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Happy St. Valentine's Day
Posted:Feb 13, 2019 1:23 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2019 8:15 am
Happy St. Valentine's Day!


Happy Birthday Daddy!

Want to try this tonight?

Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 12
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 12:05 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2019 9:12 am

Jacqui had thought when Charlie had made her cum eating her out between fucks the night before, that it had been the best it ever could be. Positioned as she was however, Charlie now had access to her bum as well as her pussy - and he'd taken full advantage to explore her with his tongue and fingers that she'd never even imagined a man doing to her.

With his hands firmly holding her cheeks apart and his thumbs spreading her lips open, he'd started to furiously tongue-fuck her right from the off. She was eagerly sucking and stroking him in return until his tongue started to flick over her bum-hole. It was unexpected and made her start to whimper but it felt amazing. Not nearly as amazing as, once she relaxed, he replaced his tongue with a thumb that he eased gently back and forth until it slipped slowly inside.

In no time at all, Charlie's head was resting back on his pillows watching Jacqui squirm and whimper - one thumb fucking her bottom, the other thumb fucking her pussy while two fingers of the same hand rubbed her clit.

Jacqui had long since stopped sucking and wanking Charlie's cock. She couldn't trust herself not to do him an accidental injury the way she was gasping and lurching - besides, she'd needed both hands to support herself as she pushed back and tried to get Charlie's digits deeper inside.

Charlie was relentless in his assault on both her holes. She came hard - her whole body shaking as she actually screamed Charlie's name over and over then cried out "OH FUCK NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" when a second orgasm kicked in and wracked her body due to Charlie's continued attention through her first.

Jacqui was breathing hard - still on all fours. Recovering as Charlie's thumbs slipped from inside her. His hands then starting to run up and down the back of her thighs and over her bottom - massaging firmly while the final tremors dissipated through her body along with Jacqui's accompanying moans.

"Everything OK little one?" Charlie asked after a couple of minutes.

"Um.... More.... than.... OK.... Jesus Charlie...." Jacqui replied - looking back over her shoulder and smiling. "God.... I look a fucking mess..." she continued as she studied her reflection in the mirrors.

"Yes...... but in a good way!" Charlie chuckled. "You do however have unfinished business young lady - you might get messier yet."

"What do you mean?"

"I've not cum yet. You stopped. See to it!" Charlie emphasised his request with a sharp slap on her bottom. It was by no means playful.

"Ow! Charlie! Jesus! That hurt!"

"You're talking Jacqui. That means your mouth's not full." He raised his hand again and slapped down hard once more.

"Ow! Fuck! OK! OK! I'm on it! I'm on it!" She gasped as Charlie raised his hand once more.


Jacqui was angry and upset. At that precise moment she actually hated Charlie as they sat in silence - drinking coffee and eating their breakfast. If she hadn't been in a hotel room 40 miles from home with no money for a taxi and relying on him to take her home, she'd have already dressed and left.

His treatment of her and sudden change in attitude towards her had spoiled everything. The "magic" of the night before had been swept away completely in their final few minutes on the bed. She'd done as he'd commanded - taken his cock into her mouth and made him cum - but she'd done it with resentment and an intention to get it over with as quickly as possible.

She'd pushed her bottom and pussy back until she was pressed against his face, taken his cock head into her mouth and wanked him furiously. He would either cum or suffocate - she didn't really care which happened first. Her covering his face with her sex hadn't been for her pleasure or his - she'd only done it so he couldn't slap her bottom again.

Those single slaps had really hurt - not just because of the force with which they had been delivered but because of the intention behind them - he'd meant them to hurt. When Charlie had raised his hand a third time, it had been a threat of more to come if she hadn't obeyed immediately.

Whether it had been the result of her pussy squashed against his face, the force with which she sucked, the vigour with which she'd wanked him or a mixture of all three, she didn't and would probably never know - but he'd (thankfully) cum quickly.

She'd swallowed his load, licked the remaining drops from the head and her lips, eased herself back up onto her hands and knees and caught her breath as Charlie caught his. If she had been waiting for praise or him to apologise, she'd been sadly disappointed.

"Did you say that you'd organised breakfast?" had been his only response as he swept her from over his body like he'd been throwing back a duvet, swung off of the bed, grabbed his gown and headed out of the bedroom without a backward glance.

Jacqui lay back and didn't know whether to cry or scream she was so confused and upset. Why had Chalie treated her the way he had? What had changed? Even the worst of the dubious guys she'd fucked previously hadn't left her feeling so worthless and used.

After a minute or two of soul-searching, she got up, put on her gown and followed Charlie through to the lounge - pointedly ignoring him on her way to the bathroom and locking the door in case Charlie decided he wanted to share her shower with her.

She looked wistfully at the jacuzzi bath in the corner. She'd imagined them frolicing and fucking in its bubbles and jets the moment she'd first seen it. That would never happen now. All she wanted to do was clean her teeth, shower and go home.


"Coffee?" Charlie slid the cup across the table and resealed the vacuum jug.

"Thanks." Jacqui said shortly as she picked it up and carried it to the unit along with the hair-dryer she'd already retrieved from the drawer. A few minutes later, with her hair looking as presentable as she was going to get it, she joined Charlie at the table.

"Ordering breakfast was good thinking. Well done."

"Yeah." Was all Jacqui said but "Don't patronise me - I'm not 12" was going through her mind.

"And where did you find that gown? It's a much better fit. You look really cute and sexy in it."

"George got a lady from Housekeeping to get it for me."

"Who's George?"

"The waiter guy who brought our breakfasts. That reminds me, you need to leave something at reception for him - I'd no money to give him a tip. I was going to give him a flash of my body or a blowjob or something instead but I got the impression he's gay so he probably wouldn't have appreciated it."

"Who wouldn't appreciate a blowjob from you Jacqui? You really are very good at that."

"You apparently." She glowered.

"Whatever gave you that impression?"

"The way you treated me just now Charlie! Hitting me. Ordering me to make you cum. Hitting me again because I told you it hurt instead of just sucking you. Threatening me with another smack. Then just tossing me aside like I was nothing after you came. You were horrible to me Charlie! You've ruined everything!"

"Jacqui, I'm sorry b...."

"It's too late to be sorry Charlie, I...."

"Will you let me finish Jacqui? I AM sorry but I behaved like that for your own good."

"My own good?! NOTHING was good about it!"

"Jacqui sweetheart, are you willing to hear me out or would I just be wasting my breath?"

"I'm listening."

"Putting this morning to one side Jacqui, off all the things we did what did you enjoy most?"

"You mean with our clothes off?"

"Yes, with our clothes off sweetheart."

"All of it really."

"Be specific Jacqui."

"Well the spanking obviously, squirting - even though I didn't realise I had because I was cumming so hard I was on a different fucking planet - you taking me in ways I've never done it before and cumming more times in a night than was probably good for me."

"Why do you say more than was probably good for you?"

"Because now I know what it can be like, I'll get frustrated when it isn't."

"Are you talking about the sex or the spankings Jacqui?"

"Both Charlie. The sex was amazing but discovering I loved being spanked was the biggest thing. I've never felt so horny. Every spank made me even hornier - that's why I exploded almost the second you touched me."

"So is it fair to say that if I was living here instead of abroad, we'd more than likely have many more nights doing the same things together?"

"Yeah. I'd have loved that Charlie - up until what happened this morning at least - but you don't live here so there's no point thinking about it. Listen, I'm still waiting to hear how what you did was supposedly for my own good."

"I'm coming to that Jacqui. You're going to start going out with men you think might give you the type of nights you're looking for. Maybe like me, a lot older than you. You're going to tell them what you like and they're going to jump at the chance to spank and fuck you."

"Just like YOU did you mean?"

"How long have you known me Jacqui?"

"Forever Charlie."

"And how long do you think you'll have known these strangers you're going to be telling you like your bottom smacked?"

"Depends....... 3 hours, maybe 4." Jacqui smirked.

"So you'll know nothing about them apart from what they've told you over a couple of drinks. Can you trust them to stop when you ask them to? Are they going to hear the word spank but use the word beat? Would you be able to stop them if they did? You're a petite young woman Jacqui. You'd easily be overpowered by someone who decided they wanted to - or forced to do things you didn't want to. There are a lot out there who just get a kick out of dominating women. It makes them feel powerful - they don't think twice about hurting them, using them and moving on."

"You don't know that. I might just as easily find someone who's more like you were with me."

"You might. The kind of men I'm talking about aren't going to want to go out with you 3 or 4 times before getting into your panties though Jacqui. They're going to be just like you joked about. Meet you and fuck you the same night. Why did you go along with everything I did last night?"

"Because I fancied you and knew you really well and thought fucking you would be special - and I was right, it really was special."

"So you trusted me."

"Of course Charlie. Like I said, I've known you forever."

"And thought you'd be safe."

"I did. I thought I was until..... I mean..... Oh......"

"Do you understand now sweetheart? I was only thinking of your safety."

Jacqui's attitude softened.

"You could've just sat me down and warned me about taking care Charlie. There was no need to do what you did."

"I could have, but would it have sunk in? It's easy enough for you to sit there and nod and go "Yes Charlie - No Charlie - I see Charlie" but now you've actually experienced being treated like that yourself - especially by someone you trust, you'll remember it. You've already told me how it made you feel about me - and about yourself."

"So what am I meant to do Charlie? Not have sex anymore? Not tell men what I like? Join a convent?"

"Not at all sweetheart. I know the temptation is to rush out and try to experience all the new things you've just discovered. I just want you to be careful that's all. There's so much more to enjoy that I could show you - maybe 1 day we can make that happen. In the meantime though, I don't want some neanderthal hurting you or scaring you off. Am I forgiven?"

Jacqui sat for a moment levelling her gaze into Charlie's eyes. She wanted to forgive him. He'd certainly been convincing and made his point well - his hand marks were still an angry red on the bottom even after her shower. She wasn't going to let him off that easily though - even if he had done it with the best of intentions and had her best interests at heart.

"I dunno Charlie. I need to think about it. An hour ago I really fucking hated you. Right now, I need to get home. I've things to do before the party tonight."

"OK. Let's get you home then."

Jacqui smiled and poured herself another coffee as Charlie collected clothes from the bedroom and went for his shower - and tried to imagine the other things he'd said he could show her 1 day. She took her coffee through to the bedroom and slipped on her dress and shoes - then returned to the lounge to wait for Charlie.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 11
Posted:Feb 5, 2019 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2019 11:40 am

Charlie was half awake. Well, his upper half was still sleeping but below the waist he had sprung into life. Jacqui giggled when she saw him lying there with cock standing to attention. She sat gently on the edge of the bed and took in the sight. She'd had a lot of attention from it the previous night but hadn't really had the opportunity to pay it too much personal attention.

She slowly traced a fingertip along its length and smiled as it twitched in response to her touch. She edged a little closer and gently wrapped a hand around it and held it upright. Her hand slipped to the base - there was room for her other hand above it and maybe a couple of fingers more - and started to stroke it slowly. She gave a little shiver as the image of it driving balls deep inside her flashed into her mind. How had she taken it all?

As she stroked a little harder and a little faster and Charlie stirred, the image disappeared from her head. She wondered if Charlie was dreaming - and if he was, was he dreaming about her? Was he replaying their night together in his dreams as she had earlier? She swept her thumb over the swollen, almost purple head that was now swelling out of the foreskin and wiped away the drop of pre-cum that oozed from it - then licked her thumb.

She'd never taken her time like this before. OK, she'd never been in this situation before - but she was actually enjoying it. Every time she'd played with a cock like this before, it had been hurried and out of necessity. A quick wank just to relieve a guy or to try and get him hard again had been the norm. The same applied to when it came to sucking a guy's cock. A quick blow-job when a fuck was out of the question or as a special end to a wank if she quite liked him - or there was any danger of him cumming all over her clothes.

She did both because it was expected and because she could - there was no real skill involved in tossing a guy off and a blow-job was really just tossing a guy off into her mouth with a bit of tongue and lip action - she'd never actually enjoyed it. She'd never licked her lips afterwards and thought "God! I really loved doing that! I can't wait to do it again!"


She watched another drop of pre-cum appear on the head as she stroked - then another, then another, until it was glistening with Charlie's sticky juice. She could still taste him on her tongue after licking her thumb. He tasted good.

Jacqui adjusted her position on the bed and dipped her head. She paused for a few seconds as if savouring the moment then ran her tongue over the tip like she was licking a lollipop - then sat back up. She suddenly felt very hot. She wasn't sure if it was the heat of the room, the warm of her gown or simply the fact that Charlie's cock just seemed so fucking big when her face was so close too it.

She slipped off her gown. Apart from making her naked again, that hadn't made the slightest difference to the heat she was feeling. She adjusted her position again and started to take long sweeps with her tongue along the length of Charlie's cock - from where it joined his balls to the still weeping tip. She could taste the stale remains of their previous night's fucking.

Charlie's quiet groans made her look up. His eyes were still closed but his cock continued to twitch and felt like it stiffened even more. She rather pointlessly wondered how much of him she could take into her mouth - even Steve's shorter and thinner organ made her gag violently if he pushed it too far over her tongue.

It was pointless wondering because she knew she was going to find out anyway. She pulled his cock down until she was looking down directly over the head. Her hair flopped over her face like a curtain as she dipped and let her tongue swirl a few times over it, closed her lips around Charlie's hardness and started to suck - gradually taking more and more inside.

With her fingers wrapped around the base she knew when her lips met her hand, that more than half of him was inside her. She was just about at her limit. Her head started to bob up and down - letting her teeth gently scrape over it on the up-stroke and closing her lips and pushing up with her tongue on the down.

After a few bobs, her lips had rolled Charlie's foreskin back completely and exposed the full mushroom head to her attention. She pulled back for a few seconds - shaking her hair back into place as she took the time to catch her breath - before resuming her slow and willing oral worship.

She kissed and nibbled her way back and forth along his length then started working on his balls - firstly licking and kissing each in turn while her hand resumed it's stroking of his shaft - then sucking on them one at a time - holding them between her lips and swirling them with her tongue. She was getting more and more engrossed in her task - her sucking, licking and stroking getting harder and faster with each slightly louder groan coming from Charlie.


"....... and a very good morning to you Jacqui."

Jacqui froze. Charlie's sudden greeting stopping her in her tracks as, still with one of his balls between her lips, she gazed up past his cock and into his smiling face. She felt herself blush deeply too. She wasn't sure why - after what they'd done the previous night, it wasn't as if what she'd been caught doing was particularly deviant. No, there she was lying naked on a bed sucking the cock of a sleeping man more than twice her age. What was there to blush about?

"You are really fucking good at that young lady. Don't stop."

It was the first time she'd ever heard him use that word. With a mouthful of balls it was difficult for her to say anything in reply and, rather than try, she continued where she'd left off - this time with Charlie stroking her hair - for maybe a minute or so longer before coming up for air and making eye contact with Charlie once more.

"I only came in to tell you breakfast was here...... but I saw your hardon and couldn't help myself. I never really did much for you last night. You made it all about me......"

"Last night wasn't ALL about you little one." He brushed her hair away from her face and smiled. "I was pleasantly surprised how eagerly and willingly you took to things that were so obviously new to you - even though I might have been a little too rough with you at certain times. You put as much into our night as I did."

"You were a bit.... um.... vigorous.... at times....." Jacqui smiled. "But I loved every second Charlie. I'm only sorry we didn't do this sooner. I wish you'd been my first."

"I don't think that would've been a very good idea Jacqui. You've just turned 18. You already have some experience. You were ready mentally as well as physically for what we did last night. As much as it's an exciting thought to have a pretty little 16 year old to fuck - not to mention the honour of being the one allowed to take her virginity - if you think about it, it wouldn't have been the same would it?"

"I'd have been nervous and a little scared? I'd be a little naive with pre-conceived ideas? I'd not fully realise what I was getting into?"

"Something like that. Yes. Believe it or not, bedding you last night wasn't even in my plans at all when I arranged everything."

"I believe you Charlie - I admit that I did all the chasing last night but you didn't put up too much resistance once you realised I wasn't just flirting and teasing did you?. Oh - and all that stuff about being nervous and naive and things - I WAS all those things last night. I was still buzzing when I got up this morning though - I don't regret any of it. In fact I want MORE."

"Then more you shall have! Get that tight little pussy of yours over my face and your lips back around my cock. You have a blowjob to finish. Breakfast can wait a little longer."

She was surprised by his bluntness but replied with a smile and a "Sounds good to me!" even though this was something else she'd not done before. She'd been eaten out and she'd given blowjobs - but never both at the same time. She paused for a second or two while she worked Charlie's command out in her head.

"I'm not sure it's as tight as it used to be......." Jacqui thought to herself as she swung around and watched herself in the mirrors as she backed up on all fours until she could feel Charlie's warm breath between her legs.

Jacqui lowered herself down and with one hand again wrapped around Charlie's cock, she started to worship it once more as Charlie's hands started to paw at her cheeks. She glanced at the mirrors and wished she had photos of what she saw.

This wasn't just sex - it was porn sex as far as she was concerned. Watching herself with Charlie's cock in her mouth and him about to bury his face between her legs as he held her bottom was almost as much of a turn-on as the act itself. She felt hot. She felt sexy. She felt so....... grown-up.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 10
Posted:Jan 27, 2019 2:07 am
Last Updated:Feb 2, 2019 2:49 am

"The St. Andrews Suite. Yes. That's right. No, the Continental for two please. Thank you." Jacqui put down the phone and made herself another coffee. She peeked in on Charlie who was still sleeping soundly then returned to the couch and her thoughts.

She wasn't surprised he was still sleeping. He'd not only impressed her with his technique and variation when they'd adjourned to the bedroom but also his stamina. She hadn't, even in her wildest dreams, expected such a thorough and comprehensive seeing-to.

Charlie hadn't hung about once she'd clambered onto the bed. She lay on her back looking up at him and giggling waiting for him to join her - but he hadn't. He'd grabbed her legs and tugged her towards him until her bum was level with the end of the bed where he stood. With her legs lifted high and apart resting on his shoulders, he'd run the head of his cock a few times along her slit then, positioned at her entrance, sunk straight inside her with only a couple of firm but careful pushes of his hips.

"It's OK to cum in me Uncle Charlie......." was all she managed to say before her giggles had turned to gasps then quiet moans as she got used to being stretched more and invaded deeper than she ever had before. With each slow deliberate stroke Charlie had bent her legs further and further back. Jacqui's knees were almost touching her own shoulders and her moans turned to squeals as Charlie started to drive down balls-deep into her up-turned pussy while he pinned her in place.

She was grabbing and twisting handfuls of duvet. Her eyes were screwed tight shut and her head was rolling from side to side. Every downward thrust from Charlie brought her closer and closer to cumming. Her squeals got more urgent and closer together as Charlie dictated and picked up the pace. There was nothing she could do but take it - even if she'd wanted him to stop she could hardly speak and she'd never wriggle out from under him. She did manage to cry out an "Ohhhhhh Fuuuuuckkkkk Chaarrrllleeee!" as she came hard. Not nearly as hard as before but still very much harder than she was used to.

Before she'd even opened her eyes or come close to getting her breath back she felt his cock suddenly slip from inside her - only to feel it being replaced by Charlie's tongue and lips as he crouched down and buried his face in her wet and throbbing sex.

It was like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Guys had licked or lapped between her legs before but this felt like she was alternately being eaten and tongue-fucked over and over and over as Charlie furiously licked, bit, nibbled, sucked, flicked and tongued his way over her clit and into her pussy before her orgasm had even passed. Cumming again was always going to happen as she pushed up as best she could against his eager mouth. All she could do was call his name with every heave of her body.

He lapped away gently at her juices as her moans died away and she recovered a little - glad of the respite. Every nerve in her body seemed to still be tingling as a smiling Charlie took a final lick and stood back up again. She thought for a second he was about to lie beside her and rest but he'd rolled her over onto her tummy instead.

A softly voiced "Get on all fours Jacqui....." and his hands lifting her by the waist gave her the idea of what was in store. Her knees were close to the edge of the bed as she leaned on her hands - her pussy at the perfect height as he moved in against her.

She accepted him inside her once again with a soft groan and a smile as she looked back at him over her shoulder then watched herself being fucked in the mirrored doors that lined the wall. It was a view she'd remember for ever she thought - it was like watching herself in a porn movie seeing Charlie hold her hips and start to pound her pussy with a force she'd never before experienced.

Every thrust of Charlie's driving cock forced a matching grunt from Jacqui as she tried her best to push back against him. It was obvious to her that this was HIS turn. Whether she came or not was irrelevant to him - he was going for it all by himself. She didn't care. It was rough. It was exciting. It was a side of him she'd never seen before. All night he'd been considerate and careful with her. Everything he'd done had been for her benefit and delight. At last he was using her for his own pleasure - he deserved it and she loved it.


She'd read somewhere that when a guy cums, his initial spurt can come out at anything upto about 25 miles per hour but, when Charlie hammered into her for the final time and started to empty his balls, it made her grunt even more. She wondered how long it had been since he'd last fucked someone as the warmth of cum suddenly shot then spread inside her - there was so much of it and it had definitely felt like 25mph was a conservative estimate.

She fell forward and collapsed on the bed with slightly mixed feelings when Charlie slipped from inside her. Part of her was relieved that his pounding of her pussy was over - she didn't know if she could've taken much more of such a vigorous assault - but mostly she was buzzing. For the first time in her life, she'd been well and truly fucked by someone who knew ways to extract every last ounce of sexual pleasure from her young body.

Afterwards, they'd lain together kissing. He'd held her with his arms protectively around her while they both recovered and Jacqui lovingly snuggled against his body. Before long, their kisses and cuddles and caresses had them both aroused once more.

Jacqui slid over, guided a willing and able Charlie inside her and rode him slowly. Apart from a brief period when he supported her bottom in his hands and drove up into her with an ease and enthusiasm that once more took her breath away, Charlie had let her choose the pace and force of their lovemaking. They came almost together - Charlie cumming first which sent Jacqui into a final, trembling orgasm herself. 15 minutes and several kisses later, they were both asleep.


Of her circle of friends, she was probably the most sexually active. Well, apart from Shona at least. Shona never gave away too many secrets but when she spoke on the subject in private, it was always with great authority - and the rumours that circulated at school about her, although probably exagerated as these things usually were, almost certainly had some foundation in truth. According to Emma, Shona was fucking her best friend Hannah, Hannah's brother and the new girl Louise - sometimes all on the same night! All that had told her was that Emma had probably been turned down by Shona herself - she'd never have dissed her otherwise.

Jacqui had never been with another girl and, if she was honest, struggled to see the attraction. Nothing could beat the feeling of a nice hard cock in your pussy she believed - and her night with Charlie had done nothing but reinforce that belief - but if she ever wanted to experiment for herself, then Shona would be the one she'd choose out of all of them.

Hannah was pretty, fun, loud, but far too much of an air-head. Louise, she couldn't deny, was gorgeous and friendly enough but there was just something about her that made Jacqui feel uneasy in her company. As for Emma, she'd recently gone from shy virgin to fucking anyone with a pulse and was proud of the fact. You'd think she'd invented sex the way she went on about it. Shona though, was different. She never gossiped, never boasted but was happy to give what advice she could and answered direct questions honestly without naming names or giving away other peoples' secrets. She undoubtely was experienced - but Jacqui had the feeling that that experience came from somewhere other than just Emma's list of lovers.


Jacqui padded to answer the knock at the door - tightening the belt on her dressing gown as she went. The young man tried but failed miserably to hide his surprise when Jacqui opened the door to him.

Her face was obviously about 18 inches lower than he expected it to be when the door opened since the "Good morning" went straight over her head and the "Si..Miss." was accompanied by a slight look of puzzlement as he lowered his gaze and realised she wasn't Charlie. "Your breakfasts....?" He continued. It was almost a question.

"Oh. Thank you. Yes. Just leave it beside the table please." Jacqui stepped back while he wheeled in his little trolley.

"I um..... don't suppose you know if these come in something more my size do you?" She indicated her dressing gown as the waiter turned to leave.

"I can check with House-Keeping for you Miss. What size do you require?"

"The next size down from "small" - if there is one."

"I'll see what I can do Miss."

"I'd really appreciate it." "George." she added, reading his name badge and smiling sweetly. "I um... can't give you anything just now but I'll make sure Mr. Anderson leaves something for you."

"Thank you Miss but that's not necessary." George smiled as he turned towards the door. "Just call Reception if there's anything else you require. Enjoy your breakfast."

Jacqui was halfway through transferring their breakfasts from the trolley to the table when there was another knock at the door. George had been as good as his word. A cheery woman from Housekeeping presented Jacqui with not 1 but 2 dressing gowns. Jacqui thanked her then returned to setting the table.

Once she was finished, she examined the gowns and tried 1 on - smiling at the label. "Age 16. At least it doesn't say Child." she thought to herself. It was a far better fit though. Shorter and even a little sexier. It came down just below mid-thigh and, when she tied the belt, it looked like she still had a waist. "Yeah. Much better!" she said to her reflection as she went to wake Charlie.

The Ultimate Guide to Brexit.
Posted:Jan 23, 2019 2:28 pm
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2019 5:53 am

Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 9)
Posted:Jan 21, 2019 3:41 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2019 3:26 pm

"No fucking way was that just an orgasm Charlie!" She had come back to life.

"What would you it then?" Charlie chuckled.

"I have no fucking idea. Life-threatening? Life-changing? Un-be-fucking-lievable? I thought my insides were coming out. I think I fucking passed out at one point." There was a smile on her lips but also a look of uncertainty in her eyes. "Can I get up now?"

"You came Jacqui - only differently than you obviously ever have before." Charlie released her from his gentle hold on her.

"Charlie. We've not even had sex yet... You barely even touched me... Yeah...... differently doesn't quite.... Oh Jesus........"

Jacqui had eased up off of Charlie's lap onto her knees. She hadn't been expecting the sight that met her eyes. She'd exposed his cock fully as the action of pushing herself back up had slid his gown clear. To her, at that moment, it was the most beautiful thing in the world - and her desire to feel it buried inside her returned in an instant.

It had lost a little of the hardness that had been teasing her before - but she was sure she'd be able to easily restore it to it's former glory. Even in it's current state however, it looked a bit thicker and and a tad longer than she'd ever had the pleasure of experiencing before. It thankfully wasn't of porn-star proportions either. She might not be able to get as much of it into her mouth as she'd imagined herself doing at some point but, when it came to riding it, she would take it all without a second thought.

It hadn't been finally getting to gaze upon her object of desire that had solicited the soft "Oh Jesus........" from her lips, however. She blushed deeply as realised what had been mingling with the odour of honey. Her own scent. The leather seat, Charlie's gown and even the floor were soaked.

"You might have told me I peed myself Charlie. so sorry....... Look at the mess...... I'll clean it up. so embarrassed....... I don't remember even......"

"Jacqui, calm down. You didn't pee - you just squirted, that's all. It's nothing to get upset or embarrassed about sweetheart. You came really hard. It happens sometimes." Charlie reached and held her hand.

"I squirted? Really? Fuck........" She squeezed his hand before slipping out of his grip and getting a little unsteadily to her feet.

She'd heard it was meant to be a thing. One of her friends had even said, one day when they were swapping notes about their respective sexual antics, that she'd squirted a couple of times. Jacqui hadn't believed her when Shona had said she'd seen stars and "lost" a minute or so when getting finger-fucked by another and getting taken by an unnamed man.

She made a mental note to apologise to Shona for doubting her the next time she got her alone - if not at her party the next day, then at classes on Monday. It appeared squirting was a thing after all.


Jacqui padded off to the bathroom and returned with a couple of towels and the other XL dressing gown.

"You should take that wet one off." She smiled. "You don't have to put this one on though..... unless you're shy......." She giggled as she tossed the gown, still in it's cellophane, onto the seat beside Charlie.

"Oh? Don't I?" Charlie stood up, stepped out of the way and slipped it off while Jacqui wiped down the seat and pressed the other towel into the carpet to soak up the splashes.

"You to keep a clean 1 for the mor........" She started to say but stopped when she turned and saw the now naked Charlie standing behind her. "...ning." God, she wanted him. So fucking much.

"Leave that sweetheart." Charlie held his hand out to her. "I think there's only 1 place both of us want to be right now."

Jacqui smiled coyly and simply nodded. She took Charlie's proffered hand and led him to the bedroom.


Jacqui woke and gently moved Charlie's hand a little to sneak a peek at his watch. It was a little after 6:30. By her reckoning she'd only had about 4 hours sleep but felt like she'd had a full 8 because she was so happy with herself.

She lay beside the quietly sleeping man who had very probably spoiled her for sleeping with any guy remotely near her own age. The thought of having to go back to the unimaginative, mechanical fucking with Steve - or the hurried quickies she'd had with him and others - depressed her. Admittedly she came more often than not with Steve but that was more down to her horniness than his skill.

They were lying naked on top of the duvet - still in the half-cuddling position they'd taken up after Jacqui had eased her cum-filled body off of Charlie for the final time and kissed as she lay beside him. Him kissing her so softly and tenderly and making her feel so wanted and safe in his arms was the last thing she remembered before falling asleep.

Waking up beside him was all she'd imagined it would be. She wished she could bottle the feeling and keep it forever. It had been a night to remember for so many reasons - and every one of them very special indeed.


Jacqui decided to leave him to sleep. After easing herself out from under his arm, she padded through to the lounge and closed the bedroom door quietly. She looked at her dressing gown still lying on the floor where she'd left it. The air-conditioning in the suite worked well. The room was warm but not overly so. She picked up Charlie's still damp dressing gown and took it to the bathroom and tossed it into the jacuzzi/bath out of the way then attended to her own needs.

Before leaving, she examined her bottom again in the mirror. Apart from still being a slightly uniform pink colour, it was unmarked. In a few more hours, it would show no signs whatsoever of the unusual "kinky" foreplay it had experienced.

Back in the lounge, Jacqui smiled to herself as she explored the array of doors in the unit that lined the wall. She bypassed the mini-bar and the fridge and finally found what she was looking for - the hot drink making facilities. She was expecting a little kettle and a pile of teabags and sachets of coffee but discovered a machine that swung out when she opened one door and a rack full of little cartridges. Half a dozen different types of tea - some with whitener and / or already in them - and even more different coffees with the same options.

She grabbed a cup from the shelf beneath and placed it under the nozzle then selected a white coffee and pushed it into the slot on the machine. She jumped and giggled as the cartridge was pulled from her grasp and, once her cup had been filled, ejected at speed into a little bin. She could play with that all day, she smiled.

She took her cup and walked to the window. The sun was barely over the top of the trees. It looked like it was going to be a lovely day. A car horn gave a brief toot and she looked down to the car park and realised that even 3 floors up, the man smiling up at her and giving her a thumbs-up could see she was still naked. She gave him a little wave and blushed as he drove away. It had been the man waiting for the lift the night before. "It was me that was the lucky bastard." she smiled to herself as she turned away, picked up her own dressing gown and slipped it on.

Jacqui switched on the TV and flicked through the channels - found a music channel and settled back on the couch with her coffee and the red leather bound folder she'd spied on the table. It pretty much contained everything you could ever to know about the hotel. There had been no prices on the Menu in the restaurant the night before - but they were on the Menus in the folder and solicited a "How fucking much?!" from Jacqui when she read them. Charlie had really spared no expense in treating her.


Her mind returned to the events after dinner however. She thought she finally understood why Charlie had resisted all the opportunities he'd had to be "intimate" with her from pretty much the time they'd arrived in his suite. She'd given him signals that she was up for a lot more than just dinner very early on.

She'd been horny anyway but once they'd cleared the air between them and she knew she actually was going to be staying the night, the anticipation had grown and grown until it was almost unbearable. She'd longed for his touch. If he'd touched her intimately just once during her first spanking, they'd never have made it down to the restaurant.

Their kisses had been slow and sexy but she'd have loved to feel his hands firmly on her bottom - pulling her against the raging hardon he was nursing. Even a squeeze of her breasts or stroke of her nipple would have been some relief - a hint of what was to come - but his hands had remained firmly on her waist instead. He'd shown her nothing but patience and respect.

Even in the lead up to and during her second spanking, he'd been almost business like when confronted by her naked body lying over his lap - stroking, spanking and rubbing her bottom - but very deliberately and obviously refusing to touch or explore her sex.

It had been like he'd been denying her the one thing she'd craved on purpose. Making her build and build inside her - increasing her desire to cum and the anticipation of it - to the point where, when she finally came, it would almost quite literally "blow her mind".

He could quite easily have simply taken her out to dinner, fucked her and taken her home and that would've been that. She'd have been happy with that at the time but, now he'd taken the time and care to show her how much more there was to experience, she doubted she could ever be truly happy with that again.

Unbelievably amazing sex, she now understood, was as much to do with what was going on inside her head as it was to do with what was going on inside her pussy - and screaming and squirting and possibly fainting over Charlie's lap had only been the start of it............
Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 8)
Posted:Jan 18, 2019 10:51 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2019 2:57 am

Charlie continued the gentle stroking of her thighs and bottom for another minute or so until it solicited soft and relaxed moans from Jacqui. Her eyes had closed. She hadn't dozed off. It just felt wonderful. Then Charlie started to sing to her and the spanking began.


The first slap had been in such a contrast to the relaxing stroking that she cried out in shock and was still recovering when the next arrived - and the next - and the next. Then she became used to it again.


By the end of the second line she'd got her breathing under control and she was fully aware of the excitement building once more between her legs.


She began to giggle and squirm over Charlie's lap. Not only because he'd slipped in an extra slap this time by calling her Jacqueline, but because she could feel the excitement building between Charlie's legs too. The hardness beneath her was more noticeable. It became obvious to her that Charlie was completely naked under his dressing gown too. She could feel the warmth and wetness of the head of his cock as she sqirmed over it and it rubbed against her bare skin as it had risen unrestrained under her.


Her eyes closed again as she imagined his hardon growing under her. She wanted to see it. Hold it. Feel it inside her. The heat was beginning to build in her bottom however - more than it had the last time - and it was with relief that she felt Charlie start to repeat his earlier stroking action over her thighs and cheeks.

Her moans returned as Charlie's spanking hand administered the long, soothing strokes of comfort to her tingling bottom instead of the short, sharp, slaps of pain - and the last couple of slaps had edged more towards pain than pleasure.

It wasn't as if he was spanking her overly hard either - she'd slapped guys' faces harder than Charlie was slapping her bottom - but it was a bit of a daunting thought when she remembered there was still another verse to go.


"Ready to continue little one?"

"Mmmmm? Yes.... Uncle.... Charlie...."


The heat that had begun to ease a little with Charlie's stroking returned again along with another step increase to the ache between her legs from her weeping pussy.


Every slap was now generating an accompanying little groan from Jacqui. Her brain was seeming to have problems deciding where it should concentrate it's attention as she squirmed.


Jacqui's groans and moans were getting louder. The squirming was more like a rocking now. Her pussy now positively drooling onto Charlie's leg and gown. She could feel the warm stickiness of his pre-cum on her tummy as it rubbed over the swollen head of his cock and she pressed down on it. If she'd wanted the spanking to stop, she was out of luck. The power of actually forming words had deserted her.


She was totally lost. Her bottom was stinging like crazy. She only realised her spanking was over when Charlie's soft singing stopped and his hand started its reassuring, soothing stroking once again - but it was her need to cum that was the most pressing. She'd never felt so needy. She wasn't moaning or groaning anymore - she was positively growling.

The more Charlie had spanked her, the hornier she'd become. The more she felt his cock beneath her, the hornier she'd become. She'd have taken another verse and even another after that if it meant she'd finally get relief from the all-consuming ache that was radiating through her body.

The volume of the cry she suddenly let out surprised even Charlie when Jacqui's young body found the release it craved. It raised and thrashed violently over his lap for several seconds as her thighs snapped together and refused to let go of his hand - then heaved for several seconds more as it gasped in large volumes of air before collapsing back down limply as the cry reduced to quiet whimpers, then moans - then silence.

"Whoa..... What the fuck just happened?" Jacqui finally lifted her head and twisted to look up at the smiling and unconcerned face of Charlie.

His hand was again stroking - no, rubbing her bottom - this time. A discarded mini bottle of body lotion was lying beside her. He must've already had it in the pocket of his dressing gown when he came through from the bathroom, she thought to herself. It smelled of honey and something. It did feel good though as he applied it to her undoubtedly red cheeks.

"I think you had what they call an orgasm, sweetheart."


She remembered his tender and relaxing stroking of his hand as it took some of the sting away from her bottom.

She remembered needing to cum more than she knew was possible.

She remembered feeling his hand finally edging between her legs and slowly running up the inside of her thigh.

She remembered feeling his thumb? Yes, it had to have been his thumb slipping easily between her pussy lips because his forefinger and middle finger had landed on her clit a fraction of a second later.

She remembered screaming because it felt like every nerve in her body had responded to that touch - and seconds later, she remembered feeling like her whole insides were trying to exit her body via her pussy.

She remembered seeing fireworks going off - even though her eyes were screwed tightly closed.

She remembered nothing after that until the smell of honey and.... - what the fuck was that other smell? - and Charlie's rubbing had brought her back into the room.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - A Challenge
Posted:Jan 16, 2019 10:40 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2019 10:24 pm

Most of you, unlike a young thing like me, have probably known about the song "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" by Paul Simon for years and years.

I heard it for the first time (well consciously anyway) a couple of days ago. It dates back to 1975 apparently (thank you Google).

I won't bore you with all the lyrics - I'm sure they'll no doubt appear as comments from Vlad on your Status or photos in the goodness of time - but after listening to the song a couple of times, it occurred to me that Mr. Simon only got around to actually listing 5 ways.

Fifty ways to leave your lover
Just slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You don't to be coy, Roy

Just get yourself free
Hop on the bus, Gus
You don't to discuss much
Just drop off the key, Lee
And get yourself free

So.……….. What happened to the other 45?

Your challenge is to come up with them!

The rhyme doesn't have to be only guys' names like the song. Girls leave guys too!

Here's a couple from me to start you off.

Just show him your rash, Ash

Go for a hike, Mike

It's a silly and pointless exercise I know but hopefully a bit of fun too.

Talk soon.

Shona xx
Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 7)
Posted:Jan 12, 2019 7:51 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2019 3:46 pm

The almost permanent "dampness" Jacqui had been feeling between her legs all through dinner ramped up to "wetness" at his words. The spanking she'd been promised - and wanted - was only going to be minutes away.

Spanking had never been part of her life growing up. She'd never given it much of a thought before. It wasn't a punishment that either of her parents had resorted to and, as far as she knew at least, none of her friends' parents had resorted to it either. She was sure she'd have heard about it if it was.

She'd seen naughty children getting hauled over - usually their dad's - laps and getting a few slaps on their shorts in old black and white films on the TV a few times but that was acceptable back then. It just wasn't a thing nowadays.

She was struggling to come to terms with how Charlie's (almost) playful spanking had made her feel and struggling even more with her desire to experience it again. Spanking, she always thought meant punishment. Discipline. Something that was meant to make the recipient not want to repeat whatever it was they'd done ever again in fear of getting more of the same.

It just wasn't meant to be something to be enjoyed. But fear was the last thing she was feeling. Excited, horny, kinky, sexy were the words running through her head. The thought, the anticipation, remembering the her playful one was making her wet. A tingle ran through her body.

She jumped up to her feet when she heard the bathroom door open. She turned to see Charlie wearing the dressing gown that had almost drowned her. It fitted him perfectly. He was carrying his clothes and her dress over his arm.

"I'll be with you in a second little one. I just want to hang these up." And he headed to the bedroom.

"Um.... OK Charlie. Thanks." She cleared her throat as her reply came out as a high-pitched squeak then gulped down the contents of her glass.

"Little one?" He'd never called her that before, she said to herself. She didn't mind him calling her that, she WAS little - certainly compared to him - but if he didn't call her Jacqui, he usually just called her sweetheart. "Little one." She quite liked it.


She was still standing when Charlie returned.

"You OK? Not having second thoughts are you? You look a little flushed."

"Not at all Charlie. Your little one is looking forward to going over your lap again." She surprised herself at how steady and confident her voice had become.

Charlie's eyebrows raised a little and a brief smile formed on his lips. He was about to say something but Jacqui got in first as he sat on the couch and gently guided her by the hand to stand infront of him.

"Charlie........ When you gave mum her spanking, was it over your lap or how was it?"

"I don't really think I should give away any more of your mum's secrets Jacqui. You wouldn't like it if I told her everything that happens tonight would you? I probably shouldn't have even told you that I spanked her in the first place."

"She's probably worked all that out for herself......" She smiled. "Please Charlie...... Call it filling in a few more blanks for me. You know I won't tell her you told me. I'd like to know."

Charlie sighed and eased Jacqui down to sit of his lap. "OK. You're just going to bug me until I do tell you aren't you?"

Jacqui simply nodded and smiled as she adjusted her position and hung an arm around his neck as his arms went around her waist.

"If you really must know, I spanked her over your mother's - No, your grandmother's - dining room table."

Jacqui's eyes widened a little. "What? I've EATEN at that table!" It was actually no big deal to her - just not the answer she'd been expecting.

"It was simply the room we were in when I said I wanted to spank her. I wasn't expecting her to be quite so enthusiastic. I certainly never expected her to just pull down her knickers and bend over on the spot."

"She did WHAT?!" Jacqui's eyes went wider.

"She laughed, pulled down her knickers, lifted her skirt and bent over the table. So I spanked her there and then."

"Just spanked her?"

" I fucked her as well. The spanking really turned her on. I'd never seen her so wet and ready." Charlie added. "But we'd gone to her house intending to do that anyway, we just never made it up to her bedroom."

"Wow! Just..... Wow......." A mental image of a young Lynn getting pumped from behind by an equally young Charlie flashed through her head. She didn't see their faces - only a red bottom getting a little redder as Charlie's groin slapped harder and harder against it.


"Come on then young lady, your turn."

She'd been snapped out of her reverie by Charlie's voice and bounce of his legs indicating she should stand up. She withdrew her arm as he unwrapped his from around her waist and she returned to her position standing infront of him. "Young lady" It suddenly struck her that he'd called her that before her first fun spanking.

Jacqui said nothing as Charlie tugged at the belt of her dressing gown and it fell open. It was finally happening. Her breathing only getting a little faster when he took the edges of the gown in his hands and eased it off her shoulders. It slipped off easily down her arms and landed with a soft crump on the floor behind her.

She wasn't shy about taking her clothes off infront of guys - well guys she was going to have sex with anyway - but this was Charlie. Uncle Charlie. 40 year old Uncle Charlie. The Uncle Charlie who, it had turned out, used to spank and fuck her mother when she was Jacqui's age. All things that in a strange way made her want him even more.

That was another thing though. Apart from the quick half dozen slaps on her bare bum, he hadn't "touched" her - not even when they'd kissed. Just about every guy she's kissed the way she had with Charlie had tried cop a feel of her breasts or grab handfuls of her bum at the same time, at the very least - usually followed by shoving a hand up between her legs if she gave even the slightest sign of encouragement. The most Charlie had done was hold onto her waist. Even though he knew that she was there for the taking, he hadn't tried to take any cheap shots.

She couldn't help blushing as he took what seemed like forever to just gaze at her completely naked body in silence. The smile on his face at least gave her some sort of indication that he liked what he saw. Eventually, her took her hand and slid back a little on the couch and patted his lap.

"Whenever you're ready little one." He said softly.

Jacqui smiled and nodded and clambered over his lap as before, and adjusted her position over his thighs. Stretched out, her feet barely touched the arm at one end and there was still a few inches to spare at the other where her head lay once again on her forearms. The soft leather was cool but not cold against her breasts.

"Ready Uncle Charlie." She almost whispered.

Charlie's hand once again curled around her waist to hold her in place. It was warm and reassuring as it gently but firmly held her in place. His other hand was continually running up the back of her thigh, over her bottom and down the other. It felt so good.

"Remember, just shout "Stop" if you've had enough before I finish the song."

"I will Uncle Charlie."

"1 verse or 2?"

"Eh? Oh! I.... Um.... 1... No... Um... 2 please. I think......"

New York Times - 52 Places to Go in 2019
Posted:Jan 9, 2019 12:11 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2019 6:55 am

It's not a publication I read often, as you can probably guess, but yesterday The New York Times came up with a list of must-see places in the world for 2019.

There are some amazing places in the list; Tahiti; Hong Kong; New York itself; but there is one of them I don't have to visit - I live there!

Yes, Aberdeen & the surrounding area made the list!

Not only that, it's the ONLY place in UK to be listed.

I've included the complete list below but obviously No. 24 is the only one of any real interest and they didn't even mention President Trump's golf course just 8 miles out of town

When are you coming Scotland folks?

No. 1 Puerto Rico
No. 2 Hampi
No. 3 Santa Barbara
No. 4 Panama
No. 5 Munich
No. 6 Eilat
No. 7 Setouchi Islands
No. 8 Aalborg
No. 9 The Azores
No. 10 Ontario Ice Caves
No. 11 Zadar
No. 12 Williamsburg
No. 13 Las Vegas
No. 14 Salvador
No. 15 Danang
No. 16 Costalegre
No. 17 Paparoa Track
No. 18 Puglia
No. 19 Tatra Mountains
No. 20 Calgary
No. 21 Olkhon Island
No. 22 Huntsville
No. 23 Falkland Islands
No. 24 Aberdeen
No. 25 Golfo Paradiso
No. 26 Dessau
No. 27 Tunis
No. 28 Gambia
No. 29 Northern Rivers
No. 30 Frisian Islands
No. 31 New York City
No. 32 Chongli
No. 33 Orcas Island
No. 34 Uzbekistan
No. 35 Vestlandet
No. 36 Lyon
No. 37 Doha
No. 38 Batumi
No. 39 Marseille
No. 40 Wyoming
No. 41 Los Angeles
No. 42 Dakar
No. 43 Perth
No. 44 Hong Kong
No. 45 Iran
No. 46 Houston
No. 47 Columbus
No. 48 Plovdiv
No. 49 Vevey
No. 50 Cadiz
No. 51 The Elqui Valley
No. 52 The Islands of Tahiti

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