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Sub women confined in cages
Posted:Feb 16, 2019 11:03 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2019 11:26 am
As I have continued my research to being a debauched nude submissive woman I seem to be becoming more captivated and drawn into this. One thing I have found is that people, unless they are professionals that make a living at BDSM and D&s, are just regular everyday people that one would not even guess would be into alternative sexual practices. I have talked to some of them.

In my own dungeon that I am designing I am placing things in it that I see in other dungeons on the internet. I am a bio male that has a strong feminine side. I do not know how this developed or how I became so feminine but that side of me has taken over to the point that now I live as a woman. There are debates on if people were born gay or made gay at some point in their life. All I do know is that I was feminized when I was an adolescent and made to be a little sissy and also lived in households that were all female. As far as being born this way I do not know if that has happened or not. Maybe a combination of both?

I have had dreams of being a nude woman in front of groups of fully dressed people, male and female both, and somehow I am there for their entertainment. I have done self analysis of these dreams and have concluded that they have to do with my own personal debauchery.

I did get approved for SRS years ago cuz I wanted to be a woman but I did not follow through for reasons. To get approval I had to be cleared that I would be better off in life as a female and that involved talking to doctors, a psychiatrist and the surgeon that would be performing the operation of making me into a woman. I told the psychiatrist of my dreams but she did not comment and only listened.

So anyway I am what I am now. I used to consider myself as gay but I do not anymore and consider myself as a woman. When I have sex with a man I am the woman.

This particular post has to do being a caged woman and being confined to a small cage. When and in denial of my feminine side, my masculine side made me do things that were considered manly; such as carpentry and wood working, metal working and several welding processes.

I did use this experience to construct my own St. Andrews Cross from wood for my dungeon and also a steel cage that just barely has enough room for my naked frame to fit in. I was having thoughts of a cage for my Dom to put me in for awhile while he, she or they took a break. I have also installed a way for me to be impaled on a J hook aka anal hook but I them butt hooks. I will be gagged placed inside and my ankles attached to each side of the cage and my wrists can be attached to each side or my arms placed up through the spaces above and my wrists attached together. A butt hook will be placed up my bottom and held in place by a cable or rope that goes up to a ratchet device at the top of the cage and tightened enough to hold the hook firmly up inside me. I also welded a hasp on the outside for a padlock. Being locked in will add to the experience. The cage will be in the dark corner of the closet area and I may be left there for anywhere from minutes to a couple or few hours.

I do need someone I can trust for this activity.

She looks as if this is painful and is scared
Posted:Feb 14, 2019 11:49 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2019 8:54 am
Still being a novice to this and learning, this woman looks scared and like she is experiencing much pain. Well she is but what I am learning and also attracting me to this lifestyle is she enjoys this pain and her and other women do want this.

I am ready for my first time. Almost done with designing and building my own dungeon for my own debauchery, ra8pe and flogging. Like woman in the pic I am forward to it.

Waiting to feel the sting of the lash.
Are stripes made by whipping and considered badges of bravery
Posted:Feb 13, 2019 12:28 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2019 9:02 am
Still being a novice I have being doing some studying about the world of BDSM and D&s that I am about to venture off into as a submissive woman. I actually am a shemale (if you have no problem with that term). also considered a sissy or transwoman.

I have been watching videos, reading and looking at pics of the naked women being debauched, whipped and flogged and imagining myself as the nude woman in them. I do not have my own pics yet so I have borrowed some from the internet to use for now but they are close and project my desires. Some of the pics do show what I am desiring and willing to try. Many of the striped from welts women I see I do imagine myself as them and feeling the sting of the lash while being bound or suspended. Hopefully soon I will be one of those welt striped women.

I do have breasts and a woman's butt and also still my male genitals that I will try to hide.

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Submissive trans girl for Dom people to use
Posted:Feb 10, 2019 11:11 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2019 12:22 pm
I have been a feminine sissy most of my life and have a strong submissive side. I was born male but succumbed to my stronger feminine side. I now live totally, full time as a woman.

The first time I was rough fucked by a Sadist man I loved it and wanted more. I have not been into any total BDSM scenes as of yet other than rough sex or OTK bare hand to bare bottom spanking but I do want to venture further into the world of BDSM and D&s and do that as a submissive woman.

I have had thoughts of being collared and owned by a man, group of men, woman with strapon dildo or a M&F couple. I could also be the house maid in uniform and the cook when not performing sexually. I think of being stripped naked with my arms above my head and wrists attached together while being suspended from the ceiling, sometimes just hanging with my feet not touching the floor while being flogged, whipped or spanked. I have also thought of being hanged upside down while these activities are performed on me.

I do have my own and real natural hormone induced breasts (bra size 38C) and thought about my captors/owners slapping my tits from side to side with their bare hands while my arms are bound above my head. With no inserts of silicone, saline or other substances inside my boobs there is nothing that can rupture. I have had mammograms and I have the same things inside my breasts; glands and ducts as any other woman has. But that also makes me as susceptible to breast cancer as any other woman.

I do other things as woman does such as; I randomly insert and use tampons up my vagina (rectum) because that makes me feel more feminine and womanly. I also douche to keep what I consider my vagina (rectum) clean inside for sexual use.

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