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UR_Fantazee 22F  
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1/12/2019 7:51 am
Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 7)

The almost permanent "dampness" Jacqui had been feeling between her legs all through dinner ramped up to "wetness" at his words. The spanking she'd been promised - and wanted - was only going to be minutes away.

Spanking had never been part of her life growing up. She'd never given it much of a thought before. It wasn't a punishment that either of her parents had resorted to and, as far as she knew at least, none of her friends' parents had resorted to it either. She was sure she'd have heard about it if it was.

She'd seen naughty children getting hauled over - usually their dad's - laps and getting a few slaps on their shorts in old black and white films on the TV a few times but that was acceptable back then. It just wasn't a thing nowadays.

She was struggling to come to terms with how Charlie's (almost) playful spanking had made her feel and struggling even more with her desire to experience it again. Spanking, she always thought meant punishment. Discipline. Something that was meant to make the recipient not want to repeat whatever it was they'd done ever again in fear of getting more of the same.

It just wasn't meant to be something to be enjoyed. But fear was the last thing she was feeling. Excited, horny, kinky, sexy were the words running through her head. The thought, the anticipation, remembering the her playful one was making her wet. A tingle ran through her body.

She jumped up to her feet when she heard the bathroom door open. She turned to see Charlie wearing the dressing gown that had almost drowned her. It fitted him perfectly. He was carrying his clothes and her dress over his arm.

"I'll be with you in a second little one. I just want to hang these up." And he headed to the bedroom.

"Um.... OK Charlie. Thanks." She cleared her throat as her reply came out as a high-pitched squeak then gulped down the contents of her glass.

"Little one?" He'd never called her that before, she said to herself. She didn't mind him calling her that, she WAS little - certainly compared to him - but if he didn't call her Jacqui, he usually just called her sweetheart. "Little one." She quite liked it.


She was still standing when Charlie returned.

"You OK? Not having second thoughts are you? You look a little flushed."

"Not at all Charlie. Your little one is looking forward to going over your lap again." She surprised herself at how steady and confident her voice had become.

Charlie's eyebrows raised a little and a brief smile formed on his lips. He was about to say something but Jacqui got in first as he sat on the couch and gently guided her by the hand to stand infront of him.

"Charlie........ When you gave mum her spanking, was it over your lap or how was it?"

"I don't really think I should give away any more of your mum's secrets Jacqui. You wouldn't like it if I told her everything that happens tonight would you? I probably shouldn't have even told you that I spanked her in the first place."

"She's probably worked all that out for herself......" She smiled. "Please Charlie...... Call it filling in a few more blanks for me. You know I won't tell her you told me. I'd like to know."

Charlie sighed and eased Jacqui down to sit of his lap. "OK. You're just going to bug me until I do tell you aren't you?"

Jacqui simply nodded and smiled as she adjusted her position and hung an arm around his neck as his arms went around her waist.

"If you really must know, I spanked her over your mother's - No, your grandmother's - dining room table."

Jacqui's eyes widened a little. "What? I've EATEN at that table!" It was actually no big deal to her - just not the answer she'd been expecting.

"It was simply the room we were in when I said I wanted to spank her. I wasn't expecting her to be quite so enthusiastic. I certainly never expected her to just pull down her knickers and bend over on the spot."

"She did WHAT?!" Jacqui's eyes went wider.

"She laughed, pulled down her knickers, lifted her skirt and bent over the table. So I spanked her there and then."

"Just spanked her?"

" I fucked her as well. The spanking really turned her on. I'd never seen her so wet and ready." Charlie added. "But we'd gone to her house intending to do that anyway, we just never made it up to her bedroom."

"Wow! Just..... Wow......." A mental image of a young Lynn getting pumped from behind by an equally young Charlie flashed through her head. She didn't see their faces - only a red bottom getting a little redder as Charlie's groin slapped harder and harder against it.


"Come on then young lady, your turn."

She'd been snapped out of her reverie by Charlie's voice and bounce of his legs indicating she should stand up. She withdrew her arm as he unwrapped his from around her waist and she returned to her position standing infront of him. "Young lady" It suddenly struck her that he'd called her that before her first fun spanking.

Jacqui said nothing as Charlie tugged at the belt of her dressing gown and it fell open. It was finally happening. Her breathing only getting a little faster when he took the edges of the gown in his hands and eased it off her shoulders. It slipped off easily down her arms and landed with a soft crump on the floor behind her.

She wasn't shy about taking her clothes off infront of guys - well guys she was going to have sex with anyway - but this was Charlie. Uncle Charlie. 40 year old Uncle Charlie. The Uncle Charlie who, it had turned out, used to spank and fuck her mother when she was Jacqui's age. All things that in a strange way made her want him even more.

That was another thing though. Apart from the quick half dozen slaps on her bare bum, he hadn't "touched" her - not even when they'd kissed. Just about every guy she's kissed the way she had with Charlie had tried cop a feel of her breasts or grab handfuls of her bum at the same time, at the very least - usually followed by shoving a hand up between her legs if she gave even the slightest sign of encouragement. The most Charlie had done was hold onto her waist. Even though he knew that she was there for the taking, he hadn't tried to take any cheap shots.

She couldn't help blushing as he took what seemed like forever to just gaze at her completely naked body in silence. The smile on his face at least gave her some sort of indication that he liked what he saw. Eventually, her took her hand and slid back a little on the couch and patted his lap.

"Whenever you're ready little one." He said softly.

Jacqui smiled and nodded and clambered over his lap as before, and adjusted her position over his thighs. Stretched out, her feet barely touched the arm at one end and there was still a few inches to spare at the other where her head lay once again on her forearms. The soft leather was cool but not cold against her breasts.

"Ready Uncle Charlie." She almost whispered.

Charlie's hand once again curled around her waist to hold her in place. It was warm and reassuring as it gently but firmly held her in place. His other hand was continually running up the back of her thigh, over her bottom and down the other. It felt so good.

"Remember, just shout "Stop" if you've had enough before I finish the song."

"I will Uncle Charlie."

"1 verse or 2?"

"Eh? Oh! I.... Um.... 1... No... Um... 2 please. I think......"

hermang67 51M  
688 posts
1/12/2019 8:20 am

"little one" very meaningful words

UR_Fantazee replies on 1/12/2019 9:02 am:
They always mean a lot to me xx

jstutz 70M
79 posts
1/12/2019 9:50 am

Want a baby to spank .

UR_Fantazee replies on 1/12/2019 4:33 pm:
Not much I can do to help with that I'm afraid...…… xx

100mph_tongue 64M
1577 posts
1/12/2019 4:14 pm

She could be 6'-6" tall, but at that instant, she is indeed a little one, someone who has given herself to the trust of another, who is going to use and teach her, to introduce her to varying delights and all kinds of bliss. Her thoughts and senses will never truly make total sense ever again. She will just know that she is somewhere safe and with somone she trusts immensely. The blows that come, will be fun yet painful, they will be erotic and they will be like a trigger, to fire her into that special place of contentment. After the event she will snuggle into him and be forever grateful that he is in her life. But wonder and doubt will then eat at her, hoping that this special man will want her for something more.

But that is in the hands and mind of the writer, and that journey will be something special to follow.

UR_Fantazee replies on 1/12/2019 4:38 pm:
I resemble that remark...…… but I digress. Jacqui's still at the point where she doesn't understand the significance of the names Charlie is calling her - she just notes that they're different and quite likes them.
Charlie's also fucking off back to Dubai to his job in three days.....


100mph_tongue 64M
1577 posts
1/12/2019 4:43 pm

Was that a spoiler alert or something that I didn't have register in my mind from an early posting?

UR_Fantazee replies on 1/13/2019 2:41 am:
Which bit?? xx

UR_Fantazee replies on 1/13/2019 2:18 pm:
OK. I've read your comment again Alan and I think I now understand what you meant about a spoiler.

There was a line in Part 3 when Lynn and Bill were talking about what would happen if Charlie and Jacqui actually did get it together.

"Would it be so bad if they did? Nothing lasting will come of it. He's here for the party tomorrow then he's on a flight back to Dubai on Monday."

Part 3 was posted on New Year's Day though so probably understandable that you missed that key piece of dialogue xx

100mph_tongue 64M
1577 posts
1/13/2019 2:31 pm

Thanks for that Shona. It was something that I do now remember since you refreshed my tired old mind. But I'm thinking that now you have written the next installments from back then, that maybe there will be some twists creeping in that will cause some consternation within the characters. All very interesting

Girl I still think that we have to do something about publishing your stories, because YOU have the knack (yes KNack), and your talent is a wasting. I bet you still haven't got around to reading Puberty Blues yet.

UR_Fantazee replies on 1/14/2019 2:44 pm:
As you know, I usually know in my head roughly what's going to happen several parts in advance - it's getting it down on "paper" that's the problem.

Then something will come into my head, and it all changes and I have to rewrite huge chunks

Puberty Blues - I have 2 seasons of the TV series downloaded but I've still to watch them I'm sorry to say......... I'll get Ally to give a me jolly good spanking for my omission Alan xx

100mph_tongue 64M
1577 posts
1/13/2019 2:34 pm

Furthermore dear girl, if that drivel called 50 Shades can make a packet in both book and film then you girl could just about retire on what you would make.

UR_Fantazee replies on 1/14/2019 2:47 pm:
Maybe this year Alan now that certain things are more out in the open and less of a worry. xx

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