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Vlad your an idiot
Posted:Mar 23, 2019 8:46 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 8:49 pm

If you think you can troll me about my dead dog..

I told you already..ashes to ashes...dust to dust..
My dog came home to me in a dream.. i held him for one last time and got to say goodbye.

That bridge is burnt..he is gone..

I am can not hurt me..

Your an idiot if you think the deathcan hurt whole life is dead.. everyone i ever loved is dead..i can never go home cause they are dead.

You are am idiot wishing to provoke a an adult not giving you one
War with vlad
Posted:Mar 23, 2019 7:54 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 8:25 pm

Dude it's not gonna stop getting such a raging boner..omg..dude just admit you like you me?

Attacking me or my blogs will not make you happy or pass the time..i honestly could care keep me from blogging about real issues

I've already proven i know more about you and your habits than you are aware..

And i think that scares you..yes it does bro.. i am one super creepy mother fucker when it comes to pyschology.. im very super aware.

It's pyschology 101 .your not that one on alt cares. Your not special your a third rate wtf is a vampire,.really dude this is 2019

And honestly you are that simple..and it pains you

And yes your .like a child coloring outside the lines

You spend 20 plus hrs a day to flooding,.wtf alot of people would use those hrs to feed their family..

You may hate me but im willing to reach out and save you..

Hating on a dead dog is just wrong bro.. but i forgive you..

You will not war with me.. i will not allow it cause im bigger than you. Reach out to me bro and i can save you
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To vlad..really took a swipe at my dead dog..really?
Posted:Mar 23, 2019 7:25 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 8:36 pm

In my big box store blog vlad took it upon himself to take a swipe at the notion of my making a proper memmorial for my dead dog..

I will say from everyone in blogland...dude you crossed the fucking boundary on this one.

My dog went from perfectly healthy on sunday to barely moving a week later.. i begged my roommates to put my dog down. My dog cried in pain before i could get him to the yeah fuck you

How dare you envade my blog with your bullshit. I'm a honest blogger.. i give people access to express differenence of opinions.

You have sunk to a new low...

And even though you are looking for a war...

I will refeign from giving you one..

You are a complete asshole.. i warmly welcome you into my house and you shit in my quote the big lebowski..yeah that rug really tied the room together.

You attack my dead hollow are you? Were you never loved as a child..

You want attention but i am not gonna give it to you.

Keep flooding..i've already told you that it doesn't matter..

You are nothing.. really dude..i can't even insult you..

You took a swipe at my dead dog..i've forgiven you..
We are all cooombia yahhhh my lord moment..we are good

Do you really think coming at me via my dog will hurt me?

Bro...have you not read my dog..the mighty mighty mother fucking titus mother fucking pullo came to me in a dream..
He transcended..he came home.. he has gone on..he is merely dust..ashes to ashes...dust to dust

You can do me no harm..

All is good...and yes you are forgiven..i really mean that in all the jesus christ way

You want want a fight..

Why? i the only blogger that cares?

You need to change and im hear to listen
Why i hate big box stores..the hardware edition
Posted:Mar 23, 2019 1:59 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 7:13 pm

So yeah it's freaking spring...i just got my tax refund and decided to buy a bug zapper.

For some reason the pain in the ass " stink bugs" have decided to descend on various parts of america.

A stink bug is like a moth..only flies..its attracted to light and will go after your light fixtures. Once inside your house they have no clue how to get back out.

So the obvious solution...

Zap the fuck out of them with a big bug zapper.

So i have money in my pocket and looking to buy. So i go to's a slightly larger version of home depot or lowes.
I walk in and everything seems like a hodgepoge of junk.

Youd think the bug zappers would be with...summer goods/ gardening/ patio stuff maybe...
I found the cheap crappy black flag version with the bug sprays..
Huh?.. so where's the big daddy boxy looking bug zapper that will fry an elephant?

Oh you don't stock ..those..yet..maybe? That is the answer i got from an might be an online item only..
Huh? they do know this is spring in Missouri..its 65 degrees out..are they waiting for fall to display them?

So i figured id buy a nice solar light for my dog's grave..
Er..they aren't in summer..they aren't in patio..they aren't in gardening...
They ended up being in...electrical..

This is why i hate box stores...from now on fuck becoming amazon's bitch and will just get it online..
Better prices and selections.
What your thoughts on exposed breast
Posted:Mar 23, 2019 5:41 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 5:51 am

I often wondered wtf is the big deal if a woman exposes her breast..

I thought about this while watching this certain youtuber than enjoys wearing lower cut tops on her channel..

How is flashing boob any different than flashing your legs or wearing skin tight jeans/ yoga pants that show off the goods.

Why is one socially acceptible and the other taboo..

Why are boobs the female equivalent of the penis..something that needs to be shunned/ hidden and only come out in the darkest of bedrooms.

I mean just like a dick ..if you've seen one pair of've seen them all.

So what's your real thoughts on women that enjoy wearing loose tops that show off their breast.
Is alt dropping parts of your postings
Posted:Mar 23, 2019 3:30 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 5:27 am

Now i know im blogging at night and didn't get a wink of maybe im not balls on accurate...
But some of my words in my blog disappeared..

And yes i reedited it twice. Wondering if this is happening to you.
I read what i wrote and words are missing... i edit them back in and others seem to disappear..

Wish it was the vodkas i didnt have any..

Is anyone else having these problems?
A new better me...
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 11:35 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 3:43 am

Of late i decided to give the world a better version of me
...leo 2.0.

For example the old leo ( knowing he's right...well ofcourse he is)...would have printed a page from the harvard medical review detailing what the new stardard for blood pressure is.
Then he would have walked into that clinic and handed dr jar jar binks a copy.

If you havent been following along...dr jar jar told me to stop reading facebook.
( huh.???)
And to get real medical info from sites like the w.h.o. etc.

He may be a doctor...but dude your wrong. I got my info from reading the harvard medical review that revised the standards in 2017

Anyway ive given the urge to prove him wrong..
He 's not worth the time or trouble. I got the prescription i wanted and will just let it go.

Much like our current situation in blogland..
The old leo would have continued the ground warfare.
The new leo..just doesn't care...doesn't have time for the bullshit. Not even worth trolling.

I think i've come to the fork in the road and am alot wiser..not every battle needs to be fought to win the war.
Pulling an all nighter
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 9:24 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 5:34 am

Now this may seem...well . ...odd

But my roommate is going on a trip early in the morning and has prepacked the car.

Normally no biggie..but the car contains goods for her aunts new mini a fucking ac unit,,a tv etc.

I told my roommate not to pack it tonight...people's car have been broken into in the has happened twice before at my own home.

She thinks im just being paranoid..

I think im just being leo...

And being leo means being overtly cautious and keeping an eye on car.

Now you may wonder why do i care..not my car..not my shit..

But its shit for an aunt doesnt have a pot to piss in and a roommate doesnt have the money to replace this stuff ( if it gets stolen).

So i decided fuck..i can sleep when dead..time to man up

I got a 2 liter of mt dew and 4 monster energy drinks to keep me alert

And if your up and read this drop a letter...i could use the company.
I want to be the rich
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 4:43 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2019 8:25 am

I find it humerous that everyone and their mother now wants to be president of the us..

Hell we now have a city mayor that thinks he can win.

So im throwing my hat into the ring...

Why not.. i mean unlike most of the candidates i have nothing in my closet. I didnt sleep my way to the top or take any corporate money, i didnt violate campaign finance rules like a certain latina, i didnt change my name to something
spanish to hide the fact that omg im not a latino., etc

I will simply follow in the footsteps of my new found hero..a humble bartender. She laid the blueprint to my presidency..

I will simply give every group what they want and simply tax the rich 99999999.9 percent to pay for it.

Ill lower the voting age to 6..i mean the sponge bob crowd has to be represented right?

Ill legalize anything that can be taxed.. weed...check...sports betting..check...prostitution..check..

Ill pay you to work only 30 hrs a week.

Free healthcare for all and pizza on mondays...i mean mondays suck enough..why not add pizza?

Ill promise term limits on congress and the supreme court.hell ill expand the supreme court to 3,5000 people so every view is represented...well as long as its my view

Ill use my pres powers to write laws that every coropration must have a black..a latino..a female..a gay..a handicapped..a jew..person on its corporate board..
If they can squash all those quotas into one person then god bless them..

I will see to it that the government dumps trillions into green energy and all gas engines will be outlawed..

you will now have to ride a steetcar ( lucky you)..wait is that a homeless person sitting next to you?
Noone will be able to fly either..( except me and al gore..and the pope..
.cause duhh im the pres and you all are just lil farts..wait did i say that out loud?).
..the rest will take street cars to their destinations..including Hawaii.

I will truck in immigrants 24/7 to fullfill my new gov quotas.. i mean this isnt called mexifornia for nothing.
Fuck a wall.. i will not stop until every white person is housing a latino person. If your lucky you will have to house two.
Black people ofcourse will get the shaft again and have to share a get him m-th..the other family gets him f and the weekends

I will declaire being overweight a disability. You will be able to sue lululemon for not having yoga pants in a size 42.

Finally my fellow americans..i promise to impeach donald trump..( oh wait he'll be out of office..) oh well every other wack job has made this promise
In my next life i want to be white
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 4:03 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2019 4:54 am

Oh wait...i already am..

I thought being white was supposed to give you priveledge..

Give you this professional career..just let you into any university you want..

Walk into any bank and instantly get any loan..

If a cop pulls you over and sees your white you get off scott free....right?

Oh wait then i must be the wrong type of white...

Im not an 20 yr old white chick with big boob or a millionaire like robert Kraft..neither will see the insides of a jail cell.

Ironally in neither case is anyone screaming white priveledge...why? Because both are rich and connected.

So somehow a middle classed white guy is " priveledged"...but robert kraft isnt?

The DA was just giving him a lesser charge/ plea deal for shits and giggles.

I just love when people throw around the term " white priveledge"... when they really should say money buys you priveledges.

If anything my skin color prevented me from getting a job..such as i was put on a waiting list( i.e. your never getting hired) with other white males with the city fire dept. Meanwhile women and minority candidates that scored lower immediately got hired to fill a quota.
The same goes for any city job..the same goes for universities. Too many white males around...lets just hold them back. Imagine if any other race or gender was treated this way...
Oh wait..a few white women felt this at ucla and sued the school. A few asians felt this and sued. Yet it is legal discrimination done every day by the government and universities.
Im not angry..i was just illustrating that my skin color isnt an advantage.
It held me back from getting high paid city jobs.

Im my next life i want to come back as a white person..i mean the right kind..the green kind.

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