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Soaking wet..please forgive the click bait
Posted:Jun 24, 2019 4:49 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2019 4:51 am

Why is it when we hear the term " soaking wet"..our thoughts turned to excited women and that cherry pie video.

When in reality soaking wet meant drenched to the bone...
And no not in that fun wet t shirt way..

Let's just say I had a bad friday...
Started off with the knucklehead sales guy calling me earily in the morn...omg leo so and so ran out of a product and I need to get to work now..the sales guy said he will come in earily too to help out.

Which wouldnt be a problem but its now raining cats and dogs.

I race to work, get the shit in the truck..I'm literally drenched from head to toe..
Then i get a phone call from the sales's raining and he can get there fast....perhaps I could wait till the other employee gets in before I take off..

By then the rain stopped and even my shoes were wet.

Not a sexy pic...well I'm more in a drenched grumpy cat sorta way..

If that wasn't bad enough I get down the road and start unloading for another ..

And bamn the rain came down so hard I was drenched again. I didn't even have time to put on my raincoat

Think your fav romance movie where the hero kisses the heroine in the warm summers the notebook.

Now replace that with cold AF rain and a 3oo lb construction dude named bubba...minus the kiss ofcourse

Well i made it through Friday but felt tired from it all
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My dealings ( and mistakes)... with Dommes
Posted:Jun 23, 2019 8:02 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2019 10:52 am

I freely admit I've made plenty of mistakes with Domme..if not women in general.

The first biggie is alot of women list what they want...
Someone to go to the parties with
A sub
A relationship.

But Dommes and sub apparently read this differently.

I see she is looking for a good to be her sub,go to groups and parties, etc with the hopes it blossoms into something more than a bdsm relationship.

She flips it and is tired of ghosting sub...she wants the relationship first before they engage in any .

Her comfort level and I'm not a needy or pushy sub.
But alot of times a Domme will have a comfort level scenewise..but wont pump the brakes on a sub. Won't tell him he is subconsciously pushing.
For example we talked about cock cages..she seemed to enjoy the topic. I assumed she actively wanted to explore this style of .
But in reality I think she was just getting aroused by the subject matter in general..she didn't want chastity but really enjoyed the power exchange between us. We talked about it for a long period of time and she even said she wanted to lock me in one after she returned from her vacation.
So my dumb ass buys a cock cage...and she gets mad.

I was thinking about 1 specific thing and she was multitasking. Seeing the whole experience of dominating a .

So i learned beyound the initial introduction of hey I'm leo..I see we have things in common..
Not to geek out over lifestyle things unless she broaches the topic.
Don't expect anything and just give her time and breathe.
She will bring in whatever when she feels comfortable
I am not the facilator of your fetish....this is MY blog
Posted:Jun 22, 2019 9:01 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2019 7:29 am

I love when people whine and bitch about blogs..
Like omg talk about the about about sex..

Why do you just blog about politics, your dog,getting old, etc etc etc?

Er maybe you noticed we arent alt employees..
Maybe you noticed we don't get any compensation for free membership, not even any points😲

There is no..incentive for me to blog period.. I am not under any master's whip to crank out content.

So you'll get my intellectual property when i feel damn good and ready to write something..what is written is on my time and my dime.

Even then there is no incentive for me to be the most popular,most read...
So there is no need for me to engage in certain topics.
I blog for myself and a for the enjoyment of a handful of ,members here

This is my blog,my life...if you want boobs..then go two blogs down. Plenty of blogs are talking about sex..Plenty of blogs for you to get off to.

And wink wink to the powers that be...what really drives the blogs?..he'll even vlad remarked how the content has slowed..

And if the bloggers aren't blogging about sex..
Then how do you sell that intellectual content on your sister sites over seas.

I mean i know the Japanese just love to read leo blogging about his workplace or fixing something instead.

Imagine if all the bloggers became like leo. No boogie talk means no paid subscriptions😭

The new business model should be to fire the per in charge👹
Straight/ gay...and the after thought bi... tiny boxes
Posted:Jun 22, 2019 8:11 am
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2019 8:39 am

I find it ironic that there are now like 26 ways to categorize oneself with gender..including they...
I perally like to be recognize as starlord..little humor there

Yet we are used to using the big 3 for sexual orientation...

1.Your straight
2.your gay...
and even then both groups are lagging in their overall embracement of
3. bi people.

And even then we have this large spectrum of what being bi means...

Is it the guy that occasionally likes to suck a it the woman that has a crush on say jen lawrence?

I will share something about myself...I'm duhhh.

No im odd in the fact that I'm very bi...but just want to bottom. Have no interest in topping..
Soooooo yeah that confused and frustrated the fuck out of alot of women..
And had alot of people saying that I'm gay and haven't accepted it yet..
Yep it's easy to just put that generic label on me instead of learning about my sexual nature.
It's like saying bi people don't really exist..your born straight or gay.

Trust me I've been with gay men..I know gay..
I also know im attracted to women,enjoying cuddling,making out,giving oral and more..
I'm just not a jackhammering top with either sex ( even though the equipment works fine..this isn't an ED issue

For me it's more mental...I just don't get doesn't make sense...sorta like writing with your left hand.
It feels more natural for me to use my right.
I'm just more sensual,passive in a relationship.

So im an oddball....seems like the only factions that are cool with bottom guys are gay men and dommes. Yeah both are cool with that setup. I can roll with please don't give me a bs reply that I secretly hate gay men or am afraid of being called gay.
I'm just not..I guess it would be like being called mexican when your Puerto Rican.

People need to stop viewing sexual orientation as point a or point is a spectrum.

So people like me slip threw the cracks and are just assumed to be gay...well He's 35,40,50..not married,no s..yep He's gay.
Society cant process that I'm attracted to people.

I think that is another thing wrong about pride fest/ pride week/ the rainbow flag flying over a capitol etc.

It's the assumption that a whole group of people are basically the same and desire the same thing.
It would be like saying all Hispanic back the Catholic church.

I think some people are afraid to say things like being gay can be a choice...or that I'm not in favor of gay marriage ..
But then again i'm not in favor of any sort of marriage.
I think gay men had it in a relationship and if things go south...your ex doesnt get half of your stuff.
You pack up what is yours and move on with your life.

I could be gay..I could stick with women and be straight..
I could be bi..I can chose which path i walk.
I was born with options...
Which flies counter culture to everything both sides have been preaching for years..

And why is there marriage...and gay marriage...but no bi marriage?... why should I have to choose between the genders in terms of marriage. Isn't that assbackwards thinking about my sexual orientation...choose 1 or the other.

And why isnt biphobic a thing...if someone commits a hate crime because I'm is written off as homophobic..
I am not a homosexual...I'm a bisexual..we are different..we are real..yeah we exist.
Your thoughts on dick..and do you really need it
Posted:Jun 22, 2019 7:37 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2019 7:27 am

I was curious as what women it the penetration or is everything else that comes with being with a dude.
Could you have without the other.

A woman posted a meme on her where a man professes his love and claims he has a big heart.
The woman claps back...I can't ride a heart.

My reply the meme... can always buy size...but can't buy a heart.

Now i know alot of women will say love/ romance is more impirtant..

But are they being honest...
So why should I continue on
Posted:Jun 19, 2019 5:45 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2019 5:45 pm

You cut my freebie gold membership..your membership is filled with members that have not been active in years.
You fill my with obvious bots.

Let's back off guys..I luved your free service in exchange for my kinky blogs.

But omg...dudes..I have options,.

I could be free booting on without the hassle.
My business skit.
Posted:Jun 19, 2019 4:51 pm
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2019 8:50 am

Omg we suck big sticky there anything make this site suck less..

Oh wait here is this newbie straight of college..

What? want strip all the hard working bloggers of their gold memberships?

Okay....insert crickets

week passes

weeks passes

Hey newbie wanna check those figures see if those bloggers you squeezed paid up yet?

Insert crickets

weeks pass..hey it would be nice if they paid
weeks pass...
The bloggers realize they don't need alt.

I don't care about your drones..I dont care about your useless pile of members that aren't returning..
I don't care about your friends request or your list.
I'm not on here meet anyone.

I'm here blog ..period..

There is little you can do me...

I blog when i want ..or not.. there is no incentive for me continue
Finkle is einhorn..Einhorn is Finkle
Posted:Jun 19, 2019 4:26 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2019 5:30 pm

I was curious if vlad still could be around..

It would be easy set up multiple accounts..

being the complete obvious asshole.. I am an iguana..

And the other..sitting back and laughing..

I ask this because I had ban someone based on my receint ghost post.
This per seemed be fishing for a fight. that I refused give vlad in the past

This guy wanted stir the shit up against vlad. He called vlad and wanted him right banned from alt..
Maybe you remember his post from a few days back.

And the rest of us..yawn could care less..

So i deduce said per was also vlad...

Finkle is einhorn...einhorn is finkle..
Us womens world cup soccer rant
Posted:Jun 19, 2019 5:03 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2019 11:37 am

I'm not sure why the media is going out of It's way to hype the us woman's world cup soccer team..

We get it..they are good...but at this point it feels like the patriots or a lebron James cherry picked team..

They are supposed to be good..

The US has a population of 380 million that to say france or some south american country.

Then throw into the mix title 9...which offered our woman scholarships to play the sports they love.

Now add into the mix soccer now has traveling teams and every suburb it seems has 4 or 5 soccer fields..

Plus soccer is the number 1 sport girls play..

Plus it doesn't hurt that the number 1 player in the world for women's soccer is a back up on the current team.

So why is everyone amazed that the us women's team scored goals against the sisters of mercy..or whatever small country they crushed..

And what was up with the excessive celebration...?..

Now people may say I'm crying sour gs because the us men's team never goes far into the world cup

Our best athletes dont play soccer...tyrick hill can run 4.1, lebron James would dominate as a goalie.

And lets be honest the us woman's team is the most priveledged team out there..funny how noone brings that up..
Playing against small nations that look clueless against them..

Then because people criticized their celebrations these players decided to " golf clap"...

It's not fun to watch because of the us huge advantage..It's like lebron playing a pick up game verses some high schoolers.
Can you imagine if he celebrated after every dunk or scoring a 0 pts on these s.
Do you believe in ghost?
Posted:Jun 16, 2019 5:50 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2019 4:44 am

I asked this question because I've always considered myself very " self aware"..I hate use the term psychic.

But last February my died and I blamed myself. Titus was yrs old and day just stopped eating. He went from sneaking bacon off my plate sunday night..
To sleeping ALOT not eating anything..
By the time friday rolled around he barely moved. He could barely get up the stairs
Sunday came and he let whimpers of pain.
That morning i drove him the vet and saw him off.
My last memmory of titus is kissing him goodbye before buring my best friend.

I'm a very surreal dreamer..I'm consciously aware that I'm in a dream..I know when certain elements don't add hey those people representing my parents...aren't my parents..or hey my brother is dead in real life..or hey i never went the university im getting thrown of in my dream

I dreamed night that I opened my front door and there stood my westie..the mighty mighty titus pullo.
In my dream I knew titus ( in real life) was so frail.that he died
....but here titus stood before me so full of engergy..???
How could this be?
...I swept titus into my arms and hugged him so deeply
..I told myself somehow titus healed and was alive. He was fucking alive!!!!!
.that is how deep this dream was. My was whole again...

Titus found his way home.. last time...

me this was no dream...rather titus was somehow permitted cross certain boundaries come home. Someone/ something/ God knew the pain I went through and allowed this psychic connection.

Now may say leo..that's nice but perhaps your projecting your desires into your dreams..trying to make yourself feel better. Well that would be nice.
.but..I'm very self aware..
The was whole/ healed/ real...
I hug deeply and I made that connection.
Titus crossed over. I'd bet my life on it.

Well I've been dragging my ass on titus's memmorial. He is buried since February, but i never set up a grave stone or statue.

I wanted to do this right..but unfortately your leo isnt a carpenter. I wanted make this flower box sorta grave marker.
So i was fretting today that the corners werent flush..and I just got done putting vanish on it today.

I go into the house and flip flopped my laundry into the dryer.
Then i hear my roommate's closed door open the door was thrown open

Huh? There is noone in the house except the cats..
It sounded like a movie where a spirit opens/ closes a door with a burst of energy..
My first thought is ...a ghost...i go into my roomates room and there is nothing in there

I don't think too much about this..later on I'm making supper and of the fridge magnets fall off.
I try put it back on but it won't stick..It's magnet came unattached.
I flip the fridge magnet over and It's of those a picture holder kind..
The pic enclosed was titus.

The sickly that would not eat,too frail to even broke my heart
My buddy, my pal..stood in this pic happy. Kinda ironic that tonight I'm cooking bacon..his favorite

I think titus paid me another visit today.
Maybe to say don't worry about the flower tried your best..I'm just happy that you gave me treats and let me sleep in your bed.
You are a great guy and a better friend.

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