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reality and girl shopping
Posted:Dec 10, 2018 7:11 pm
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2018 12:38 am

MONDAY 5 PM – Sometimes i think that i live in a dream or a simulation. The feeling of unreality overwhelms me occasionally. Yet, i know that i am awake and not digitized. The pain of despair and the euphoria of delight are way too intense to be artificial. My nightmarish fog of realism -- i experienced at the beginning of the year after my ex-husband left me – has tuned itself into a pleasant cloud of happiness. i have had several experiences this year which i could have never dreamed up.

The most recent unreal event took place this weekend. Mr. Al and i have acquired a hobby. Both of us enjoy “shopping” for a curb girl on a certain street in South Los Angeles which can only be described as a huge outdoor red-light district. We “shop” by driving up and down the street and look at the ladies of the night. If Mr. Al finds a girl he likes, we pick her up and take her to a motel where i enjoy watching him have rough sex with her. We have gone “shopping” like that half a dozen times. Mr. Al is so picky, however, that we have “completed” our purchase only twice. He only likes black women with big round butts and he does not like the professional streetwalkers. He prefers “armatures.” It doesn’t mean that these women give it away for free. What i mean is that they are not the hardened full-time professionals who have lost their appreciation of sex completely. Mr. Al explained that there are plenty of part-time girls who only come out occasionally to supplement their income. These “armatures” can enjoy sex with their customers and are far more attentive.

This past weekend, i was treated to an illustration of a difference between a professional and an amateur. Early Saturday morning, we drove up and down this red-light street and picked up a girl. Mr. Al drove to a small motel and made a deal with her to spank her to and do her. My part in this was to be a silent observer and to follow Mr. Al’s directions. In the room, the girl undressed and Mr. Al did some spanking on her and then bent her over a bed and did her from behind. Even tough he asked the girl to make loud moans and to move her hips while he fucked her, she did none of that. Very quickly Mr. Al stopped doing her (he didn’t cum) and we took her back to the corner where we found her. Mr. Al did not like her at all.

So, he drove up and down the street again. After an hour, we picked up another girl. She was much taller than i am with a big round butt and small boobies. We debated, before we picked her up, if she was part of the sex trade. She wore tight jeans, a long sleeve top, and sneakers. The girl did not strut but looked like she was on her way somewhere. Yet, when Mr. Al slowed down to take a better look at her, she looked at us and gave us a shy smile.

In the motel room, she followed Mr. Al’s direction perfectly. When he pounded her with his dick from behind, she was making very realistic moans and i think she was enjoying the sex a lot. After Mr. Al ejaculated, all three of us had a conversation. Jaylee (not her real name) said that she is 29 and that she lives with her mom and her sister about 80 miles inland from Los Angeles. She told us that a few times a month, she has her girlfriend drop her off in South LA so she can make some money to support herself and her young child. Jaylee said that if Mr. Al pays for the three-day stay in the motel room, she will pleasure him for several hours.

Mr. Al agreed. He sat himself in bed and told Jaylee to give him head. And, he told me to undress and to kiss him on his mouth. While Jaylee was doing his dick, Mr. All was kissing me and massaging my pussy. i enjoyed it but i was very nervous and uncomfortable. i really hated the room. It smelled and i didn’t think it was sanitary. Mr. Al figured out quickly that i was not enjoying the scene and solved the problem by taking Jaylee home with us. It is difficult to describe what we did. Both Jaylee and i pleasured Mr. Al. We kissed him, we gave him head, and he spanked us and he fucked us. He would not eat Jaylee, even though she asked him to. He did eat me. And he did it while having his dick inside her. That was truly a wild experience. i felt super jealous but Mr. Al mouth on my pussy made my jealousy feel so so so wonderful that i have no words to describe it. When we wore him out, Jaylee made a nest between his legs and just kept his placid penis in her mouth while Mr. Al held me and kissed me. Later, Mr. Al took both us out to dinner. The three of us slept together. In the morning, Mr. Al tied Jaylee to a bedpost (we have a new BDSM bed), ate my pussy and then did me very hard. He didn’t do Jaylee in the morning. Just me 😊

He was generous for her time. Jaylee said that she doesn’t want to go back to LA and wants to be taken home. On the way, all three of us talked a lot. Jaylee said that she really liked Mr. Al and that i was a very lucky woman to have such an attentive man. When we parked in front of Jaylee’s home, she hesitated getting out of the truck. She looked like she wanted to say something but was shy about it. i told her to say whatever she wanted to say. So, Jaylee asked if we were looking for a girl for an ongoing relationship. Mr. Al asked me to take her cell number but told her that he doesn’t know if we ever see her again. He said that we want a lifestyle submissive woman. She said that she can be submissive to the right man and that she liked the way Mr. Al spanked her.

This experience left me with a very nice afterglow. i felt that Jaylee genuinely liked being fucked by Mr. Al. He did some spanking of her but i can’t say if she truly enjoyed it (like i do) or it was an act. When Mr. Al comes home tonight, i want to hear his opinion about Jaylee. We didn’t get a chance to discuss her yesterday because we picked up our kids from my dad’s home and did the family stuff the rest of the day 😊
Oral sex
Posted:Dec 6, 2018 4:45 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2018 7:24 pm

THURSDAY 10 – Mr. Al left late for his office this rainy morning. He didn’t have any morning appointments and wanted to spend more time with me. He pays an exuberant amount of attention on me. Never in my live, i had a man shower me with so much care. Its not only erotic. He seems to be truly interested in interacting with me. i am not being one hundred percent truthful – any interaction with Mr. Al is very erotic.

He managed to put me in a constant state of arousal. i never knew that i could be like that. He really turned it on last week. He started eating my pussy every day, sometimes twice a day. He loves to put me in a rope bondage and burry his face between my legs. i have had men perform cunnilingus on me before. i have had Mr. Al eat me before. But my poor pussy has never been attacked by a hungry man on a sustained basis like that before LOL

For some reason, i feel extremely close to him emotionally during and right after he lets me O from his mouth. Just by putting his tongue on my clit i start floating in my subspace. With him, i can get into my submissive high without him spanking me. The best, however, is when he whoops me hard, then ties me uu and eats me. After that, i go for hours in a euphoric state and nothing can hurt me. Everything i do falls into place. My mom stopped by Monday, when i was in that state, and she commented that she has never seen me so happy. i don’t tell her the details of my sex live but i know she guessed why i was the way i was 😊

Mr. Al and i talk about our sex daily. When i asked him why he keeps eating me, he said that he likes the way i taste and smell and that he can bring up that memory when he is at work and it makes him very happy. He claims that he never enjoyed eating a woman and kissing her they way he loves doing me. We have been very oral from the first time he kissed me. Open mouth kissing has always been special for us. i guess now he took the next logical step 😊

His attention makes me feel some guilt. i have not been always nice to Mr. Al. During most of our relationship, i had been telling him that i only use him for sex and BDSM games. i had often told him that he is just a dildo for me. All of that was a blatant lie. When he called me on it a few months ago and tried to break up with me, i found myself begging him not to stop our relationship. He forced me to admit to myself how important he was to me.

Last night, i had a twinge of an irrational jealousy and asked him to see his cell. So, he gave me his password and i got to see his pictures and his texts. i was afraid to discover him texting with numerous hoes and keeping their naked pics LOL

i found some very old texts from some women he used to sleep with. Instead of feeling jealous, i felt sad. He had rejected all them for me. Nothing in his cell made me have my temper tantrum. i don’t think i would have even if i found out that he flirts with a million girls and keeps their nude pics. He had managed to eat me into being calm LOL

After i gave Mr. Al the cell back, he told me to go ahead and have my jealous temper with him. He said it would help if i think beforehand what i want to yell at him and make it interesting so both of us could turn it into a scene. i had no desire to yell at him. As i examined his cell, i already knew what i was going to say. We were in our bedroom and the kids have gone to bed by then.

So, i just went to my knees in from of him. Mr. Al was sitting in an easy chair we have in our bedroom. i looked him in his eyes an told him how much i loved him. i told him that i have never felt an emotion like that for any man in my life. i told him that i was his forever. i said that if he decides to leave me, i will keep loving him and will try to convince him to come and see me even if he will have a new woman. i intended to be calm but my emotions surged and i started crying. He wanted to say something but i stopped him. It took me a moment to compose myself and i repeated that i loved him and that i was his for as long as cared to have me. We spent late into the night cuddling and kissing and talking and having sex. i didn’t know that he could be so tender.

So, now he is at work and he promised to come home early. i miss him so so so much LOL

And i can’t wait for him to come home and eat my pussy tonight 😊
What i LOVE about MEN
Posted:Dec 5, 2018 5:00 pm
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2018 11:34 pm

WEDNESDAY 2 PM – What i LOVE about men is everything. i love looking at men the way they walk and strut. In the gym, i get mesmerized watching men lift weights or punching a bag. i love the way men check me out when i walk by. i love the deep voices the men have. i love the way men try to conceal the fact that they want to have sex with me when they pretend that they just want to be friends 😊

i love that men can focus their attention on me like a laser. When my man wants me, i know that he forgets everything else. i love that his want is so powerful that i can just drink it up and get high on it. And, i can never get enough of his attention 😊

i love that men have a powerful protective instinct for women. i am convinced that my close men relatives (and it includes my Master) would be willing to protect me with their life. i love that these men don’t even think about it but rather it is what they are 😊

i love to be touched by a man. My knees go weak when a male hand pulls me close and the male lips go over mine. i love being a brat to my man so he would put me across his lap and spank me. i love to be scared as my bare unprotected butt is exposed to a man’s hard hand. i love when the blows come, first slow and then harder and harder… 😊

i love to pretend that i don’t want to have sex with my man. i love it when he sees right though me and “forces” me. i love the feeling of my underwear being taken off me. i love the feel of the rough male hands squeezing by boobs and pinching my nipples. i love my hair pulled and my mouth guided onto my man’s dick. i love to pleasure my man with my mouth. i love the moans my man makes when he can’t control his enjoyment of me sucking on his dick 😊

i love it when my man is as hard as a rock and calls me names. i love being put on my hands and knees and being whooped with a belt. i love when i can’t stand the whooping pain anymore and my man flips me and forces his hard dick into my soft pussy. i love the feel of my man’s heavy muscular body on top of me. i love when my man can’t control himself anymore and his dick starts pulsating inside me 😊

i love when my man is spent and just pulls me close and holds me 😊

Sex for legal services, guns, and a cheating wife
Posted:Dec 4, 2018 11:02 am
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2018 5:23 pm

TUESDAY 5 AM – This past weekend turned out to be one of the wonderful markers in my life. i cherish these markers, they are the milestones of my journey. i can identify the three great things which happened and etched themselves as a minor turning point in my existence. Let me ease you into the story 😊

Mr. Al has an old friend, a lawyer. They have known each other since they were in their twenties. They met when Mr. Al was getting evicted from his apartment – way back when -- and Rich (not his real name) was fresh out of law school and this was his first case defending Mr. Al. Rich found some legal technicality and Mr. Al had stayed in the apartment rent-free for several months. They had become close friends after that. Unlike Mr. Al, Rich has good college education and is culturally refined. Mr. Al did not do any formal schooling after high school. He reads a lot and watches lectures on YouTube but he celebrates his deplorable status and has nothing good to say about the college education. Furthermore, even without education, he had made a successful career in his industry which allows him to afford a comfortable lifestyle. The fact that i have degrees from the two highly rated universities, makes it especially sweet for Mr. Al when he makes me pleasure him LOL

Going back to my story. i never met Rich and his wife Wendy (not her real name) before. Mr. Al spoke about them a lot, however. When Rich met Wendy, both of them were going through their divorces. Rich handled her case. Apparently, according to Mr. Al, Wendy had no money to pay Rich for his legal services. So, Wendy had to start an affair with Rich. i don’t know if any of it is true but it’s a good story. But if you believe the story, it is obvious that she is not paid up yet because she married Rich and give him kids LOL

We spent the whole day on Sunday with them. Mr. Al and Rich took our kids to the shooting range while Wendy and i found a nice place near the range which served mimosas. We got tipsy and gossiped. She told me many negative things about Mr. Al’s ex-wife. She said that that woman was super spoiled and had many affairs on Mr. Al. Wendy said that Mr. Al and her separated at one time and that’s when he fathered my step daughter Missy by some ho. Wendy said that Mr. Al always liked black women and she never understood why he married his ex-wife who is white.

This information took a lot of guilt off me. i felt bad about stealing another woman’s man. When my ex-husband left me, i was terribly hurt. The fact that Mr. Al’s ex-wife was going through her hurt had bothered me a lot. Wendy, however, said that his ex slept around a lot and had an ongoing affair with some guy for many years. It was apparent that Wendy did not like that woman. So, that was the first good thing 😊

The second good thing was the fact that Mr. Al took my 10-year-old son Roy to a shooting range. On his recent birthday, Mr. Al gave Roy a revolver. We will keep it in a gun safe until Roy turns 18. So, Roy was so excited that he got to shoot his new gun that he forgot that he hates Mr. Al. So, they are now talking guns and shooting non-stop. What is it with males and guns?

The third good thing was that on Saturday, Mr. Al and i met and had a threesome with a nice sub. You can read all the pornographic details in my previous post. The effect of watching Mr. Al spanking and having rough sex with Nicolette is still with me. After Mr. Al sent her back to her vanilla husband, he spent many hours doing me. He let me have as many O’s as i wanted. He stopped edging me and just makes me ask permission when i want to O. Something changed in him even before the threesome. i think he figured out that i need a lot more sex than he thought. So, he eats me every day and plays with my pussy a lot. i love it when he puts me in a rope bondage and makes me O 😊

It was wonderful watching Mr. Al do Nicolette. He pounded her hard missionary while calling her many awful names. Since she was cheating on her husband, all the names he called her were technically true. It was like he was a predator on his pray. His muscular body moved hard and Nicolette screamed in pleasure. Twice he would stop and spank her, telling her that she was not pleasuring him right with her pussy. He did make her O. And she was soooooooooo loud. It was wonderful!

In the evening, Mr. Al sent Nicolette a virtual gift card to an adult toy website. He was VERY generous. She called me early Sunday morning and Mr. Al and i spoke to her together. She thanked Mr. Al for the gift card and thanked both of us for being nice to her on Saturday. She said that she never had a threesome before and she really enjoyed it. But, she said, she does not feel right about having an on-going relationship with a man who has another woman who can satisfy him sexually better than her. She said that we were a very nice young couple and that she hopes we will find another sub to play with. She did not want to continue with us. Mr. Al told her that he understands and that he is very sorry she feels that way because both of us just loved her.

After the conversation ended, Mr. Al told me not to take what Nicolette said to heart. He reminded me that i have tried to break up with him countless times and that i am still here and now wearing his collar LOL

He said that she probably just needs time to think about her experience with us and that, more than likely, we will see her again sometime in the future.
A threesome
Posted:Dec 3, 2018 2:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2018 5:22 pm

MONDAY 11 – i trolled beta males in my previous two posts. i wanted to raise some eyebrows and to make fun of the men children who pester the lifestyle subs on many BDSM dating sites. Instead, i had received many serious responses which made me VERY embarrassed for being flip.

Gentlemen who took time to respond to my posts in earnest: THANK YOU!!!

i had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, Mr. Al and i met a woman with whom we have been chatting for two weeks. Nicolette (not her real name) is a married sub in her early fifties. We met her at a nice hotel for the early breakfast. She turned out to be a plump black woman with a pretty, intelligent face, large butt and big boobs. In the other words, Mr. Al is consistent in his preferences. She looked like a larger and older version of me LOL

We had a nice conversation. She quizzed us about our lifestyle. i did most of the talking about things erotic. She was intimidated by Mr. Al and had difficulty looking at him in the beginning. Mr. Al had put a stainless-steel collar and a set of matching cuffs on me for this breakfast date. For a brief period, this became a subject of a conversation. Afterwards, she visibly relaxed.

Nicolette is a married lady and has a career in the education field. Her husband, apparently, has a very low sex drive and she had a discreet relationship with another man for many . Occasionally, her lover would spank her during their meetings and she enjoyed it. Recently, that relationship ended and she wanted for find another man, Nicolette said. She further said that she liked us a lot. She said that we appear to be “nice and decent” people. But, she added, that is not sure if she is ready for a threesome.

i thought that she was rejecting us in a polite way. i was wrong. When Mr. Al suggested that she just watch us play without participating, Nicolette nodded. She looked very nervous when Mr. Al went to the hotel’s front desk to get a room. i saw her hiding the shaking of her hands by clutching at her purse. So, i took her hands in mine, asked her to look at me, and explained to her how Mr. Al likes to play with me. i told her that she can remain fully dressed and no one will stop her from leaving if she becomes uncomfortable.

In the room, Mr. Al ordered room service: two bottles of champagne, orange juice, and beer. i made mimosas for Nicolette and me and served beer to Mr. Al. Nicolette watched Mr. Al, put me over his lap, pull my dress up, pull my thong down, and and spank me. He took his time spanking me. Her presence was so interesting. i went into my subspace right away and couldn’t keep my eyes open. After spanking me, Mr. Al undressed me completely and started doing me sideways from behind. i kept my eyes closed and concentrated on pleasuring Mr. Al’s dick inside me. As he was doing me, he started conversing with Nicolette. i was so aroused that i couldn’t concentrate on what was said but could feel in her voice that she was very aroused. At some point, Mr. Al took his penis out of me and walked over to Nicolette. i had my eyes open by then and saw that she was very embarrassed. So, i also walked over to her. We took her by her hands, helped her get up from the chair, and walked her the bed. There, Mr. Al and i undressed her slowly and gently. i told her that Mr. Al likes open mouth kissing and she stared kissing him. Then i said that its okay if she asks him to spank her. She did. After that, i didn’t have to say anything. Mr. Al took over and she was submitted to him. He spanked her butt hard with his hand and then did her missionary position for a very long time. During breakfast, Nicolette had told us that she has to take a long time to have her O’s. So, Mr. Al took his time. He took his dick out of her twice to give her more spanking. She had her O after about and hour and a half. She was very loud LOL

As he was doing her, i was in bed with them with my hand on Mr. Al’s testis. i know that he loved it. When he was finished with her, he put his arm around her and held her. i cuddled up to him on the other side and – with his free hand -- he played with my pussy until i O’ed 😊

i know that Nicolette loved what Mr. Al had done to her. She fell asleep with her head on his shoulder for an hour. While she slept, Mr. Al and i French kissed and talked about things. Afterwards, we walked Nicolette to her car. Before she left, Mr. Al told us to give him a three-way kiss. That was a wild experience 😊
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Today's males never get good sex because they have a mentality of the welfare recipients
Posted:Dec 1, 2018 12:51 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2018 8:30 am

This post is a response to Mr. Arero who left a comment on my previous post.

My wonderful Mr. Arero, we humans are made in a certain way. Men are made to create wealth, to protect their women and children, and to run things. Only a small minority of women can do that. The majority of women simply are not equipped physically and cognitively to compete with men. The genders are created very different and our roles are very different. We, women, are made to provide mental comfort and sexual pleasure for our men so they can go out into to the world and produce, create, rule, be fruitful and multiply. Ours is a supporting role. Now, if a woman wants to go out into the world and compete with men for their type of activities, i am all for her and will support her right to do so.

This is NOT what i find appalling in our society today. What is monstrous is the absolute refusal of the majority of males to take the responsibility of being a MAN. A great number of the today’s males expect their women to work full-time and pay for the half of the bills. They also demand that we provide sexual services and mental support services to them. These beta males expect to be supported, fucked, pampered, and respected without earning these VERY expensive and time-consuming services. i am not even touching on the fact that everything which has to do with the childbearing and caring for young kids falls squarely on the shoulders of women.

We, women, have been abused terribly by this neglect. During the, so called, Patriarchy men had a duty to love, protect, and support their families. Today’s males have a mentality of the welfare recipients. They want something for nothing. If you calculate the cost of the mental support, sexual favors, and domestic services an average woman is expected to provide for a male, the average male simply does not make enough money to pay for it. Just thing think of what it would cost if a male had to hire a prostitute for sex, hire a psychologist for regular sessions, hire tutors/babysitters for the children, and hire a maid to keep the house clean. No wonder that a great number of women simply use the beta males as disposable sex toys by not caring to give them the respect and the good sex.

Now, those exceptional MEN, who understand the beautiful balance of men and women playing different positions while being on the same team, get the best of us. These wise men understand what it costs to get the best things in life and they don’t look at it as an unfair burden like beta males do. They are willing to pay the full freight to have a wonderful life. These exceptional MEN get the best sex, the most beautiful loyal females, healthy and smart kids, larger income, and happy life 😊
The pussies are golden and the dicks are almost worthless :)
Posted:Nov 30, 2018 11:37 am
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2018 8:30 am

FRIDAY 10 AM – Because of my belief in the defined gender roles, i have been blackballed by the corporate portion of my industry and have been repeatedly called a gold digger when i discuss the subject.

It is my conviction that men and women have been created for different roles in our world. It is an absurd notion to expect the ladies to do the same tasks as well as men. Is not only absurd but it is insane and flies in the face of common sense and science. Even a cursory examination of our bodies reveals the huge biological differences. Furthermore, a scientific study after study show tremendous differences in temperaments and abilities between the genders. Men and women are designed to complement each other and not to duplicate.

It is very hard for the today’s males to come to grips with the idea that women are far more valuable than men. Yes, the males are stronger, have higher IQ’s, and superficially appear to produce more goods and services for our society. Yet, the males are to hundreds and thousands of dollars for bad sex with prostitutes whereas the market for the heterosexual male prostitutes is virtually non-existent. Any female can plant her butt into a bar stool and – within seconds -- be offered sex from multiple males in any American drinking establishment. For males, such treatment is only reserved for the precious few movie stars and athletes of exceptional abilities.

In shirt, the pussies are golden and the dicks are almost worthless LOL

There is an exception to this rule, however. If a dick is attached to a man who is to support and protect a female long-term, it becomes priceless. It is a fair trade as far as I concerned. i to be a loyal and obedient sex toy to a man who is to put his back into keeping a roof over my and my children’s heads. i also discovered that i can’t help to but to fall in love with a man like that. His happiness becomes paramount for me. When she shows any signs of dissatisfaction with me, it is so painful that i frantically search for the ways to make him approve of me again. i cook the food he likes. i wear the clothing he enjoys seeing me in. i do my hair and makeup the way he wants me to. When it comes to sex, i have no personal desires. i only love what makes him happy. i can’t enjoy sex unless i know that i am pleasing him. The only personal quirk i have is that i a lot of attention. i wilt and become depressed when he is not paying enough attention on me.

i have found that the males who think that supporting and protecting a woman is too much work, will never experience good sex. And those betas who claim that they can get good sex anyways, have nothing to compare the bad sex they have been having LOL
Being aroused and being cussed at
Posted:Nov 29, 2018 6:39 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2018 6:02 am

THURSDAY 4 PM – It is a cliché that women worry about the details of their relationships far more than men. i am a living proof that it is NOT true always.

i have had three long-term relationships in my life. The last one was a 10-year vanilla marriage which ended last year. Two months ago, i started another long-term relationship, with a lifestyle Dominant man this time. Up until just a week ago, i was terrified that this union will end quickly. And, i acted in accordance with that fear. i did everything to sabotage my relationship because it is scary having no say so abut what my man does.

The only reason i am convinced now that Mr. Al will not chuck me away is because he was the one paying attention to my craziness. He likes fixing things. He mended all leaking faucets in my condo as soon as he moved in and he is a burned-out lightbulb Nazi. As soon is one goes out, it’s like the world is going to end and he has to put a new one in within seconds LOL

He has the same approach to our relationship. i understood what he is doing with me this week. Finally. He explained it to me just about an hour ago when he took time to call me from work. i have been having problems with my temper since he moved it. i would yell at him sometimes just because i felt that he deserves yelling at. He handled it in various ways -- primarily by whipping me with a belt, withholding his attention, and forcing me to apologize. All of it has the benefit of good sex after my temper tantrums but it made me worry that he will get tired of me and leave me soon.

This week, he started some new behaviors which it took me a few days to question him about. He started eating my pussy every day. He would tie me up and eat me before going to sleep at night and then eat me again in the morning before taking a shower. He likes edging me, but he stopped it this week and let me O any time i wanted. i still have to ask his permission but he stopped being an asshole about it and just let me cum. He also started calling me from work many times a day. He’d just say that he is checking up on me and just chat with me for a minute before clicking off every time.

He woke me up really early this morning and started eating me when i was still half asleep. He did my pussy with his mouth for over an hour and made me O again and again, and again 😊

After he left for work, i walked around in a happy daze. Everything felt wonderful. i homeschool my children and it is a chore get them going in the morning. It wasn’t a chore today. It was like everything fell into place. i wasn’t stressed at all and i started thinking soberly about my relationship with Mr. Al, for the first time ever. So, when he called me this afternoon, i got brave enough to ask him about our relationship and about why he decided to munch on my pussy all the time LOL

“You weren’t fucking happy,” he said curtly. “I tried different things. You don’t fucking respond to the fucking belt and being ignored the way I thought you should. Then you got depressed this Sunday because I had a motherfucker of a situation on my mind which had nothing fucking to do with your spoiled princess ass.”

“You were mean to me and just ignored me Sunday,” i said.

“Here’s the motherfucker. I wasn’t but you felt that you fucking were,” Mr. Al said. “I figured that I might as well start licking your pussy because you love it so much. It’s my fucking fault. To fix this motherfucker, I decided to give you a lot more attention and a lot more discipline. I know that you are having a hairbrained fucking idea that I don’t want to be with you forever. No matter what I fucking tell you, you won’t fucking believe me. So, I figured I will eat your pussy and whip your ass all the time. I love eating your sweet pussy and I love spanking your fucking ass. And you are my fucking property. I own your princess ass. FOR-FUCKING-EVER! I figure if I keep this motherfucker up, then your spoiled I-am-a-fucking-upper-class-slave-princess ass will be fucking happy and stop being so fucking emotional.”

“So, is it working?” i asked playfully, ignoring his profanities and getting VERY aroused. i know from experience that when he starts cussing like that, it means that he has an erection and wants to have sex with me LOL

“You tell me,” he answered.

About oral sex...
Posted:Nov 27, 2018 3:45 pm
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2018 1:47 pm

TUESDAY 2 PM – For a reason only one person, other than myself, understands, i want to talk about having a man's penis in my mouth. i love giving head. i have loved it since i was younger than it was legal.

When i was in my high school age, i had a teenage boyfriend. That boy was so fine that i was willing to do anything for him… but let him put his dick in my vagina. We spent hours open mouth kissing and him touching my body everywhere. But no matter how hard he tried, i wouldn’t let him fuck me. i was afraid of my parents more than i wanted to lose my virginity. So, one day my boyfriend gave me an ultimatum: i either had to have sex with him or he would move on to a girl who was willing to fuck.

i compromised in my mind and let him put his penis in my mouth. i quickly learned that it is fun. Pleasuring a man’s penis orally is very similar to open mouth kissing. There is also an advantage to giving head over kissing. i could control his arousal with my mouth. When he would let his stupid mind wonder with my lips on his dick, i would work it harder to make him moan and focus back on me. i also found that sucking harder does not always produce more arousal. Sometimes just holding his penis in my mouth and massaging it with my tongue would make him cum.

It is funny that i have learned how to please a man with my mouth on two vanilla males. My first Master enjoyed when i sucked his dick but he did not demand it often. He liked doing other sex things with me. My vanilla ex-husband, however, would go crazy every time i started sucking on him. Since i didn’t want his dick in my pussy often, i practiced my oral skills on him. i also found that just to have a man’s dick in my mouth and working it is not enough. After reading an article about how the male sex organs work, i started exploring what he had between his legs. i found that his dick, when it was hard, extended inside his body. The hard part would go under his testes and channel right next to his anal opening. As the matter of fact, that little stretch between his balls and the anal opening was very sensitive on him. He would scream in pleasure when i massaged it with my fingers while working the head of his penis with my mouth. i also found that a man’s prostate gland is a hidden g-spot on a man. i learned to put my finger inside my ex-husband’s butt and massage the prostate as i sucked on his dick and caressed his testes. My ex would beg me to give him head often. When i wanted to change his mind about something, i would simply start sucking on him and he’d give in quickly LOL

My present Master loves my oral sex. He is a lot more difficult to please than my ex-husband. He really pays attention to what i do with his penis and he enjoys micro managing when we have sex. Yet, i get him going sometimes so he forgets to order me around and just kicks back and moans.

i have discussed oral sex with many women. Most of us learn to pleasure a man like that out of necessity. We usually start doing it a lot when we want to prevent out pussies from being penetrated. The next lover is usually the beneficiary of that learning LOL
Why are there so many substandard males on the BDSM dating site?
Posted:Nov 27, 2018 12:38 pm
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2018 9:35 am

TUESDAY 11 AM – For the last five days, i have been chatting online with another sub. We have similar outlook on our lifestyle and she brought up some issues she has with her Dom. i am not going to air her business. Instead, however, i want to address an issue of the poor-quality males who are drawn to the BDSM dating sites.

i can speak with some authority on this subject. Here are my bona fides. i was lucky. i was introduced to the lifestyle by a wise older Dom. i lived with him and his lifestyle slave/wife in a polygamous relationship for many years. i also spent many years in a vanilla marriage. After it ended, i experienced the BDSM dating world. At present, i am a collared slave, serving a wonderful man.

Without exception, all submissive women complain that the majority of males on the BDSM dating web sites are substandard. i have experienced that lack of male quality first hand.

To start with, depending on the site, the ratio of males to a female is usually 20 to 50 males to one female. Many vanilla males, who have no idea about our lifestyle, are drawn to the BDSM dating imagining that a submissive woman would be an easy casual sex conquest. Usually, they get frustrated because seducing an experienced lifestyle sub is far more difficult than a vanilla female. So, their usual response is a terrific verbal abuse. For some reason, these posers think that to a sub all males are interchangeable and we just HAVE to submit to the first male who demands it. There are some women who have that kink but those are very few.

Sometimes, these vanilla males lie their way to a relationship with a sub who has no lifestyle experience. The result is that these males hurt her in a non-lifestyle way. Most of the time it is a cruel emotional damage. Submissive women have a tendency to fall in love easy and get attached easy. The heartless vanilla males use it for a horrible emotional abuse. In some cases, these vanilla posers have a deep-seated hatred for women and they inflict a non-lifestyle impact punishment on a sub which can only be described as an assault and battery. i will go out on a limb and declare that all lifestyle submissive women have been abused horribly by these posers during our life.

Now, not all males on the BDSM dating sites are posers. There is a minority who are sane and can tell a difference between a casual kink, one plays out in a scene, and an alternative lifestyle relationship. Those men are PRECIOUS. These are the REAL Doms in my openion. They have another quality, they are willing to learn from a sub and they are willing to take responsibility for a woman. Most posers use the word “training” as a euphemism for a BDSM scene. The experienced Doms, however, can actually train a woman to understand and enjoy her submissive nature. It takes a long time and it involves a man spending much time and attention getting to know her. The posers, however, think that beating a woman senseless and destroying her ego is therapeutic somehow. These vile idiots use phrases like “pushing limits” or taking a woman “to the new limits.” They have never heard of the Safe and Sane BDSM practices. i think every sub should google “Safe and Sane BDSM practices” and read the plethora of literature on the subject before venturing into the lifestyle.

Furthermore, a sub can train a novice Dom. It has nothing to do with the power dynamics. The Dom is still Dominant and the sub is still submitted to him. Yet, he welcomes her feedback and allows it to alter his behavior.

There is NOT a one way to practice BDSM. The posers like to usurp the power to say that a woman’s kink is invalid and unimportant. All kinks are valid and important. If a sub does not want to share her Dom with other women, it is a HARD LIMIT for her. A man CANNOT cure her from that desire. If a woman has only a one specific fantasy which makes her O, a man CANNOT alter that fact. If a woman only enjoys sex in the confines of a long-term relationship, a man CANNOT train her to enjoy casual sex.

What i wrote is my opinion only and i wish not to force it on others. i expect people to disagree with me. The opinions which contradict mine don’t do me any harm and i welcome them. i have changed my mind on many subjects in my life and i expect that my learning experience will never end 😊

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