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softslave00 33F  
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12/5/2018 5:00 pm

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12/7/2018 11:34 pm

What i LOVE about MEN

WEDNESDAY 2 PM – What i LOVE about men is everything. i love looking at men the way they walk and strut. In the gym, i get mesmerized watching men lift weights or punching a bag. i love the way men check me out when i walk by. i love the deep voices the men have. i love the way men try to conceal the fact that they want to have sex with me when they pretend that they just want to be friends 😊

i love that men can focus their attention on me like a laser. When my man wants me, i know that he forgets everything else. i love that his want is so powerful that i can just drink it up and get high on it. And, i can never get enough of his attention 😊

i love that men have a powerful protective instinct for women. i am convinced that my close men relatives (and it includes my Master) would be willing to protect me with their life. i love that these men don’t even think about it but rather it is what they are 😊

i love to be touched by a man. My knees go weak when a male hand pulls me close and the male lips go over mine. i love being a brat to my man so he would put me across his lap and spank me. i love to be scared as my bare unprotected butt is exposed to a man’s hard hand. i love when the blows come, first slow and then harder and harder… 😊

i love to pretend that i don’t want to have sex with my man. i love it when he sees right though me and “forces” me. i love the feeling of my underwear being taken off me. i love the feel of the rough male hands squeezing by boobs and pinching my nipples. i love my hair pulled and my mouth guided onto my man’s dick. i love to pleasure my man with my mouth. i love the moans my man makes when he can’t control his enjoyment of me sucking on his dick 😊

i love it when my man is as hard as a rock and calls me names. i love being put on my hands and knees and being whooped with a belt. i love when i can’t stand the whooping pain anymore and my man flips me and forces his hard dick into my soft pussy. i love the feel of my man’s heavy muscular body on top of me. i love when my man can’t control himself anymore and his dick starts pulsating inside me 😊

i love when my man is spent and just pulls me close and holds me 😊


fatimagirl 19F  
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12/7/2018 7:19 pm

I love guys too

foXXX_trapD 44F  
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12/7/2018 4:23 pm

Sarah, i love men too.... you give some very near and dear reasons why. Great read, thank you.

be well...

when i care enough to write my very best©

msfunfor 57M
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12/6/2018 5:39 am

hello ,
that is a very beautiful rumination on the male from a female
perspective .
a lucky man who has his girl feel like that !
(must be the x-mas spirit making you say such mushy things out-loud....? )

be good


softslave00 replies on 12/6/2018 9:19 am:
Ty LOL I felt bad for running my mouth about males in my previous posts. I am NOT a man hater. I LOVE men. I adore men. There is NEVER a moment in my waking hours when I dont think about men and when i sleep i have vivid dreams about men

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