notice the crowd is thinning. Finally, we are the only two left.

“Don’t you think we should find some seats?” No reply, except you reach around me, slip your hand into my dress and over my tit. You cup me, teasing the nibble. pulling it. “What are you doing”, my harsh whisper as I feel my breast expand and my nipple harden. Your other hand reaches into my skirt and finds my clit. Your fingers pinch my clit. Below me, there are thousands of people, there are dancers prancing about the stage, there are orchestra members, the paying public – all just below me and before my now exposed tit and clit.

You take my hair and pulled. My chest arches forward. My thighs surge forward. Your favorite parts of my body are pushed out for you to feast. I love this, I love being used in a spot only just emptied of the public, not knowing when someone way below us will notice me.

You turn me around. You lift my dress up and away. I am nude, naked hovering above hundreds and hundreds of ballet lovers. I put out my hands and arms on the rail and arch my ass out to you. The orchestra is full and loud. The dancers are active. Music, dancing, lights all drift up to make. I feel giddy from my desire to be taken hanging onto this rail.

You push into me, quickly advancing. Your heat combines with mine. You plunge into me over and over. I am throwing my hair back and forth. You lift me around my waist, turning me toward the center of the room, and putting me down on my knees and arms. I throw myself forward, raising my ass upwards. The orchestra is building to the finale. The music is falling over me in waves. The cymbals and drums especially shaking my core.

I know you. I know your favorite mark and wink it at you, pushing out and pulling in. I hear your low growl. I feel the soft head of your cock, pushing into me, the firm pole following behind. You don’t have much patience. I have no patience and push back. This pace does not last long. You come deep into me, long, strong surges. You growl at me to come, “Squeeze me hard!”

I rise, stretch, stroll naked to the rail. I look down watching the finale below me. Joining me, we wave, turn and dress. The descent all those floors is languid. I enjoy your hand rubbing my ass. You stop me on a landing, kissing my mouth strongly and petting my cunt. I still am afire.

“I love holding your cock you know. I love knowing you will always respond to my touch. And now, I love the cheap seats more than I could have imagined.”
Apron on the Hearth Dec 2018
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 2:06 pm
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Kitchen noises. Pots, mixers, stirring noises. Wandered into kitchen to find hearth lit, warm glow flowing. You in your red striped apron, mixing a batter in a large bowl. My groggy eyes twinkle. She only wears the apron. Her bare feet patter on old planks, her tits sway loose behind the stripes. As she turns to show herself, her cheeks remain red from the eve before.

“Once again, I am very annoyed with you. You say I have no right to be annoyed, but real is real and pissed is pissed. First, you take me dancing with dinner. We dance all the band will play. You snuggle into my ear, saying you need me, saying you will use me. You caress my thighs when there is a break. I saw you only drink club soda – your faculties will be sharp, I think, for you to play with me.”

“Did you like your new coat?” “You know I did. We go to leave. You pull out a coat check. I say, ‘This is not my number.’” “Give this to the girl. Take what she gives you to the ladies.” I receive a wonderful, full length coat, turquoise satin lining, and a pair of calf length red boots. I turn to look for you, but you are arranging for the car to be brought. In the ladies room, there is silver bag inside with a note: “Put all your clothes in here and wear the coat and boots out.”

Okay, this looks promising. I strip, put my few clothes into the bag, and don the coat. No zipper. No buttons. No belt. With a big smile, I stride into the lobby and past the doorman watching the glow of my skin as I go past and into the waiting car. The seat is already back. I settle in and open my arms and legs. I know you want to look at me and I want to be looked at. As we turn onto the road, you have started running your hand along my inner thigh. As always, I just purr.

A few miles along, you pull off. We are going into the town park, dead in the winter night. We stop. I look down and in the moon’s bright glow I watch your hand move along my skin. You bring out some oil, massaging my thighs and my pussy so there is a light glow on my skin and a brighter glow on my pussy. Then you start to slap my thighs. Once, twice, … ten times. I am leaning further back, arching my bottom up to your hand. You find your short straps, and those come down as my knees come up and out, as I open myself further. You climb out of the car, and open my door. I am pulled out and made to stand. “Keep your hands up, behind your neck!” The straps are hitting my ass now. Over, and over. Never quite on the same spot. My ass is on fire and my legs squirm from trying to gain my pleasure from this. You are stronger than you have been for many months. Stop. I am told to bend over. You enter me. I am wet, very wet and you slide in fast. Over and over you stroke. Not many times but forceful. I grip hard on your rod. You come fast. As I straighten up, you whisper to my ear: “I needed to use you. I needed to use you hard. You are mine to use like this. No other.”

Back in the car and home. You crawl into bed and fall asleep. “Now you know why I am pissed! You left me hot and wet. I steamed and thought as I watched you gently snore. I saw the red glow still on my ass when I looked in the mirror. Then I knew. I came here, got the fire going, and started to bake, making lots of noise. No man can refuse my ass hanging out of an apron in the kitchen. And Here you are! And, I can see you are ready to make me feel real good. We have 30 minutes before the rolls come out of the oven”

“What are you baking?” “Your favorite – Cinnamon Rolls. Now get your cock into my hot ass.”
Anxiety Oct 2019
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Gone. Out of Town. Left only yesterday. Fitful night. All the anxieties arrive in the dark. Spot next to me cold, not warm as always. I know You will be back. Know it. You have left before. Business, family trips. Never felt anxious before. Certainly not this way: chills, bouncing leg.

I don’t know why I feel this way. We had no fight or struggle before you left. The other night, and again in the morning You were demanding of me, using my mouth and my pussy and my ass repeatedly for Your satisfaction. I was allowed to enjoy having You deep inside me, giving me warmth and encouragement that I would be satisfied waiting for your return.

Now, this morning, looking out the window, I don’t know. I look at the inside of my legs. The marks are mostly gone. You never leave them hard and deep. They are strong reminders of what you can do to me – what I allow You to do for me because I need You to strap me and sting me so that my back and legs turn to fire. I shiver knowing that I crave those Your strikes to take me again.

A message arrives. “Coming home early, late morning. I need to be inside you. Prepare yourself. Make sure your afternoon is open. I expect you naked and legs open on the couch at 11:15 AM. This time, don’t make yourself come before I arrive.”

Nervously, fearing the words You sent will disappear, my shaking fingers tap in: “As you Direct. Always.”

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