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pussykat819882 56F
29 posts
7/17/2019 6:31 pm
Loseing me!

Should I tell him hes loseing me ! I him but he doesnt back I see he is on but yet he dont me ! It makes so fucken mad ! But suppose to be submissive . but my domme side comes and I I want to scream at him !tie him up and beat him ! I do mean his cock so he cant cum ! I have other Doms wanting me ,but I tell them no because they tell me to leave him for them .The sex is great and getting more intense as were together ! I dont have a problem with him playing with others were both bi .but I do expect him to talk to me .is that asking for to much ! Ive always had these constant cravings for sex ! I love being taken fuck hard, spanked all my holes used ,cuffed ,dress up for him stocking and heels .looking like his nasty dirty fuck toy! I hate being ignored! I have all these evil thoughts but I have to keep them under control ! I think I'll buy another new toy ! It will make feel better .in more than one way evil grin .should I tell him he is loseing to fuck toys ! Lol.maybe so confused !

2 posts
7/17/2019 10:07 pm

Fuck toys wont spank and cuddle fuck you though.

Wicked_Tongue 56M
52 posts
7/17/2019 11:19 pm

It sounds like you are wasted on him... You should find someone else, someone more suited to your needs... Compatibility is always the key in any sub/dom relationship...

CurvySubBBW 46F  
259 posts
7/18/2019 1:29 am

if there is no communication there is no relationship and you are being used

find something better for yourself

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dirty_biker 52M
19 posts
7/18/2019 3:03 am

Honesty and communication is key in this kind of relationship. If there is no trust then it might be time to move on. It's not always easy to move on, but sometimes for the best.

AyneAlAngus 54M  
62 posts
7/18/2019 4:32 am

I go along with everyone who has posted about communication...without enough communication, there can't be a's sad but true...I've had those situations too, like the one you write about...hard to pull out of them, I know...but maybe you need to...

morgan9inchesdom 41M
82 posts
7/18/2019 4:42 am

mmmmmm my pleasure

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