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No longer the man
Posted:Feb 19, 2019 5:06 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2019 5:17 pm

I think we all realise when we are not longer the " man"..
We have gotten older and normally there is some young dude to replace us..

But unlike tom brady...some of us dont have a choice..we keep on keeping on cause there is noone else.

Im now 50...i know i can't do what i did when i was 20.

But someone still has to remove the cock sucking snow. Families no longer stay together..there is no younger son or son in law to pick up a shovel.

There is no young buck to replace me..

So sometimes you have to just embrace your inner honey badger and relive your days of youth..

And others.. you nurse your injuries.

Right now i pulled a muscle in the middle of my back right below my right shoulder lower back is hurting..and the injury to my left foot arch has never went away. I am the old wolverine.

For the younger crowd wolverine is a marvel character ..for christ do you not know about it? They only made like 9 lame assed movies about him

But come 9 o'clock and my ass will be out shoveling and snow is a wonderful pick me up.
Funny that i don't even mind the cold.

I am the honey badger.

.when i die..please stuff me in a museum and put an appropriate signage on me..
No doubt some futuristic society will look at me and say..

Omg..wft..he shoveled primative..didn't he know about global warming.
As i get older i realise sometimes its just better to pay someone to fix it
Posted:Feb 17, 2019 5:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2019 5:52 pm

So my roommate comes home and ask me to look at the rav 4' s tire..its a " lil low"..

Really..i put my gauge on it and it

So yeah i can plug tires with the best of them..

But..not on a slanted driveway..when snow is coming in and my roommate has work tomorrow..

So i air up the tire and head out..most places close at 6 on a was already 5..

And yes the rav 4 is a big sob..v6 4 wheel drive ..put a lil foot into in and she wants to run/ tow..a marvelous car.. well done toyota

I get it up to firestone and the guy informs me both back tires need to be patched..

I nursed the one tire because i was told the reason they leaked is because they didnt mate right on the rim..the one place wanted to sell me rims.

So ive been putting a lil air in the back tire like every 3rd day..since like july. I paid them to put bead seal on all four tires

Now firestone tell me that is complete bullshit..

Funny how patch and plug stopped both is sitting pretty at 32psi now. I will call the other shop up tomorrow and unleash the honey badger.

And sure it cost me 30 bucks per tire...but that is almost a steal..
Id pay 30 dollars all day long to avoid trying to plug a tire..
Fuck i actually had a plug come out of my cars tire and it shredded the tire.
So wtf is going on w alt
Posted:Feb 16, 2019 7:03 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2019 7:04 pm

I remember the day where my blog would see numerious hits from overseas markets..

Alt would ship your blogs to various other markets and other bdsm sites they owned

Now lucky to see 50 views..

So wtf.. is alt dieing
True meaning of a dick..the extended cab guy on a snowy highway
Posted:Feb 16, 2019 8:53 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2019 6:57 pm

I dont think women really fully grasp the mean of " dick" is far more than just being an ass..
When a man uses the term in regards to another man...its like there is a lot of anger,despise,rage towards this person for being such a tool..

Like to get his selfish ways, he goes and breaks " guy code"..

Case in point..dudes in extended cab pick ups were real dicks yesterday..

Let me paint the snowed in kc maybe 4 inches..maybe 6...

But the city acted like we were someplace in the deep south that never seen snow before...the mayor literally asked employers to let their employees go home..he declaired the snow ( all 4 inches of it) an emergency..i kidd you not

Part of the reason for the " emergency"..they didnt even start to plow the roads until 11am...the snow started at 8.
I know this because i talked directly to the pub
Iic works director..
Then these idiots had to play catch up.

Why is this bad?..the snow gets packed onto the roads under the weight of car tires and it gets slick. It makes it very hard to plow/ remove.

So on the highways you usually had three was semi bare..the only one cars were using...none of this was was semi bare due to all the cars driving in just one lane..

So we were in an umpa lumpa line..going 40 mph in a 65 mph zone..

But everyone was safe..

And then extended cab pick up guy comes flying up next to everyone in the next lane doing 65..
I swear the term " extended cab" must be latin for small penis. Cause 90 percent of people driving them act like complete dicks..

Even 4 wheel drive doesnt mean you can speed on a snowy lane dumbass..

Hell im driving a dodge 5500 truck loaded with heavy probably 14,000lbs . I got traction..
You don't see me pulling a " jimmie johns" and hauling ass on a snow filled lane.

Why? Cause my job yesterday was 1. Drive carefully,drive the conditions 2. Get the company truck back to the shop and not putting it into a ditch/ getting in a wreck.

I not only saw a dick move from 1 extended cab...i saw it three times in 5 hrs.

One dude literally cut me off leaving a customer's parking lot.
One dude literally cut off a mom in a minivan that was trying to merge in my lane..he flew right around her.

So what gives extended cab dudes'?

Im not a road rage guy..but even i wanted to stop and pull these people out of their truck...such selfish moves..

I think it would be different if i was driving a semi and dick guy didnt want to be behind one..
But my work truck is as fast as your.. is it really a dick size issue
A hug from beyond...i got my dog back..titus one last time came home
Posted:Feb 15, 2019 7:44 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2019 9:30 am

I had an odd dream last night...

One of those odd dreams that occurs at say 430 in the morning when you gotta get up at 530.

I dreamed that i opened my front door and there stood my desceased dog.

If you all remember i had to put titus down two sundays ago. Like wtf

I am a surreal man..i have always been ultra aware

of things..i have the ability to tell if im dreaming in a dream.

I knew my dog ( in real life)was dead..i even thought so in the dream..

But the dream shielded me and convinced me that my dog was given away ( by mistake)...and has returned.

I hugged Titus..the mighty mighty titus pullo and spun
Him in around in circles. Holy was better than christmas.
OMG!!! The hug was fucking doubt i crossed something.

I let him go and he shook his tail...all full of energy.
When titus died he could barely walk...within a week i lost my buddy/ my precious dog..he refused to eat..
5 long day i tried to get him to eat something ..i lost my best feally ripped me a new one

What really is spooky is i never brought titus back into the house when he was put down. He remained in my roommates car untill i finished digging his grave.

Titus ( in the dream) walked through the front door..hugged me and then walked to the kitchen...he is buried in that direction by a tree.

I really think this is a message from beyond..

I really blame myself for his death..but then again i cant even afford insurance for myself more or less vet bills.

I think this was titus being allowed to come home..hug me and say dude don't did your really did

It's all good.. my dreams titus was like 8 again..instead of 14..he was whole/ healthy/ full of energy..makes me really believe in an omg titus pullo in his prime

I felt alot of peace today...even 8 inches of snow didn't bother me. Fuck that!

Not too many folks get to hug a beloved pet ..not too many pets get a chance to say goodbye. I felt like titus got to come home. In my dream he was allowed to cross over.
I prayed to my passed mother,brother and father to care for this dog till i can cross over.

And i felt like some mercy fell on me
St. Leos day..or my made up cash grab holiday
Posted:Feb 14, 2019 4:47 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2019 7:05 pm

As you may know st valentines day is a made up holiday. It was created by the hallmark card company of kansas city in order to sell more greeting cards.

So like l. Ron Hubbard. ..
To make money.i decided to start my own..religio..
..oh wait..wrong speech

Er my own holiday...yeah that's the ticket...

St. Leos day...which will focus soley on the pleasuring of women..
And guilting the fuck out of men...

Cause obvious if you have a penis then you will never truely get the importance of this day.. have a penis..
And this is HER day.

And obviously men can't understand women..every sitcom has reminded us of that. The kevin james stereotype has to be true then.

So it doesnt matter what you buy or how much you spend, it will never be good enough.
Cause guys..your not good enough

Im not being jaded.. that is the hook of st. Leos day...that keeps you buying. Gotta keep that ball busting guilt pressure on. Better get her something great..or else.

So come on guys show how much you appreciate the women in your lives and open your wallets..

Or else your not a real man..and probably have a tiny penis

St leos day is coming to a store near you..

I wonder if hallmark makes a card for that
Aladdin part 2
Posted:Feb 13, 2019 1:15 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2019 3:35 am

I find it funny that white actors are bashed for taking roles of blacks,asians,handicapped,gays...etc. throughout the year

Yet i did some digging and the woman playing jasmine ( naomi scott)isnt even of arab lineage..she's from london..her dad is english and her mom is africian..

So i guess it's okay for a minority to steal another minorities role...cause naomi has a darker complexion...?
Cause we know lead parts for arab females just pop up everyday in american films..

Where is the outcry? God forbid there was one when a white girl portrayed tigerlily in wise the white fan boys bitched when the part of white johney storm was given to black actor michael b jorden in the fantastic 4 movie.

Atleast disney cast aladdin with a Canadian that was born in eqypt...not exactly bagdad..but close enough..

Are there no young talented arab teens in america? Where are the pc crowds? Are arab roles being stolen?
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Oh so blue..will smith got the disney treatment
Posted:Feb 13, 2019 3:56 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2019 1:01 pm

So yeah alot of people are excited for the live action versions of disney classics...esp the lion king.

But apparently not so much with Aladdin..

Well to start off aladdin doesn't fit the current disney pc formula. ( mary sue...where the female hero/rookie takes on the world)

Aladdin stars a male..yep a character with a penis is the lead
. So does that make aladdin the first disney male " princess"..why not..every one secretly wishes for their subgroup to be make into a disney stereotype..

So this being 2019 the role of jasmin has to be beefed up and given equal weight to aladdin...being disney and all.
Hell why don't they just give her a light saber and claim she is luke's great great great great great..wait for it..grandma..
Now there's a plot twist. Oh wait..sorry i leaked the plot of the next star wars movie.

Even though its supposed to be a live action remake..

Anyway will smith gets to reprise the role made famous by robin williams.

So people bitched when stills of the movie were released and the genie wasn't blue.

Now the trailer was released and will smith is covered in this aweful blue face and body paint...people have said he looks like a smurf...looks like he's in avatar

So yeah..people would have bitched if white people were cast in any of the roles in aladdin. Cant do " blackface"/ cultural misappropriation..
but apparently blue is

Apparently disney felt the need to cover the only black guy in the movie in blue body makeup?..
Like will smith couldn't be a naturally skin toned somehow dark skinned people didnt exist at this time in that region.

I mean the writers have already gone off canon and rewrote the role of jasmine...but letting will smith remain black is a no no?
I mean we get the concept that he is a genie..did he have to be blue?

And lets be honest for a momment...these actors are the lightest skinned toned arabs ive ever seen..
I could understand a lighter skinned jasmine...
But aladdin is a street rat..he'd be constantly out in the sun.

Second the sexualization of aladdin

Some..people are bitching because unlike the animated cartoon, aladdin is wearing a bulky shirt in the live action remake.
He is shirtless in the eariler version. So as creepy as some people are..
Disney has started the pr of how " hott" the actor playing aladdin is..

Funny how there is no comment on the actress playing jasmine..guess its not only cool for a company to sexualize a cartoon character but also objectify an actor.
Channeling my inner Fonzi...heyyyyy
Posted:Feb 12, 2019 4:17 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2019 8:43 am

For those youngsters the fonz was a fictional character on a tv show called " happy days"...

Anyway fonzi has a certain way of thumping the jukebox to magically turn it on...not sure if this was supposed to be a sexual referrence or not.

Well at work my truck radio stopped has power but no sound... and when you drive for a living a radio is something nice to have..

I looked online and in forums and dodges are notorious for this problem.

Anyway i was dicking around in the truck yesterday and did a fonzi thump on the dial...and heard music...


Must have that fonzi touch...heyyyyyyyyyy

Boy that brought back memmories..esp when mork from ork stole fonzi's coolness and he couldnt activate the juxebox

For the youngsters...mork from ork was a fictional character played by robin williams..yes the guy that played the genie in Aladdin...and no not will smith.

Whats up with women and jealousy
Posted:Feb 10, 2019 8:45 am
Last Updated:Feb 10, 2019 8:06 pm

Sure i know this is a generalization about women..
But it seems like female jealousy can literally be off the charts..
And like some dragon..apparently summoned from any past episode and used against the male.

Point in dog died last sunday. I want to spend some money and make a nice memmorial for him.
I told my roommate about my ideas and she quickly snapped back that i never did anything for her cat...
That died like 9 yrs ago..

Huh? Why the jealousy..why the anger?

Im a dude.. i could care less if some dude is better than me..could care less if he drives a nice car and owns a big house.
I care about me period..why should i be jealous?.. dude got his...maybe i should work harder or smarter to get mine.
See as men its not about the other guy...jealousy gets you no where..

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