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Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 20
Posted:Apr 20, 2019 2:59 am
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2019 3:44 pm

"Oh there's Steve!" Jacqui suddenly exclaimed as she shot up from her seat and almost ran across the dancefloor to be with him.

"What are you thinking Shona? You WANT to spend the night with THAT creep?"

It was the first chance Louise had had to question Shona's proposed sleeping arrangements. She had been honest enough with Jacqui. Shona could sleep with any man she wanted - as indeed could she - but they always came back to each other.

"Like I said Babe, I want to check him out. I know you don't like him - I'm not too enamored with him myself to be honest - but he's not too shabby to look at and Jacqui makes him sound like he could be fun. Well in the bedroom at least......."

"Oh Babe. You just heard the word spanking and your eyes lit up. I don't just not like him, I don't trust him. It's all very well you "checking him out" and reporting back to Jacqui but what if he turns out to be another Hannah's dad? I don't want you get hurt like that again Babe."

"You got hurt as much as I did Hon......." Shona looked into Louise's eyes and squeezed her hand "It's not going to be like that...... and if, by the remotest chance it is, it'll save Jacqui from making a huge mistake and save HER from getting hurt..... I'm only spending the night with Charlie - she's going to spend weeks with him."

"Be careful Babe. I don't care if you have to run down the corridor naked. Just make sure you can get out of that room if you have to." Louise half-smiled.

"With a glowing red bottom and his cum dripping from my pussy?" Shona teased.

"If necessary, yes. Now shut up and give me a kiss young lady..... I love you."

"I love you too, Mistress....."

The kiss was quick but soft and tender - and watched with interest by Charlie from his stool at the bar.


It wasn't only Louise and Shona stealing a kiss that caught his eye. He'd seen Jacqui all but run across the dancefloor and throw her arms around the neck of a good looking young man who'd just walked in.

"And Steven's joined the party.........." Charlie thought to himself as he watched the young man's hands slide down Jacqui's sides while he whispered something in her ear. Jacqui's response was to shake her head and laugh causing Steven's hands to slide over her bottom and squeeze her cheeks through the thin material of her dress while they kissed again. Jacqui made no attempt to stop him.

"That's right. Get a good feel. Enjoy that body while you can......." Charlie muttered under his breath. With Jacqui under instruction to fuck him one last time then tell him they were finished, he wasn't unduly bothered by the scene. She was only doing as he'd ordered - maybe a little more enthusiastically and publicly than he would have liked, but her obedience so far pleased him.

He'd been honest with her about his reasons. He genuinely wanted them to have one last night together and finishing with him in the morning would avoid any possible ugly and embarrassing scenes at the party - but he was also sure that, now that Jacqui had experienced a night in bed with himself, a night in bed with her soon to be ex-boyfriend so soon after would be a huge anti-climax in comparison -in every sense - and confirm himself as Jacqui's go-to-guy for sexual gratification.

Of course, once she was in Dubai, she wouldn't have a choice and it would be all about Charlie's own gratification - and possibly others.


"Get a room you two!" Emma laughed as she returned with Hannah and their tray of Vodkas having caught the end of Shona and Louises's kiss. There were a lot more glasses on the tray than there were people around the table.

"We have one." Louise replied taking one of the drinks and almost knocking it back in one. "Do you?"

"Yes actually. Hannah's. Her dad's coming to pick us up and I'm staying over."

"That'll be nice for you." Louise drained her glass an put it down a little harder than she possibly needed to.

Louise tolerated Emma only because of Shona's long-standing friendship with Hannah. It had been that friendship - and years and years of sleeping over - that had led to Shona's relationship with Hannah's father developing.

"Dad was just saying the other day how long it had been since he'd seen you Shona." Hannah innocently piped up. "You should come and say hello when he gets here."

Louise had been about to say something when she felt Shona's restraining hand on her leg under the table.

"If I see him, I will Hans." Shona replied noncommittally with a forced smile.

"Cool. OK. I'm going to dance. You lot coming?"

"Maybe later. I need a few more drinks yet!" Shona laughed as Hannah grabbed Emma's hand and started to pull her towards the dancefloor. Emma wasn't getting a choice in the matter.

"And I don't like leaving people to drink alone........" Louise smirked.


"You shouldn't let Emma get to you Babe and remember, Hans is innocent in all this. She's not deliberately trying to upset us. She simply doesn't know what went on. Let's keep it that way - please?" Shona said quietly as they both grabbed a drink from the tray and watched the others start dancing.

"I know Hon and I remember that Hans and yourself were besties and were fucking like rabbits long before I came along. Emma just winds me up. She just has to look at me and I want to give her a slap."

"We've not exactly cut all ties though have we? She's even joined in our fun a few times. We've just moved on. We're still friends but have other priorities now. For all the pain in the neck Emma can be, she's Hannah's main girl now. Hannah's happy - and you must admit, they do look good together."

"I've been called lots of things but I think being called a "priority" is a first Hon." Louise smiled.

"OK. Maybe a bad choice of word Louise but I LOVE you. I love Hannah to bits but I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. It's just different being with you. Special. Exciting. Wonderful."

"You were so good to me when I first came up here. You took me under your wing. Helped me. Looked out for me. Nothing was too much trouble for you.......... and you were fucking gorgeous" Louise almost whispered. "It was very easy to fall for you."

"Remember our first kisses that night after s c h o o l?" Shona giggled

"Jesus yes! And fingering each other silly in the toilets in the Science Block! Oh my God! I still can't believe we did it in a toilet!"

"I think you could call it a spur of the moment type of thing........."

"It was a "where's the nearest unlocked door" type of thing......... I wanted you so much!"

"I'll never forget that first time. You're the best decision I ever made Louise."

"Snap!" Louise laughed. "Where's Jacqui disappeared to by the way?"

"She's more than likely getting in a quick one with Steven somewhere. They were just about undressing each other during that last slow dance!"

"That wouldn't take long. Jacqui was wearing fuck all under that dress."

"I reckon fuck all would look very good on her. Don't you?"

"I do actually. She's going to tell us in the morning if she's going to let us find out. Right, I think this would be a good time for you to work your charms on good old Uncle Charlie. He's all by himself and looking rather bored."

"And what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to firm things up with Matthew. Shona...... Be careful Ok?"

"I'll be fine Babe. He'll be like putty in my hands."

"Well that won't be much fun for you."


Charlie smiled at Shona as she walked towards him. Away from that Louise girl, she'd been quite personable and easy to talk to.

"Hello again Shona."

"Hi Charlie." Shona returned his smile. "Can we talk?"

"That sounds ominous. Please tell me I'm not in for another "Jacqui's a good friend" conversation."

"No. Not all - but she is a good friend so.......... Listen, can we go somewhere quiet? I don't really want us to be overheard. I have a proposition to put to you."

"Seen but not heard?"

"Yes. For the moment at least anyway."

"I can't really think of anywhere public here where we can talk without either being interrupted or overheard - even accidentally. Can't we go to my room? We won't be disturbed there."

"Well........ that's kind of what this is about Charlie so best not."

"Now you have me intrigued young Shona. What about my car then? It's right near the front entrance so there'll be people coming and going but they'll not hear a word we say."

"Sounds perfect Charlie. Lead the way."


Shona felt very small sitting in the soft leather passenger seat of Charlie's rental Mercedes. She was twisted in the seat facing Charlie who was in a similar position behind the steering wheel. She giggled as she felt the warmth of the heated seat on her bottom and giggled even more when the whole seat itself slid back with a quiet hum when Charlie pushed a button to give her more room. Shona decided she loved this car as she settled with her back against the door and her legs tucked under her.

"What can I do for then Shona? You said something about a proposition."

"It's hard to know where to start Charlie."

"Why don't you simply leap in at the beginning and we'll take it from there?"

"If it was that easy, I'd know where to start wouldn't I?" Shona smiled, then continued - holding Charlie's gaze. "I suppose first of all, I am really surprised - no shocked - at how Jacqui's treating you tonight."

"Oh? Now why would that be Shona?"

"Well Jacqui told us all about your present of that gorgeous gold necklace she's wearing, you taking her to dinner at the Marycliffe, offering to take her to Dubai and........" Shona's voice dropped then continued a little coyly "..... and about the amazing sex you had together."

"Did she now......" Charlie smiled. "You still haven't answered my question though Shona."

"I was coming to that. I just can't believe how ungrateful she's being. I mean, you spend all that cash on her and treat her like a princess and yet tonight, she all over that Steven guy like a rash and going to spend the night with him! They've disappeared already - she's probably fucking him this very second! I'd NEVER treat a man who did all that for me like that........"

Charlie smiled while he considered his reply. Either Shona was a very good actress or was genuinely concerned. Jacqui, by the sound of things, hadn't told her that she was simply doing what she'd been told to do.

"This is all very touching Shona and I appreciate your concern - but what can I do? This Steven guy IS her boyfriend after all and she's been sleeping with him for months - I only slept with her last night. I can't really blame her. She won't be joining me in Dubai for a couple of months. Can I expect her to live like a nun until then?"

"That's very understanding of you Charlie - but she's doing it while you're still here. Right under your nose. That's just so wrong......."

Charlie said nothing for several seconds. He continued to hold Shona's gaze - wondering where the conversation was going to go next. Finally he broke the silence.

"When you put it like that Shona, you're right - it doesn't exactly show Jacqui in a good light. I'll speak to her later about it if that makes you feel any better."

"I think you can do better than that Charlie."

"And how would that be?"

"Well, if I was you, I'd give her a good spanking. Not fun spanks like you gave her last night - a real one. You know. Like a "put her in her place" spanking."

"My.... You're full of surprises young lady. Jacqui told you about that did she?"

"She told me how much they turned her on Charlie. Of course, it wouldn't take much being her first time."

"It didn't." Charlie smiled. "You seem to know an awful lot about the subject Shona. I take it your father used to discipline you over his knee when you were younger?"

"No. No. Not at all. I didn't get my first spanking until I was nearly 16 - and it wasn't from my father."

"Really? And it was with your consent?"

"Yes. To be totally honest with you Charlie, it was at my request."

"I see. May I ask who was given that honour?"

"I'd rather not say Charlie for obvious reasons but it was by someone older - a little older than you in fact - that I got involved with. He'd spank me then we'd have sex."

"He's a lucky man. Sex with you was his reward then?"

"We both got something out of it. Like Jacqui, the spankings made me so incredibly horny that I needed a good seeing to afterwards - and he got to spank and fuck a teenager he'd otherwise never have had the chance to."

"It sounds like an equitable arrangement all round. Did he spank you hard?"

"Not to start with. The first couple of times, just the act of undressing infront of him then going over his lap was almost as big a turn on as the spanking itself. My spankings got gradually harder and longer as time went on - but I had my "word" so I was always in control."

"This man gave you a safe word to use?"

"No. He made me choose a word. A word that would be so out of context it couldn't be said by mistake or confused but a word I'd remember better because I chose it."

"I see. What did he use to spank you with?"

"Just his hand usually. Sometimes a slipper. Very occasionally a hairbrush. He preferred using his hand though - he said he could better judge how hard he was smacking me if he did it by hand - and I loved the feel of his hand on my bottom so much too."

"Did he touch you up or play with you at all between strokes Shona?"

"No. He'd rub my bottom after each set of smacks but he only touched me up after I used my word and my spanking was over. Sometimes I had to beg him to give me relief."

"Good. He sounds like he took his responsibilities seriously. Most of what you've said though is in the past tense Shona. Why did your relationship end?"

Shona was a little taken aback by Charlie's question. His questioning had been relaxed but pertinent. He'd managed to get her to talk openly about it all without realising it. He also seemed to know the right questions to ask. She suspected that Jacqui's was by no means the first bottom he'd spanked.

"He was married. His wife was getting suspicious. It was getting harder and harder for him to make excuses for the times he was away. We couldn't do it in either of our houses obviously so we'd spend nights away in hotels where neither of us would be recognised." She lied.

"Tut. Tut. Getting involved with a married man at that age Shona. That deserves a spanking in itself."

"Would you like to give it to me Charlie? You'll be all alone in your room tonight while Jacqui's screwing Steven."

"Won't your girlfriend mind Shona? I saw your kiss earlier."

"No Charlie. Louise understands my needs. I did tell her that I was intending to speak with you and got her blessing if you were willing."

"Is she the one who spanks you regularly now?"

"Yes Charlie."

"Somehow I can see her enjoying that......" Charlie smiled.

"She certainly seems to. As do I." Shona returned his smile.

Charlie once again sat silent for a few seconds - deep in thought. He was sure of Shona's sincerity and the veracity of her story. Having a naked Shona over his lap was an enticing prospect. She was petite and beautiful and articulate - and best of all experienced.

She also seemed to have a head on her shoulders that was way beyond her years. He had no doubt her limits would be far beyond Jacqui's. He also had no doubt that sex with her would be equally pleasurable.

Was it a risk? Was he being setup? Tested? Shona's answers had been far too quick and detailed to be made up.

"Shona. To be clear. What EXACTLY are you suggesting we do?" He said eventually.

"I'd like you to take me to your room and give me the spanking I deserve for getting involved with a married man at such a young age Charlie. Once I have been suitably chastised, I will spend the rest of the night in your bed where you can make use of my body for your sexual gratification." Shona said seriously then added "And my sexual gratification too." She finished with a smile.

"In that case Shona. I accept your proposition and look forward to re-educating you in your ways and sharing my bed with you. I would like to talk briefly to Louise first however. I should extend her that courtesy - especially if I am to discipline and use her little one."

"Um.... Of course. We can go and find her now if you like." She managed to reply without her excitement showing in her voice. The warm tingle of anticipation she used to get when Hannah's dad was due to spank her ran through her body.

Shona had no concerns about Louise playing along and talking to Charlie about what she'd planned. Nothing phased her. She just hadn't expected Charlie to want to clear everything with Louise first.

As they got out of the car and headed back into the hotel, Shona took Charlie's arm and stopped him.

"Just one thing Charlie. When you're spanking me, would you mind if I called you Daddy? It just works for me in my head. Just for the spanking part obviously - not for the fucking part."

"What do you call Louise when she's spanking you Shona?"


"I'll give your request some thought........."
Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 19
Posted:Apr 13, 2019 5:28 am
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2019 10:21 pm

Charlie wandered over to stand at the bar with Bill and together they spent the next hour or so chatting and watching the room fill up. With around 200 family and friends invited and the DJ seeming to manage the almost impossible task of playing music that was keeping all age groups happy, the function room was busy and noisy.

Jacqui's small table was already piled high with presents when Shona and Louise made their entrance with Hannah and Emma in tow.

"Uh-Oh." Charlie muttered. "I see the cast of "Mean Girls" has joined the party."

"They really know how to come through a door don't they." Bill laughed "They really are immaculately turned out young women."

"Style over substance Bill."

"You're being a little harsh there Charlie. For 4 teenagers - 5 including Jacqui - to be doing so well academically while still learning about life, maintaining a work / life balance and taking such a pride in their appearance, I think is remarkable. I've met them all at various s c h o o l events and they are very personable and down to earth young women."

"Hmmmmmm." Charlie wasn't convinced. "I'll take your word for that. I had the misfortune of meeting that tall English one and her little side-kick earlier. I think the sooner young Jacqueline's out of their sphere of influence the better."

"Oh lighten up Charlie. Jacqui more than likely told them all about last night and the new lover who is going to sweep her off to Dubai. You were probably a bit of a shock to them. No matter what either of you say, they'll always be suspicious of an older man getting involved with a much younger girl - especially in the current climate."

"Yes Bill. You're possibly right." Charlie accepted grudgingly as he watched Jacqui greet each of them with a hug and a kiss, and gracefully accept a present from Hannah and Emma - then all 5 of them headed over to a table marked "Reserved".


"Shona. I need a quick word with you." Jacqui gently held Shona's arm and guided her away from the others.

"Sure Babe. What is it?"

"Do me a favour. Don't mention anything about Charlie or Dubai to Hannah or Emma please - or to Steven when he arrives. I don't want anyone else to know yet."

"Of course Babe - whatever you say. Once "Radio Hannah" finds out, everybody will hear about it. What are you going to do about Steven tonight though? It could get a little awkward with Charlie about."

"Tell me about it. Steven knows I was being taken to dinner last night by my "uncle" but he can't know I slept with Charlie."

"What are you going to do at bedtime? One of them's going to get more than a little pissed off."

"It's complicated Shona. Really complicated. I'll explain everything later - but I'm going to sleep with Steven tonight."

"Charlie won't like that Babe."

"Believe it or not, it's his idea. Like I said - it's complicated. I promise I'll explain."

"It's Charlie's idea?! Jesus Jacqui. I thought my love life was complicated at times - but you're taking complicated to a whole new level...."

"I know. I know. Can you make sure Louise is up to speed too? Please?"

"Don't worry. It was ONLY dinner with your "uncle". No mention of Dubai - and Steven's getting lucky. Easy! Gimme a minute."

Shona took out her phone and started typing. Less than a minute later Jacqui saw Louise do a double take when Shona's name came up on her phone then read the text Shona had sent her - then looked up and looked around and nodded to Shona.

"There you go. Done. Louise up to speed and the others none the wiser. Shona smiled.

"You're a star Shona." Jacqui said with relief. "Thank you."

"I know." Shona giggled. "Anything else I should know?"

"There is........ but I already said I'd tell you in the morning."

"Tease......... Let's join the others."


"So what are we doing about drinks? Are we having a kitty or what?" Hannah was demanding as Shona and Jacqui joined the others.

"Kitty's fairest and easiest. I'll get a clean glass from the bar." Shona volunteered and spying Charlie there, headed in his direction.

"Hello again Charlie. Enjoying yourself?" Shona smiled.

"Hello Shona. Yes. People watching can be quite entertaining. Can I get you a drink?"

"Oh that's very sweet of you but I just need an empty glass. We're getting a kitty going - If I ever get the barman's attention........"

"We'll soon fix that." Charlie smiled and leaned over the counter and reached under the bar top - clutching a half-pint glass in his hand as he straightened up again.

"How did you manage to grab one like that? How did you know there was a glass there?" Shona said, taking the proffered glass from him.

"If you look at the chill cabinets under the optics, you can see the underside of the counter reflected in the glass doors."

"That was clever. Thank you. I better get back to the others - they'll be dying of thirst!"

"Wait a second Shona. You can't go back with just an empty glass. Let me start off the kitty for you." Charlie pulled out his wallet and stuffed two £20 notes into the glass.

"You've already bought us lots of drinks tonight Charlie." Shona smiled back, remembering the £40 still safely tucked away in Jacqui's bag. "There's no need. Really."

"Look....... I think we got off on the wrong foot earlier. I was unnecessarily rude about the jacket both you and Louise gave Jacqui. My mind was on other things. It's the least I can do."

"Yes we did and yes you were Charlie. Jacqui's a good friend. She means a lot to us." Looking him straight in the eye.

"She means a lot to me too Shona." Charlie returned her gaze.

"After what she tells me you two got up to last night, I'd hope so!" Shona laughed. "I DO need to get back to the others though Charlie - Thanks for the contribution."

Shona raised the glass to him and turned and headed back to the others - leaving Charlie wondering EXACTLY how much detail, Jacqui had gone into when relating events of the previous night to her friends.


"Ok. You went for an empty glass and came back with one with 40 quid in it. Explain." Hannah laughed as Shona sat at their table and put the glass down in the middle.

"Oh. Just the result of using my natural charm on someone who can well afford it Hans." Shona smiled.

"Wow! Do you think if I used mine on him that he'd give me 40 quid?" Hannah giggled.

"Who said it was a "he"?" Shona joked. "No Hans, Jacqui's Uncle Charlie just wanted to buy us some drinks that's all. OK you lot. Ante up. £20 each to start OK with everyone?"

"Sounds good" was the general consensus around the table as they all stuffed £20 into the glass.

"Not you, young lady. I really wish you'd take a telling!" Louise said sternly as she fished the £20 note Jacqui had put in and tossed it back to her. "I won't tell you again!" There was just a hint of a smile as she spoke.

"Better do as she says Jacqui...... She's used to getting her own way." Shona giggled.

"OK! OK! I get the message! Thank you!" Jacqui laughed as she returned the note to her bag once again.

"Vodkas and Coke all round then?" Hannah said standing up and taking money from the glass.

"I'll give you a hand Hannah." Emma said standing up as everyone nodded their approval at Hannah's choice of drinks.

Louise waited until they were out of earshot before asking Shona, "So how DID you manage that?"

"It's Charlie's way of apologising. He never actually used the word "Sorry" but he did admit that he was "unnecessarily rude" to us earlier and that we'd "got off on the wrong foot."

"Yeah. Well. It's the thought that counts I suppose. He's maybe worried I ask dad to get him transferred to the Texacon offices in Trondheim or somewhere equally cold and horrible." Louise laughed.

"You wouldn't do that would you Louise?!" Jacqui looked shocked.

"Don't worry Babe. I'm only joking. You can still look out your Factor 50. Tell me though, would Charlie lose some of his attraction if he was asking you to spend your summer in the frozen wastes of Norway rather than Dubai?"

Jacqui had to think for a few moments before answering. Louise had just made her realise that, up until that moment, she'd always thought of the two being part of the same package. Charlie and Dubai. Buy one get one free. She was stuck for an answer.

"I honestly don't know Louise......."

"Before the others come back Jacqui. Can I ask you something?" Shona said before Louise could reply to Jacqui.

"Of course you can. I've asked you plenty!"

"Are you absolutely, positively, definitely going to be sleeping with Steven tonight? Where is he by the way?"

"Oh he'll be along soon. He doesn't get off shift at the hospital until 7 o'clock so by the time he gets home, changed and makes his way out here........ but yeah. I have my orders." She giggled.

"OK. Feel free to tell me to fuck right off Jacqui, but if you're not making use of Charlie tonight, do you mind if I do?"

"What? Seriously?"

"Yes. Seriously. I want to check him out."

"You're unbelievable!" Jacqui stared at Shona then looked to Louise. "And you're OK with Shona going off with him?"

"Of course. I wouldn't want to make use of Charlie personally Jacqui, but Shona's always been more adventurous than myself. We're not lesbians Babe - we like cock too you know - but I think Shona's just as interested in going over his lap as she is going down on his cock."

"I can't deny that Jacqui - and Louise has her eye on that Matthew guy. You know, the waiter through in the lounge? So, I need to sleep somewhere..........."

"Fucking hell......... and what if he doesn't go for it?"

"Then that tells you something good about Charlie then doesn't it?"

"And Matthew's in for an unexpected threesome......" Louise smiled.

Jacqui sat and shook her head. These two really were unbelievable. At least Shona had asked first. That was something. Hell - Charlie had made it plain he hadn't wanted her that night by ordering her to sleep with Steven and she fully intended giving Steven the fuck of his life. She knew deep down that Charlie wouldn't turn Shona down. No man would.

"If I said no Shona. Would you go after him anyway?"

"No. Absolutely not. If I was like that, I wouldn't have asked you at all. I'd have just done it."

"Do you often ask girls if you can sleep with their boyfriends?"

"Charlie's not your boyfriend........" Shona grinned. "But no - I don't usually ask first." Her grin widened.

"Oh for fuck sake Shona...." Jacqui couldn't help but buy into her cheeky grin. "OK. You go for it - but on one condition. I want to know everything he says about me and what you honestly think about him. Good AND bad."

"You want me to kiss and tell? What kind of girl to you think I am?" Shona laughed in mock horror.

"Pretty much. Kiss him - tell me."

"I'll give you a blow by blow account!" She giggled. "Thanks Babe."

"Charlie's room is right across the corridor from mine so I'll probably hear that for myself!" Jacqui laughed.

The only thing that bothered her was realising that she actually cared more that Shona had a good time with Charlie rather than worrying that Charlie would have such a good time with Shona that he might prefer her to Jacqui herself - but it might be useful having Shona "check him out" as she put it. It might help her decide what the fuck she was going to do about him.

It was getting difficult to keep track and the night was rapidly turning into a scene from "Carry on Shagging".

She was going to sleep with Steve. No question about that.

Louise was going to sleep with her waiter Matthew. That was a given.

Shona was intending sleeping with Charlie - and once the opportunity was there, there was no chance he'd not take up that offer.

She had no idea what Hannah and Emma were planning but was pretty sure it probably involved each other.

This was all new to Jacqui but it was like second nature to the others. She'd just turned 18 - but it seemed she'd a bit of catching up to do with her peers. She obviously wasn't as experienced as she thought.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 18
Posted:Apr 7, 2019 3:21 am
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2019 5:04 am

When the waiter arrived with their drinks, Jacqui dug in her bag for of the £20 notes Charlie had given her but Louise got in before her.

"Charge to 407 please. And take for a drink for yourself." She handed her keycard the waiter.

"Certainly Miss. I'll have a beer when I get off shift. Thank you very much."

"You're welcome." Louise smiled as he handed her back the card.

"He's cute." Shona smiled.

"Isn't he just..... Remember, I saw him first...." Louise replied with a grin.

"Damn....." Shona grinned back.

"You are amazing together! You just bounce off each other." Jacqui burst out laughing. "But I wish you'd let me get ."

"Nonsense! Nobody buys drinks on their birthday!"

"And sometimes we bounce off others." Shona smirked.

Jacqui giggled again. "It's not mine though. I got it from Charlie to get you drinks."

"So we'll thank him for them when he turns - and you get to keep the . All good. Where is he anyway?"

"He was showering and getting changed. He'll be down soon."

"We're dying to meet this rich hunk of yours Jacqui."

"You'll love him sure. You both certainly made an impression on him in Reception. He was asking who you were."

"Oh we know . We could feel his eyes burning into our bottoms all the way to the lift!"

They all burst out laughing. The drinks were beginning to have an effect.

"Speaking of burning bottoms.......... Do you miss the spankings you used to get Shona? I mean after your experience with man they must have stopped."

"Well they never actually stopped Jacqui....... Someone stepped in and filled vacancy very capably indeed."

"Oh cool. was lucky. How did you find someone so quickly?"

"She didn't have to look very far Jacqui. I fill particular for her." Louise said softly.

"Not just Babe." Shona added.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to pry...... I was just curious.... You know with Charlie going away......" was what came out of her mouth but what was going through her mind was something completely different.

"It's just a once in a while thing when Shona thinks she wants one. There's no harm in you knowing since we're being so open with each other tonight."

"Yes. Just once in a while. Like most things, doing the same thing over and over can get boring. Do something like too often and it loses the magic and effect."

"I can understand ..... So... um... do you do it to each other?"

"No hon. It's who gets a out of being spanked." Shona said seriously.

"And I get a out of seeing what it's doing to her." Louise added, then continued. "It's more than just going over my lap or bending over something. We er... "inherited" some things when Shona kicked guy out of her house."

"What kind of things?"

Louise and Shona took it in turns to tell her.

"Cuffs and cords to tie her hands and feet to the corners of the bed." smiled Louise.

"A small vib to go in my bottom." grinned Shona.

"A big vib to go in her pussy."

"Both with adjustable intensity."

"A blindfold."

"A slipper for when Louise's hand gets sore."

"Little clamp things for her nipples."

"Oh. And lots and lots of towels!" Shona giggled. "It always turns into a fuck-fest!"

"Jesus............" Jacqui said softly. Her face had been going from to the other like she'd been watching a tennis match. "You're having on.........."

Shona pulled out her phone and tapped and swiped the screen a few times then handed the phone to Jacqui. On the screen was a photo of everything they'd described neatly laid out on a bed.

"You forgot to mention the ice-bucket." Jacqui almost whispered as she handed the phone back to Shona. "Where do you do all this?"

"At Louise's. You should see her house. She's got a floor all to herself. En-suite bathroom. Own living room. Her mum and dad just leave us to our own devices. It's like she's got her own flat." Shona replied. "What do you think Louise" She added turning to her. "Could we give Jacqui a demonstration of your talents as a Mistress?"

Louise appeared to be weighing the pros and cons in her head and giving the idea a lot of thought before giving her response.

"Would you like to join us one night Jacqui? Stay over and get a spanking too maybe?"

"I........ Um....... Jesus...... Can I think about it?"

"It's an open invitation Jacqui. It's not one we usually make. Take your time, think it over and, if you think it sounds fun, let us know." Louise replied.

It sounded fun alright but she'd never even kissed another female - well not in a sexual way - never mind let t w o tie her to a bed and do God knows what to her. For all her experience, doing anything remotely sexual with another female was totally alien to her - and now she was being offered all kinds of kinky stuff by t w o at once!

It briefly flashed through her mind it would be a way of totally complying with Charlie's demand she gave cock for a couple of months though - she hadn't promised anything about not taking up pussy....... and these WERE the coolest girls in s c h o o l.

This really was turning into a weekend of bizarre conversations. The more she thought about it however, the more attractive the proposition sounded. They actually wanted her to join in their games and there was nothing to lose. If she didn't enjoy it, she'd just not do it again.

"I'll tell you way or another in the morning if 's OK." Jacqui said with a rush and drained her glass. She'd already pretty much made her mind but she thought it was better not to look TOO keen.
Jacqui thought she was sexually experienced but these were on a completely different planet.


"Same again please.... Matthew." Louise smiled at the waiter as she read his badge and looked him. "Do you remember the room ?"

"407 Miss." He smiled and nodded in reply and scurried away.

"You're such a flirt........" Shona laughed.

"I really wish you'd let me get these ." Jacqui added.

Louise held her hand. "Just stop Jacqui. It's not happening. Keep what Charlie gave you to yourself."

"Ok. Thank you." Jacqui replied. She knew there was no point arguing.

"God! I almost forgot with being so engrossed in our conversation. Happy Birthday Jacqui!" Shona reached under the table and pulled out a beautifully wrapped box and handed it over.

"Oh wow! What's this?"

"Opening it is the easiest way to find out." Louise smiled.

"It's from both of us." Shona added.

"It's heavy....." Jacqui pushed her chair back a little and placed the box on her lap. She couldn't even start to guess what was in it. The girls sat and smiled as they watched her slide off the ribbons and try to open it without tearing the paper.

Jacqui's smile turned to a grin when she exposed the "Harrod's" logo on the lid of the box inside. Her care and patience deserted her as she pulled away the rest of the paper and lifted off the lid.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you both so much! It's too much! Jesus! Oh it's gorgeous!"

"Do you think she likes it Shona?" Louise laughed.

"Like it? Like it! I fucking love it! It must've a fortune!" She thought she was going to cry.

Jacqui stood and held the "AllSaints" soft cream coloured leather jacket out infront of her.

"Try it on then."

Jacqui didn't to be told twice. She was already opening the press studs and tugging down the zipper. She slipped it on and closed a couple of the studs.

"How do I look?"

"Incredibly sexy as always." The voice had from behind her. It was Charlie.

Jacqui spun round "Look what the girls got for my birthday! Isn't it gorgeous?!"

Without waiting for a reply she ran round the table and hugged Louise and Shona in turn, kissing them both on the cheek.

"You won't in Dubai. Aren't you going to introduce us?"

"I not there yet Charlie...... Shona, Louise - meet Charlie. Charlie - meet Shona and Louise."

"Jacqui's been telling us all about you." Shona smiled.

"All good I hope." Charlie smiled back as he sat down.

"Just about." Louise replied. Barely hiding the instant dislike she'd taken to him. "Thanks for the drinks by the way." She added glancing at Jacqui who was slipping off her jacket and folding it back into the box and Matthew returned with their refills.

"Look Charlie. It's from Harrod's. How cool is ?"

"Louise's mum took us shopping in London a couple of weekends ago. We saw it and thought it would be perfect for your birthday. We'd never get like in Aberdeen so we just bought it." Shona volunteered.

"It's too much. I really can't thank you enough." Jacqui sat down next to Charlie who immediately put his hand on her thigh.

"It's your 18th! It had to be special. You're very welcome Babe."

"It's a lot of for you t w o teenage girls to splash out." Charlie commented.

"Louise's father is General Manager of Texacon here in Aberdeen." Shona said dryly.

"Oh? 's who I work for out in Dubai."

"Her dad's your big boss then." Shona smiled.

"We don't report into the Aberdeen office."

"He's only based in Aberdeen. He doesn't MANAGE the Aberdeen office. He's General Manager for EMEA." Louise said flatly.

"What's EMEA Louise?" Jacqui asked innocently as Charlie took a deep breath.

"Europe, Middle East and Africa, Babe." Louise said with a smile.

"What? ALL of it?"

"All of it...…."

"Oh......" Jacqui said trying to hide the smirk was forming on her lips. -Love to Louise she thought - served him right for being so dismissive of her jacket.

"It's after 7 Jacqui. I think we should go through. Your other guests will be arriving." Charlie said suddenly quickly changing the subject and taking hold of Jacqui's upper arm as he stood up.

"We'll join you later Jacqui. We'll wait for Hannah and Emma." Shona smiled.

"We'll catch up later OK? Oh. And thanks again both of you. It's perfect." Jacqui smiled as she picked up her box and wriggled free of Charlie's grasp.

The girls watched the not so happy couple head through to the function suite.

" took the wind out of his sails." Shona said, taking Louise's hand again.

"Served him right. I don't like him Shona. He gives the creeps. Did you see him grabbing her thigh as soon as he sat down?"

"I did. The only time he let of it was to grab her arm instead."

"I hate to say it but I think good Uncle Charlie could be another Hannah's dad."

"I really hope not. She's lovely. She doesn't deserve ." Shona gave an involuntary shiver the thought.

"Nobody deserves ...... but he leaves on Monday according to Jacqui so she'll be out of harm's way.

"Unless she decides to go to Dubai in the summer."

"If we keep Jacqui entertained in the meantime though, she might not go. Anyway, here comes my favourite waiter. Want another?"

"What? Waiter? No the we've got is fine." Shona teased.

Louise rolled her eyes and sighed.

" A couple more when you have a second please Matthew." Louise said as he cleared away the empty glasses on the table.

"Certainly Miss. 407." He smiled.

" My name's Louise .......... What time do you get off Matthew?"

It was Shona's turn to roll her eyes.

"My shift finishes at 1am Louise. What time I get off would have to be after ." Matthew grinned.

"I'll bear in mind."

"He's confident." Shona laughed as Matthew disappeared to the bar. "Are you seriously thinking of bedding him?"

"He's a possibility don't you think?"

"He's cute enough I suppose but where exactly I meant to sleep while you're giving him his best tip of the night? It's a double room we've got - not a twin. I can't exactly pretend to be asleep with you bopping away in the same bed."

"I thought we might double-team him." Louise grinned. "It's been a while since we did ."

"We'll see. I might go on the prowl myself if your heart's set on banging the barman."

"My heart's not SET on him Babe - and he's only a waiter... the barman looks like his next fuck could be his last!" Louise looked her watch. "Anything could happen in the next and a half hours - no harm in having a backup plan though is there?"


Jacqui put the Harrod's box down on the small table the hotel had thoughtfully provided for any presents guests had brought with them.

"Did you have to be so dismissive of my present Charlie?" She said as she looked around the room. "They are my friends after all and it's really expensive."

"I was just pointing out you won't it in Dubai."

"But I can wear it before I go and when I back."

"You might not want to back."

"Maybe. You might not want to stay. Like I said, I not there yet."

"What do you mean by lady?" Charlie almost growled.

"Just what it sounds like. Can't we just take things step a time? Until I there, I still here - and while I here, I have to think about what's happening now. I really looking forward to being with you Charlie but 's weeks away - until then, I have to deal with life as usual."

"The sooner you're away from here the better Jacqui if half an hour under your friends' influence gives you kind of attitude. You're next spanking's getting harder and harder by the second."

"My next spanking could've been tonight Charlie but instead of sleeping with you've ORDERED to fuck someone else!"

"You know my reasons for lady and I expect you to do as you promised."

"Don't worry Charlie. I fully intend to fuck his brains out. I......."

"Oh there you are darling! We were wondering where you were."

They were interrupted by Lynn making a bee-line for them.

"Sorry mum. I was having a drink in the lounge with Shona and Louise. Look what they gave !" Jacqui said, opening the box.

"Oh. Isn't lovely? It shows how much they like you darling. Now and say hello to your guests and thank them for coming."

"Teenage girls flaunting their privileged circumstances." Charlie muttered.

"It's not just teenage girls who do that Charlie." Jacqui smiled - pointedly re-arranging her gold necklace and checking her ear-rings and bracelet before heading off with her mum to perform her expected meet and greet duties.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 17
Posted:Mar 30, 2019 9:57 am
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2019 1:08 am

Jacqui was surprised at how quickly Charlie had cum. She hadn't exactly been timing him but she estimated it had only been around ten minutes between the first swipe of her tongue over the swollen head and the first squirt of cum filling her mouth.

Throughout the whole act Charlie had talked to her and stroked her hair. Encouraging her. Telling her how good she was. How skilled she was. How good what she was doing felt. All interspersed by occasional moans and groans as she changed from sucking his cock to sucking his balls and back again.

He'd only directed her the once - telling her to ease back a little when, in her eagerness to please, she'd she'd accidentally taken too much of him into her mouth and she'd gagged a little.

When he came, he'd given her warning and gently held her head still and held her gaze while he jerked into her mouth. Jacqui opened wide as he slipped from inside - just like she'd seen girls do on the internet - to show him his cum pooled on her tongue then swallowed it without hesitation before turning her attention back to his cock and licking it clean.

Charlie had continued his praise as he held his hands out to her and helped her to her feet. She stood before him with an almost shy smile on her face. She knew she'd done well and was actually proud of herself. She almost cried when Charlie had held her close and kissed her. Not only had no man been so appreciative and complimentary about her performance but no man had kissed her afterwards either - scared incase they actually tasted their own cum.

Charlie broke their embrace by giving her a playful spank on each cheek which made Jacqui squirm and laugh. He looked her over. Apart from a slightly red face, there wasn't a single trace of what they'd just done. Jacqui hadn't spilled a drop.

"You can get dressed now little one. Your friends will be waiting for you and we need to talk."

"Aren't you coming down with me Charlie?" Jacqui reluctantly retrieved her dress fron its hanger and started to put it on. She'd never really been shy about being naked with men but being naked with Charlie felt different. Part of her felt like it should be her default setting when alone with him.

"I'll join you later. I need to shower and get changed."

"I could wait for you. Shona and Louise will be here all night - a few minutes won't make any difference."

"Jacqui. I said I'd join you later. Now sit down and listen to me. This is very important."

Jacqui sat on the edge of the bed. Charlie was only wearing his polo shirt - having removed his socks and shoes and stepping out of his trousers and shorts while she'd been putting on her dress. The urge to reach out and play with his cock again as it dangled infront of her was almost too much. The thought of getting him hard again and maybe getting a fuck out of it was very tempting - but Charlie was talking in his "serious" voice and, even though she never truly believed he'd discipline her as badly as he'd threatened, she decided it wasn't worth the risk finding out.

"I'm listening." She said, managing to drag her eyes away from this cock and look up into his as he stood over her.

"This boyfriend of yours - Steven - he's invited tonight I presume?"

"Well yes, he is."

"How long has he been your boyfriend?"

"Oh. I don't know...... 3 months or so I suppose."

"And how long have you been fucking him?"

"Um...... 3 months or so." Jacqui risked a little guilty smirk.

"So it's fair to assume that he'll be coming along tonight to his girlfriend's birthday party, bearing gifts and assuming he's going to get into your panties at some point."

"But I'm not wearing any Charlie!" Jacqui laughed.

"This isn't a joking matter young lady." Charlie scolded. "Is my assumption correct do you think?"

"Sorry Charlie. Yes, I think you're probably right."

"So you have the answer to your question as to why we're not sharing a room tonight and you have one of your own."

"I don't understand. Are you saying you're OK with me fucking him?"

"I'm not only OK with it Jacqui - I'm telling you to."

"But Charlie........ It's YOU I want to be with! Steven's a lovely guy but I thought I was YOUR'S now! Why do you want me to fuck him instead of you?"

"It's the least you can do before you finish with him Jacqui. As you just said, you're mine now."

"Finish with him?" The words were out before she could stop herself. She might be Charlie's now but after tomorrow, she wouldn't see him again until she joined him in Dubai - seven or eight week away."

"Yes Jacqui - finish with him. I'm letting you have one final night with him before you become exclusively mine. I'm trying to be fair to both of you. It's not fair on Steven if he comes here full of expectation and just gets a "Thank you for the present. Now fuck off, I'm seeing someone else now." so I suggest you make his last night with you one to remember. Make it special for him."

Jacqui was almost lost for words. Even though in the short 24 hours she'd been with Charlie she'd become used to expecting the unexpected, she hadn't seen this coming. "Exclusively mine" - did he really expect her to go without sex for 2 months? That was unthinkable as far as she was concerned. She'd be climbing the walls within a week! That just wasn't going to happen. She had to make her reply sound good.

"I'm not being difficult Charlie........ but what's the difference between me just telling him we're finished at some point during the evening and fucking him, THEN telling him we're finished?"

"It's a good question Jacqui. The short answer is "a fuck" but telling him in the morning avoids a scene at your party if he takes it badly. You also get to spend the night with him one last time. You must have some feelings for him if you've been having sex with him for 3 months."

"I've never spent the night with him. You're the only man I've ever spent the night with. I told you that."

"So that will make it special in itself won't it?"

"I suppose......." Jacqui hoped she sounded suitably convinced but disappointed. "OK Charlie. If that's what you want. I'll sleep with Steven tonight."

"Good girl. Now I need a promise from you."

Jacqui was struggling to keep her composure. She had a good idea what she about to have to promise - and Charlie would hear from her what he wanted to hear - but she'd never been a very good liar. Besides, he'd never know one way or another if she'd kept her promise would he? If it kept him happy and on-side, she'd play along.

"I'll promise you anything Charlie. I don't want to do anything that would make you change your mind about wanting me to be with you."

The sincerity she managed to get into her voice and expression surprised even Charlie.

"It's a simple promise Jacqui and one you can easily keep. I want you to promise that you will not have sex with Steven or any other man - except myself - after tonight."

"I promise Charlie." Jacqui replied just as sincerely. "I will be a totally cock-less zone while we're apart." She added with a smile.

"That's one way of putting it sweetheart." Charlie laughed. "Good girl. Now go and meet your friends, enjoy your party and tell everyone about your trip. I'll join you soon."

"OK Charlie." She stood and gave him a kiss and headed to the door before adding "Charlie?"

"Yes little one?"

"Can we make love in your suite tomorrow? Just once more before you go? Please?"

"I think we can maybe arrange that." Charlie smiled.

"And maybe a spanking too?" Jacqui giggled.

"Of course!"

"Yay! Don't be too long. I want to show you off to the girls."

"Here. Buy yourselves a drink or two from me." Charlie picked up his trousers and fished out his wallet then handed Jacqui two £20 notes.

"Aw thanks Charlie!"

With that, she closed the door and crossed the corridor to her own room.


Back in her room, Jaqui quickly unpacked her case and spent a few minutes cleaning her teeth and replacing the lip gloss that was now decorating Charlies cock and generally tidying herself up. Her hair was fine - a couple of shakes of her head had it fall back into place but her dress needed a little adjustment to show just the right amount of boob. Her nipples were maybe a little too prominent through the thin material but there was nothing she could do about that - they'd return to normal soon.

The only thing she could do nothing about was that she was as horny as hell. Just kissing Charlie made her horny never mind anything else. If she only had another hour or so, she'd have been lying naked on her bed half-way to fingering herself into a sticky, sweaty mess by now - but that would've meant showering afterwards, drying her hair and re-appying her makeup. She just didn't have the time to devote to that.

Charlie's "thoughtfulness" about Steven had surprised her. Yes, she'd rather have spent the night with Charlie but Steven was an acceptable substitute. He was by no means as assertive in bed as Charlie but he usually made her cum - sometimes even twice. He was just a little "unimaginative" that was all. Him on top or Jacqui on top were the sum of their positions. Maybe tonight she could teach him some of the "new" positions she'd discovered the night before.

She just about understood Charlie's reasoning behind her fucking Steven - the only flaw in his plan being the fact that she had no intention of turning into a nun for two months and refraining from sex. If he'd been leaving tomorrow and she was going with him or he'd not been leaving for two months and was around to fulfil her needs, then being "faithful" to him wouldn't be a problem. Besides, how could she be sure HE wasn't fucking his way around Dubai while he was waiting for HER?

The only thing that confused her was how she felt about that night's sleeping arrangements. It hadn't been a case of "Would you like to sleep with Steven tonight?" or "You can sleep with him if you want to." or even "Listen, he's your boyfriend. I understand if you'd like to fuck him one last time."

No. It had been a command. An order. "I'm not only OK with it Jacqui - I'm telling you to." had been his exact words. She had been given a task to complete - "fuck another man because I say so." She found that compelling. She might not comply with his instructions in full but his assertiveness and control over her excited her. Doing what she was told pleased him - and please him was what she wanted to do. In his presence, she couldn't refuse him anything. It wasn't her fault he wasn't going to be around to exert his authority.


Jacqui was only 5 minutes late when she walked into the lounge and spied Shona and Louise at a table in the far corner. They smiled at each other as Jacqui crossed the thick carpet and slid in beside Shona.

"We got you a spritzer. That OK?" Louise said in her soft south of England accent as she slid a glass towards Jacqui.

"Oh. Yeah. That's perfect."

"Are you OK? You look a little flushed babe."

"Um. Yeah. I'm fine. Everything's just been rush rush rush you know? It's good to sit down for 5 minutes."

"Oh.... Nothing to do with that hunk who couldn't take his eyes off you when we were checking in? I'm guessing that was "Uncle" Charlie then?" Shona smiled and teased as Jacqui blushed a little.

"Yes. OK. Guilty as charged." Jacqui smiled back. "Yes..... that was Uncle Charlie and he might have something to do with it." She giggled.

"Dinner last night went well then?" Shona smirked.

"Very well indeed. I um........ slept over in his suite at the Marycliffe. It was quite a night! I only got home at lunchtime!"

"The Marycliffe? Very nice. I've eaten there with my parents." Louise commented.

"You spent the night just in his suite? Or in his bed?" Shona continued to tease.

"In his bed......" Jacqui grinned.

"Wait." Louise put down her glass. "You slept with your UNCLE?"

"Oh he's not my real uncle. I just call him that because I've know him for as long as I can remember. He's a friend of my mum and dad. He actually introduced them to each other. If it wasn't for Charlie, I wouldn't even exist!"

"Ah..... I see....." Satisfied with the reply, Louise picked up her glass again and carried on drinking while Shona continued her interrogation.

"Go on then. I want to hear all the juicy bits!"

"God! There are so many! It was amazing! OK. We went to his suite and drank champagne and he spanked me, then...."

"He spanked you?" Louise and Shona exchanged glances.

"Oh he just called it "Birthday Spanks". I didn't even know that was a thing but it made me really horny." She giggled.

"It can have that effect........" Shona said as she exchanged looks with Louise again. "So what happened next?"

"Well we went down to dinner. That was amazing. I've never had food like it. Then we had a few drinks in the lounge. Then we went back to his suite."

"So he's good in bed then?"

"I've never been fucked in so many different ways or cum so often!"

"Wow! He sounds like a real stud!"

"Oh Shona. I've missed out the best bit. He spanked me again before we went to bed. I was naked over his lap. It was harder and longer and when it was over he made me squirt!"

"Wow Jacqui! That's brilliant!"

"You don't think it's weird that it took me being spanked for that to happen? I mean, it's not really a normal thing to get turned on by is it?"

Louise put down her glass again and looked at Shona and raised her eyebrows who gave a little nod to her in return.

"All you've told us tonight will go no further - at least not from us anyway. I hope you realise that." Louise said lowering her voice a little and leaning forward.

"I do Louise. I've told Shona a few things in confidence when I've been needing advice and I know she's not told anyone."

"I've not even told Louise." Shona leaning forward too.

"Good. So I - well we - expect that what I'm going to tell you stays just between us. OK?"

"Of course. I promise. I appreciate your trust." Jacqui replied softly - feeling a little honoured that Louise was actually opening up to her at last. Up until now, it had always been Shona who had been approachable - Louise had always been a little standoffish and aloof.

"What you've experienced with Charlie spanking you, isn't all that unusual. Shona has had a similar experience as yourself. By that I mean being spanked by an older man a few times. Cumming. Squirting. Getting fucked every which way."

Jacqui just sat with her mouth open - totally taken aback by the revelation.

"That's right." Shona took up the story. "It didn't end well. Also like you, it was with someone I'd known for years. I trusted him completely - but one night he let me down badly. To cut a long story short he changed completely from being someone who looked after me and I felt safe with to a complete arsehole. He hurt and abused both me and Louise and called us horrible names while doing it."

"Jesus Shona. I'm so sorry. It must've been hell for both of you." Jacqui said softly while trying to fully take in all she'd just heard.

"I was young and caught up in the excitement of it all. I felt a fool at being so easily taken in and risking friendships in the process. It wasn't the happiest I've ever been Jacqui but Louise here got me over it." Shona reached for and squeezed Louise's hand.

Jacqui wondered how young Shona had been. She was nearly 18 now and Louise had only come up from England around a couple of years ago. Jacqui wasn't going to spoil what was a touching and tender moment by asking. For all the rumours and gossip around the s c h o o l concerning Shona and Louise's sexual exploits it was obvious there was a genuine love between them.

"The thing was, he knew that Shona couldn't tell anyone about it all without an awful lot of other innocent people getting hurt very badly- even if they believed her at all." Louise took up the story again. "We're not saying Charlie's like that all. We don't know him - just be very careful that you're sure as to what you're getting into. It's so easy to be taken in - especially by people you already know and trust."

It was a well meant warning and a real opening up to her from the pair of them. To make matters worse, it put the first real seeds of doubt in her mind. The way he'd treated her in bed that morning sounded very similar - all be it on a far smaller scale - to what Shona had experienced. He'd said "it was for her own good" and a warning about how "other men" might treat her. But he'd changed so quickly and done it so easily. At the time she'd been upset but bought into his explanation - now she just wasn't as sure as she had been.

"Are you OK Jacqui? I didn't mean to upset you." Louise broke into her thoughts.

"Um... Yes. I'm fine. Just a little shaken by your story. I had no idea obviously........ It's good that you had each other at such a difficult time. There's real love between you I can tell."

"Thank you Jacqui. I wish everyone was as understanding. Non judgemental."

Jacqui was really beginning to warm to Louise. She'd only really invited her to her party because she'd invited Shona. She did however feel the need to lighten up the conversation.

"So who wants another drink?" She waved to the waiter.

"I'm in."

"Me too."

"Charlie leaves for Dubai on Monday. He works there so I won't see him for a couple of months."

"Oh. That's a shame. Just as you two were getting "acquainted" " Shona smiled.

"He wants me to join him out there for the summer."

"Wow. Summer in Dubai! Better pack your Factor 50!" Shona laughed.

The waiter arrived and took their order and disappeared.

"I'm not sure if I'm going yet.........."
How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?
Posted:Mar 25, 2019 3:58 am
Last Updated:Mar 30, 2019 9:48 am

OK. This is based on American research - just saying...………

The figures listed are "per hour" so you might have to do some mental arithmetic to get realistic figures (but that might burn a couple of extra calories too so it's all good).

For example, giving a hand job apparently burns 0 calories an hour. I don't know about you but if I had to wank a guy for an hour, I'd end up with RSI and he'd end up feeling very raw. There's also the probability that if he hadn't cum after an hour, he was actually dead and was only stiff because rigor mortis had set in...……..

Take from it what you will, strap on your Fit-Bits or Apple watches or whatever and shed those pounds!

Kissing: 68 calories per hour

Remember how, when you were first dating and strictly going to first base, you'd start locking lips and up for air about 30 minutes later? Well, not only can kissing someone you love deepen social attachment between partners, but it can also help you some exercise.
"If the kissing is vigorous and involves some petting, it could be even closer to 90 calories burned in an hour," says Jaiya Kinzbach, a Los Angeles-based sexologist and the author of Red Hot Touch.
Try her technique for turning kissing into an honest-to-goodness workout session: "Kiss in unusual positions. Have the guy on his back and do 'plank pose' or a push-up on top of him, coming down to kiss him and then pushing back up. Push-ups burn 1 calories in 30 minutes."

Making Out: 230 calories per half-hour

A sizzling clothes-on make-out session with the person you love is an intense caloric blaster yet, according to LA Weekly. Why? Anticipation can get your heart rate going, according to Gilda Carle, PhD, a psychotherapist and relationship expert. "It gives way to heavy breathing, which gives way to a great calorie burn," she explains.
But you can still maximize the workout by making it hotter and sweatier. "The hotter the room — think Bikram (a.k.a. "hot") yoga — and the sweatier the make-out session, the more calories you burn," Kinzbach adds. Also, try rolling around on the bed or changing your scenery. "Make it playful and erotic and you have a great combination for a pleasurable workout."

Massaging: 80 calories per hour

Who doesn't like a good rubdown from their partner? Well, if you're the giver, you get an additional benefit other than making your guy happy: burned calories.
Carole Lieberman, M.D., a Beverly Hills psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets, told Everyday Health that giving a massage burns 80 calories per hour. Though giving a good massage can get your heart rate up and kick your body into calorie-burning mode, the way to ramp things up even more isn't to speed things up.
Instead, consider going slower, recommends Kinzbach: "This may seem counterintuitive to burning calories, but going slower and deeper is not only more sensual, it works different muscles. I also recommend getting a massage table — it's better on your body, and standing to give a massage burns more calories."

Having sex: 69 calories on average

The number of calories you burn during sex varies widely from one session to another, as well as from person to person. Researchers at the University of Montreal asked 21 heterosexual couples between the age of 18 and 35 to have sex once per week for a period of 4 weeks, while wearing an activity tracker to monitor calories. The study published in PLOS ONE found that on average, women burned about 69 calories for a 25-minute session, while men burned around 0 calories.
According to experts, the key to high-calorie-burning sex is to make it hot and long. You can also add a little moaning and sighing, which can help you burn an extra 18 to 30 calories, Kinzbach, says.
Switching up the position can also give you a better workout, as well as keep your sex life exciting. "If you are on top, try moving your hips like a belly dancer; this feels great and will give you a workout," Kinzbach recommends. "Also try a position where you squat on top of him and then bounce up and down. This is a great workout for your thighs and butt, and it can burn up to 207 calories in 30 minutes."

Giving Oral Sex: 1 0 0 calories per half-hour

According to trainer Brooke Marrone, owner of Brooke Marrone Fitness in New York, going down on your partner can burn around 1 0 0 calories per hour. But if you want to blast fat, Kinzbach recommends trying it with push-ups to burn an extra 71 calories.
"Also you can do a little yoga," Kinzbach says, which tacks on an 35 additional calories. "Try plank position into downward facing dog, and back into plank where you can lower down and do some oral stimulation."

Romantic Dancing: 219 calories per hour

A little dancing — even with your clothes on — can be a great workout for you and your husband. According to Mayo Clinic, ballroom dancing burns 219 calories per hour.
"It has been shown in scientific studies that right after an aerobic exercise, women become aroused and lubricated more easily," says Barbara Bartlik, M.D., a New York-based psychiatrist and sex therapist. Slow dancing is fine, but you have to rev things up to get a real workout, like kissing, nibbling the neck, and touching, Kinzbach suggests.
Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 16
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Last Updated:Mar 30, 2019 9:44 am

Charlie thoughtfully examined the panties he held in his hand. They were slightly damp. He slipped them into his pocket as he heard Lynn and Bill return from loading the car. If he was honest, Jacqui had been right to argue her point.

Going bare-bottomed under the dress she was wearing would have been a step too far for her considering the occasion - even as she'd run out of the room to change it had revealed a little too much. If he had been showing her off to his male friends, she would have looked perfect - but that would be for another day. No, the compromise had been the correct decision.

If anything, he'd been impressed by her confidence in standing up for herself - it was just the way she'd done it that had let her down. He was always willing to listen to reasoned argument but if she spoke to him like that again however - especially in that tone and with that amount of swearing - he would indeed carry out his promise to discipline her at the earliest opportunity.

She was young though and allowances could be made. She'd been warned and appeared to take his warning onboard although, with the prospect of three months in Dubai to look forward to, she would probably have agreed to anything.

Warnings were all well and good but unfortunately in his experience, they were rarely taken seriously until they had been physically reinforced. It seemed to Charlie that it wouldn't be so much a case of as to if he would have to discipline Jacqui - but how long it would be until he had to.

Her understanding as to why she was being punished - and accepting the punishment itself - as a consequence of her actions would be key.

Still, she might surprise him. He hoped she would - although he was capable of reducing her to tears in seconds in a measured and controlled way, he would take no pleasure from having to.

"Where's that girl disappeared to now? We need to get going." Charlie was interrupted in his thoughts by Bill's exasperated voice as he stepped into the lounge.

"Oh she'll only be a couple of minutes. She's decided to change her dress. You know what women are like." Charlie smiled.

"Tell me about it. Lynn's just as bad. Mind you, it's probably for the best. She'd have been showing far more than was appropriate unless she was very careful in the one she was wearing."

"As long as she's not changing into an even shorter one eh Bill?" Charlie laughed.

"She better bloody not be!" Bill spluttered. "It's bad enough that she goes and meets that Steven boy wearing not much more than a belt!"

"It's just how young girls dress nowadays Bill. The city centre's full of them on a Friday and Saturday night - although some DO carry the look off better than others. I'm sure Jacqui will choose something appropriate."

"Yes, I was very proud of her last night. She looked so grown up."

"She's a credit to both of you Bill."

"It was you she was trying to impress - and she obviously succeeded. Maybe you'll be a steadying influence on her."

"I appreciate that Bill. Not many fathers would be so understanding."

"It will take a bit of getting used to I admit. You've probably got t-shirts older than she is Charlie but she's obviously happy and I know she'll be safe with you. It's all I can ask for my daughter."

"Have you given any further thought to the suggestion I made earlier?"

"Dubai you mean? At the end of the day it's down to Jacqui."

"I have mentioned it to her as a possibility. She seems keen but I've not made any promises."

"I had hoped she'd start university - or college at least - in September but a gap year won't do her any harm. Travel, a different country and culture. Broaden her horizons and all that. Not that you need it but you have my blessing."

"Thanks Bill. I'll set the wheels in motion then."

Charlie smiled as Bill ended their conversation by going in search of Lynn and hurrying up Jacqui.

"Now what to do about this Steven....." Charlie thought to himself once he was alone. It would be a few weeks before Jacqui could join him in Dubai and he didn't want this Steven - or anyone else for that matter - dipping his cock into her in the meantime.

Ensuring that could be easier said than done.


Jacqui had positively run up the stairs to her room. The thought of spending her summer getting tanned under the Arab sun by day and getting fucked by Charlie by night filled her with excitement and joy. Changing her dress and going out without panties again was a small price to pay. She didn't really understand why he'd been so insistent about it all but if it kept him happy, then she was more than happy to comply - well, happy now that she could wear something longer.

If truth be told, she'd not been 100% sure about the dress she'd chosen anyway. She did look good in it and she didn't really have a problem with flashing her panties - she'd worn it often enough in town when out with her friends on a man-hunt on a Saturday night - but her objections to flashing her bits had been genuine.

She maybe had gone a bit over the top with her language but that was as much down to the shock that Charlie had even suggested it as it was to being inappropriate - but then his response had been too. Spanking her for answering back the way she had? Really? How old did he think she was for fuck sake? She had experienced a couple of his not-so-playful spanks earlier - they really had hurt and not in a good way - but she just couldn't imagine Charlie "disciplining" her the way he'd indicated.

It would never come to that anyway. She would do as she was told - within reason at least - until he got on the plane on Monday. She was sure she could manage that. Then everything would be back to normal. She'd miss him terribly of course and she'd be counting the days until the end of term and she could join him in Dubai - but life didn't have to stop. She still had a few weeks until proper "obedience" might have to kick in.

She slipped off her dress and admired her naked body in the mirror. If she was made of chocolate, she'd eat herself. The dress she selected was just as body hugging and similar in length as the one she'd worn to dinner - only red instead of black and lower cut at the front and back. She selected matching red heels and decanted the contents of her bag into a similarly matching red one.

Jacqui sat on the edge of her bed and crossed and uncrossed her legs a few times while looking in the mirrored doors of her wardrobe. Someone would need to be on their hands and knees right infront of her to see anything. "That wouldn't be a first......." She smiled to herself.

With a final check of her hair and makeup, she grabbed her overnight case and handbag and skipped back downstairs.


Charlie's smile and nod when she'd come back downstairs had signalled his approval of her change of clothes. He'd also seemed to finally notice that she had breasts. Over the course of the weekend so far - apart from the occasional squeeze of them or stroke of her nipples, he'd hardly paid them any attention at all.

Even in bed he'd more or less ignored them. Now however, he could hardly take his eyes off them. In the dress she'd chosen they were actually on display. Firm, pert, 30B breasts that needed - and indeed had - no visible means of support and were shown off to perfection by the low cut neckline of her dress.

"Ah..... The Lady in Red." Charlie said smiling.

"The Scarlet Woman more like." Bill had muttered as Jacqui gave a twirl.

"At least she's not just wearing a belt Bill." Charlie had replied with a laugh. "Jacqui, you look stunning." He added.

"Thank you kind Sir." Jacqui smiled. "Shouldn't we be going? What's everyone waiting for?"

"YOU!" Everyone replied in unison.


Jacqui spent most of the drive to the hotel with Charlie stroking her thigh with one hand and steering with the other as he followed Bill's car to their destination.

"Did you really mean what you said before I got changed?"

"About disciplining you or flying you to Dubai in the summer?"

Charlie's reply threw Jacqui a little. She'd almost forgotten about the discipline part she'd been so exited about the prospect of her trip.

"Oh. I meant Dubai but........ both I suppose."

"I wouldn't tease you about something as important as that Jacqui."

"Which Charlie?"

"Both. I'll ask you now properly. First of all, would you like to come to Dubai in the summer and stay with me?"

"Oh yes please Charlie! Yes! Yes! Can I tell everyone? They'll be soooo jealous!"

"You know my conditions Jacqui. I don't expect blind obedience - as I've demonstrated tonight, I'm willing to listen to reasoned argument but you have to present it in a calm and respectful manner. At the end of the day however, I have the final say. Do you understand Jacqui? It's very important that you do."

Jacqui took a deep breath and looked like she was giving her answer a lot of consideration. She'd have agreed to just about ANYTHING to get her trip but if Charlie wanted to make such a big deal about it, she thought she better at least make it look like she was taking him seriously.

"I promise to do what you tell me and not behave as badly as I did earlier and not swear like I did earlier and discuss things with you like an adult if I have a problem. I understand that you'll punish me if I ever break my promise."

"In that case Jacqui, you can tell your friends you're going to Dubai." Charlie squeezed the top of her thigh and took his hand away as he saw Bill brake and indicate then turn into the hotel car park.

"Aw thank you Charlie! I'll not let you down! We're going to have such a good time together!"

The second Charlie had parked and switched off the engine, Jacqui undid her seat belt, leaned over and started to suck his face off and try to tickle his tonsils with her tongue.

Lynn and Bill looked across as they got out of their car.

"I think we're going to have the house to ourselves all summer." Bill said to his wife.

"And I think you should stock up on the Viagra and order a new paddle - You're going to need them...." Lynn replied with a wink and a smirk.


When Charlie and Jacqui eventually made it into the hotel Reception, they found Lynn and Bill waiting patiently a few feet behind two immaculately turned out young women in the process of checking in. Jacqui made a bee-line for them leaving Charlie in her wake.

"Shona! Louise! You're staying over? That's brilliant!"

Shona turned with a broad smile on her face and the pair of them hugged while Louise handed over her card to the receptionist.

"Wow Jacqui. You look amazing! Happy birthday! Yeah, I slept over at Louise's last night and her mum gave us a run over but it's better for everyone if we just get a room. It's not fair to drag her all the way out here in the middle of the night to pick us up again."

Jacqui smiled as she read between the lines of Shona's reply. It was well rumoured that Louise and Shona were "an item" and that, although they both individually went out with guys too, their relationship extended to a lot more than being "just good friends." The matching and expensive spray-on Armani jeans and Gucci scent they both were wearing did nothing but enhance Jacqui's feeling that there was no doubt in her mind that they were lovers.

"I'll tell you later where I spent last night." Jacqui leaned in and whispered with a giggle. "Hi Louise!" She added as Louise turned and joined them.

"Hi Jacqui. Happy birthday. That dress really suits you. You certainly look ready to party."

That was praise indeed from Louise who, even at s c h o o l, looked like a model and wasn't exactly renowned for dishing out compliments.

"Thanks Louise. I hope you are too."

"Always sweetie......." Louise smiled back then turned to Shona. "We're in 307 babe. We should unpack and get Jacqui's present for her." Then turned back to Jacqui. "Why don't we meet up in the lounge in say, half an hour?"

"Sounds good." Jacqui smiled. It was only a little after 6pm and the function room was booked from 7 o'clock so they had time to kill. No harm getting a bit of a head start in the alcohol department first.


Jacqui re-joined the others at the desk, signed the register and collected the keycard for her room. She was mildly surprised that she still had a room to herself. Everyone had been pretty open about their sleeping arrangements the previous night and accepted that Charlie and her were fucking so, as far as she was concerned anyway, they only needed the two rooms instead of three.

"Who was that?" Charlie asked as he stared at the two designer-denim clad bottoms waiting at the lift.

"Oh. The taller one's Louise and that's Shona." She said, pointing them out. "They're friends from s c h o o l. I'll introduce you later - we're meeting them in the lounge for drinks in half an hour."

"Do all the girls at your s c h o o l look like the three of you?"

"You can decide for yourself, a lot of them will be here tonight. Shona and Louise are pretty much the top end of the range - the rest of us are playing catch-up."

"Don't sell yourself short Jacqui. I wouldn't swap you for either of them."

Jacqui rolled her eyes. "Well that's reassuring........." She replied. "I bet you'd fuck them though given half a chance....." She said to herself as they crossed reception to wait for a lift to return. Charlie hadn't taken his eyes off them until the lift doors had closed behind them.


"We're in 311 and 315. Your mum and dad are in 317." Charlie said as Her parents had already headed to their room.

"Why aren't we in together Charlie?" They had stopped outside Jacqui's room.

"Put your case in your room then join me in mine and I'll explain Jacqui." Charlie opened his door and disappeared inside - leaving Jacqui to comply with his instructions.

Less than a minute later, Jacqui was knocking on his door and muttering "This better be good......." to herself. She'd dumped her case inside her room and crossed straight back to Charlie's. All he seemed to have done that day was give her orders.

Charlie opened the door and stepped back to let Jacqui pass then closed the door behind them. Jacqui marched in and turned and faced him.

"So why aren't we sharing a room Charlie? Keeping your options open are you?"

"Take off your dress and hang it up."


"You heard. Take off your dress and hang it up. You're owe me a blowjob I believe. I'm sure you'd rather not want to risk getting cum on it."

"What? You want it now? Right now?"

"Yes. Is that a problem? Remember what I said about doing as I asked without question."

"Yes Charlie. I mean no Charlie - not a problem. I just......." Her voice tailed off as she removed her dress and hung it up so it didn't get too creased - then looked at Charlie expectantly as he looked her up and down. She was naked except for her red heels.

"What are you waiting for?" Charlie barked.

"I was waiting for you to lie down Charlie."

"Just kneel at my feet and suck me off young lady."

"Um. OK Charlie. Whatever you say."

Despite her agreement, inside Jacqui was raging. She wasn't used to being treated or talked to like this by someone who was expecting her to pleasure him sexually. Even when it had been one-off fucks with a guy she'd only just met she'd not been expected to perform on demand and without warning - and he'd still not answered her question. If it had been anyone else making such demands, she'd have told him exactly what he could do with his cock - assuming it could reach of course.

She knelt infront of him and unbuckled his belt. Her fingers nimbly tugging down his zipper and popping the button on the waist band of his trousers then, as his trousers fell to his ankles, eased his shorts down to join them.

Once his semi-hard cock was staring her in the face however, all sense of rage seemed to dissipate from her feelings. She felt nothing but the need to pleasure the gorgeous tool infront of her. She almost felt grateful that she was being allowed to pleasure it.

She reached and wrapped her fingers around it. Smiling as she watched and felt it swell and grow in her hand. In response to the slow stroking action she started, it grew even more and stiffened fully. She allowed herself a moment of personal fun when she pulled it down like a lever and watched it spring back up - bouncing a couple of times before it pointed back at her at an angle of about sixty degrees.

"If you're quite finished playing with it young lady........."

It was the first words either of them had uttered since she'd knelt before him. His voice was calm and measured but with just enough of a hint of exasperation to realise she was being told off.

"I'm sorry Charlie. I've never done it this way before. I've never seen a cock do that."

It was true. Although she could, if she put her mind to it, count the number of cocks she'd played with, she would struggle to come up with a figure as to how many times she'd played with one. Whatever that number was though, the guy concerned had usually been either sitting down (mostly in his car with the seat pushed right back so she didn't bang her head on the steering wheel) or lying down.

Kneeling as she was before him, she felt so small compared to the man whom she so readily allowed to command her. His age; his stature; his tone of voice; the crush she'd had on him in her early teens; all undoubtedly contributed to her understanding and willingness to accept that she indeed was a "little one".

But it was more than just a mental acceptance. He could control her with just a look or a vocal command obviously but he had another method too. One that acted on a far more basic level. His cock. It had brought her just about more pure and complete sexual pleasure in one night than she'd experienced in all her previous sex-life put together.

It wasn't THAT big. She'd seen far bigger cocks on the internet - some even so freakishly big that it almost brought tears to her eyes as she'd winced watching it disappear inside - then pound - some poor girl's pussy and bottom - but it was the biggest she'd ever personally experienced.

It had scared her a little when it had first positioned itself to enter her but her body had welcomed it almost immediately - and the pleasure it had given her had been overwhelming. She loved it. She was already addicted to it - and on her knees infront of the man who owned it, she was going to worship it.

It was expected and simply the right thing to do. What she should do. Most of all, what she had to do.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 15)
Posted:Mar 17, 2019 8:25 am
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2019 3:04 am

"Wouldn't it be comfier for you over the sofa rather than over the dining table? Or is that what the cushion's for?" Charlie suggested as Lynn moved two of the dining chairs back againt the wall. Lynn's hand on his cock was now replaced by his own and he stroked himself slowly as he watched her.

"I thought you wanted to relive old times Charles......" Lynn smiled as she returned to stand infront of him. "....and the cushion's not for comfort - it's to muffle my squeals of delight!" Her smile broke into a laugh.

"You better assume the position then little one." Charlie said sternly.

Lynn obediently turned and bent over the long edge of the table - reaching her arms out infront of her and curling her fingers around the opposite edge - her cheek resting on the cushion.

The first hard slap on her bottom made her jump and cry out more in surprise than anything else. She'd been expecting Charles to at least lift her skirt out of the way first. It had also brought an end to her laughing.

"Get those feet together and straighten those legs!" Charlie barked.

Lynn complied immediately and silently - turning her face into the cushion to suppress any further cries as Charlie briefly ran his hand over her bottom and replied with a simple "Good girl."

He'd left her in that position without touching her or saying anything else for what had seemed like an eternity for her. She knew it was to heighten her anticipation of what was to come and increase her uncertainty as to when - but knowing that hadn't helped make it any easier.

She needed to feel the sting of his hand on her bare bottom. She longed for the feeling of his cock repeatedly thrusting hard into her sex. She craved the feeling of his cum spurting inside her and cumming hard herself because of it - and if he didn't do it soon, she'd have to wring her panties out because she was so wet.

The shiver that ran through Lynn's body when he finally started to lift the hem of her dress wasn't lost on Charlie. He took his time gathering the hem and lifting and arranging it over back - taking in and appreciating the view as it exposed and framed her panty clad bottom. Time had been kind to Lynn. Her bottom was still as round and firm as he'd remembered and her waist still as slim and well defined.

A second shiver - accompanied by a moan into the cushion - followed as Charlie pulled her panties down. The sight of her already wet sex causing his cock to twitch and flex as he crouched behind her to help her step out of her panties. His desire for her and memories of their past making it difficult for him to resist taking her there and then.

"Are those paddle marks Lynn?" He asked as he returned to his feet - running his hands up her legs and taking handfuls of her bottom as he stood up. The marks were faint but unmistakeable.

"Yes.... Charles.... I told you.... I'd moved on..... a little....." Lynn was finding it difficult to breathe and speak at the same time as Charlie reaquainted himself with her cheeks. "I.... have.... two...."


"Who else....."

"He IS a dark horse. I'd never have thought it of him."

"It's not..... a lifestyle..... thing. Only when..... I feel the need...."

"Understood. Tell me when you've had enough."

Lynn tensed her body and tightened her grip on the edge of the table.


Lynn's mental turmoil had kicked in after about 40 or 50 smacks on her bottom. She'd lost count at 32 as the exquisite pain she was feeling with every slap had taken over her every thought.

As that had grown and peaked however, it had soon been matched - then overtaken - by the overwhelming desire she felt inside for Charlie's cock.

Turmoil had arrived at the point when she didn't know which she'd wanted most. Her bottom had been on fire. She could feel her juice dripping from her pussy onto the wooden floor. She was gripping the table edge so hard, her knuckles were white. She was heaving in lungfuls of air between grunts and groans into the cushion.

The "Fuck me Charles!" she'd finally cried out had been the signal for him to stop the hard, measured smacking of her bottom. His hand had stopped smacking and started rubbing and massaging immediately - but it had taken two more entreaties from Lynn before she felt the object of her desire at her entrance.

Even then she'd been teased with it. Charlie had run the head back and forth over her lips several times - pressed the head against her entrance then taken it away again and again - slipped his length back and forth between her legs and coated himself with her juice without entering her.

Even worse, he'd made her beg. She'd almost been in tears by the time he'd relented and pressed home his full length in one firm movement.

By the time they'd both cum she was in tears. Charlie hadn't held back. His fucking of her had been hard and thorough. Every thrust of his pelvis as he held her waist had rammed him hard against her tender bottom and his cock deep inside her pussy - and forced Lynn hard against the table edge sending the air from her lungs with in a series of grunts.

All Charlie's teasing had been for a reason though. Lynn had been so aroused that she'd cum almost before her pussy had even got used to feeling him inside her again - she'd then had to endure an unrelenting pounding until Charlie had cum himself and set off her second heaving orgasm.

When it was over and Charlie had slipped from inside her, the tears had come. Lynn felt emotionally and physically wrecked. She needed to clean up but couldn't immediately trust herself to stand. Charlie's cum was still dripping from her pussy onto the floor - and she just felt so complete and satisfied but even more terribly jealous of Jacqueline. For Lynn, this had to be and would be a one-off but for Jacqueline, there would no doubt be a lot more in store.


Lynn was still drooling into the cushion and his cum was still oozing from her sex as he tugged the hem of her dress and let it fall back down covering her up - then tucked himself away and zipped up his fly.

Lynn's grip on the table edge relaxed and she pushed herself upright, still leaning on the table however and using it for support.

"That was...... comprehensive....... Charles. Thank you." Lynn said eventually. "You've not lost any of your old touch." She added with a smile as she wiped away a stray tear.

"That certainly brought back some very pleasant memories but we can compliment each other later. You need to recover your composure and fix yourself up before Jacqui or Bill see you. Your current state would take some explaining."

"Yes Charles. I should start getting ready anyway. Jacqui should be out of the bathroom by now."

Lynn picked up her panties and wiped their juices from the floor, walked a little unsteadily to the door and disappeared from Charlie's view.

Charlie smiled to himself and, collecting the cushion on the way, returned it and himself to the lounge where he settled on the sofa and flicked through one of Bill's motoring magazines.


She stood under the shower and let the hot water just pour over her - hoping it would wash away what she'd just allowed to be done to her. She'd brought it all on herself of course. Once Charles had planted the idea in her head, it was inevitable that she'd follow through with it.

Doing anything at the hotel would have been out of the question so the chance had to be taken while they could. The lure of recapturing their past and her envy of Jacqui's own experience the night before had been too much to pass up. common sense had gone out of the window.

Bill's spankings and paddlings were always more than adequate - but never really elicited the heights of exquisite pain and desire for her that Charles could. Bill fucked her well - hard, often and never left her feeling disappointed - but Charles had brought her to tears because she'd wanted him so badly. He'd actually made her beg.

It had however been without passion. His spanking of her had been firm and measured and continued only until she'd pleaded for his cock. His fucking, once he'd finally entered her, had been hard and full-blooded but mechanical and without any real feeling. Fucking her was as much part of the ritual as it was a reward for his relieving her dark desire.

They'd relived their past and no one else got hurt. Mission accomplished on that level - but it had been their bodies that had reacted to a purely physical act.

They hadn't even kissed - before, during or after......


The TV was flashing up the day's football results and Charlie and Bill were discussing them over a beer in the lounge when Lynn came in, followed by Jacqui. Charlie's eyes flicked from Jacqui to Lynn then back again.

"You both look sensational." Charlie said - standing up as Jacqui approached him, holding out her necklace to him.

"Thank you Charles." Lynn replied. There was no indication in her voice or expression as to what they'd done barely a couple of hours before - just her usual neutral smile. "Bill. Can you give me a hand to put the cases in the car please?" She added turning to her husband.

"Yes.... OK...." Bill sighed. "We're only going to stay the 1 night......... I don't see why we have to take so many......"

"They're mostly for taking stuff home. People will be coming with presents for Jacqui - we need to take them home in something."

"Fair enough. If you say so........" Bill relied as he followed Lynn out of the room.

"Can you do the clasp for me Charlie?" Jacqui smiled and turned her back to him - backing in just a little too close against him.

"Of course sweetheart." He said softly as he took the necklace from her and lifted it over head - feeling Jacqui's involuntary little shiver as his fingertips brushed away her hair and he fastened the clasp - giving her neck a little nibble before rearranging her hair back in place.

He took the opportunity to cup her breasts with his hands and give them a gentle squeeze or two as Jacqui snuggled back in against him and giggled when his hands slid down over her sides and pulled her even harder against him.

"I wish there was something I could do for you Charlie. I'm still owe you one from when you woke me....."

"There is Jacqui. You're wearing panties. Take them off."

"What? Right here? Right now? Mum and dad are only putting the cases in the car. They could come in at any minute."

"So why did you say that?"

"I was just saying - I wish I could do something for you because you made me cum so perfectly when you came to wake me and didn't let me do anything for you. A quick blow-job or a hand-job or something before the party."

"All I want from you right now is to lose the panties Jacqui. Nothing else. Why are you wearing them anyway?"

"I'm wearing them because I don't want to give everyone a flash of my bits every time I sit down or cross my legs. I don't mind so much giving them an accidental flash of my panties if I forget to keep my knees together."

"You weren't that worried last night."

"The dress I was wearing last night, in case you hadn't noticed, was longer. I could sit easily in that one without showing either of us up - and I didn't mind if YOU saw my bits. I was hoping you'd see them anyway up in your suite - and you did a lot more than just see them."

"I had noticed Jacqui - but I still want you to take them off." Charlie's hands returned to her breasts.

"And what if I don't?" Jacqui pulled out of his grasp and faced him. "There'll be family there. Relatives. Neighbours. Friends and classmates. Some of them probably already think I'm half-way towards being a slut because of the number of guys I've gone out with - I don't want to fucking give them more reason to believe that I am."

"If you don't, then all I'll be Jacqui...... is disappointed. Have you another dress you can wear? One that's longer, similar in length to the one you wore last night."

"No Charlie. Seriously. Just fucking let it go. I'll get completely fucking naked for you after the fucking party and you can fucking stare at my fucking bottom, fucking feel me up and fuck my fucking brains out all fucking night long if you fucking want - but I'm - not - fucking - getting - fucking - changed!"

Jacqui's face was almost as red as her well-spanked bottom had been the night before - and the colour wasn't helped when Charlie started to smile........... then laughed.

"That's an awful lot of fucking young lady. That was quite an impressive tantrum - full of passion and confidence and delivered vehemently. It's just a shame that you feel you have to resort to such a tirade of foul language to get your point across."

"I did try and explain calmly Charlie - but you wouldn't fucking listen!"

"There you go again but what happens after your party isn't relevent Jacqui. Whether I end up "fucking your fucking brains out" or not is a different matter entirely. It's certainly a possibility but by no means guaranteed."

"Oh? Really? Fine. I don't intend sleeping alone tonight Charlie. It doesn't HAVE to be you that I wake up with."

"But you have to admit that you'd rather it was. No, this is about you doing something simply because I asked you to. Doing it to please me. Because you do want to please me don't you Jacqui?"

"Yes I do - just not in that way! It's OK for you, you just get to watch. It doesn't affect you - you won't even be here after the wekend! I'm the one they'll all be talking about for God knows how many days to come."

"This just isn't going to work Jacqui." Charlie sighed.

"What isn't?"


"There is no "us" Charlie. You leave the country on Monday."

"Remember you said that you wished you could wake up with me every morning?"

"Yes and you said you were working on a how you could make that happen."

"You leave s c h o o l in the summer don't you?"


"So you COULD spend summer with me in Dubai."

"What! Really! I don't know what to say!"

"I said COULD Jacqui. If you're going to live with me, I need to know you'll do as I tell you. I need obedience from you. If you threw a tantrum like just now or spoke to me the way you just did, you'd be spanked. Not spanked like last night to turn you on with a hard fuck afterwards - but a proper disciplinary spanking. There would be tears and sitting really would be a problem for you - a fucking afterwards would be the last thing on your mind - possibly for a couple of days."

"Oh Charlie, if I was with you, we wouldn't have conversations like that. I'll do whatever you say! I promise!"

"Jacqui. I listened to and took onboard what you said and offered a compromise - but you still refused. If it wasn't such a big night for you I'd give you a sample spanking tonight for that alone."

"OK. OK. I'm sorry. I didn't realise it meant so much to you. Is it still OK not to wear panties but wear a longer dress?"

"After such an outburst, I'd normally say no - but yes, that would be acceptable if you take them off right now."

"Thank you Charlie. I'll never talk back to you like that again. I promise." Jacqi kicked off her shoes, pushed down her panties and stepped out of them - bending down and putting them in Charlie's outstretched hand as she stood back upright and put her shoes back on.

"Good girl. Now quickly, go and change your dress."

Pausing only to give Charlie a quick kiss, Jacqui ran out of the room and upstairs to change.
Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 14
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Once upstairs and behind the closed door of her room, it had taken Jacqui all of 7 seconds to undress - kicking off her shoes and wriggling her dress down and stepping out of it.

She examined her bottom in the mirror. If anything, the slap Charlie had given her in the hall had been harder and sharper than the ones that had upset her so much in his bed that morning. It had made her wince and she could still feel the sting but she'd loved it. Charlie's attitude at the time had made the difference.

She retrieved her phone from her bag and took a couple of shots of the red hand-print that was even more pronounced and obvious against her smooth, white cheek than the picture she'd taken after her first spanking. The mark would fade over time but it wouldn't on her phone.

She looked at the pictures she'd taken and felt a little tingle run through her body. For a second or two she couldn't place the feeling. Then it dawned on her. It was pride.


It took her a few seconds to come to and waken when she felt a set of fingertips stroking slowly and gently up and down the inside of her thigh. Her legs had parted automatically but the fingertips hadn't explored any further up her leg - stopping a few inches short of where she'd have liked them to go before reversing direction and heading back towards her knee.

She'd taken her mum's advice and taken a nap - slipping naked under the duvet and falling asleep almost immediately. When she opened her eyes, the duvet had been drawn back and Charlie's smiling face was looking down at her.

"You wanted me to wake you when it was 3 o'clock." He said softly.

"This is a lovely way to be woken Charlie......" Jacqui smiled back - opening her legs just a little wider and reaching for his hand.

"I'll ask you again, are you sure this is a good idea?"

"And I'll say again, it depended on how you woke me Charlie...." Jacqui guided his hand between her legs and smiled.

She was already moist and getting wetter by the second as Charlie took the hint and began to finger her pussy and play with her clit.

His fingers moved slowly, gently, almost reverentially back and forth over and between her lips. He was unhurried and careful - eventually teasing one finger inside which played all by itself for a while before it was joined by another. Jacqui moaned softly.

With both fingers resting fully buried inside her, his thumb then started to rub over her clit. Again, he moved slowly and carefully - barely touching it but soliciting soft but louder moans from her.

The buried fingers started to rub inside and the thumb stroked a little harder - Jacqui's bottom lifted off the bed and her head pressed back into her pillow as her eyes closed and her rate of breathing increased.

When Charlie started to move his fingers back and forth once more, Jacqui began to move with them - fucking his fingers as unhurriedly as they were fucking her. Her moans began to turn to short breathless whimpers when Charlie picked up the pace a little and Jacqui automatically matched it.

Jacqui suddenly gasped sharply. For several seconds the only sound she could hear was the regular sticky squelch of his fingers slipping easily back and forth inside her as they brought her to climax. It had come from nowhere and was over as suddenly as it had appeared. She'd pushed herself fully onto his fingers, her pussy had pulsed a couple of times around them and she'd let out a soft "Ohhhhhhhhhhh". Then it was over.

As her eyes fluttered open she covered Charlie's hand with her own - keeping his magical fingers in place as they rested inside her. She'd never cum quite so easily and perfectly before. Charlie had teased her to orgasm. No force, no frenzy, no roughness. She hadn't even felt it build inside her. It had been soft, gentle, spontaneous and beautiful.

"Charlie........ that was just...... Fuck...... What would you like me to do for you?" Jacqui smiled up at him.

"You don't have to do anything except get yourself ready for tonight sweetheart. It was as pleasurable for me as it obviously was for you."

"But I want to Charlie....... It's not fair....... You did that for me so I owe you."

"You don't owe me anything Jacqui. All I did was wake you up like you asked." Charlie smiled as he eventually withdrew his hand from between her legs and dried himself of her dressing gown.

"God...... I wish you could wake me up like that every day Charlie. I've never been with anyone who can make me feel the way that you do......."

"We'll have other opportunities this weekend Jacqui I am sure and......." He leaned and kissed her forehead as he stood up. "........I have an idea about how we can maybe spend a lot more time together in future."

"How?!" Jacqui sat up quickly.

"I'll tell you when I have it all worked out. Now get yourself ready for your party young lady!" He winked and smiled before closing the bedroom door behind him and heading back downstairs.


"How the fuck can we?" Jacqui said to herself as she got up and took off her messed dressing gown and tossed it into her washing basket. She'd been mildly annoyed when Charlie had dried his juice covered hand on it instead of holding it out to her to lick his fingers clean but that was nothing compared to the volume of her juice that had seeped onto it from her pussy due to Charlies fingering as she lay on the bed.

"You'll be in fucking Dubai and I'll be stuck here fucking Steve." Her muttering continued as she collected a tee and a pair if shorts from a drawer and headed naked across the landing to the bathroom.

Yeah, there probably would be opportunities for them to get together before the weekend was over but she just knew there'd be tears before he caught his flight. She would miss him so fucking much.

Shit! Steve! He was coming to her party too and would quite rightly expect to be spending a lot of time with her. If he found out she had a room at the hotel - he'd be expecting a lot more. How would that fucking work?

More questions than answers. Why did life have to be so fucking complicated? She turned on the shower and tried to psych herself up and into a party mood. There was no point worrying. She'd just have cross the relevant bridges when she came to them.


"In the lounge Charles!" Lynn called when she heard him coming downstairs.

Lynn was standing by the window arranging flowers in the vase.

"Where's Bill?" He asked as he walked towards her.

"He's gone to the hotel to drop off Jacqui's birthday cake and check up on the arrangements. I believe you two had a little chat." Lynn smiled.

"We did." Charlie nodded. "It turns out he's not as pissed off with me - or Jacqui - as you led me to believe Lynn. He's not ecstatic about the situation but appears to understand how things are and why. He's not going to make things difficult for Jacqui which is the main thing. He's accepted she's a young woman now and should be allowed to make her own decisions."

"I know. That's very much what he said when he came in. I'm sorry Charles. You were right. I was a little jealous of you and Jacqui being together last night."

"It's only natural." Charlie smiled.

"No Charles, it isn't. It was more than just jealousy....... We have history - that will never change - but last night......." Lynn's voice tailed away.

"What about last night Lynn?"

"You were making love to me in my head while Bill was making love to me in our bed......."

"I see. That can happen sometimes I suppose. We all have past lovers who were special to us. You'll always live long in my memory too."

"I almost moaned out your name when Bill came in me Charles! I just managed to stop myself in time."

"That really could have been awkward......"

"That's an understatement if ever I heard one. I've managed to keep that side of our relationship out of my head for 20 years Charles but seeing you with Jacqui, imagining you with Jacqui - it just brought everything back."

"I'm sorry Lynn. I never thought for a second my being with Jacqui would affect you this way. When I came over yesterday, I only intended taking Jacqui for dinner and..."

Lynn put a finger to Charlie's lips before he could continue.

"I know Charles. I know. I've been thinking about what you said about reliving old times."

"And?" Charlie said expectantly.

"And I don't think doing anything like that at the hotel would be a good idea."

"I see. Forget I mentioned it. It was stupid of me to suggest it. I understand completely Lynn."

"No Charles, I don't think you do........ Did you make love to Jacqui when you were upstairs just now? You were gone an awful long time......"

"No..... It just took a while to wake her properly." Charlie smiled. "Why?"

"I don't think we should do anything at the hotel because we'd have to sneak away. We might be missed. We might get caught......." Lynn stepped in closer "but we could fuck here........ now....... if you're up for it......" Lynn ran her hand down his chest and over his bulge and held it there.

"Are you serious? What about Bill? Jacqui's just upstairs." He made no attempt to move her hand.

"Bill will be gone for ages. You should have seen the list of things I gave him to get and check after he's delivered the cake......." Lynn smirked as she found Charlie's zipper and tugged it down.

"And Jacqui?"

"We won't see her for at least 2 hours....... it took her nearly 3 hours to get ready for you last night......" Lynn's fingers had made their way inside his fly and were feeling their way along his length.

"Oohhh. You are up for it Charles..........." she added then took a firm hold and led a hard and willing Charlie by the cock to the dining room - grabbing a cushion off of the sofa on the way.
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OK - So this might not mean much to anyone outside the UK because I've no idea what kind of chart success "The Specials" had abroad - so chances are you've maybe never heard of them.

Even if you are in the UK and much under 50 years old, it might not mean much either

Anyway, as you may be aware, Ally has been enhancing my musical education over the last two or three years by locking me in a dark room and playing random songs from the 80s and 90s (and sometimes even earlier) at full volume for 12 hours at a time - until either the neighbours complain or I agree to have sex.

One of the bands and styles that were new to me were this lot and ska music - so when I saw they were releasing their first album of new material in 37 years(!) I ordered the CD from their website. The CD came at the start of the month and went straight to Number 1 in the UK charts.

I wouldn't normally blog about buying a CD as you know but today, a new insert booklet for it came in the post autographed by the band members!

How cool it that?! You don't get that buying the download on iTunes

An added bonus of course is that Ally's as jealous as hell but the downside is that after I've finished writing this, I'm being banished to the darkened room again to listen to some bunch of losers called "The Beatles".........
Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 13
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"Do you want to take this home with you?" Charlie asked as he held up the 2nd dressing gown Jacqui had been given. He was packing a bag to take with him ahead of staying in town after Jacqui's party.

"I'd love to but won't they mind? It's a bit like stealing isn't it?"

"They won't mind Jacqui. You can take them both if you want. You know, 1 to wear and 1 to keep for best." Charlie smiled. "If it helps your conscience, I'll tell them to add them to my bill when I check-out on Monday."

"You promise? I don't want that Housekeeping lady to get into any bother. They must count them."

"She won't get into trouble for doing her job and keeping a guest happy sweetheart. It's good that you care though - not many your would."

"I'll take them home then. Thanks Charlie." Jacqui went to the bedroom to collect the second gown and returned and handed it to him to pack.

Charlie tucked it inside to join the other and zipped up his now bulging bag.

"Got everything?"

Jacqui glanced around then checked her handbag.

"All good and ready to go Charlie."

She followed him to the door and with a long, lingering last back, she closed the door behind her.

"The stories that suite could tell" she thought to herself. "What a fucking night!" she thought as they headed towards the lift; reception; the car; and home.


Lynn face-planted into the pillow next to Bill as his cock slowly softened inside her. She'd woken to the very pleasant feeling of her husband's fingers gently exploring between her legs. Even half asleep, her hand had automatically found its way his erection and returned the favour. They'd kissed and pleasured each other this way for a further minutes before Lynn had eased herself over him, guided him inside her and ridden him - staring down into his eyes, her hands on his chest as she swept back and forth on his cock and Bill groped her breasts.

It wasn't long before Bill pulled her down closer and gripped her bottom - still a little tender from the hard but exquisite paddling it had received a few hours before. With his wife's breasts now within biting and sucking distance as she leaned over him, he'd held her bottom firmly and fucked her from underneath. Driving up into her with vigour and passion, Lynn had cum relatively quickly and Bill had followed a few seconds later - his balls still emptying as her face hit the pillow.

Lie-ins by Bill and Lynn on a Saturday morning weren't unknown but lie-ins including sex were rare. They only happened when Jacqui stayed out all night and they had the house to themselves - and Jacqui rarely stayed out all night unless it was something like a pre-arranged sleepover with friends. The interview and debriefing she always received when she did come home made it far easier and less hassle to just cut whatever pleasure she was having short and avoid the grief of the inquisition completely.

Their peace and post-coital recovery was disturbed however by the "ding-ding" and buzz of Lynn's phone as it vibrated on the bedside cabinet. Lynn reached for it and sat up.

"Time to get up Bill. Jacqui and Charlie are on their way." She sighed as she read the message on her phone .

"Damn. I was hoping they'd be a little longer. It would've been nice to go again."

"Mmmm.... It would be........." Lynn leaned and kissed him softly. "We could always go again in the shower...." She added as she slipped out of bed and smiled as her husband followed her through to the bathroom.


Jacqui didn't remember much of the drive home. The smooth ride and comfy leather seats of the Mercedes had her dozing within a couple of miles of the hotel and the next thing she knew they were parked outside her house - with Charlie's hand gently shaking her and his voice telling her to "Wake up sleepy-head".

"Hmmm? Oh.... Sorry Charlie."

"You obviously needed it Jacqui. We better go in though. Your mum and dad will be wondering why we're sitting out here in the car."

"I am not going to lie to them Charlie. You know - if they ask about where I slept last night."

"I wouldn't want you to Jacqui but are they likely to? Anyway, they know where you slept."

"But did I sleep in another bed in your suite or your bed? You've no idea what it's like when I stay out."

"Well I am here too. We'll just have to face the music together."


It wasn't exactly awkward sitting the the kitchen with her mum and dad. Maybe it was because Charlie was sitting there too that the conversation was a little strained. What was clear though was that her parents were no illusion that Jacqui and Charlie's dinner date and afterwards had been purely platonic. Jacqui's yawns hadn't helped.

"You seem worn out darling. You should should go and have a wee nap - you don't want to fall asleep your party." Lynn suggested.

"There's not much chance of that but yeah, I think all the excitement's caught up with me. I think I'll go and have a lie down. Charlie, can I get my things out of your bag? You can take it up to your room at the same time."

"Of course sweetheart." Charlie got up to follow Jacqui out to the hall where he'd dropped his bag.

"There's no need to take your bag upstairs." Bill interjected. "I've booked THREE rooms for us at the hotel. That way no one has to drive and we can concentrate on enjoying ourselves."

Jacqui smiled at her dad. The emphasis on the word 3 hadn't been accidental. "That's great dad. Good idea."

They carried on out into the hall. Before Charlie had the chance to open his bag, Jacqui pinned him against the wall and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You are so fucking forgiven by the way Charlie......" she said softly before pressing her lips to his and slipping her tongue into his mouth. Tired as she was, she'd have taken him to bed with her to prove how much she meant it if she could have. His hands gripping her bottom and holding her against him as they kissed only added to that desire.

"Thank you sweetheart." Charlie smiled as their kiss broke. "I was beginning to think I'd gone too far with my little demonstration."

"You did...... But I got the message....." Jacqui wriggled out of his arms. "You better go back through to mum and dad or they'll be thinking we're fucking on the stairs or something!" She giggled.

Charlie unzipped his bag, retrieved the dressing gowns and handed them over before replying.

"Get to your room lady - and don't put ideas in my head!" He smiled and slapped her bottom so hard - the sound echoed around the hall.

Jacqui winced but giggled and wished even more that she could take him to her room.

"Yes Uncle Charlie. Come and wake me if not up by 3 o'clock?"

"Is that a good idea?" Charlie smiled.

"Probably not....... it depends how you wake me........"

Jacqui skipped up the stairs to her room leaving Charlie to return to her parents.


"Right, I am going out to wash the car." Bill said as he pushed back from the table - which was a relief to Charlie as to say the conversation had been strained was an understatement.

"I take it I am in his bad books Lynn." Charlie said after Bill left the room.

"You could say that. Don't worry about it. It'll pass."

"Am I in yours?"

"No. Not really. I can't blame you for sleeping with her. Jacqui made it pretty obvious that was on her agenda before you even picked her up. I take it you DID sleep with her?"

"We did."

"Birthday spanks?" Lynn smirked.

"Of course." Charlie smiled back.

"I loved your Birthday spanks......."

"So did Jacqui . So much so, she wanted even more after dinner. There's a lot of you in Jacqui."

"There was a lot of YOU in Jacqui after dinner too." Lynn laughed.

"You remember after all these years?"

"Every detail Charles. Some things you never forget. You were my first remember." Lynn replied wistfully.

"How could I forget? I chased you for weeks."

"Bill thinks you've been chasing Jacqui for 2 years - ever since you gave her those ridiculously expensive ear-rings for her sixteenth."

"He can't believe that surely! He really thinks I was trying to her affection?"

"You followed it with an even more ridiculously expensive bracelet for her seventeenth and this year's present must have as much as the previous 2 combined - if not more! Surely you can see why he might think that way Charles."

"OK - I spoil her a little but she's always been special to me Lynn. I have the means to cover it - and I think she's well past the point where buying her a doll or a teddy bear would either be appropriate or acceptable. Never mind what he thinks of me, I think Bill's doing Jacqueline a real disservice and insulting her intelligence if he thinks she'd be so easily bought. She's an intelligent and insightful woman - she's not a child anymore."

"She IS still at school Charles - only for a few more weeks admittedly - so in Bill's eyes, she IS still a child and as such, shouldn't be sleeping with and old family friend more than twice as old as she is."

"Make your mind up Lynn. What's the real issue here? How old I am, my spending on her, her wanting to sleep with me or me giving her the night of her life and showing her there's more meaning and pleasure to be gained from sex than a quick feel and a 2 minute fuck?"

"Does it matter? None of it sounds good when you put it like that. You're not helping your case."

"It matters because I don't think it's Bill that has the problem. He's been a bit grumpy to be fair but Jacqui told me he's always like that when she comes home after a night out. He's not said anything about any of this to me and it's not like him to hold back. You wouldn't be a little jealous would you Lynn?"

"You don't half have a h i g h opinion of yourself Charles. I've moved on a little since you used to spank me and fuck over my mum's table......."

"But you remember every detail Lynn...... and you loved it...... You never know, we may get a chance to briefly relive old times the hotel tonight."

"Why on earth would I want to do that?"

"Because we can Lynn.........and because we both want to........... Think it over. I am going to see if Bill needs a hand with the car."

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