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Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 8)
Posted:Jan 18, 2019 10:51 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2019 2:57 am

Charlie continued the gentle stroking of her thighs and bottom for another minute or so until it solicited soft and relaxed moans from Jacqui. Her eyes had closed. She hadn't dozed off. It just felt wonderful. Then Charlie started to sing to her and the spanking began.


The first slap had been in such a contrast to the relaxing stroking that she cried out in shock and was still recovering when the next arrived - and the next - and the next. Then she became used to it again.


By the end of the second line she'd got her breathing under control and she was fully aware of the excitement building once more between her legs.


She began to giggle and squirm over Charlie's lap. Not only because he'd slipped in an extra slap this time by calling her Jacqueline, but because she could feel the excitement building between Charlie's legs too. The hardness beneath her was more noticeable. It became obvious to her that Charlie was completely naked under his dressing gown too. She could feel the warmth and wetness of the head of his cock as she sqirmed over it and it rubbed against her bare skin as it had risen unrestrained under her.


Her eyes closed again as she imagined his hardon growing under her. She wanted to see it. Hold it. Feel it inside her. The heat was beginning to build in her bottom however - more than it had the last time - and it was with relief that she felt Charlie start to repeat his earlier stroking action over her thighs and cheeks.

Her moans returned as Charlie's spanking hand administered the long, soothing strokes of comfort to her tingling bottom instead of the short, sharp, slaps of pain - and the last couple of slaps had edged more towards pain than pleasure.

It wasn't as if he was spanking her overly hard either - she'd slapped guys' faces harder than Charlie was slapping her bottom - but it was a bit of a daunting thought when she remembered there was still another verse to go.


"Ready to continue little one?"

"Mmmmm? Yes.... Uncle.... Charlie...."


The heat that had begun to ease a little with Charlie's stroking returned again along with another step increase to the ache between her legs from her weeping pussy.


Every slap was now generating an accompanying little groan from Jacqui. Her brain was seeming to have problems deciding where it should concentrate it's attention as she squirmed.


Jacqui's groans and moans were getting louder. The squirming was more like a rocking now. Her pussy now positively drooling onto Charlie's leg and gown. She could feel the warm stickiness of his pre-cum on her tummy as it rubbed over the swollen head of his cock and she pressed down on it. If she'd wanted the spanking to stop, she was out of luck. The power of actually forming words had deserted her.


She was totally lost. Her bottom was stinging like crazy. She only realised her spanking was over when Charlie's soft singing stopped and his hand started its reassuring, soothing stroking once again - but it was her need to cum that was the most pressing. She'd never felt so needy. She wasn't moaning or groaning anymore - she was positively growling.

The more Charlie had spanked her, the hornier she'd become. The more she felt his cock beneath her, the hornier she'd become. She'd have taken another verse and even another after that if it meant she'd finally get relief from the all-consuming ache that was radiating through her body.

The volume of the cry she suddenly let out surprised even Charlie when Jacqui's young body found the release it craved. It raised and thrashed violently over his lap for several seconds as her thighs snapped together and refused to let go of his hand - then heaved for several seconds more as it gasped in large volumes of air before collapsing back down limply as the cry reduced to quiet whimpers, then moans - then silence.

"Whoa..... What the fuck just happened?" Jacqui finally lifted her head and twisted to look up at the smiling and unconcerned face of Charlie.

His hand was again stroking - no, rubbing her bottom - this time. A discarded mini bottle of body lotion was lying beside her. He must've already had it in the pocket of his dressing gown when he came through from the bathroom, she thought to herself. It smelled of honey and something. It did feel good though as he applied it to her undoubtedly red cheeks.

"I think you had what they call an orgasm, sweetheart."


She remembered his tender and relaxing stroking of his hand as it took some of the sting away from her bottom.

She remembered needing to cum more than she knew was possible.

She remembered feeling his hand finally edging between her legs and slowly running up the inside of her thigh.

She remembered feeling his thumb? Yes, it had to have been his thumb slipping easily between her pussy lips because his forefinger and middle finger had landed on her clit a fraction of a second later.

She remembered screaming because it felt like every nerve in her body had responded to that touch - and seconds later, she remembered feeling like her whole insides were trying to exit her body via her pussy.

She remembered seeing fireworks going off - even though her eyes were screwed tightly closed.

She remembered nothing after that until the smell of honey and.... - what the fuck was that other smell? - and Charlie's rubbing had brought her back into the room.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - A Challenge
Posted:Jan 16, 2019 10:40 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2019 1:23 am

Most of you, unlike a young thing like me, have probably known about the song "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" by Paul Simon for years and years.

I heard it for the first time (well consciously anyway) a couple of days ago. It dates back to 1975 apparently (thank you Google).

I won't bore you with all the lyrics - I'm sure they'll no doubt appear as comments from Vlad on your Status or photos in the goodness of time - but after listening to the song a couple of times, it occurred to me that Mr. Simon only got around to actually listing 5 ways.

Fifty ways to leave your lover
Just slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You don't to be coy, Roy

Just get yourself free
Hop on the bus, Gus
You don't to discuss much
Just drop off the key, Lee
And get yourself free

So.……….. What happened to the other 45?

Your challenge is to come up with them!

The rhyme doesn't have to be only guys' names like the song. Girls leave guys too!

Here's a couple from me to start you off.

Just show him your rash, Ash

Go for a hike, Mike

It's a silly and pointless exercise I know but hopefully a bit of fun too.

Talk soon.

Shona xx
Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 7)
Posted:Jan 12, 2019 7:51 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2019 3:46 pm

The almost permanent "dampness" Jacqui had been feeling between her legs all through dinner ramped up to "wetness" at his words. The spanking she'd been promised - and wanted - was only going to be minutes away.

Spanking had never been part of her life growing up. She'd never given it much of a thought before. It wasn't a punishment that either of her parents had resorted to and, as far as she knew at least, none of her friends' parents had resorted to it either. She was sure she'd have heard about it if it was.

She'd seen naughty children getting hauled over - usually their dad's - laps and getting a few slaps on their shorts in old black and white films on the TV a few times but that was acceptable back then. It just wasn't a thing nowadays.

She was struggling to come to terms with how Charlie's (almost) playful spanking had made her feel and struggling even more with her desire to experience it again. Spanking, she always thought meant punishment. Discipline. Something that was meant to make the recipient not want to repeat whatever it was they'd done ever again in fear of getting more of the same.

It just wasn't meant to be something to be enjoyed. But fear was the last thing she was feeling. Excited, horny, kinky, sexy were the words running through her head. The thought, the anticipation, remembering the her playful one was making her wet. A tingle ran through her body.

She jumped up to her feet when she heard the bathroom door open. She turned to see Charlie wearing the dressing gown that had almost drowned her. It fitted him perfectly. He was carrying his clothes and her dress over his arm.

"I'll be with you in a second little one. I just want to hang these up." And he headed to the bedroom.

"Um.... OK Charlie. Thanks." She cleared her throat as her reply came out as a high-pitched squeak then gulped down the contents of her glass.

"Little one?" He'd never called her that before, she said to herself. She didn't mind him calling her that, she WAS little - certainly compared to him - but if he didn't call her Jacqui, he usually just called her sweetheart. "Little one." She quite liked it.


She was still standing when Charlie returned.

"You OK? Not having second thoughts are you? You look a little flushed."

"Not at all Charlie. Your little one is looking forward to going over your lap again." She surprised herself at how steady and confident her voice had become.

Charlie's eyebrows raised a little and a brief smile formed on his lips. He was about to say something but Jacqui got in first as he sat on the couch and gently guided her by the hand to stand infront of him.

"Charlie........ When you gave mum her spanking, was it over your lap or how was it?"

"I don't really think I should give away any more of your mum's secrets Jacqui. You wouldn't like it if I told her everything that happens tonight would you? I probably shouldn't have even told you that I spanked her in the first place."

"She's probably worked all that out for herself......" She smiled. "Please Charlie...... Call it filling in a few more blanks for me. You know I won't tell her you told me. I'd like to know."

Charlie sighed and eased Jacqui down to sit of his lap. "OK. You're just going to bug me until I do tell you aren't you?"

Jacqui simply nodded and smiled as she adjusted her position and hung an arm around his neck as his arms went around her waist.

"If you really must know, I spanked her over your mother's - No, your grandmother's - dining room table."

Jacqui's eyes widened a little. "What? I've EATEN at that table!" It was actually no big deal to her - just not the answer she'd been expecting.

"It was simply the room we were in when I said I wanted to spank her. I wasn't expecting her to be quite so enthusiastic. I certainly never expected her to just pull down her knickers and bend over on the spot."

"She did WHAT?!" Jacqui's eyes went wider.

"She laughed, pulled down her knickers, lifted her skirt and bent over the table. So I spanked her there and then."

"Just spanked her?"

" I fucked her as well. The spanking really turned her on. I'd never seen her so wet and ready." Charlie added. "But we'd gone to her house intending to do that anyway, we just never made it up to her bedroom."

"Wow! Just..... Wow......." A mental image of a young Lynn getting pumped from behind by an equally young Charlie flashed through her head. She didn't see their faces - only a red bottom getting a little redder as Charlie's groin slapped harder and harder against it.


"Come on then young lady, your turn."

She'd been snapped out of her reverie by Charlie's voice and bounce of his legs indicating she should stand up. She withdrew her arm as he unwrapped his from around her waist and she returned to her position standing infront of him. "Young lady" It suddenly struck her that he'd called her that before her first fun spanking.

Jacqui said nothing as Charlie tugged at the belt of her dressing gown and it fell open. It was finally happening. Her breathing only getting a little faster when he took the edges of the gown in his hands and eased it off her shoulders. It slipped off easily down her arms and landed with a soft crump on the floor behind her.

She wasn't shy about taking her clothes off infront of guys - well guys she was going to have sex with anyway - but this was Charlie. Uncle Charlie. 40 year old Uncle Charlie. The Uncle Charlie who, it had turned out, used to spank and fuck her mother when she was Jacqui's age. All things that in a strange way made her want him even more.

That was another thing though. Apart from the quick half dozen slaps on her bare bum, he hadn't "touched" her - not even when they'd kissed. Just about every guy she's kissed the way she had with Charlie had tried cop a feel of her breasts or grab handfuls of her bum at the same time, at the very least - usually followed by shoving a hand up between her legs if she gave even the slightest sign of encouragement. The most Charlie had done was hold onto her waist. Even though he knew that she was there for the taking, he hadn't tried to take any cheap shots.

She couldn't help blushing as he took what seemed like forever to just gaze at her completely naked body in silence. The smile on his face at least gave her some sort of indication that he liked what he saw. Eventually, her took her hand and slid back a little on the couch and patted his lap.

"Whenever you're ready little one." He said softly.

Jacqui smiled and nodded and clambered over his lap as before, and adjusted her position over his thighs. Stretched out, her feet barely touched the arm at one end and there was still a few inches to spare at the other where her head lay once again on her forearms. The soft leather was cool but not cold against her breasts.

"Ready Uncle Charlie." She almost whispered.

Charlie's hand once again curled around her waist to hold her in place. It was warm and reassuring as it gently but firmly held her in place. His other hand was continually running up the back of her thigh, over her bottom and down the other. It felt so good.

"Remember, just shout "Stop" if you've had enough before I finish the song."

"I will Uncle Charlie."

"1 verse or 2?"

"Eh? Oh! I.... Um.... 1... No... Um... 2 please. I think......"

New York Times - 52 Places to Go in 2019
Posted:Jan 9, 2019 12:11 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2019 6:55 am

It's not a publication I read often, as you can probably guess, but yesterday The New York Times came up with a list of must-see places in the world for 2019.

There are some amazing places in the list; Tahiti; Hong Kong; New York itself; but there is one of them I don't have to visit - I live there!

Yes, Aberdeen & the surrounding area made the list!

Not only that, it's the ONLY place in UK to be listed.

I've included the complete list below but obviously No. 24 is the only one of any real interest and they didn't even mention President Trump's golf course just 8 miles out of town

When are you coming Scotland folks?

No. 1 Puerto Rico
No. 2 Hampi
No. 3 Santa Barbara
No. 4 Panama
No. 5 Munich
No. 6 Eilat
No. 7 Setouchi Islands
No. 8 Aalborg
No. 9 The Azores
No. 10 Ontario Ice Caves
No. 11 Zadar
No. 12 Williamsburg
No. 13 Las Vegas
No. 14 Salvador
No. 15 Danang
No. 16 Costalegre
No. 17 Paparoa Track
No. 18 Puglia
No. 19 Tatra Mountains
No. 20 Calgary
No. 21 Olkhon Island
No. 22 Huntsville
No. 23 Falkland Islands
No. 24 Aberdeen
No. 25 Golfo Paradiso
No. 26 Dessau
No. 27 Tunis
No. 28 Gambia
No. 29 Northern Rivers
No. 30 Frisian Islands
No. 31 New York City
No. 32 Chongli
No. 33 Orcas Island
No. 34 Uzbekistan
No. 35 Vestlandet
No. 36 Lyon
No. 37 Doha
No. 38 Batumi
No. 39 Marseille
No. 40 Wyoming
No. 41 Los Angeles
No. 42 Dakar
No. 43 Perth
No. 44 Hong Kong
No. 45 Iran
No. 46 Houston
No. 47 Columbus
No. 48 Plovdiv
No. 49 Vevey
No. 50 Cadiz
No. 51 The Elqui Valley
No. 52 The Islands of Tahiti
Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 6)
Posted:Jan 5, 2019 5:29 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2019 9:47 am

They'd kissed again as soon as the lift doors had closed and once more were still lip-locked when they opened again on the 3rd floor - most of Jacqui's Spritzer was lying splashed on the carpeted floor of the lift. This time however, there was no one waiting to share out loud their envy of Charlie.

They walked hand-in-hand to Charlie's suite and started to kiss again once inside. As the kiss broke and they came up for air, Jacqui pulled away, put down her virtually empty glass. "Give me a minute, I REALLY need to pee again Charlie." and ran to the bathroom.

Charlie took off his jacket and hung it up - then checked the mini-bar and the prices and closed the mini-bar door again. The bottle of "Krug" he'd arranged to be sent to his room for their arrival had cost him over £300 - not much less than the suite was costing him a night. It wasn't that he grudged spending the money. He could afford it. As a petroleum engineer he probably took home in 2 months what Bill did in a year - but the mini-bar prices, made the £300+ for a full sized bottle seem quite reasonable.

He picked up the phone and punched 120. The call was answered on the second ring. "Hi. Room Service. Can you send up a bottle of white wine, a bottle of Glenfiddich Malt and a soda syphon to the St. Andrews Suite please. No, you choose the white, once you top it up with soda it doesn't really matter does it? It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Yes, the House White will do. The same as you serve in the Lounge is perfect. Thank you.

He replaced the receiver and looked out over the neatly manicured lawns and wooded grounds beyond - all tastefully illuminated against the dark background of the night. His thoughts turned naturally enough to the almost guaranteed sexual delights that lay ahead with Jacqui.

Bedding the beautiful young woman hadn't been part of his plan when he'd arranged their dinner together - far from it - he'd know her from when she was only a few weeks old. Tonight though, from the moment he first set eyes on her when she appeared in the doorway of her parents' lounge, he realised she was now a beautiful and very sexy young woman - a far cry from the painfully shy child he'd last seen.

He knew her lack of underwear had been for the look of her dress on her body rather than any overly sexual reasons. He knew the brief flashes of her intimate places hadn't been intentional. He knew her light-hearted flirting had been just that. It had only been when he joked about spanking her that things had changed - for both of them.

The act itself had switched something on in her - just as it had in her mother all those years before. She'd loved the naughtiness, the kinkiness, the intimacy. She now saw him as a lover instead of just good old "Uncle Charlie" - she'd made that obvious as they'd teased and inuendoed each other to the point of her actually TELLING him to ask her to spend the night.

That question and Jacqui's answer, had actually cleared the air and let them both relax and enjoy their meal. They'd both known from the moment they stepped out of the lift to go to the restaurant that, at some point after dinner, they would sleep together. It was a given and going to happen. There was no tension or awkwardness - only acceptance and anticipation.

The gentle knock on the door broke him from his musings. None if it mattered really. It didn't matter how he tried to analyse it, he wanted her and she wanted him. That's what it came down to and therefore all that mattered.

He let the waiter deposit his tray with the bottles, a fresh bucket of ice and suitable glasses on the table and thanked him for removing the empties by way of a suitably generous tip.

"What's she doing in there?" He wondered as he broke the seal on the Glenfiddich.


What Jacqui was doing in the bathroom was panicking. Not "Oh fuck!" panicking - more a "Oh hell..." panic.

She really had needed a pee and with that out of the way, she'd started thinking about and planning her "Entrance".

She didn't want to go back out in her dress. To start with, Charlie was going to remove it anyway but it was also the only clothing she had with her. It was still fairly presentable and she wanted it to stay that way - wrinkle free and with no embarrassing white stains on it. It was midnight black after all.

She didn't want to just wander out naked either though. She wasn't shy and Charlie was going to see her naked for hours anyway but it would make her either look too eager, desperate or just plain slutty. OK. So she was feeling a little of all those things at that precise moment but she could express those feelings in bed later - not just walking out of a bathroom.

She spied a dressing gown on the back of the bathroom door. She slipped off her dress and hung it on the door then tried on the dressing gown. She took it off again almost immediately. It wrapped around her almost twice, the sleeves hung down over her hands by several inches and the hem almost swept the floor when she walked. She looked like she'd been eaten by a Yeti with just the top of her head and part of her face peeking out from a giant mass of white fluff.

She sat on the toilet and pondered her next move. Maybe she could just wrap herself in a towel. She imagined herself walking into Charlie's arms and the towel sexily slipping away while they kissed. That would work! She raided the rack. Shit! The only one that fitted her properly - the big fluffy bath towel - was damp. Too damp to slip sexily - it would hit the floor with the sexiness of a couple of pounds of mince.

She was on the point of trusting to luck and putting her dress back on when, in desperation she opened 1 of the 2 cabinets beside the jacuzzi. More towels! Better still, more dressing gowns. She hauled them out and peered at the labels through their cellophane wrapping. 1 Large, 2 Medium and 2 Small. She guessed the missing large was the one that had almost suffocated her earlier.

She ripped open the wrapping on one of the small ones and tried it on. It still looked a little big on her but she still had the use of her hands and, with it's fluffy collar around her neck and crossed over her chest and the belt loosely tied around her slender waist, even she admitted she looked quite cute.

With the other dressing gowns neatly stacked back in the cabinet and the wrapper tossed in the bin, she took a minute to explore the other cabinet. It delighted her to discover that it was crammed full of toiletries. Yes, it was all "own brand" with the hotel's name and crest on the labels and maybe not the best quality on the market but the cleanser and moisturiser would be handy in the morning along with the shower gel - best of all, there were half-a-dozen single use toothbrushes, a few mini tubes of toothpaste and tiny bottles of mouthwash. She was sure she'd be glad of those for one reason or another, she smiled to herself.

She was almost ready to face........ well, what exactly? She knew in general terms what she'd signed up for but how it would play out was anyone's guess. She carefully removed her ear-rings and bracelet and placed them safely in the zipped pocket of her bag. She lingered over the necklace. Running her fingertip over her name - tracing over the letters softly and lovingly - it really was beautiful. It joined the rest of her jewellery in her bag and she zipped the pocket closed.

Her dad would no doubt tell Charlie it was too much. Too extravagant. Just like he'd said about the ear-rings and bracelet on her 16th and 17th birthdays. Up until now, they'd been nothing more than token protests however - she wondered what he'd say when she got home in the morning after that night's extravagances were revealed in full.

She took a breath, adjusted her dressing gown, licked her lips and smiled. She gave a little shiver. She'd been so busy trying to get her "look" right, her mind hadn't had time to linger on the spanking she was willingly about to receive. Now it was possibly only minutes away, her anticipation and excitement began to rise once more. She smoothed the dressing gown over her bottom, took another breath and opened the bathroom door.


"Hey sweetheart....... you look cosy....." Charlie smiled as he picked up the TV remote from where it was sitting beside him on the couch.

"It's a bit big but it's the smallest they had in the cabinet. I don't look too silly do I? You can leave that on if you're watching something."

"You don't look silly at all Jacqui, you look adorable. Want a drink? I got them to send up soda and a bottle of white - or there's whisky if you prefer or soft drinks in the mini-bar."

"Can I have another Spritzer please - since you made me spill most of the last one." Jacqui smiled. Despite all the alcohol she'd had that evening, she still felt remarkably sober.

"I made you spill it?" Charlie muted the sound on the TV and got up to prepared her drink.

"Well it was you I was kissing......... so yes."

"Fair enough. The lady is always right." He handed her her glass, refilled his own and they settled back on the couch.

Charlie sat against the arm of the couch and Jacqui snuggled up against him with her feet tucked up under her. Charlie's arm went around her shoulders and cuddled her in close.

"Charlie....... Can I clarify something I said earlier?"

"If you feel you have to Jacqui. I can't think of anything you said earlier that you need to expand on unless you want to. Everything you said made perfect sense."

"I know but....... I said I'd had sex with half-a-dozen guys. That's true - but I've not had a lot of sex. I'm not very experienced..........."

"Jacqui. You don't have to explain all this......"

"I'd like to. 3 of them I was only with once - and 1 of them was the guy I lost my virginity to....... The only one I've really done it with often is the boy I'm seeing just now."

"That'll be Lurch is it?"

"You've been speaking to my dad." Jacqui giggled. "Yes. He's called Steve. You'll meet him tomorrow at my party."

"I take it it's not serious between you. I mean, if it was you'd not be here like this right now would you?"

"No. It's not serious. I'm too young to settle down with someone like him. I don't know if he's using me or I'm using him. The only thing we ever seem to do together is fuck."

"Jacqui........ Why are you telling me all this? There's no need sweetheart."

"I don't want you expecting me to be some kind of porn star because of what I said. I don't want to be a disappointment you Charlie........."

"Trust me Jacqui, that will NEVER happen." He kissed her gently. "Maybe I should go and get changed and prove it to you........."

"Please..... You can prove it as often as you like Charlie....."

"I will sweetheart. After your spanking........" He got to his feet as Jacqui sat up.

"I won't be long." He added as he headed to the bathroom.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 5)
Posted:Jan 4, 2019 4:04 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2019 4:27 pm

"You work from the outside in, right?" Jacqui said as she peered over the top of the menu and viewed the array of cutlery laid out on the crisp white tablecloth infront of her.

"That's right." Charlie smiled. "Four courses worth, not counting coffee and the cheese board.


"Starter, fish course, main course, dessert."

"I'll never eat all that!"

"I thought you were starving? Don't forget the cheese and biscuits!" Charlie smiled.

"Charlie....... I'm a little out of my depth here....... I wasn't expecting all this. I don't even know what half of the things on this menu are. What's Risotto ox champ pigeons?" Jacqui sounded a little stressed. "I don't want to show you up Charlie."

"It's OK Jacqui, I'll keep you right. Relax. You know what Risotto is don't you?"

"Yes. It's rice isn't it? Mum makes it sometimes."

"Well Risotto aux champignons is just a Risotto made with mushrooms."

"OK. I'll have that."

"Don't you want to see what else there is?"

"No. I love mushrooms. It sounds yummy."

"There you go. That was easy wasn't it? Now, what kind of fish do you like?"

"Fish fingers......" She smiled, the stress beginning to disappear from her voice.

"I'm afraid I can't actually see Bâtonnets de poisson on the menu sweetheart." Charlie smiled back. "I think you might like the Turbot aux Beurre Blanc though."

"What's that?"

"Grilled turbot in a white wine and butter sauce. It's what I'm having. It's really good here."

"I trust you Charlie..... OK. What next?"

They spent the next 10 minutes going through the rest of the menu with Charlie choosing her main course and dessert - passing on the Cuisses de Grenouille à la Provençale when she discovered it was made from frogs - and finally settling on Pavés du Mail (steak with a mustard, cream and cognac sauce) for her main and Mousse au Citron for dessert, once Charlie had assured her that citron was lemon and nothing to do with French cars.

"Dad used to have a Citroen. It was always breaking down. He said it was a complete lemon."


Jacqui did relax during the meal. Probably due to the bottle of white wine they shared during the fish course and the bottle of red they shared during the main - returning to the white rather than going for a 3rd bottle during dessert.

"That was wonderful Charlie. Thank you so much. That's the most amazing food I've ever tasted." Jacqui put down her spoon and pushed her plate away.

"You're very welcome. See? You managed it all."

"When the starter arrived, I thought we'd ordered from the Children's Menu the portions were so small - but it was all perfect. I feel full but I don't feel stuffed, if you know what you know what I mean."

"I know exactly what you mean Jacqui. Quality not quantity."

"I think I'll pass on the cheese and biscuits though. Is it OK if I just have a coffee?"

"Of course. They're not compulsory. We can have it through in the lounge if you like."

"That'd be nice Charlie."


The soft leather seat seemed to envelop her as she sat next to Charlie in the lounge. It took physical effort every time she had to reach to pick up and put down her coffee cup. It was easier when they moved on to drinks - Charlie onto Brandy and Jacqui onto White Wine Spritzers - she was able just to sit back and hold onto her glass.

"You're very quiet all of a sudden sweetheart?"

"Oh. Sorry. I was just thinking...."

"About? Anything wrong?"

"Oh. No. No. I was just wondering about something - but I don't know if I should ask you. It's none of my business really..... It's not that important."

"You can ask me anything Jacqui - if something's troubling you, just ask."

"There's nothing troubling me Charlie, I'm just curious...... Did you give mum Birthday Spanks on her 18th?"

"Where did that come from?!" Charlie responded in surprise.

"Answer the question and I'll tell you......" Jacqui smirked.

"Well, yes I did as a matter of fact. Is that a problem?"

"No Charlie, not a problem at all. It IS a tradition then. With you at least!" She giggled.

"You were going to tell me where that question came from."

"I'm only trying to fill in a few blanks. It goes back to a chat mum had with me a couple of years ago - around the time she thought I was liable to be sleeping with boys."

"I see...... go on."

"Well the chat was about 6 months too late but she wasn't to know that. I knew most of it anyway." She giggled. "Anyway, she was trying to get across the need to be careful who I sleep with and not get a reputation for being easy and how you always remember your first time, the need for birth control - just the usual mother / daughter pep talk stuff."

"All good advice Jacqui. How does that relate to me spanking your mum on her birthday?"

"I was getting to that." Jacqui emptied her glass and handed it to Charlie to put on the table for her.

"Same again please." Charlie told the waiter - who materialised from nowhere like he'd been teleported in from a sci-fi movie - as he collected their empties.

"Where was I? Oh yes. One of the things she said was how she'd only ever had two "serious" boyfriends - her first when she was 17 - and they'd been the only two men she'd ever done it with. Like that was a good thing."

"Maybe it was. The second would've been your dad remember."

"And the first would've been you. I knew that you'd gone out with her at some point - and that she was already 18 when she met him............ so it was kind of obvious you were probably the one dating her on her 18th."

"How did you know I went out with Lynn?"

"Oh she let that slip when she told me you'd called and wanted to take me out to dinner. She said you never took HER to the Marycliffe. It's OK Charlie, she said it with a smile. I'm meant to keep that to myself though for some reason....."

"That's very cleverly worked out Jacqui - and by speculatively throwing that question at me, my answer confirmed your suspicions. Any other blanks that need filled in?"

Jacqui waited while the waiter teleported back in with their drinks and disappeared just as quickly.

"Only one - and you don't have to answer it if you don't want to...... Have ever slept with mum since she started seeing my dad?"

"No Jacqui. Absolutely not! What you maybe don't realise is that I introduced your mum to your dad in the first place. I wasn't just Lynn's friend but Bill's too. That's why we all get on so well together. Our friendship goes back over 20 years. Unless your mum's told him, I don't think he even knows we were an item in the first place. I certainly didn't tell him."

"Thanks Charlie. I believe you. I didn't know you got them together in the first place. It explains a lot. Isn't it difficult for you seeing mum with dad with the history you've got?"

"It was a long time ago sweetheart. Have you heard the term "friends with benefits"?"

"Friends that fuck. Yeah."

"Well we were really nothing more than very good friends with benefits. We had a lot of fun and good times in bed and out of it but we were never going to spend the rest of our lives together. We did love each other - just not in that way."

Jacqui slipped her hand into Charlie's. "I'm so glad all that happened. If you hadn't introduced them, I'd not be here now....... but more importantly, I'd not be HERE now......." She said softly.

"That's a lovely thing to say Jacqui." He squeezed her hand gently. "Can I ask you a very personal question?"

"You can."

"How many men have you slept with?"

Jacqui looked at him coyly and slipped her hand free of Charlie's. She thought for a few seconds then started to count off silently on her fingers - changing hands when she got to 5 and adding another 1.

"None. I've never slept with a man." She looked at Charlie and smiled. "If you mean, how many have I had sex with, then 6. You'll be the 7th. A lot more than mum."

"7 always was my lucky number." Charlie smiled, reaching for their drinks and passing Jacqui her Spritzer.

"I wasn't trying to be clever Charlie. I didn't mean that the sex was so hot we didn't get to sleep. I meant I've never spent the whole night with someone before. I've never experienced waking up in the morning beside someone I've been........ intimate with. For that, you'll be my first......."

"I hope you'll want to remember that feeling for all the right reasons Jacqui."

"I'll tell you in the morning Charlie." She slipped her hand back into his.

"Aren't you worried about what your mum and dad will say?"

"We can tell them the truth. We're doing nothing wrong." Jacqui replied suddenly deadly serious. "Or we can lie!" She grinned. "Tell you what, there's an easy way to get an idea of how the land lies."

Without letting go of Charlie's hand, she reached into her bag and took out her phone.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm just texting mum. She worries if I'm out late and doesn't hear from me. I'm just telling her not to wait up. I'm staying the night in your suite and we'll see them in the morning. There. Done."

"How did you do all that with one hand?"

"I can do lots of things just using one hand........ one day I'm hoping I'll need two...... Oh. Hold on. She's replied. "Thought you might Darling. Have fun. Don't be home too late in the morning. Love you. Mum" and there's a smiley face, a wink and a kiss. What CAN she mean by that?" Jacqui smiled.

"I think it means there's no point lying to your mum."

"Charlie...... Would they mind if we took our drinks to your room?"

"No, they won't mind at all. Do you want to go up right now?" Charlie had drained his glass but Jacqui's was almost untouched.

Jacqui nodded and kissed him softly. "I'm ready for a second verse if that's OK........."

Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 4)
Posted:Jan 2, 2019 12:18 pm
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Charlie wondered if he'd gone too far as he settled on the couch and waited for Jacqui. Her spanking hadn't quite gone as he'd envisaged it happening. In fact, he hadn't envisaged it happening at all. He'd meant it as a tease - he'd never for a second expected her to agree so he'd been caught off guard a little by her acceptance. He'd known from the minute he'd set eyes on her that evening that she was naked under that dress. It hugged her body perfectly without an underwear line in sight - the quick flash of her pussy and bottom when she'd first discovered the bedroom had only confirmed that - and she looked sensational in it.

No, it had been the reflection in the doors as she'd squirmed over his lap that had made it impossible for him to resist feeling and seeing her delicious bare bottom, first hand - so to speak. The temptation to slip his fingers between her legs and explore her sex had almost been too much - if she'd agreed to a second verse and another round of smacks, he probably would have.

It had been so different with her mother. When he'd told her he was going to give her Birthday Spanks, she'd laughed, dropped her panties there and then and bent over the nearest item of furniture - the table in her parents' dining room. Two full verses (with a good fingering inbetween) had Lynn begging for an immediate fucking after the final slap. It had also been the catalyst for the darker and kinkier sex life that had followed.

Jacqui's present sat on the seat beside him. He'd give it to her before they went down for what might now be an awkward dinner..........


In the bathroom, the first thing Jacqui had done was lift her dress and examine her bottom as best she could in the mirror. The final half dozen spanks she'd received had stung more than the previous 19. Had Charlie actually spanked her harder? Was it just because they had been on her bare cheeks? They certainly hadn't been hard enough to get her anywhere close to tears. She could however clearly make out a deeper red handprint against the lighter, rosy colour of her bottom. She thought for a second, then captured the image on her phone before it started to fade.

What she did know was that she had had to get off his lap and gather her thoughts. She had been surprised that Charlie had wanted to spank her in the first place. Alright, he'd SAID he was joking when she agreed to it. She'd even surprised herself when SHE had agreed to it - but the thought of it had intrigued her. What had surprised her even more was that she'd ENJOYED it. Physically. Mentally. Sexually. She loved that he'd bared her bottom - it had shocked her, but in a good way. Not only did she not mind Charlie seeing her like that, she loved that he'd wanted to.

If she'd agreed to a second verse, she dreaded to think what might have happened. She was horny, getting wet and wanted him. She wanted to see and play with and feel that hardon that had been poking her tummy inside her. If he'd even touched her pussy - just for a second, even accidentally - she'd have begged him to fuck her right there and then.

She took a breath, smoothed down her dress, brushed her hair and touched up her makeup. To look at her, you'd never know the turmoil raging in her head. She'd never wanted a man so much before. It was a totally alien feeling to her - and it scared her. She wasn't scared by the thought of sleeping with Charlie - she had no doubt that it was liable to be, if not the fuck of his life, certainly the fuck of her's.

It would change so many things and she was scared of the consequences.


"OK sweetheart?" Charlie picked up the present from the couch and patted the seat beside him.

"All good." Jacqui lied and settled beside him. She took his hand and gave it a squeeze. "Are you?"

"I am now you've said that. You scurried away so quickly......... I thought........ Nevermind. Happy Birthday Jacqui." He handed her the package.

Jacqui wondered if she'd ever feel the same way about those words again as an involuntary tingle ran through her body.

"Aw thank you Charlie......." She kissed his cheek and continued as she unwrapped her gift. "I was just bursting for a pee. That champagne must've run right through me!" She giggled. "Aw Charlie! It's gorgeous! Thank you so much! It must have cost you a fortune! Will you put it on for me?"

"I can if you like - but I think it would look better on you!" He laughed as he took the necklace from her and fastened the catch after placing it around her neck.

Jacqui stood up and positively ran to a mirror to see how she looked. The necklace perfectly matched her ear-rings and bracelet and completed the set. The same gold drops either side of her name "Jacqueline" in gold scripted lettering mounted on a fine gold box chain.

She turned and ran back to Charlie who was refilling their glasses with the last of the "Krug". She wrapped her arms around his neck and, up on her tip-toes, kissed him full on the lips.

"You're too good to me. Thank you so, so much. You're a very special man Charlie. I can't think of anyone I'd rather be with right now." She said as the kiss broke and they picked up their glasses.

"I've watched you grow into a very beautiful and confident young woman Jacqui. You're a credit to your parents and I'm honoured you wanted to be here tonight. I'm sure there are many others who would love the pleasure of having your company."

"There might be a few........" Jacqui said coyly. "But wanting me..... and actually having me..... are two different things..... I um...... need to find my shoes."

She scurried off to the bedroom. "Jesus. Did I really say that out loud?" she thought to herself as she retrieved her shoes from where they'd been kicked under the bed. She took a deep breath and returned to finish her drink.

"Are you ready to go down then Jacqui?" Charlie smiled as she emptied her glass.

"Fuck it!" She thought to herself as she picked up her bag and turned towards the door. She couldn't decide if Charlie had deliberately come out with the double-entendre or not but, for her own peace of mind if nothing else, she had to make her feelings clear.

"I am Charlie. More than ready." But added with a smile as she looked back over her shoulder. "But can we have dinner first? I'm starving!"


"Does that mean I can have a proper drink now?" Charlie smiled as the lift doors opened and they stepped in?

"What's been stopping you?"

"Maybe having to drive you home after dinner."

"Only maybe? Were you thinking there was a chance I might want to spend the night with you in your huge comfy bed?"

"That's a bit of a leap Jacqui. Would you like to?"

"Do you want me to?" Jacqui pushed the button for the ground floor.

"Going down." The lift said as the doors closed and they both burst out laughing.

"For fuck sake Charlie, just ask me will you?"

"Spend the night with me Jacqueline. Please?"

"There's nothing I'd like more Charles. God you're hard work......" She kissed him softly. A long lingering kiss. She was still kissing him when the lift doors opened with a quiet "ding" followed by, a few seconds later, the sound of someone clearing their throat.

Jacqui blushed and Charlie apologised as they stepped out and the throat-clearer stepped in. Jacqui smiled to herself. She was convinced she heard him say "You lucky, lucky, bastard....." as the lift doors closed again behind them.

"Yes he is. Fuck the consequences......." She thought as they headed through to the restaurant.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 3)
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"Oh....... Thank you Cha....."

Lynn stopped herself just in time. Being face down in the pillow had muffled her moaned response - as had the equally satisfied groan from her husband as he'd eased his thick cock from Lynn's well fucked and cum filled pussy for the 3rd time.

Her whole body felt like it belonged to someone else as her brain recovered from processing the previous hours of sexual stimulation as Bill released her wrists and ankles from the cuffed restraints that had bound her face down ontop of their marital bed.

She'd lost count of the number of times she'd cum - she gave another involuntary shiver and moan as a further after-shock rippled through her body - her pussy ached and her bottom still gave her a constant but still pleasing throbbing reminder of the paddling she'd received. She'd lost count of how many strokes she'd received too - but she'd thanked Bill out loud after every one.

Bill had been reluctant when Lynn had first urged him to explore her darker side all those ago - before they were even married in fact - but with her encouragement and the sight (and sounds) of the obvious sexual pleasure she derived from it he'd gone along with it. He'd learned just how far he could go and how much she could take - her limits had actually increased over the - and he began to enjoy the short periods of bedroom dominance his wife occassionally craved. The advent of Viagra had helped too. It didn't matter how demanding and needy Lynn became during their love-making - he could fuck her until she passed out if necessary.

It was by no means their normal sexual routine. The volume of her screams and moans of pain and pleasure alone meant that this particular form of erotic torment had to be reserved for times when they were sure that their daughter wasn't going to be home any time soon. No, their sex life, although far from being boring and unadventurous, was in the main pretty "normal" - but when the time came for something more "extreme", it was always Lynn that initiated it.

Tonight though, it had been the sight of her daughter, dressed in only her "fuck me" heels and little black, body hugging dress that had initiated her desire for darker pleasure of her own. Bill might not have noticed that his daughter was completely naked under that dress but she was sure Charlie had.

The thought of her daughter almost undoubtedly ending up in bed with Charlie had transported her back to when she was 18 and she'd been going out with Charlie herself. She had been a chaste 17 year when she'd first met him. He was only a couple of older than her but so much more mature and charming than anyone she'd dated before. He was patient too - although his desire to bed her had been obvious from the first time they'd gone out, he'd never placed her under any pressure to give up her carefully guarded virginity to him.

In time though (about 6 weeks) her guard had gradually weakened and eventually fell completely one summer's night while her parents were at the theatre. Her decision had partly been down to the fear that Charlie's patience would finally run out and he'd look elsewhere but it had mostly been down to the certainty that she was "ready" to take the next natural step in her growth into womanhood - and if she was going to take that step, Charlie was probably the best young man with which to take it.

It had been a slow but magical 3 hours from the moment she'd told him and taken him upstairs to her room where he'd slowly undressed and worshipped her body, until they'd realised the time and hurriedly dressed and settled back downstairs in the lounge infront of the television - barely minutes before her parents had come home.

Once she'd been breached and felt Charlie's thick hard cock rhythmically slip back and forth until it sent tremors spasm their way through her body, she was hooked. She and Charlie fucked like rabbits at every opportunity - but it had been a few months later, on her 18th birthday, when Charlie had given her a birthday spanking, that the seeds of taking her sexual gymnastics to a darker and kinkier place had been sown.

All good things come to an end eventually however. Charlie got a job that took him all over the world which made any longterm relationship almost impossible. They kept in touch though and usually ended up in bed whenever he came back on leave.

It had been Charlie who'd introduced her to Bill and they'd hit it off almost immediately - partly due to the fact that Bill turned out be as considerate and imaginative a lover as Charlie ever was. Getting engaged to Bill within a matter of weeks and marrying the following year finally put an end to her and Charlie's relationship being anything more than "just good friends".

When she closed her eyes tonight however, she was 20 younger and, in her head at least, it had been Charlie heating her bottom and spreading the warmth of his cum deep inside her wet and eager pussy.


With Charlie holding her hand, Jacqui kicked off her shoes while he sat back on the edge of the luxurious over-sized bed. Without her heels, she was under 1.6m tall so she clambered rather than gracefully lay across is lap. Now it was actually happening, she wondered what she had actually talked herself into. Her bottom was perfectly placed in the centre of his lap with her legs stretched out behind her and her head resting on her folded arms. Charlie's hands and voice felt reassuring as he spoke softly - almost reverentially - and eased the hem of her dress down after it had rucked up a little.

"You ready? Still want to do this? Last chance to change your mind."

"This IS going to be "a fun spanking - played as a game". Right?" Jacqui replied, quoting from the definition she'd read earlier.

"It'll certainly be fun for me!" Charlie laughed. "But if you want me to stop, just say. OK?"

"Oh don't worry - you'll know if I've had enough." Jacqui responded with a giggle and wriggle of her bottom across his lap. " ready to become part of a tradition!"

She smiled as she felt one hand slip around her waist holding her in place while the other rested on her bottom itself. She physically jumped and squealed when, without further warning, Charlie started to spank her firm little bottom with measured slaps of his hand in time to the tune while he sang.


Jacqui had barely caught her breath before it was over and done with. It had happened so quickly. The smacks hadn't been that hard but hard enough to get her attention and she found the tingling of her bottom disconcertingly pleasant - and the act itself rather exciting. Unless he'd slipped a banana in his pocket, the unmistakeable feeling of his cock underneath her as she lay across it only made it feel naughtier and more exciting.

"Aren't you going to finish the song Uncle Charlie?" She smiled, looking back over her shoulder at him.

"That's the 19 smacks I promised Jacqui. You want more?" He grinned.

He'd have spanked her delicious bottom all night if she wanted - especially after noticing half way through the second line that the direction in which she'd chosen to lie across his lap meant that, even though he'd taken care to pull her dress down over her bottom before they started, he still got a perfect view of her bare inner thighs and smooth young pussy as her opening legs reflected in the mirrored doors of the built in closets.

"Who am I to disappoint the birthday-girl ? We better finish the song then........."

Without any further warning his hand moved to her bottom again. This time however, it grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it clear - exposing Jacqui's bare, tingling, pink cheeks to his gaze, his warm breath and the flat of his hand. For a second or two he just admired the view almost frozen and unwilling to lay his hand on the bare skin in fear of losing control.

The unexpectedness of being exposed without warning had made her gasp - but not nearly as much as the final 6 slaps Charlie finally rapidly delivered across her bare cheeks before pulling Jacqui's dress back down over her bottom.


"Want to go for a second verse Jacqui?"

Jacqui, her face flushed and finally taking a breath looked back at Charlie once more over her shoulder.

"Er maybe later....?" She half-smiled. "We um........ might be late for dinner and lose the table, right?"

"It would only take another couple of minutes Jacqui......" Charlie teased.

"I know....... but by the time I fix my hair and touch up my lippy......... I um...... Excuse me...." She replied as she quickly rolled off his lap, padded out of the bedroom, collected her bag and hurried to the bathroom.


Lynn and Bill were lying in bed talking quietly - Lynn still in a state of post-coital bliss. She toyed absentmindedly with his now only semi-hard cock under the covers. He might cum again if she played with him long enough but if he did, it would only be over her hand - he was as spent as she was herself.

"Do you really think Jacqui would want to go to bed with Charlie? He's not exactly the young stud type she usually seems to go for. "

"She might........ You've seen how she reacts whenever she sees him. A few drinks, a romantic dinner - if the chemistry's right........ She's a young woman now and you know as well as I do that when she goes out with that Steve boy, they're not playing Monopoly until 2 in the morning."

"I know she's sleeping with Lurch, Lynn - but Charlie's nearly as as I for heaven's sake."

"Stop calling him that!" She gave his cock an extra hard squeeze. "I only said it might happen. It probably won't but it's still a possibility. Nothing will happen unless Jacqui wants it to. Charlie wouldn't even try to talk her into bed - but I think our daughter would be hard to resist if she really set her sights on him. Would it be so bad if they did? Nothing lasting will come of it. He's here for the party tomorrow then he's on a flight back to Dubai on Monday."

"OK. OK. Obviously you're more than alright with it than I if it happens. You're right. Charlie wouldn't force himself on her and he's only here for another couple of days. Maybe being with an older man will persuade her to set her sights a little higher than Lur..... - I mean Steve."

"It's not a case of being alright with it Bill. She's old enough to make her own decisions about who she sleeps with and why. You might not approve but we've no right to interfere. We know who she's with and know where she is. Just be thankful for that. She could be in the back of a car in the woods with someone she's just met."

Lynn felt his cock start to flex in her hand and slipped down under the covers. Maybe a blowjob would send him to sleep. All this talk of Charlie and Jacqui probably fucking the night away was making her a little jealous.

Within a couple of minutes she felt his cum ooze in gentle pulses into her mouth rather than spurt violently. She had milked him dry. She inched her way back up to kiss him but he was already asleep.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 2)
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Their conversation was relaxed and easy during the drive to the Marycliffe. The only surprise for Jacqui coming from Charlie admitting, as they swept into the tree-lined hotel drive, that the reservation he'd made for dinner was for 9 o'clock rather than 8.

"Perfectly timed Uncle Charlie." Jacqui checked the time on the display on the dash.

"We've plenty of time to be honest Jacqui. The table's booked for 9pm - not 8."

"Oh I'm starving Uncle Charlie! I'm not sure I can last another hour without something to eat. Why?"

"I think you'll survive Jacqui..........." Charlie replied as he got out and scooted around and opened Jacqui's door. "I have my reasons." He continued with a smile. "Do you think you could just call me Charlie sweetheart? After all, you're not really my neice."

As Charlie handed the Mercedes keys to the valet, Jacqui slipped her arm through his and the doorman greeted them with a "Good evening Sir. Good evening Madam." They crossed the plush foyer - stopping only for Charlie to collect his keycard from reception on their way to the lift.

"I think I can manage that CHARLIE. I hope they're good reasons........ I've been saving myself all day - I've had nothing to eat since breakfast! We're going to your room I take it? Which floor?"

"Three. I hope you think they're good reasons too sweetheart. I want tonight to be special for you."

Jacqui pushed the button for the 3rd floor. "It's already special Charlie. I'm with you......."

"Going up." The lift added.


"Fucking hell Charlie, it's enormous!" Jacqui wandered around in amazement once inside the suite. "All this is just for you? You could play hide and seek in here!"

"It's not that big Jacqui but yes, it isn't your average hotel room I'll admit."

"Oh wow!" Jacqui had found the bathroom. "Is that a jacuzzi?"

Before Charlie had a chance to answer, Jacqui had moved on to the bedroom and was already trying out the bed by the time he caught up with her. "This is amazing! It's gorgeous in here. I didn't know they made beds this big! Does it come with a GPS?" She giggled and scooted off the bed and back onto her feet in a flurry of arms and legs.

"Come and have some Champagne." Charlie smiled from the doorway - too much of a gentleman to mention the free show Jacqui had just given him as she'd strugged back to her feet.

"Champagne! I've never had real Champagne before." In seconds Jacqui was back at his side. She giggled as the cork popped. Charlie filled the two glasses beside the ice bucket on the silver tray next to a huge basket of fruit, then handed one to Jacqui.

"Happy Birthday Jacqui." Charlie said softly as they clinked glasses.

"You're making it very special for me. Thank you." She reached and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek then drained half her glass. "Ohhhhh. That's decent. I could get a taste for that."

"It's an expensive taste to get Jacqui - best kept for special occasions." Charlie replied as he topped up her glass. "Drink up though. We can't let it go flat, that would be a waste."

"Are you trying to get me drunk so you can have your wicked way with me by any chance?"

"The thought never entered my head sweetheart." Charlie looked genuinely surprised.

"Just checking." Jacqui smiled. "You hear these stories about older men luring young girls up to their rooms and seducing them with Champagne........" Giggling as she topped up her own glass this time.

"Do you feel as if you've been lured? Lucky for you I know you're only teasing young lady."

"Why? What would you do if I wasn't?"

"Not give you your present."

"You have a present for me too? I thought this dinner was my present. Oh Uncle Charlie, I'm sorry. I was only teasing. Honestly I was."

"Of course I've got a present for you Jacqui - but before I give it to you, there's just the matter of your Birthday Spanks to get out of the way."

"My birthday WHAT?"

"Spanks Jacqi. You know, 1 for each year and one for luck."

"You just made that up. That's not a thing."

"I didn't. It's almost traditional. Check it out on your phone if you don't believe me."

"You're winding me up......... I've never heard of that before........" Jacqui muttered as she took her phone from her bag and typed "Birthday Spanks" into Bing. Charlie waited patiently while she read out loud.

"The concept of birthday spankings is that a person gets a fun spanking on his or her birthday, i.e. a light, ritualistic spanking that is not intended for punishment but played as a game or an annual rite of passage. It usually consists of 1 spank for each year plus 1 for future growth."

"And you want to do this to me before I get my present."


"You want to spank my bottom 19 times."


Jacqui took a long gulp from her glass and giggled. "O.....K..... Let's do it. Where do you want me?

"I'm easy. Where do you think you'd be most comfortable? Over the back of the couch over there? How about standing with your hands on the seat of the chair by the window? Across my lap? Bent over the end of the table?"

Jacqui thought for a few seconds as she took in the suggestions Charlie had given her. The couch back looked quite high - her feet would be off the floor and the edge looked quite narrow and hard. She dismissed that idea along with standing with her hands on the seat of the chair by the window - that sounded more like a punishment position.

The bent over the end of the table suggestion made her smile as she remembered once getting fucked that way by a boy called Scott. It might have been fun in different circumstances but it was a hurried skirt up and panties down job. He came, she didn't - and he splashed cum over her school blazer when he pulled out.

No, over Charlie's lap sounded the most fun, practical and intimate place - but not here in the lounge.

"I don't know - I've never been spanked before. Over your lap sounds good. How about if you sit on the edge of that ginormous bed and I lie across your lap? Would that work?"

"I'm sure it would Jacqui - but I wasn't being serious. I was only joking with you! I never expected you to agree."

"Aw Charlie...... Don't say that. Now I know it's a thing, I want you to. It sounds fun! Naughty....... but fun!"

"Jacqui......... Seriously?"

"Yeah! Seriously Charlie."

"If you're sure then........ Get yourself into that bedroom then young lady!"

Jacqui drained her glass and, with a naughty smirk, headed to the bedroom.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline (Part 1)
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She gave herself one final check-over in the mirrored doors of the wardrobe that ran the full length of one wall of her bedroom. A naughty smile of approval crossed her lips as the reflection of an immaculately made-up, sexily but simply dressed and, even though she thought so herself, exceedingly attractive young woman smiled back at her.

It was nearly 7pm. She'd started getting ready almost 3 hours earlier. She'd bathed rather than showered, moisturised almost every square inch of skin she could reach on her body, dressed and then settled down to attend to her hair and make-up.

She never spent that long getting ready to go out with her boyfriend. She didn't have to - as long as she was willing to open her legs for him once they got back to his place, he didn't seem to care what she was wearing when they went out together. Most nights, they were barely past his front door before they were undressing each other. If she was honest though, opening her legs for him wasn't a chore.

Sex with him was decent enough. Most times she came before he did and, if he stayed awake, he usually managed that more than once. He was never going to be "a keeper" but he was the best she'd had for a while. He never had a problem getting it up, filled her needs and her pussy better than her vibrator and fingers did and would do until someone better came along.

Her boyfriend was the furthest thing from her thoughts tonight however. Uncle Charlie was coming to take her out to dinner for her birthday - and she couldn't wait to see him.


Charlie wasn't her real uncle. She had two of those and it had been so long since she's seen either of them, she would be hard pressed to recognise them if she ran them over in the street. No, Charlie was a friend of her mum and dad who'd always been around while she'd grown up. Unlike her real uncles, he'd always either brought - or sent - her a present on her birthday and at Christmas for as long as she could remember.

When he visted, she'd gone from dragging him upstairs to tuck her into bed and read her a story when she was little, to blushing and giggling whenever he spoke or smiled at her as her innocence turned into a crush in her early teens.

That had run its course of course as these things usually do - especially when she started to discover "boys" and found out that it was way much more fun getting practical experience than dreaming about an experience that was never going to happen.

"Your dinner-date's here Jacqui!"

"Coming! Just a sec!" She replied to her mum's call from downstairs and slipped on the gold drop earings that Uncle Charlie had given her for her 16th birthday - and the matching bracelet he'd given her for her 17th. She usually only ever took them from her jewellery box to admire them. They were expensive and far too precious to her to wear outside incase anything happened to them. She took a breath and composed herself, picked up her clutch bag then headed downstairs.


Her mum, dad and Charlie were in the lounge when she appeared in the doorway. She wished she'd had a camera to capture the looks on their faces when they saw her.

"Someone's made an effort." Her dad smiled.

"Darling, you look so grown up." Her mum looked like she was about to shed a tear.

"Who's this vision of beauty?" Charlie just stared. Jacqui almost expected his tongue to roll out when he opened his mouth. "I was expecting to Jacqui to come in!"

"Oh stop it!" Jacqui laughed. "Hi Uncle Charlie!" She almost skipped across the room to give him a kiss and a hug.

"Hi sweetheart." He accepted the kiss and returned the hug with a gentle squeeze of his arm around Jacqui's slender waist. "You scrub up well don't you? I feel like it's my birthday."

"It's not every day I get invited to dinner by the most eligible batchelor in the North East of Scotland. I reckon you're worth the effort." Jacqui teased as she pulled away.

"Well if you're ready you better get going. You've a bit of a drive ahead of you and the table's booked at the Marycliffe for 8 c'clock isn't it?"

"Aye Bill. You're right. Have you got all you need sweetheart?"

"Hairbrush, lipstick, touch-up paint, phone. What else does a girl need?" Jacqui smiled as she slipped her arm through Charlie's. "I'm ready."


Her mum and dad walked them to the door and waved them off as they sped away in Charlie's hired Mercedes.

"Charlie's staying at the Marycliffe isn't he." Bill said as he closed the front door. It was more of a statement than a question.

"Yes Bill. He is."

"So he's driven all the way here from there just to drive all the way back to there to take Jacqui to dinner."

"Nothing gets past you does it darling."

"So he's not going to have a drink all night - then drive all the way back here to take Jacqui home after dinner and then drive all the way back out there to go to bed. That's about 160 miles when you add it all up."

"I can't fault your arithmetic Bill. What's your point?"

"It just seems a strange arrangement Lynn, that's all."

"The only way he could guarantee getting a table there at short notice was by being a resident. He can still have a drink or three. They could come back here by taxi. He can sleep in the spare room and one of us can run him back to the hotel in the morning........."

Lynn then added with a smile "That's assuming of course Jacqui wants to come back here tonight.......... Actually, I fancy an early night myself." Lynn kissed Bill softly. "You coming?"

"What? What!" Bill called after Lynn as he followed her upstairs.

"You're not very observant are you Darling?" Lynn said as she led Bill into their bedroom, dropped to her knees infront of him and loosened his belt.

"OK. What am I missing? What did you mean that Jacqui might not want to come home tonight?"

"Oh....... You didn't notice that, apart from her jewellery, all your daughter was wearing was that little black dress and a pair of heels?"

Lynn couldn't decide if the "Ohhhhh....." that Bill said next was down to realisation dawning or the result of Lynn beginning to gently suck on the end of her husband's semi-hard cock while cradling his heavy balls in the palm of her hand.


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