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Monday Musings!
Posted:Dec 10, 2018 10:44 am
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2018 10:25 am

All I want to do is to go to sleep. It is so friggin cold outside and I am completely bored out of my mind. Sir and I have spoken and texted at least 30 times this morning because he is bored as well.

When you are in the Finance, Banking and Investment business, everyone you work with is busy doing other things. No one wants to talk to their banker. Mind you come January, everyone will want me. I will be more popular then the only wet vagina at men's gang bang party and will be fucked over as many times.

My clients will panic because they will wake up from their alcohol induced haze on New Years and remember reporting deadlines are due for tax season and then they will all want me at once. I will truly love all the ones who call me and want me to run several simulations to see various out comes so they may use their eternal wisdom to have me produce the results they need. In doing so, I will waste unimaginable time when the first answer I give them will be the best answer for them.

SIGH. Sometimes be a cute blonde banker works against you.

Stay kinky my friends.
New York Hew York
Posted:Dec 9, 2018 11:16 am
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2018 10:30 am

I just returned back from New York city today. I had a conference on Thursday and Friday and Master and I decided to spend a few days in the big Apple. We stayed at the Millennium Hotel near Times Square. The location is great, but the Hotel really wasn't that nice. I like my bedroom at night to be on the cool side. Master loves it to be on the ice cold side. The Heat did not adjust and the room was stifling. We opened the window the one inch you could open it but the wind whistled loudly and we couldn't sleep. Also, the room immediately dropped to Arctic Thermal Conditions. Finally, we just turn the heat off and left the door open a few minutes to allow the heat to escape. The room was still warm but at least i could sleep.

I love Times Square and the Christmas Tree at the ROC. We stood in line so i could ice skate at Rockefeller center. We waited 2 hours to skate for 30 minutes. Master doesn't skate but was content to allow the little girl come out it in me and go skating. The skates I rented were to wide so I was very wobbly. It didn't matter i have never been good on skates. I just wanted the experience. Right at the end of my skate time, i was dodging a little girl who decided to spin and fell on the ice really hard. I am klutz I get it. I was Roc Road Kill. Any way i landed hard on my wrist. It hurt a little but not terribly. Didnt think anything else about it.

We went back to the hotel i changed clothes for dinner and we went and say a play, "come From Away." If you like Broadway and musicals, it is really fantastic.
My wrist bothered me a little, but not terrible.

I woke up this morning we had a very early flight and i jumped into a hot shower. My wrist exploded in pain. It was tender and a little swollen. I had to tough it out until we got back to Chicago, and you guessed it, I broke the bone that sticks out on your wrist. So I have another fing cast to wear. At least this one i can take off and bath.

Still I did get the skate at the ROC.

Stay kinky my friends.
Riding the Syban
Posted:Dec 3, 2018 11:45 am
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2018 10:58 am

I had a great question about one of my pictures. The picture in question is me riding a Syban. The question was did I like it?

The answer is hell yes I did. I came so hard so fast it scared me. It hit all of my most sensitive areas at once and had the desired effect of having me scream during an orgasm. We don't use it often and the last time I was frog tied so I could not get off of it.

In the end it left me sore and exhausted.

Stay kinky my friends.
My 100th Blog I hope you enjoy it!
Posted:Dec 2, 2018 8:06 am
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2018 10:32 am

Hello my kinky friends,

Its hard to believe i have been on alt long enough to write a 100 blogs. I hope you have enjoyed at least a few of them. I joined alt after the Fifty Shades movies came out. I have certainly grown up a lot since then. I went from a single girl looking for the right master to a married Slave girl, totally in love with her Master.

I know many of you look at my pictures and think that i am perfect. Frankly, i am pretty but i am not stunning. I am short, slim and petite and pictures make me look curvier than i usually do.

What I am is blonde, Klutzy, really smart, a smart ass, and very sexual. I was raised in a middle class home with a Catholic mother and father. I was an athlete in high school. My childhood its ups and downs, but was perfect for me.

I am a great slave because i do obey my master. Not because i have too, but because any other choice would be wrong to me. I worship the man. He owns me and loves me as well.

I am not sure how much longer I am going to be a member of the alt community. Most of my friends on here have left or we are in touch outside this site.

So to my friends I love you all. To my enemies, you may think about kissing my ass, however you will never get the chance.

Stay kinky my friends

PS yes my by line was shameless copied after the Dos XXX's man.
I really hate winter
Posted:Nov 30, 2018 7:40 am
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2018 11:02 am

Hello my kink friends.

I really hate winner. I know i whining but i constantly cold. My hands and feet are frozen. They are so cold master makes me wear wool socks to bed. My body does not like clothes. It likes being cold even less, so back on with the clothes.

I completely in favor of global warming. So everyone run your SUV a few extra minutes for me. I will appreciate it.

Stay kinky my friends.

Do you like a huge penis?
Posted:Nov 23, 2018 5:20 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2018 11:02 am

So I had another interesting email from a fellow alt member.

I was asked do i prefer a huge cock over a small cock?

My reply was what do you consider huge?

his reply was 12 inches and he sent me a picture of his cock compared to the cardboard roll inside paper towels. He was as long and as thick as it.

So here is the easy answer. No thanks on your huge cock. That is almost clown sized. First, i am short 5 tall. Your cock is as big as my head. Its not going to fit completely in me anywhere It will not go in my ass very far and it will take a lot of time to get it in.My vagina will handle about half of it and i will be sore as crap tomorrow. i will be able to suck maybe 4 inches at once and thats without breathing.

My Master is large for me at 8 inches. a perfect length is 6 inches that rubs all the right spots at once.
The Full Moon is Coming and I see your Penis
Posted:Nov 20, 2018 11:28 am
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2018 3:33 pm

Hello my kinky friends.

Last night after work I decided I would go downtown and do a little shopping. I was with a girl friend from work and I really wanted to buy some shoes I saw advertised. I am shoe whore. I have so many shoes. It is a constant irritation to master. The man owns 5 pairs of shoes. Brown, Black, hiking boots, Nikes and some Topsiders I bought him. I own 11 pairs of boots and 5 pairs of black shoes and that is not even 20% of the total. lol. It is my kryptonite.

After shopping a while, we stopped and had dinner at a little bistro. After we finished eating we decided to go home. As we are walking down Michigan Ave, a man in a trench coat walks up to us and opens his coat to show us he has no clothes on underneath. Mind you this guy's outfit was cleaver. He had pant legs to his knees and dress shoes and a shirt and tie cut just above his chest. With the coat closed, he looked like Joe Business man. When opened there was his junk in the cold.

My girl friend was shocked and stammering. I looked at the guy and said, " Hey Trisha, that's a penis only smaller!" as loud as I could. I was also pointing at his junk. The guy reeled back and called my lesbian and all kinds of other names. I could not help myself, but I finished with, "down the street I hear they sell penis extenders, you might want to look into it." I am laughing so hard I am about to pee.
Trisha is in shock and slack jawed. The few other people around are snickering including a really old woman, who was smiling and winking at me.

We continued our walk to the car and I noticed the moon is getting full. Makes sense to me.

Stay kinky my friends.

PS My Master laughed his ass off when I told him what I did. His exact quote, "only you would think that up so fast."
Bondage for Beginners
Posted:Nov 19, 2018 11:35 am
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2018 11:01 am

I happily admit I love bondage. I love to be tied up and even better if I am fucked without mercy. I suppose I qualify as a rope bunny. I love rope and how it feels. Most Masters I have been with have enjoyed tying me up even if it wasn't their thing.

The fact my sex wets the bed, I cum on command and I am usually very amenable to whatever you have in mind once tied helpless.

I want to assist you would be kinksters with a little bondage inside info. First, just because you were an eagle scout doesn't mean you are good at tying up a sub. Secondly, you don't want to hurt your sub. If you tie them to tight it can cause damage to their bodies. Finally, never suspend a sub or place rope around her neck ever. I have enjoyed suspensions with a few riggers who knew what to do. You don't want to find yourself the center of Criminal investigation so be careful.

So here are a few beginner suggestions to try on your subs.
1. Good ole fashion spread eagle. You can tie her on her stomach or her back and spread her nicely for your enjoyment. Always a winner with me.
2. Rope cuffs. This is really simple you wrap your subs wrist with rope somewhat loosely and then wrap the rope between the wrist until its tight enough she cant pull her wrist out. Behind her back or in front of her are very effective.
3. Bondage cuffs make bondage easier and simpler. They are usually padded and buckle. These take the guess work out of wrapping rope around someone to tightly. Wrist and ankles can be tied in a of ways.
4. Ankle wrist ties. Tying or taping her wrist to her ankle. Right to Right and left to left, leaves her very vulnerable. She can be had from any direction.
5. Finally, a nice hog tie is fun to torment your sub. Hands and wrist tied behind her back. Making her beg with her mouth to be untied. You get the picture.

Just a few final cautions. Never leave your sub tied alone. If she gets in trouble there is no one to assist her. Things turning blue and getting cold are bad. If her fingers turn blue there is insufficient blood flow. Never ever put rope around her neck. Oh yes, if you put a gag in a subs mouth be careful. She could choke to
death on it.

Bondage is my favorite vice. I always panic when my last wrist or ankle are secured and I know I have no escape. My sex gets soaking wet and the party is on.

Be kinky my friends.
Kitty over Tittie
Posted:Nov 12, 2018 11:01 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2018 7:10 pm

Good afternoon my fellow kinksters,

If you know anything about me, I am a geek. I work in the world of finance and accounting. are like air to me.

So the for the love of the geek in me and frankly being bored out of my mind, I classified all my pictures into 3 categories, kitty showing, tits showing or neither. I added up all of the views I had for each group and divided by the of pictures of each. So the would reflect the average views per group regardless of the of pictures.

In a landslide, the pictures of my sex were viewed 3 to 1 to the pictures of my breast and 5 to 1 my pictures were I have clothes on. So the conclusion I like the best, is that you love my ass and sex. The other conclusion is my breasts don't turn you on.

I think I have cute boobs. There not very big, but they are perky.

So I will let democracy prevail. Do you like my boobs or my ass better? I will tally the results in a week and I will post a special picture of the winning area for all those who vote.

Happy Veterans day to all the military kinksters. I love you and respect you for your sacrifice. My husband and Master is in Washington DC at a veterans function as he was a Marine and served his country.

Let the voting begin.

My love of rough sex
Posted:Nov 8, 2018 6:58 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2018 1:01 am

I love rough sex. Forget the wine and roses and candlelight. I want a man to be the man and take me. Being pinned and manipulated and left without choice makes me drip.

Master is often in the mood for rough sex. He loves to roughly tie my wrists together and to the headboard. He then ties my legs in a huge split and pulls the rope tight so that the rope is cutting into my wrist and ankles. Complaining only gets me gagged. Once i tied, the bed is usually soaked from my excitement. He takes me hard. My sex is jack hammered. There is no mercy there is only his cock deep inside me. i cant wiggle or squirm to relieve the pressure. My body goes numb as a cum again and again. I realize i am moaning loudly. i cant help it.

I know he is not done. My ass has not felt his cock. He is blue steel hard. My asshole resists at first. i am scared. Its going to hurt. He starts pressing in it.i try to relax He is in me deeply My ass and body are screaming. He cums in my ass. I feel his cock throb and release. The pressure eases.

He is off of me. My sweaty skin is cold with out his heat. He pulls out the pony. Its a dildo on a pole with an Hitachi vibrator taped to it. The dildo is pushed in my sex as far as it will go. The vibrator is on my clit. He ties the pole to the foot board so i can not push it out. I beg him not to turn it on. I offer him anything.

The vibrator is turned on. I cum almost immediately the Sweet pain of being over stimulated. He tells me i shouldn't have done that. i didn't have permission. The vibrator is turned on high. My body is cumming and i am screaming into the gag. Every muscle is tense.

He leaves it running. He showers. The bed is truly a mess. My sex is raw. My eyes beg for mercy. He turns it off. I am still vibrating. he unties me. My sex is raw My ass is sore. My arms and legs are aching.. He wraps me in a blanket. He pulls me close and holds me. I collapse asleep in his arms.

I wake up the next day and have to be careful sitting because of the delicious pain my sex gives me. I am reminded all day of the night before.

Me I love rough sex.

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