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2/11/2019 12:05 pm
Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 12

Jacqui had thought when Charlie had made her cum eating her out between fucks the night before, that it had been the best it ever could be. Positioned as she was however, Charlie now had access to her bum as well as her pussy - and he'd taken full advantage to explore her with his tongue and fingers that she'd never even imagined a man doing to her.

With his hands firmly holding her cheeks apart and his thumbs spreading her lips open, he'd started to furiously tongue-fuck her right from the off. She was eagerly sucking and stroking him in return until his tongue started to flick over her bum-hole. It was unexpected and made her start to whimper but it felt amazing. Not nearly as amazing as, once she relaxed, he replaced his tongue with a thumb that he eased gently back and forth until it slipped slowly inside.

In no time at all, Charlie's head was resting back on his pillows watching Jacqui squirm and whimper - one thumb fucking her bottom, the other thumb fucking her pussy while two fingers of the same hand rubbed her clit.

Jacqui had long since stopped sucking and wanking Charlie's cock. She couldn't trust herself not to do him an accidental injury the way she was gasping and lurching - besides, she'd needed both hands to support herself as she pushed back and tried to get Charlie's digits deeper inside.

Charlie was relentless in his assault on both her holes. She came hard - her whole body shaking as she actually screamed Charlie's name over and over then cried out "OH FUCK NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" when a second orgasm kicked in and wracked her body due to Charlie's continued attention through her first.

Jacqui was breathing hard - still on all fours. Recovering as Charlie's thumbs slipped from inside her. His hands then starting to run up and down the back of her thighs and over her bottom - massaging firmly while the final tremors dissipated through her body along with Jacqui's accompanying moans.

"Everything OK little one?" Charlie asked after a couple of minutes.

"Um.... More.... than.... OK.... Jesus Charlie...." Jacqui replied - looking back over her shoulder and smiling. "God.... I look a fucking mess..." she continued as she studied her reflection in the mirrors.

"Yes...... but in a good way!" Charlie chuckled. "You do however have unfinished business young lady - you might get messier yet."

"What do you mean?"

"I've not cum yet. You stopped. See to it!" Charlie emphasised his request with a sharp slap on her bottom. It was by no means playful.

"Ow! Charlie! Jesus! That hurt!"

"You're talking Jacqui. That means your mouth's not full." He raised his hand again and slapped down hard once more.

"Ow! Fuck! OK! OK! I'm on it! I'm on it!" She gasped as Charlie raised his hand once more.


Jacqui was angry and upset. At that precise moment she actually hated Charlie as they sat in silence - drinking coffee and eating their breakfast. If she hadn't been in a hotel room 40 miles from home with no money for a taxi and relying on him to take her home, she'd have already dressed and left.

His treatment of her and sudden change in attitude towards her had spoiled everything. The "magic" of the night before had been swept away completely in their final few minutes on the bed. She'd done as he'd commanded - taken his cock into her mouth and made him cum - but she'd done it with resentment and an intention to get it over with as quickly as possible.

She'd pushed her bottom and pussy back until she was pressed against his face, taken his cock head into her mouth and wanked him furiously. He would either cum or suffocate - she didn't really care which happened first. Her covering his face with her sex hadn't been for her pleasure or his - she'd only done it so he couldn't slap her bottom again.

Those single slaps had really hurt - not just because of the force with which they had been delivered but because of the intention behind them - he'd meant them to hurt. When Charlie had raised his hand a third time, it had been a threat of more to come if she hadn't obeyed immediately.

Whether it had been the result of her pussy squashed against his face, the force with which she sucked, the vigour with which she'd wanked him or a mixture of all three, she didn't and would probably never know - but he'd (thankfully) cum quickly.

She'd swallowed his load, licked the remaining drops from the head and her lips, eased herself back up onto her hands and knees and caught her breath as Charlie caught his. If she had been waiting for praise or him to apologise, she'd been sadly disappointed.

"Did you say that you'd organised breakfast?" had been his only response as he swept her from over his body like he'd been throwing back a duvet, swung off of the bed, grabbed his gown and headed out of the bedroom without a backward glance.

Jacqui lay back and didn't know whether to cry or scream she was so confused and upset. Why had Chalie treated her the way he had? What had changed? Even the worst of the dubious guys she'd fucked previously hadn't left her feeling so worthless and used.

After a minute or two of soul-searching, she got up, put on her gown and followed Charlie through to the lounge - pointedly ignoring him on her way to the bathroom and locking the door in case Charlie decided he wanted to share her shower with her.

She looked wistfully at the jacuzzi bath in the corner. She'd imagined them frolicing and fucking in its bubbles and jets the moment she'd first seen it. That would never happen now. All she wanted to do was clean her teeth, shower and go home.


"Coffee?" Charlie slid the cup across the table and resealed the vacuum jug.

"Thanks." Jacqui said shortly as she picked it up and carried it to the unit along with the hair-dryer she'd already retrieved from the drawer. A few minutes later, with her hair looking as presentable as she was going to get it, she joined Charlie at the table.

"Ordering breakfast was good thinking. Well done."

"Yeah." Was all Jacqui said but "Don't patronise me - I'm not 12" was going through her mind.

"And where did you find that gown? It's a much better fit. You look really cute and sexy in it."

"George got a lady from Housekeeping to get it for me."

"Who's George?"

"The waiter guy who brought our breakfasts. That reminds me, you need to leave something at reception for him - I'd no money to give him a tip. I was going to give him a flash of my body or a blowjob or something instead but I got the impression he's gay so he probably wouldn't have appreciated it."

"Who wouldn't appreciate a blowjob from you Jacqui? You really are very good at that."

"You apparently." She glowered.

"Whatever gave you that impression?"

"The way you treated me just now Charlie! Hitting me. Ordering me to make you cum. Hitting me again because I told you it hurt instead of just sucking you. Threatening me with another smack. Then just tossing me aside like I was nothing after you came. You were horrible to me Charlie! You've ruined everything!"

"Jacqui, I'm sorry b...."

"It's too late to be sorry Charlie, I...."

"Will you let me finish Jacqui? I AM sorry but I behaved like that for your own good."

"My own good?! NOTHING was good about it!"

"Jacqui sweetheart, are you willing to hear me out or would I just be wasting my breath?"

"I'm listening."

"Putting this morning to one side Jacqui, off all the things we did what did you enjoy most?"

"You mean with our clothes off?"

"Yes, with our clothes off sweetheart."

"All of it really."

"Be specific Jacqui."

"Well the spanking obviously, squirting - even though I didn't realise I had because I was cumming so hard I was on a different fucking planet - you taking me in ways I've never done it before and cumming more times in a night than was probably good for me."

"Why do you say more than was probably good for you?"

"Because now I know what it can be like, I'll get frustrated when it isn't."

"Are you talking about the sex or the spankings Jacqui?"

"Both Charlie. The sex was amazing but discovering I loved being spanked was the biggest thing. I've never felt so horny. Every spank made me even hornier - that's why I exploded almost the second you touched me."

"So is it fair to say that if I was living here instead of abroad, we'd more than likely have many more nights doing the same things together?"

"Yeah. I'd have loved that Charlie - up until what happened this morning at least - but you don't live here so there's no point thinking about it. Listen, I'm still waiting to hear how what you did was supposedly for my own good."

"I'm coming to that Jacqui. You're going to start going out with men you think might give you the type of nights you're looking for. Maybe like me, a lot older than you. You're going to tell them what you like and they're going to jump at the chance to spank and fuck you."

"Just like YOU did you mean?"

"How long have you known me Jacqui?"

"Forever Charlie."

"And how long do you think you'll have known these strangers you're going to be telling you like your bottom smacked?"

"Depends....... 3 hours, maybe 4." Jacqui smirked.

"So you'll know nothing about them apart from what they've told you over a couple of drinks. Can you trust them to stop when you ask them to? Are they going to hear the word spank but use the word beat? Would you be able to stop them if they did? You're a petite young woman Jacqui. You'd easily be overpowered by someone who decided they wanted to - or forced to do things you didn't want to. There are a lot out there who just get a kick out of dominating women. It makes them feel powerful - they don't think twice about hurting them, using them and moving on."

"You don't know that. I might just as easily find someone who's more like you were with me."

"You might. The kind of men I'm talking about aren't going to want to go out with you 3 or 4 times before getting into your panties though Jacqui. They're going to be just like you joked about. Meet you and fuck you the same night. Why did you go along with everything I did last night?"

"Because I fancied you and knew you really well and thought fucking you would be special - and I was right, it really was special."

"So you trusted me."

"Of course Charlie. Like I said, I've known you forever."

"And thought you'd be safe."

"I did. I thought I was until..... I mean..... Oh......"

"Do you understand now sweetheart? I was only thinking of your safety."

Jacqui's attitude softened.

"You could've just sat me down and warned me about taking care Charlie. There was no need to do what you did."

"I could have, but would it have sunk in? It's easy enough for you to sit there and nod and go "Yes Charlie - No Charlie - I see Charlie" but now you've actually experienced being treated like that yourself - especially by someone you trust, you'll remember it. You've already told me how it made you feel about me - and about yourself."

"So what am I meant to do Charlie? Not have sex anymore? Not tell men what I like? Join a convent?"

"Not at all sweetheart. I know the temptation is to rush out and try to experience all the new things you've just discovered. I just want you to be careful that's all. There's so much more to enjoy that I could show you - maybe 1 day we can make that happen. In the meantime though, I don't want some neanderthal hurting you or scaring you off. Am I forgiven?"

Jacqui sat for a moment levelling her gaze into Charlie's eyes. She wanted to forgive him. He'd certainly been convincing and made his point well - his hand marks were still an angry red on the bottom even after her shower. She wasn't going to let him off that easily though - even if he had done it with the best of intentions and had her best interests at heart.

"I dunno Charlie. I need to think about it. An hour ago I really fucking hated you. Right now, I need to get home. I've things to do before the party tonight."

"OK. Let's get you home then."

Jacqui smiled and poured herself another coffee as Charlie collected clothes from the bedroom and went for his shower - and tried to imagine the other things he'd said he could show her 1 day. She took her coffee through to the bedroom and slipped on her dress and shoes - then returned to the lounge to wait for Charlie.

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There is life even after a broken heart, broken heart
You can fight the pain from a broken heart broken heart
I know that life will be much better
Cause I know the (light) will shine again
There is life even after a broken heart, broken heart
You can fight the pain from a broken heart broken heart

You can't escape the wrath of my heart...

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The awakening. Trust is just so important because there really are dangerous people out there who only care for themselves.

UR_Fantazee replies on 2/12/2019 10:08 am:
Down to earth with a bump - just a bit of a reality check for Jacqui xx

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