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taxisgirls 69G
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2/11/2019 1:46 pm
In the hand of a master.(sir hates being called that)

If I'm lucky I'll get a spanking. this is what I've learned about myself in the last year and a half. the journey has been eye opening and filled with pleasure and joy. start at the beginning when I first met Jane I was just a cog in the wheel of this company so you can imagine the fear i had when she pulled me aside to talk. but Jane being Jane I found my self telling her things that at any other time or place I would not personal things very personal things. things that in any other company would get me fired on the spot. instead, she just smiled and said little girl if you are willing your life is going to change in ways you can't even guess at. first off your days of sleeping with different guys is over unless you want to keep that. second I can promise from now on you will feel like a princess instead of a pass around pack. you will have a home instead of a place to sleep and most of all you will feel loved and owned. In that order and she started to teach me all the things I never knew I needed or wanted. this was Jane god bless her.

before giving me to sir for training and discovering my needs and wants she had me follow her like her shadow I know I received more of Janes attention then the others when sir asked, she simply said that I was too young and needed the extra time. sir just shook his head and said I hope you know what you are doing and walked away. this was the thing that my sir had total trust in his subs ( if you say you can do it you better) she taught me the why and how of being everything my sir needed. when she thought I was ready she told me it was time for sir to teach me what i needed next in sirs hands.

taxisgirls 69G
655 posts
2/11/2019 1:48 pm

I am Mari the youngest and smallest of sir's ladies.( and I am a lady now)

drmgirl622 63F  
9025 posts
2/11/2019 3:12 pm

Jane was the ultimate teacher.......

taxisgirls replies on 2/13/2019 8:58 am:
yes she was she taught me etiquette protocol I can now sit with sir in the presence of kings.

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