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How valuable is sex?
Posted:Jan 24, 2019 1:17 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2019 10:06 pm

THURSDAY 12 NOON – How valuable is sex? It is not an idle question. Please, think about it a while before offering an answer. How valuable is this unique enjoyment of the human flesh and the human psyche?

i am not going to pretend that i have the ultimate value guide to sex. What i can offer is my own experience about what i am to give up for being sexually satisfied. i am a lifestyle slave. i have a Master with whom i reside. When we started living under one roof, we have signed a “Relationship Agreement.” For all practical purposes it is a slave agreement for me. i have given up all my freedoms to decide how i have sex and most of my freedoms of how i lead my life. My Master, Mr. Al, has assumed the responsibility (in writing) to make sure that i am sexually happy and the agreement states that he is responsible for my protection and support. The support, interestingly, was his idea because i make enough money to support myself and my little ones. Yet, Mr. Al felt that he can’t truly own me unless he takes that responsibility for me.

My Master does not have a set of complicated kinks and fetishes. He enjoys putting me in an artistic rope bondage and subjects me to an impact which takes the form of a severe corporal punishment. He feeds of my submissive euphoria when the pain makes me as high as a kite. i crave being in subspace and would prefer to be whooped hard every day. Sadly, to prevent permanent injury, Mr. Al whops me hard only twice a month. He has created a punishment schedule which hangs on the wall in our bedroom. It is a recent development and i am waiting impatiently for the next time he does me with a folded belt. Very impatiently 😊

i also got addicted to oral sex. For some reason, Mr. Al’s mouth on my pussy is so wonderful that i crave it always. When he is at work, i daydream about him coming home, tying my hands behind my back, and eating me. The full body O’s i get from his mouth are so intense that i pass out for all practical purposes sometimes. He and i have discussed my addiction to his mouth. It is a lot more than just physical contact. Several men in my past have performed cunnilingus on me. i can’t say that they have produced the same effect in me. My intense enjoyment of Mr. Al’s mouth is purely psychological. He is a very rough masculine man. He appears to have no emotions, no feelings. He can be a rude asshole and very insensitive. This is the image he maintains and guards. So, when this boorish man puts his coarse, brutish, cruel mouth on my sensitive unprotected pussy and then gently licks my very tender clit… and takes a long time… takes me to the brink and pulls back… and then gently takes me there again… well, it is not the physical pleasure that i saver (i lie, that too LO but the feeling of the unconditional love he betrays for me.

Every time he eats me, i see it as a confession of his deep passionate adoration. He makes me feel like a helpless slave which he can abuse, and mistreat, and make desperately unhappy with ease… yet, he chooses to make me feel wonderful because he loves me… loves me so much that he is to do such an unmanly act as putting his mouth between my legs and keep it up until i O 😊

Now tell me, please, how valuable is sex?
locked in a cage
Posted:Jan 4, 2019 2:51 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2019 6:30 pm

FRIDAY 1 PM – My butt is very sore. It has welts and bruises all over. It’s Mr. Al’s handywork 😊

Let me tell you what happened.

i have forced myself off the grid for a week. A romance script project landed on my lap and i couldn’t pass up the money. i was afraid that Mr. Al and the kids would feel neglected but something else had happened. i discovered the Mr. Al is a hard slave driver. Literally. He created a schedule for the kids and made them – somehow – occupy themselves. He kept them away from me. The only time i paid attention of them when it was time to tuck them in at night. Mr. Al kept me in our bedroom in a cage. Two months ago, he had bought a large BDSM bed with the tie-down posts and a large cage under the mattress. Up until last week, he wouldn’t let me go in the cage because i tried sleeping inside it the fist night we got the bed. Mr. Al had none of that and put a padlock on it, locking me out LOL

Well, when Mr. Al realized how much work i have to do, he told me to get inside the cage with my laptop and my cell. i had to call him at work for a permission to go the bathroom. So, i worked inside the cage. i loved it! No stupid interruptions at all. His holiday schedule was light and he took a lot of time off. Periodically, he would check on me. When he would see that my mind was wondering and i wasn’t concentrating on my project, he would take me out of the cage and whoop me. And he would do my poor soft butt very hard. The corporal punishment would make me very horny and the sex would come right after the whooping. My bottom was spanked and my pussy was used for sex many times a day over and over again. Never before i had my body subjected to such a prolonged, intense treatment. i experienced existing in a constant state of submissive euphoria (subspace). It was a wild ride. Unfortunately, as much as i loved the effects, my body could not handle the non-stop whooping. Mr. Al stopped spanking me two days ago. When i begged him not to stop, he took a picture of my butt and showed it to me. It did not look good. Mr. Al thinks it will take me two weeks to heal up. My pussy is sore too. But Mr. Al still puts his dick inside me daily still. He can’t eat me though. It hurts too much.

All the spankings and the constant O’s made me very productive. i have finished my project before the deadline. i also discovered some interesting insights into my past. The project was a love story and i borrowed the dialogues i had with my ex-husband, over the horrible period of my vanilla marriage, for it. i have been keeping a detailed diary since i was a teenager. i have a habit of writing down the conversations with people close to me. i may dedicate a whole post to my failed marriage soon. i am pretty sure i am ready to write about it without getting myself all depressed 😊
Jealousy and alternative lifestyle
Posted:Dec 26, 2018 4:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2019 1:12 pm

WEDNESDAY 12 NOON – The emotion of jealousy has a bad in our popular culture. Even though, all normal people have felt jealous of their lovers at one time or another, somehow, the gurus of the political correctness tell us that this emotion should be avoided at all costs and that there is something wrong with you if you are jealous.

i find this popular culture attitude illogical. What are you supposed to feel if your significant other has sex with a person other then you? Or if your significant other develops an emotional attachment to a person other than you? Are you supposed to just feel happy that your significant other just betrayed your most sensitive emotions? Are you supposed to be happy that your significant other is a rat?

There is such a thing a cuckolding/queening kink. But only a minute portion of the people practicing the alternative lifestyle enjoy cuckolding and queening. If a couple practices it and both enjoy it, it is none of my business. But, cuckolding/queening as a lifestyle is not the subject of this post. i enjoy watching my man have sex with other women. But it is a joint project always. And he lets me talk him into to it. Also, he never has sex with other women the way he does with me. i feel super jealous watching his dick go inside them but the pleasure of observing his absolute power over these submissive women, turns that jealousy into admiration and awe at his male prowess. If he would go and have sex with women without my participation like a cheater, however, i would be devastated.

So, this is where the real jealousy comes in. i have the unreasonable fears that he has girlfriends on the side. My rational self is convinced that i am the only woman in his life. He has never given me a reason to suspect otherwise. Yet, my crazy brain concocts a make-believe girlfriend of his. There was a short period, when we just started living together, when that unreasonable jealousy of mine made me go stupid and yell at Mr. Al on top of my lungs. i have to give him the sole credit for putting me in my place without succumbing to the grotesqueness of my behavior. If not for his ability to stay calm and his love for me, our relationship would have never gone anywhere. Somehow, he figured out how to combat my unreasonable jealousies. Now, when i feel a stupid jealous temper tantrum coming on, i tell him that i am at the point of losing it and beg him to help me stop it.

i had such a jealous attack on Christmas Day. Early in the morning, right after the kids opened their presents, i told Mr. Al that “my brain is thinking” that he has another girlfriend he is hiding from me. i think it was triggered by the fact that he and i discussed my step daughter’s bio mom (who is not his ex-wife). i told him that i am pretty sure that my brain is lying but my emotions are with my brain. i asked him to pay attention on me. Believe me, i was not as calm and collected about it as it may seem from the previous sentences.

“What does this girlfriend of mine looks like,” Mr. Al asked very seriously.

“She black, she has a big round butt, and she is very horny for you,” i said knowing, somehow, what this imaginary woman looked like. At that point, she was very real to me.

“Tell me more about her,” he demanded.

“She is very smart and very conniving” i said. “She figured out that you love spanking big round butts on black women and she just asks you to spank her all the time and you just can’t resist.”

“What else does she do to me,” Mr. Al asked and his face was very serious and the tone was of a cop interrogating a suspect.

“When you do her, she makes all kinds of loud noises the way you like it,” i said and my emotions made my voice shake. i was on the verge of crying. “And she always obeys you. And she kisses you. And she gives you head just the way you like it. And you just can’t tear yourself away from her when she starts on you. And she just acts so sweet and wonderful that you tell her that you love her.”

i stopped because i was overcome with jealousy. As i was describing this woman, i just saw this bitch in my mind’s eye doing all that to my Mr. Al. What brought me to reality was Mr. Al’s laughter. It wasn’t a mean, obnoxious, asshole laughter. i hate when he does that to me. No, this was a laughter of a happy man and it was very infectious. Without wanting to, i started laughing too. And it felt so good laughing with him.

“What are we laughing about,” i asked.

“Because, because…” Mr. Al was laughing so hard he couldn’t talk.

“Please tell me,” i begged and continued laughing with him.

“You… you… you…” Mr. Al stuttered though his laughter and finally took control over his mouth. “You just described yourself.”

“What? What do you mean?” It was my time to stutter.

“You just described yourself and what you do to me,” Mr. Al said smiling. “My fucking girlfriend is you. You’re jealous of yourself.”

It was my turn to burst out laughing 😊

Later in the day, i asked him if he ever feels jealous of me.

“Yup,” Mr. Al said and the expression on his face told me that he doesn’t really want to discuss this.

“When?” i pushed him. “Please talk to me abut that. i don’t want you to be jealous of me.”

“You do,” he said and smiled. “You enjoy making me jealous but you have no idea how to fucking do it.”

“What makes you jealous?” i asked.

i guess he figured that i will keep pestering him because he let me drag him into this conversation.

“I am fucking jealous of all the idiots who got to fuck you before me,” he said laughing. Only his mouth laughed. His eyes were all serious.

“Why?” i asked.

“Because you were fucking in love with your fucking husband when i met your ass. And, when he took off you went nuts telling me that you were so fucking suffering because you are so fucking in love with him,” Mr. Al had some very deep emotion in his voice. “It doesn’t matter anymore. But you were fucking in love with him and if the idiot didn’t rabbit, you’d still be with him.”

Now i was sorry i started this conversation because Mr. Al looked pissed.

“I’m thinking that the old man you were fucking before your husband you were in love with too. You told me that when he kicked you out, you were hurting for many years,” he continued. “Shit like that don’t mean much to me. I ain’t jealous like it means something to me. But you fucking asked.”

i was really sorry i started this conversation.

“It pisses me off that you did to those other pricks what you do to me,” he said and i didn’t like the little smile he had. “You have a fucking love affair with your jealousy, I don’t. You are fucking my property and mine only.”

“Why did never say that i can’t fuck other guys?” i asked. “It really bothers me that you never said that i

“You just fucking try and fuck some idiot,” Mr. Al said. He had that smile on his face which was not really a smile but a concealment of some unpleasant emotion. “Just test me. See what fucking happens.”

“What if i do and don’t tell you,” i said and knew right away that i am stupid by pushing the subject.

“You’d never hide it,” Mr. Al chuckled. “You would fucking enjoy telling me that you fucked someone just to see what I do.”

“What would you do?” i asked expecting that he would ask me if i did have sex with another man already (which i did not).

Instead, Mr. Al took me upstairs to our bedroom and gave me a spanking in silence. It wasn’t a hard spanking, we didn’t want to make a lot of noise because the kids were in the house. Nevertheless, he broke the awkward conversation and made me very hot for him.

Later, after we went to bed, we talked more before we fell asleep. i tried to apologize for starting the conversation, but he had none of that.

“I am fucking jealous of you but you don’t have it in you to understand why and how,” he said. “To you it’s a game. For me it ain’t.”

“Is this why you made me give away my bed?” i asked. Mr. Al wouldn’t sleep on my old bed and he bought us a new BDSM bed. That new bed is a great subject for another post.

“Yup,” he grunted.

“Is this why i can’t wear my old jewelry,” i asked. Mr. Al made me pack away all my old jewelry and he has been buying me new pieces often.

“Yep,” he grunted.

“Do you hate me for being with other guys before you?” i asked. i knew it was an insane question to ask but i felt so insecure i needed to know.

“No, you stupid fucking woman,” there was no hesitation in his voice. “The hate has nothing to do with it. You are trying to push my buttons. I ain’t your ex-husband. I got no buttons like that to push.”

“Where are your buttons?” i asked.

“Right in front of your fucking eyes,” Mr. All said and gave me the most beautiful loving smile. “And you will never fucking see them. You fucking can’t. It’s just the fucking way you are.”

“Am i very difficult to be with?” i asked.

“Yup,” he grunted.

“Why do you bother with me then?” i asked.

“Because if it was easy everyone would fucking do it,” he said and his wonderful smile became even more wonderful. “Has it ever occurred to your fucking super educated brain that I may love you being so fucking difficult? That I get a fucking hardon thinking that your ass is going to be fucking difficult and I will get to fuck you anyways?”

He looked so happy and so smug when he said that i just had to kiss him and convince him to fuck me. Trust me, i didn’t have to do much convincing LOL
What is Alternative Lifestyle?
Posted:Dec 21, 2018 11:17 am
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2019 2:13 pm

FRIDAY 8 AM – The term “Alternative Lifestyle” means different things to different people. Gays live a famously alternative lifestyle. People practicing BDSM are definitely practicing an alternative lifestyle. Swinging is universally accepted as an alternative lifestyle. What about the fundamentalist Christians who believe in a wife submitting to her husband and accepting corporal punishment from him? What about men who are happily married but maintaining several mistresses? Or, how would you classify ladies who have a ho kink and can only enjoy sex on a one-night-stand basis?

i am a practicing lifestyle submissive. i have had many online discussions on how to classify the alternative lifestyle. i have found much confusion and quite a bit of intolerance from people. Swingers and gays seem to be reluctant to accept fundamentalist Christians as the alternative lifestyle practitioners. The fundamentalist Christians themselves want to have nothing to do with a free sex community. i also came across a branch of the alternative lifestyle who describes itself as Head of the Household (HoH) and the 50’s HoH. The Gorean alternative lifestyle, once prominent, seems to be disappearing. It is based on John Norman’s series sci fi novels about a BDSM culture on a fictional planet Gor. i come across fewer and fewer people who have even heard about these novels.

i consider myself a part of a BDSM branch. If i had to classify myself, my preferences are aligned with HoH, dungeon play, and some values practiced by the fundamentalist Christians. i am not aligned with the swinger part of the BDSM. Casual sexual play does not make me aroused.

i do believe in the polygamous relationships. Now, a statement like that can be viewed as contradiction to my earlier pronouncement that i am not a swinger. It is not a contradiction at all. In a long-term alternative lifestyle relationship, in my experience, the friendships between multiple women (when they serve one man) are more important than their relations to the man. In order for such a relationship to work, the women need to love each other. And i don’t mean in a romantic sexual way. i am straight and i would never consider having sex with a woman. Yet, the experience of having a close friendship, with a woman with whom i could share my romantic love for the same man, is beyond enjoyable. It multiplies the happiness a man can give me. Not only i can enjoy being loved by a man but i can also enjoy him loving another woman whom i hold in the highest regard. i don’t expect many women to understand that and i don’t think men can understand that feeling at all.

My man and i have discussed bringing another woman into our relationship. He is reluctant. We play sexually with casual subs on occasion. i know that he enjoys it but i don’t think his heart is into it. In our relationship, i am in charge of creating the alternative lifestyle fantasies. He tells me often to use my emotions to create a fantasy. Then he joins it, adjusts it, and it becomes wonderful. He said that if i want another woman to share my love for him, i need to created an alternative reality fantasy first, sell him on it, and then both of us will find a woman who will accept it. i am not ready for all of that. So i am deferring to his judgement. He owns me and is willing to be responsible for me. So, i obey. But, i reserve my right to be a brat sometimes 😊
He forced me...
Posted:Dec 20, 2018 6:53 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 7:49 am

FRIDAY 5 PM – Something keeps me thinking about my relationship. i can’t say it bothers me. It just something which i don’t control. i am a submissive woman, a lifestyle submissive woman. But it does not mean that i am stupid or a floor mat. A while back, i came to an understanding that all men in my life (and i only had a handful) have been chosen by me. i had gone out of my way to attract them.

Mr. Al is an exception. i never wanted to attract him. He went after me. At first, i thought that he was fun to chat with. Then i thought that he was fun to play with sexually. Then i thought that he is okay to have a relationship with until i find the “real” love of my life. All that time Mr. Al just went after me. He paid attention on me. Kept seducing me. i have been mean to him and he just made me pay for it but wouldn’t go away. He kept saying that he loved me.

And he was so wrong for me, i thought. He was the wrong race, no college education, and no manners. He was just a crude asshole. Or, that’s what i wanted to think. He stops being an asshole when i submit to him. He can be very tender and very loving and very gentle. But it is up to me. If i act like a bitch he just treats me like shit. When i pamper him, he becomes so wonderful and so loving. i never thought a man can be like that. It is almost embarrassing for me when i play him by acting helpless and he takes it seriously and cares for me LOL

What makes me crazy is that i didn’t ask for his attention. i had convinced myself that he was just a plaything for me. In the past, i wasn’t shy about telling him that he was no more than just a “dildo” for me. i had treated him with disdain on many occasions. And Mr. Al never argued with me. He found a way to make me submit to the corporal punishment when my mouth would run uncontrollably and would force me to be civil LOL

Then i thought that i wanted to break our relationship off. And he acted just like an asshole and told me that he no longer wants to see me. And i remember that feeling of darkness his words brought on. i keep that moment seared in my memory like a horror show which i can’t forget. Everything went dark. i found myself without the warmth of his attention. At that moment, i realized what my wonderful asshole Mr. Al had done to me. He addicted me to his attention, to his tenderness, to his kisses, to his spanking of me, and to his love. And at that moment he had faced me with the most terrifying reality – the loss of his desire for me. i had no idea that my world was built on his desire for me. And it broke me. It was a split second but i knew that i just needed to be his. And for the first time in our relationship, i had done something proactive about it. i went on my knees and i cried and begged him not to go away. And Mr. Al didn’t stop being an asshole. For a week, he made me come to him and beg on my knees to be his. And i had done what he asked. And now i am his. And i am glad that i am his. He forced me to admit to myself that i loved him. And the fact that he is so “unsuitable,” for a well-educated woman like me, makes my love for him even more wonderful. He shouldn’t have been interested in me. A man like him should have used me like a ho and moved on. But the asshole Mr. Al fell in love with me and forced me fall in love with him. Yes, he forced me. And i am grateful that he forced me

And the fact that he wanted me to fall in love with him and that he was willing to go out of his way and force me to love him; well… well… that makes him loving me so so so sweet that i have no words. And this comes from a woman who runs her mouth 24/7 LOL
Blonds going commando and grown men kissing boss' butt
Posted:Dec 15, 2018 1:37 pm
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2018 3:25 pm

SATURDAY 12 NOON – Mr. Al took me to his company’s Christmas party last night. The company rented a space in a plush hotel for the evening. The company is a medium size business and Mr. Al runs a commercial sales department for one of its branches. The dynamics of the party were very educational to watch.

Mr. Al showed me a gaggle of the upper level executives almost literally trying to kiss the company’s president butt. The seven grown men have made an impenetrable circle around the president and kept jockeying for a spot by his right hand. When the picture taking time came, it was a polite brawl to stand next to the president. Mr. Al wasn’t part of the ass kissing crew. He pointed out that not all executives acted that way. One vice president had not come close to the president at all. He sat at a table with his wife and made it a point to ignore the president and his entourage. Mr. Al ventured that the vice president has enough power not to worry about his position. Several other executives did not join the president’s circle either.

Mr. Al has relayed a lot of company gossip to me. The workplace affairs seemed to be common, even though prohibited by the company policy. The president, Mr. Al told me, was going through a messy divorce. He is in his forties and was accompanied by a pretty young woman in her twenties -- thin, big fake boobs, long blond hair and a tight little black dress. i happened to use the lady’s room at the same time she did, at some point, and had to help her zip up. Her dress was so tight that she couldn’t go without taking it off. A funny factoid: this blond girl wore nothing under her dress LOL

Mr. Al introduced me as his “new wife” to everyone. He didn’t want to mingle. We just sat at one of the tables all evening and many people came up to say hi and chat. Most of the time, Mr. Al didn’t get up. Only when the president came by, he got up and gave him a big hug. Apparently, Mr. Al’s spreadsheets looked exceptionally great this month LOL

The president showed a polite interest in me. He complimented my hair and jokingly asked “what a nice lady like (me) doing with ugly bastard like (Mr. Al).”

“He has some hidden talents,” i answered and winked. This made everyone laugh.

We left the party early. Mr. Al said that people will get stupid drunk at the end and he didn’t want to be “anywhere within 1000 miles of that situation.” As we were walking out, i saw the vice president, who did not kiss the president’s butt all evening, walk out with his wife as well. Mr. Al and him exchanged polite words and i could see a great deal of respect between them.

When i asked Mr. Al about the man on our way home, he told me that the company’s politics are such that they belong to different factions. But, he added, that if this man becomes the president one day, Mr. Al and him will be able to work well together 😊
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A mean man's kiss between my thighs
Posted:Dec 14, 2018 6:13 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2019 10:53 pm

FRIDAY 5 PM –i love the feeling of being aroused throughout the day. It makes everything happy.

When i was married to my vanilla ex, i went for weeks without that feeling. He used piss me off and i would refuse to have sex with him. Looking back, i can’t believe our marriage lasted for as long as it did. My ex used act like he was doing me a favor by having sex with me and would just ignore me after he cum. At the time, i thought i was in love with my ex and was convinced that there was something wrong with me. After all, he was a very good-looking guy and many women showed interest in him. For me, however, he was poison. The further my vanilla marriage goes into history, the more i understand how badly i was treated.

My fears that Mr. Al will start acting just like my ex are always with me. i know that these fears are irrational. But they exist. So far Mr. Al acts like Mr. Al and NOT like my ex LOL

He makes sure that i have my O’s every day. Usually he eats my pussy. For some reason, it means a lot more than just sex to me. Just the idea that this rough, mean-looking man would kiss and lick my unprotected pussy, and won’t stop until i O, is so out of this world enjoyable. He looks, talks, and acts like a Hollywood’s stereotypical asshole. He shouldn’t want to be with me. He should have used me for a sexual conquest only once. He should be dissing me and treating me like shit after sex. Instead, he is the best man i ever been involved with. He tells me that he loves me all the time and he makes sure that i am comfortable. He told me many times that he needs me to be happy with him.

When i feel his lips between my legs and his tongue on my clit, it’s like him telling me that i am priceless to him. i never asked him to do that to me. For a long time, he didn’t and i thought that he didn’t like the taste of my pussy. One day, he tied me up and kissed me between my legs. It felt so wonderful that i begged him not to stop. And, my wonderful Mr. Al started eating me every day 😊
reality and girl shopping
Posted:Dec 10, 2018 7:11 pm
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2018 12:38 am

MONDAY 5 PM – Sometimes i think that i live in a dream or a simulation. The feeling of unreality overwhelms me occasionally. Yet, i know that i am awake and not digitized. The pain of despair and the euphoria of delight are way too intense to be artificial. My nightmarish fog of realism -- i experienced at the beginning of the year after my ex-husband left me – has tuned itself into a pleasant cloud of happiness. i have had several experiences this year which i could have never dreamed up.

The most recent unreal event took place this weekend. Mr. Al and i have acquired a hobby. Both of us enjoy “shopping” for a curb girl on a certain street in South Los Angeles which can only be described as a huge outdoor red-light district. We “shop” by driving up and down the street and look at the ladies of the night. If Mr. Al finds a girl he likes, we pick her up and take her to a motel where i enjoy watching him have rough sex with her. We have gone “shopping” like that half a dozen times. Mr. Al is so picky, however, that we have “completed” our purchase only twice. He only likes black women with big round butts and he does not like the professional streetwalkers. He prefers “armatures.” It doesn’t mean that these women give it away for free. What i mean is that they are not the hardened full-time professionals who have lost their appreciation of sex completely. Mr. Al explained that there are plenty of part-time girls who only come out occasionally to supplement their income. These “armatures” can enjoy sex with their customers and are far more attentive.

This past weekend, i was treated to an illustration of a difference between a professional and an amateur. Early Saturday morning, we drove up and down this red-light street and picked up a girl. Mr. Al drove to a small motel and made a deal with her to spank her to and do her. My part in this was to be a silent observer and to follow Mr. Al’s directions. In the room, the girl undressed and Mr. Al did some spanking on her and then bent her over a bed and did her from behind. Even tough he asked the girl to make loud moans and to move her hips while he fucked her, she did none of that. Very quickly Mr. Al stopped doing her (he didn’t cum) and we took her back to the corner where we found her. Mr. Al did not like her at all.

So, he drove up and down the street again. After an hour, we picked up another girl. She was much taller than i am with a big round butt and small boobies. We debated, before we picked her up, if she was part of the sex trade. She wore tight jeans, a long sleeve top, and sneakers. The girl did not strut but looked like she was on her way somewhere. Yet, when Mr. Al slowed down to take a better look at her, she looked at us and gave us a shy smile.

In the motel room, she followed Mr. Al’s direction perfectly. When he pounded her with his dick from behind, she was making very realistic moans and i think she was enjoying the sex a lot. After Mr. Al ejaculated, all three of us had a conversation. Jaylee (not her real name) said that she is 29 and that she lives with her mom and her sister about 80 miles inland from Los Angeles. She told us that a few times a month, she has her girlfriend drop her off in South LA so she can make some money to support herself and her young child. Jaylee said that if Mr. Al pays for the three-day stay in the motel room, she will pleasure him for several hours.

Mr. Al agreed. He sat himself in bed and told Jaylee to give him head. And, he told me to undress and to kiss him on his mouth. While Jaylee was doing his dick, Mr. All was kissing me and massaging my pussy. i enjoyed it but i was very nervous and uncomfortable. i really hated the room. It smelled and i didn’t think it was sanitary. Mr. Al figured out quickly that i was not enjoying the scene and solved the problem by taking Jaylee home with us. It is difficult to describe what we did. Both Jaylee and i pleasured Mr. Al. We kissed him, we gave him head, and he spanked us and he fucked us. He would not eat Jaylee, even though she asked him to. He did eat me. And he did it while having his dick inside her. That was truly a wild experience. i felt super jealous but Mr. Al mouth on my pussy made my jealousy feel so so so wonderful that i have no words to describe it. When we wore him out, Jaylee made a nest between his legs and just kept his placid penis in her mouth while Mr. Al held me and kissed me. Later, Mr. Al took both us out to dinner. The three of us slept together. In the morning, Mr. Al tied Jaylee to a bedpost (we have a new BDSM bed), ate my pussy and then did me very hard. He didn’t do Jaylee in the morning. Just me 😊

He was generous for her time. Jaylee said that she doesn’t want to go back to LA and wants to be taken home. On the way, all three of us talked a lot. Jaylee said that she really liked Mr. Al and that i was a very lucky woman to have such an attentive man. When we parked in front of Jaylee’s home, she hesitated getting out of the truck. She looked like she wanted to say something but was shy about it. i told her to say whatever she wanted to say. So, Jaylee asked if we were looking for a girl for an ongoing relationship. Mr. Al asked me to take her cell number but told her that he doesn’t know if we ever see her again. He said that we want a lifestyle submissive woman. She said that she can be submissive to the right man and that she liked the way Mr. Al spanked her.

This experience left me with a very nice afterglow. i felt that Jaylee genuinely liked being fucked by Mr. Al. He did some spanking of her but i can’t say if she truly enjoyed it (like i do) or it was an act. When Mr. Al comes home tonight, i want to hear his opinion about Jaylee. We didn’t get a chance to discuss her yesterday because we picked up our kids from my dad’s home and did the family stuff the rest of the day 😊
Oral sex
Posted:Dec 6, 2018 4:45 pm
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2018 11:53 pm

THURSDAY 10 – Mr. Al left late for his office this rainy morning. He didn’t have any morning appointments and wanted to spend more time with me. He pays an exuberant amount of attention on me. Never in my live, i had a man shower me with so much care. Its not only erotic. He seems to be truly interested in interacting with me. i am not being one hundred percent truthful – any interaction with Mr. Al is very erotic.

He managed to put me in a constant state of arousal. i never knew that i could be like that. He really turned it on last week. He started eating my pussy every day, sometimes twice a day. He loves to put me in a rope bondage and burry his face between my legs. i have had men perform cunnilingus on me before. i have had Mr. Al eat me before. But my poor pussy has never been attacked by a hungry man on a sustained basis like that before LOL

For some reason, i feel extremely close to him emotionally during and right after he lets me O from his mouth. Just by putting his tongue on my clit i start floating in my subspace. With him, i can get into my submissive high without him spanking me. The best, however, is when he whoops me hard, then ties me uu and eats me. After that, i go for hours in a euphoric state and nothing can hurt me. Everything i do falls into place. My mom stopped by Monday, when i was in that state, and she commented that she has never seen me so happy. i don’t tell her the details of my sex live but i know she guessed why i was the way i was 😊

Mr. Al and i talk about our sex daily. When i asked him why he keeps eating me, he said that he likes the way i taste and smell and that he can bring up that memory when he is at work and it makes him very happy. He claims that he never enjoyed eating a woman and kissing her they way he loves doing me. We have been very oral from the first time he kissed me. Open mouth kissing has always been special for us. i guess now he took the next logical step 😊

His attention makes me feel some guilt. i have not been always nice to Mr. Al. During most of our relationship, i had been telling him that i only use him for sex and BDSM games. i had often told him that he is just a dildo for me. All of that was a blatant lie. When he called me on it a few months ago and tried to break up with me, i found myself begging him not to stop our relationship. He forced me to admit to myself how important he was to me.

Last night, i had a twinge of an irrational jealousy and asked him to see his cell. So, he gave me his password and i got to see his pictures and his texts. i was afraid to discover him texting with numerous hoes and keeping their naked pics LOL

i found some very old texts from some women he used to sleep with. Instead of feeling jealous, i felt sad. He had rejected all them for me. Nothing in his cell made me have my temper tantrum. i don’t think i would have even if i found out that he flirts with a million girls and keeps their nude pics. He had managed to eat me into being calm LOL

After i gave Mr. Al the cell back, he told me to go ahead and have my jealous temper with him. He said it would help if i think beforehand what i want to yell at him and make it interesting so both of us could turn it into a scene. i had no desire to yell at him. As i examined his cell, i already knew what i was going to say. We were in our bedroom and the kids have gone to bed by then.

So, i just went to my knees in from of him. Mr. Al was sitting in an easy chair we have in our bedroom. i looked him in his eyes an told him how much i loved him. i told him that i have never felt an emotion like that for any man in my life. i told him that i was his forever. i said that if he decides to leave me, i will keep loving him and will try to convince him to come and see me even if he will have a new woman. i intended to be calm but my emotions surged and i started crying. He wanted to say something but i stopped him. It took me a moment to compose myself and i repeated that i loved him and that i was his for as long as cared to have me. We spent late into the night cuddling and kissing and talking and having sex. i didn’t know that he could be so tender.

So, now he is at work and he promised to come home early. i miss him so so so much LOL

And i can’t wait for him to come home and eat my pussy tonight 😊
What i LOVE about MEN
Posted:Dec 5, 2018 5:00 pm
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2018 11:55 pm

WEDNESDAY 2 PM – What i LOVE about men is everything. i love looking at men the way they walk and strut. In the gym, i get mesmerized watching men lift weights or punching a bag. i love the way men check me out when i walk by. i love the deep voices the men have. i love the way men try to conceal the fact that they want to have sex with me when they pretend that they just want to be friends 😊

i love that men can focus their attention on me like a laser. When my man wants me, i know that he forgets everything else. i love that his want is so powerful that i can just drink it up and get high on it. And, i can never get enough of his attention 😊

i love that men have a powerful protective instinct for women. i am convinced that my close men relatives (and it includes my Master) would be willing to protect me with their life. i love that these men don’t even think about it but rather it is what they are 😊

i love to be touched by a man. My knees go weak when a male hand pulls me close and the male lips go over mine. i love being a brat to my man so he would put me across his lap and spank me. i love to be scared as my bare unprotected butt is exposed to a man’s hard hand. i love when the blows come, first slow and then harder and harder… 😊

i love to pretend that i don’t want to have sex with my man. i love it when he sees right though me and “forces” me. i love the feeling of my underwear being taken off me. i love the feel of the rough male hands squeezing by boobs and pinching my nipples. i love my hair pulled and my mouth guided onto my man’s dick. i love to pleasure my man with my mouth. i love the moans my man makes when he can’t control his enjoyment of me sucking on his dick 😊

i love it when my man is as hard as a rock and calls me names. i love being put on my hands and knees and being whooped with a belt. i love when i can’t stand the whooping pain anymore and my man flips me and forces his hard dick into my soft pussy. i love the feel of my man’s heavy muscular body on top of me. i love when my man can’t control himself anymore and his dick starts pulsating inside me 😊

i love when my man is spent and just pulls me close and holds me 😊


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