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likesmatureones 50M  
4606 posts
12/6/2018 4:47 am
The gym is killing me

Maybe im just odd...

But i literally could go to the gym every day and not feel any bad after effects.

I don't get sore.

Yet act like a normal person and wait a few days between sessions/ skip a few days and
Omg😲..its like someone ran me over with a freight train.

Sure i do alot of physical labor in my out in the its not like i sit around eating bon bons..

So yeah im gonna be a lil frazzled to start with..

But im walking around now like a 90 yr old..

Wondering if anyonelse has run into this problem..

Id honestly would hate to be at a gym like 6 days a week..
But this boomerrang effect after taking a few days off is killing me.

likesmatureones 50M  
3170 posts
12/6/2018 4:49 am

Miss_Sixty 60F
799 posts
12/7/2018 3:03 am

Have you , by chance rolled your knots out ? People seem to think it's not necessary, , but I know it's important,, helps you to walk like a young person ,, I actually have a whole set of massage balls ...

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