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About a "shotgun" wedding in July :)
Posted:May 2, 2019 2:06 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2019 4:21 pm

THURSDAY NOON – Another project finished!!! i have time to cause trouble for the next few days until more work comes my way.

i already started on trouble. My man and i call ourselves husband and wife even though we have not gone through a government approved marriage ceremony and licensing. We have spent a long time negotiating the terms of our relationship and have put most of it in a Master/slave agreement.

My dad, however, was not happy with us living together without a recognizable marriage. He has several problems with our union. One, i am black and Mr. Al is white. For my dad, it is a form of a tribal betrayal. It is very deeply seated and i understand why he feels like he does while i do disagree adamantly. The more important problem, however, he has with our relationship is we have formed a family and call ourselves married. To him, such a relationship needs to be sanctified by a church (he can care less about the government LO.

My dad and i had a long telephone conversation two days ago on this subject. He said, if Mr. Al was just a meaningless toy boy for me, he would be indifferent. He allows women to decide who they have sex with for recreation. What really bothers him is that i am allowing a white man to treat me like a black “wench” of the Antebellum South. He feels Mr. Al has no respect for me by making me pregnant, convincing me to care for his bi-racial daughter, and NOT marrying.

i let my dad speak for a long time without interrupting and took detailed notes. i love and respect my dad. My mom has converted him to a denomination of Christianity my family has practiced since the slave days (i am told). She made it a condition of being married to him. My dad had a full faith conversion. i understand why his feelings were hurt by my relationship with Mr. Al. It took all my will power not to argue with my dad LOL

So, when Mr. Al came home that night, i read him my notes. He nodded his head and said he will “fix this shit” without elaborating. i had no idea what he meant and didn’t feel like asking 😊

Yesterday afternoon, my mom called. She said Mr. Al took her and my dad out for lunch (without saying anything to me). He told both of them he wants to marry me and asked my dad for his blessings!?!

According to my mom, he was indifferent to where and how the ceremony would take place. He told my parents i am his wife already and nothing can change this situation. He also told my dad he has his own Mr. Al tribe which is a very exclusive tribe and only people invited can joint. He invited my dad to join his tribe and said his daughter (me) and his grand kids are members already LOL

So i guess we will have a wedding in July. Mr. Al’s exact words, when he came home last night, were. “I don’t give a fuck how me and you get hitched. Just tell me where and when we need to show up.”

My mom is making plans already and i am stunned. i plan to talk to my dad abut all of this but i am not ready yet
Male superiority: delusion and reality
Posted:Apr 29, 2019 2:15 pm
Last Updated:May 6, 2019 3:48 pm

MONDAY AM – Last night – after i had a great emotional sex with my husband and he drifted off to sleep -- i cuddled up to him and spent several hours chatting with a number of males about the D/s relationships online. The subject of male superiority had come up several times. Over the years, i had discussed the male superiority many times and decided to dedicate the whole blog post to it.

It is very common for males, who describe themselves as Dominant, to express a desire to “train” a woman, to “instruct” a woman, to provide “guidance” to a woman, or to “teach” a woman.

i never take males at their word LOL

So, i made it a habit to ask such males what makes them qualified to become a mentor to a submissive female.

One of the males, last night, listed an impressive list of college degrees. i agree he is qualified to teach in the field of his studies. Yet, how do those degrees translate into the ability to mentor a submissive woman?

After and uncomfortable (for him) -minute break in our online chat, he stated he has been having a causal BDSM sex for 30 years. All this time, he relayed, he has been married to a vanilla career woman who cheated on him and did not have good sex with him. i asked him how does it make him an expert on anything more than just a forgettable causal sex. No coherent answer LOL

Another guy, when asked what qualified him to be a mentor to a submissive woman, said he has never had a D/s relationship but just finished a “BDSM Training Course” and this qualifies him as an expert. When i asked probing questions, he relayed the training concentrated on the mechanics of bondage and the rough sex protocols such as safe words and other safety precautions. To this guy, our lifestyle was nothing more than a weekend hobby. He had an illusion (without any personal experience) all submissive women are ready to be unpaid prostitutes for any creature with a dick.

Yet, another told me a story about how he “trains” submissive women to be “sold” to Dominant men. When i asked him if my husband and i could “buy” such a well-trained sub from him, he left the chat without responding LOL

Over the last few years, i have routinely came up with similar conversations. The one story which many males relay often (it didn’t come up last night, however) is retelling the 50 Shades plot of how some powerful Domme had trained them as sub males in their youth and now they are expert male Doms because of it LOL

Unfortunately, this is the majority of males who make themselves available for the submissive women in cyber space. There are exceptions obviously. Over the last three years, i have had three face to face meetings with the true Dominant men i met online. One was a full weekend one-night-stand, another turned into a three-months affair, and the third Dom made me submit for good and became my Master/Husband. He intends to keep me till the death of us part 😊

Men can be great mentors to a submissive woman. We rely on good men for everything: our happiness, material support, and good sex. We crave to be trained by a wonderful Dom on how to make him happy. One common quality which all true subs have is the desire to be approved by a Dom. Without being able to make our men happy, we wilt. This is where the problem for a wannabe Doms comes from. To have a meaningful D/s relationship, a man has to put a great deal of effort and attention into a woman. First, a male needs to know what the end result should look like. What does he want a woman to do other than have sex with him on command (most common request LOL )? The simple truth submissive women can’t lead and can only follow, does not compute in most males.

Also, women have a much better cognitive understanding of things relationship. There is a trail of scientific studies to back statement up. An 18-year-old girl can run circles around a 50-year-old when it comes to navigating the relationships instinctively. What women need is to be able to rely on a man to provide moral compass. To stop us from making stupid decisions when we are in an emotional state. To spend time with us and help us understand how to enjoy sex. Most women will readily trade their freedom for safety and security. My man won me because he agreed to become a tall solid wall between me and the world. My suspicion is most women (subs and vanilla) find such a desire irresistible in a man 😊
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Hilarious -- someone posted these two pics on Facebook :)
Posted:Apr 26, 2019 10:20 am
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2019 9:43 pm
No comment from me necessary

Mean faces and oral sex
Posted:Apr 25, 2019 7:04 pm
Last Updated:May 9, 2019 8:15 am

THURSDAY 3 PM – first, i wasn’t sure if i wanted to write about this. But i love analyzing relationships, including my own. Mr. Al hurt my feelings really bad last night over a trivial thing. And i spent an agonizing two hours before getting brave enough to him on it. He didn’t react all like i expected.

Let me tell you what happened. Mr. Al and i have a deal: i am prohibited from masturbating, but i allowed to ask for oral sex and get it. We negotiated this deal over a period of many months and it was a compromise.

Last night, i asked Mr. Al to do with his mouth. Usually, he is happy to do his wicked magic between my thighs with his lips and tongue. Last nigh, however, he made a . And i got pissed off. i got so pissed off i lost my desire for sex. i went cold inside and everything became dark, cold, and monochrome. He was ready to pull my thong off and eat me but i just walked of the bedroom.

He made such an asshole i seriously thought of moving . For two seconds LOL

So, i brooded for two hours before going back to the bedroom again. Mr. Al was still awake, watching his YouTube channels on his cell. While i was brooding, i wrote a script for myself of what i wanted to say.

i came to his side of the bed, lowered my head and looked at my feet in a classic submissive schoolgirl pose.

“You hurt my feelings, Sir,” i said submissively. “i can’t enjoy sex with you anymore. Please fix it Sir.”

i couldn’t see his face because i forced myself to look at my toes. He didn’t say or do anything for a long time and i stood frozen in my submissive pose. i can maintain it for hours. i practice it 😊

At some point, after centuries passed, i felt Mr. Al’s hands on my waist and he pulled me into the bed under the covers. He tried to kiss on me. i didn’t turn away but i didn’t return his kisses either. So, he put a bite on my lips, threw the covers off us and started spanking . He wasn’t rough or hard first. But he kept spanking and spanking. The pain made my mind float into the subspace. I resisted. And resisted. And resisted. All in vain. The pain made me drunk and aroused.

Then he took my thong off and spread my thighs. i tried not to let him but he was way too strong. So, i closed my eyes and submitted. Then i felt his lips and tongue. i forced myself not to moan for a long time. i also forced myself to be still and not to move my pelvis. But it was too much. He made me O. i couldn’t hold back because the whole situation was straight from my fantasy. i love being forced to enjoy sex.

He made me O twice and then he did my pussy with his dick and i made him explode. We fell asleep holding each other. We have not said a word to each other until morning and both of us pretended nothing unusual happened last night.

i can’t wait for him to home because i will ask for oral sex again and see if he makes a face… again LOL
i made a woman embarrassed
Posted:Apr 24, 2019 4:36 pm
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2019 5:11 am

WEDNESDAY – Inadvertently, i embarrassed a nice woman four days ago.

Sunday, my step-daughter Missy had her first horse show. Mr. Al, myself, the other children, my parents, and Mr. Al’s parents came to watch her. We turned the event into a family picnic. Several other families, who had children showing their horses, joined in. A woman started flirting with Mr. Al. To his credit , he did everything to stop her but she seemed to be very attracted him. She actually put her hands on his biceps and felt his back. She was a tiny thin Latin woman in her thirties with a beautiful face,q, full lips, and huge eyes. I purposefully stayed away from Mr. Al. He was visibly embarrassed and i enjoyed every second of it.

i don’t think it occurred to her he may be attached to a black woman. It is not unusual to see mixed race couples in Southern California, but some people are not used to it.

i had a great deal of fun watching Missy ride and win several ribbons. i also met many horse moms with whom i plan to stay in touch.

When the show was over, Mr. Al helped Missy load the horse into our horse trailer. This woman was still trying to flirt with Mr. Al. He motioned for me to over and, with a shock visible on the woman’s face, introduced as his wife.

“Please, come with us,” i said and smiled. “We would love to have you for dinner.”

i purposefully phrased my words in such a way a double-entendre was VERY evident LOL

The poor thing went dark red, stuttered her good-byes, and ran away.

As Mr. Al and i had sex later in the evening, we talked about her. Somehow, she made our sex so much sweeter 😊
Being wicked
Posted:Apr 18, 2019 2:04 pm
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2019 12:37 am

THURSDAY 1 PM – Men. i am crazy about men. And they have not always been good to me. Yet, when i am awake, men are on my mind and when i sleep, i dream about men. Only one man now. He occupies my thoughts. i hate seeing him go to work in the morning and i can’t wait for him to back in the evening.

i am not easy on men. i am a brat and i have a temper. i like pushing boundaries and it takes a special man to keep in check. i try Mr. Al’s patience often. He gets this facial expression of incredulity and a special intonation in his voice (did she really just say ?) when i feel like causing trouble.

And, i have been causing a lot of trouble for Mr. Al this week 😊

He deserved it. He whooped me so hard over the weekend and Monday and used my poor pussy in such a rough way i couldn’t have sex for two days. My butt was covered with bruises, bumps, and welts. My pussy was very sore and it hurt even when he tried to eat me. i made him feel very guilty. Saturday, he gave a lecture oh now he will not whoop me very hard any more because i am pregnant with his child. But he got so excited he forgot LOL

Yesterday afternoon, my pussy recovered to the point where i could touch my clit and it did not hurt. Mr. Al’s rules do not allow me to with my pussy. It is a blanket prohibition. i not allowed to touch myself unless i am washing my pussy.

So, i called Mr. Al yesterday when he was work.

“i am washing my (pussy),” i told him using the special word he made for my vagina. i let a loud moan and massaged my clit with my finger. “She really likes it.”

i proceeded to with myself while on the phone with him and i was not shy about making moaning noises. He didn’t say anything but i could hear him breathing LOL

“i am just washing my (pussy),” i kept repeating and moaning.

At some point Mr. Al called me a whore and a slut and pretended he is very angry. But his voice was so low and had a very sexy quality which he has when hid dick gets hard. So, i ignored him and continued playing with my pussy and moaning.

His voice got me to the point were i was desperate to O. But, i couldn’t have an orgasm without his permission. As wicked as i felt, i just couldn’t break this rule of his. So, i begged him pr an O. He said i could and it was a wonderful O.

Before he had to go, he gave me permission to have another O later. So, in a few hours, i recorded playing with myself and having an orgasm. When he came home, he let me suck his dick (my pussy and butt were still too sore for penetration) and he watched my vid while i did him 😊
Alternative lifestyle emotions
Posted:Apr 15, 2019 5:01 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2019 2:12 pm

MONDAY 3 PM – Something changed in me since I found out a baby is baking inside my belly. i remember the emotion when i was pregnant twice before. This time, a very different man fathered my baby and it affected my emotions in much more powerful way.

My weekend was a discovery of how everything changed. A few months ago, Mr. Al decided he will administer corporal punishment only twice a month. He put a punishment schedule on the wall of our bedroom. He set aside two Saturdays in April to whoop me. The routine, we fell into, was like this. i would take all my clothing off and stand in a middle of our bedroom (or a motel room). Then i would read my notes about which rules i have broken and we would discuss how many stokes of a folded belt Mr. Al would give me for each transgression.

The punishment would make both of us crazy horny for each other and we would have sex for hours after .

My punishment day was last Saturday. Mr. Al, however, would not use a belt on me. He said it was too harsh of a punishment tool for a pregnant woman. So, instead of doing my butt twice a month, he told me he will use his judgement to punish me more often but only with his open hand and his new flogger.

On Saturday evening, after kids went to bed, he put me over his knee and spanked me for a long time. He didn’t do me especially hard. But he kept it for almost an hour. It took longer to start floating in my subspace but it was just as intense. He did something new too. He stopped spanking me several times and made me O with his hand on my pussy. It is a wonderful sensation to be across his lap and feeling the muscles of his thighs flex, his strong fingers pinching my nipples, and his hand massaging my clit. The burning on my punished butt would only to the feeling of… i can’t put the emotion into words… lust… love… the feeling of being his… being merged with his emotions… These are just some poor attempt to describe what i felt.

We had sex most of the Saturday night. Hard, rough sex. We had a late breakfast and we had a wonderful day. We spent most of the day being next to each other. Mr. Al wouldn’t let me cook dinner by bothering me in the kitchen. It was like he was literally unable to keep his hands off my body 😊

The strangest and most wonderful thing happened this morning. Somehow, Mr. Al merged our everyday life with an alternative lifestyle scene. He woke me very early. He started doing recently. It is very unusual because it is my job to wake him in the morning.

We were in bed under the covers. i was on my back and he pulled on my hair backwards and made arch my whole body back.

“You will tell the truth now,” he demanded in his low reverberating voice. It is a fake voice of deep anger which he has when he is aroused.

“Yes Sir,” i answered, instantly aroused by the pain of his hand pulling on my hair and his deep voice.

“Are you pushing to find another woman so you can be done with us and leave?” he asked. His voice was truly menacing and so wonderfully deep. Every syllable reverberated though my body and ended in my pussy.

“No Sir,” i tried to answer but i was so aroused no sound came out. i had to try twice to get the words out.

“I don’t believe you,” Mr. Al roared and pulled me close to his body.

He then took the blanked off me, we sleep in the nude, and proceeded to flog my butt while holding me close to his body. As he flogged me, he open mouth kissed. He kept insisting i plan to leave him and this is why i want another woman in our relationship. And i kept saying i love him and i could never leave him.

The flogger kept doing my butt and it burned and the pain kept sending my higher and higher into the subspace.

“You are driving me crazy,” Mr. Al said one point. “Stop putting your spell on me . I never wanted a woman the way I want you.”

And it was my turn now to talk as he flogged and kissed .

“I will never let you go,” i moaned. “You are mine, mine, mine. And if you every try to set me free i will make sure you will be miserable forever.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

And i told him. i was mean now. i am his slave and he could do anything he wanted, I said, but i explained to him how i will ruin him if he ever sets me free. And he knew i know all his most vulnerable emotional secrets. And he called me many awful names and cussed. But he kept kissing and biting my lips. And i was confessing my love for him and threatened him at the same time.

Then he stopped flogging me and did me in my butt sideways. He also massaged my pussy and pinched my nipples. And, he called me all the unspeakable ugly names he could think off. And then he let me O. It was so intense i passed out. i know i did because when i came to, he had a very worried look on his face.

So, he held me, and caressed me, and kissed on me. He was very tender now and i started to cry. It was wonderful crying like while being held by him. My butt burned and the afterglow of sex was keeping me in my subspace. It was a scene. We love each other. i will never let him go and i know he will never set me free. But he managed to create such an intense emotion. And it was real and it was fake all at the same time.

After he left for work, i examined my butt. It looked like a mess. Lots of damage. i took a picture of it and texted it to Mr. Al with the words “it is all your fault.” He texted back a thumbs emoji LOL
About one woman and one man
Posted:Apr 12, 2019 10:57 am
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2019 9:01 pm

FRIDAY 8 AM – A project found me yesterday. Mr. Al ordered me to go back to work and so i did. It was a dialogue which needed to be fixed. It was somewhat interesting. And the more i thought about it, the more i understood that i need to kick start myself. i needed to have a real-life dialogue to get my creativity flow.

So, i texted Mr. Al and told him that i want 15 minutes of his time for a conversation to get myself ready to write. He is used to me using him as my creative warm up LOL

We ended up talking about me wanting another woman in our relationship. It was a brutally honest conversation. It made me see me from his point of view.

“Why do want another woman with us?” he asked.

“Because it makes everything more interesting. Sex is better and i will have someone with whom i can share intimacy and my love for you,” i answered.

“Explain this to me. You are the most jealous woman I ever met. You drive yourself nuts with imagining that I fuck other women on my lunch break and keep it a secret from you. But you seem to get off when i fuck other women right in front of you. As the matter of fact, you nag me to go and find someone to have a threesome with. What in the fuck is that?”

“i can’t explain it,” i gave him my honest answer. “i get crazy horny watching you take control over some ho and make her pleasure you. It’s like you hypnotize these women. It’s like at one moment they are all that and a bag of chips and then like something is switched in them and they start calling you ‘Sir’ and do what you tell them.”

“But you react the same way,” he said.

“Well, now i do. It took me two years to get used to you and start loving you as much as i do now,” i said. “When did you start loving me?”

“I think I always did,” he paused. “I dreamt you up. I loved you before I met you. I had an imaginary girl I was in love with all my life in my head. I had no idea it was you. It took me a while to figure out it was you. I guess when you started breaking up with me on the daily basis and then texting me the next day saying that you can’t stop thinking about me, I got the message.”

“Why are you resisting finding another girl for us?” i asked.

“Because, i don’t see the point,” he laughed. “Women are a big hassle. One woman is a big hassle. Two women are just way too much hassle. Plus, i don’t have the fantasy of having two females at home. I had my wife and you for a long time. And you know how that show ended.”

“It’s just me now,” i said business like. “Why can’t we replace your ex-wife with another woman who would enjoy being a part of our relationship?”

“Because, I don’t want to lose you and be stuck with some scuzzy whore,” he said.

By that time, he had to go back to his business and i was sufficiently recharged to start writing. i know that Mr. Al and i have unfinished business on the subject of another woman in our relationship. But he is so bullheaded and i will never change his mind just by charging him head on. But i will change his mind 😊
I put a spell on him
Posted:Apr 10, 2019 2:50 pm
Last Updated:Apr 22, 2019 8:46 pm

WEDNESDAY 2 PM – Mr. Al left late for his office today. Again. We had a long leisurely family breakfast. After breakfast, i gave the kids their lesson plan for the day and asked Molly, a young woman who comes in and helps me with the household chores, to look after the children.

Mr. Al and i walked to the patio. He sat down into a large lawn chair and made me sit on his lap. We had sex before i cooked breakfast and both of us were feeling the afterglow. Sitting on his lap made me very emotional and i started to cry. He caressed my face and my hair. We started open mouth kissing while i was sobbing. i was kissing him, caressing his face and putting my fingers in his mouth while kissing him. And i was crying. It felt so emotional. i felt so close to him. i never felt this close to him even when he had his dick in me and his mouth on mine, earlier in the morning.

i love kissing him. i wasn’t on this Earth anymore. i was floating somewhere in space. Subspace. Some other universe. So, i kept kissing him and my fingers pulled on his lips. And, i was crying and sobbing and telling him he is the only man in my life. i was telling him i can’t remember any others anymore i all his no matter what. The more i kissed him the more i sobbed. i felt his powerful hands on the small of my back and the back of my head pulling closer. It was like sex without sex. It was a pure erotic experience without intercourse. It lasted a long time. After a while, my sobbing stopped. But now Mr. Al was kissing me hard. And he was biting my lips. He forced my arms around his neck and held the back of my head in his huge paw pressing my mouth to his. His body was hard. i felt his muscles tense . Then he started to relax and we began to take quick breaks for air. Finally, i buried by head in his neck and we sat like for a long time. His body was all relaxed now except for his hands which were holing me tight to his body.

i didn’t want this to end but i had to let him go to work. So, we walked to his truck holding hands. When he got inside the truck, he told me to turn around and walk into the house or, he said, he will pull me in and take me with him LOL

Mr. Al called me on his lunch break. He told me he knew what i did to him this morning and told not to act all innocent. But i did claim innocence and asked him what he was accusing me of. He said i put a formidable spell on him when i kissed him. He said my spell was so powerful he has difficult time concentrating on his work because he can’t stop feeling my lips on his 😊
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Emotional sex
Posted:Apr 9, 2019 4:37 pm
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2019 6:40 am

TUESDAY 10 – Some of this post is for a wonderful sub who asked me about my experience in a polygamous relationship. i am not an expert in polygamy but i had lived as a second woman to a Dominant man for a number of years when i was very young.

My current man (common law husband and Master) is not completely sold on bringing another woman into our relationship. We do play with other submissive women on rare occasions but he does it for me. He never wants to initiate it. i have to nag him to have a threesome. For him, it is purely sexual and he has a fear (unfounded) that i will get so jealous would want to end our relationship.

Last night, i wished there was another woman in our house. Mr. Al was late getting out of his office. He commutes 70 miles one way. He likes to call when he gets on the freeway and we have the most wonderful unhurried conversations while he drives.

Last night, he didn’t call. So, i called him. He was very short with me. i used to get jealous thinking that he had spent time with other women when he’d become like that. i know now that him being short with me has nothing to do with other women. It has to do with the stress of his work. So, we had a brief conversation before he hung on me. i waited for ten minutes, miserable, and called him again. He picked up but didn’t want to talk and hung up again.

So, i imagined there was another woman in my bedroom just as hurt as i was by Mr. Al. i also knew that this imaginary woman was as crazy in love with him as i was. We would have held hands, talked to each other and made each other feel better. Then we would have called Mr. Al and tell him how much we loved him and that we just couldn’t wait for him to get home so we could pamper him. It is a lot easier for two women make a man relax and bring his spirits up. It is not about sex. It is about the human emotions.

i waited 30 minutes before calling my man again. It was hard to wait. As soon as he picked up , i told him to “shut up and just listen to me.” i wrote out a little script for myself and i followed it. Not word for word but it was close. i told him that i am in love with him. i said i was thinking about him all day and just the thought of him being my man makes me happy. i kept running my mouth in a good way. He was silent and i could hear the sounds of the freeway on his end. i wish there was another woman next to me who would have told him the same things but in her own way.

At some point, he made a deep, very sexy guttural noise. He usually makes it when his dick gets hard for me. Then he said he will belt the “shit” out of my butt when he gets home because i kept “pestering” him on his drive home. His voice was deep and menacing. And so, so, so erotic. So full of desire for me. He acted like he was angry with me and called me awful names like he does when he wants to have sex with me. And, somewhere within this torrent of fake abuse he inserted the words “I love you.” When i heard them, i started crying. Not because i was sad, but because my emotions soared. It does sound stupid, doesn’t it LOL

He got home at about 10 PM. He was too tired to eat, and too tired to sleep, and too tired for sex. For an hour, he watched his YouTube vids while i fussed over him.

At some point, feeling stupid, i told him that i was having a jealousy attack and asked him if i could smell his penis. The look he gave me was priceless. It made me feel totally insane. But i smelled his private parts anyhow. The odor was ripe. His penis and testis were not freshly washed. He did not smell like semen and there was no smell of another woman LOL

Later, i walked him into the shower. There, he held me close for a long time without saying anything. Just held me tight to his hard body. Afterwards, i dried him and caressed him to sleep. Even after he started snoring, i kept caressing him and started to cry. i wasn’t unhappy. i loved crying and caressing my sleeping man. It was wonderful in some very primal way. And, i wished there was another woman with us in bed to share my little victory over the vanilla world 😊

Early this morning, Mr. Al woke me by biting on my lips and putting his hand between my legs. It is very unusual for him to wake me. It is my job to wake him. i pretended that i was fighting him and let him “force” me to have sex with him. It was VERY emotional sex. We kissed and bit each other. He gave me a spanking too. And i have an issue with the spanking. It was not on his schedule and i was a good girl. So, i will bring it up to him when he comes home. At the end, he did me sideways and he caressed my boobs and pinched my nipples. And, he let me have my O’s too. As many as i wanted. He wouldn’t let me out of bed for more than an hour 😊

He wasn’t in a hurry to start on his morning drive either. i walked him to the truck in the driveway and he put his arms around me and started kissing on me. He just wouldn’t let go. It was so emotional. He held me really tight to his body and had his open mouth on mine. He did everything with his mouth, bit my lips, put his tongue in my mouth and demanded i kiss him back. My eyes were closed and i was floating in my subspace. He made me cry i was so emotional. And then i didn’t want to let him go. So i bit his lips and demanded that he continue kissing me.

He had to go to work. It was sad. So i just sat in the kitchen and cried. My emotions soared. i wanted him not to go. So, after about twenty minutes, my cell rang and it was Mr. Al. He said the kids called him and said that i was crying and crying. He told me to compose myself and stop scaring the children like that. i washed my face, and told the kids that i was alright. i explained that i pregnant and the hormone change made me emotional and this why i cried. My son fact checked me right away. And he gave a lecture on which hormones may have caused my emotional state. Mr. Al told that him he was in charge of the house while he was gone. So, he was all proud and was telling all the kids and me what to do. It was funny actually 😊

Later, Mr. Al called me and told me to find a project to work on. He said that i can’t be just taking a break. He ordered me to go back to work. So, i called my agent. i will have something to work on this week 😊

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