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humbleB4Pie 49M
22 posts
1/31/2019 6:23 am

During sex, what type of kissing do you generally prefer?
None, just do me!
Soft, sweet kisses
Deep, passionate kissing
Sloppy, deep tongue
Other (please comment and share)

looking4fat 67T  
126 posts
2/1/2019 3:33 am

i LOVE passionate kisses from a Real Man with a scratchy "five o'clock" shadow. ...

My "gurl name" is Kate Coxuker. It is who i am and what i do.

Btccu4 58M  
61 posts
2/1/2019 6:14 am

I love deep passionate kissing !!

Vivian1313 33F  
7 posts
2/1/2019 9:16 am

I voted for deep and passionate but I like all kinds! Soft and sweet is a close second.

sueb59 59F  
21 posts
2/1/2019 8:55 pm

That's my girl

TheLadySmokes82 36F  
33 posts
2/2/2019 2:27 am

A mixture of both Soft, sweet kisses and
Deep, passionate kissing

star525 66F  
20 posts
2/2/2019 7:31 pm


sykotek1 57M  
2 posts
2/12/2019 10:52 am

All of the above.

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