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Posted:Feb 19, 2019 11:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2019 9:15 pm

when he entered me the first time he just stopped he did not move my eyes where closed and I felt him it was so different from anything else. I hade ever experienced it was alive a piece of another human was inside me it was worm and it pulsed with his heartbeat it was so much better than what I have felt in me before. when i opened my eyes that first time and we looked into his eyes well I understood what Jane meant I felt him boring into my soul wrapping it in worth and care and concern, as well as respect and I, just surrendered to it and he took it and kept it secure inside of him he didn't try to change it or mold it he just held it in his hart. he did not move until he brought Sue into us and I felt her join us safe in his world I swear i felt him expand and bring her into us without taking anything from me but adding her. then I felt him move in me to start to pull out and I felt panic where was he going why is he stopping then he moved back in and I felt full again after he just pumped in and out of me and every time he sank in me I felt the energy build it felt like n eternity of bliss then I felt Sue shake and heard her cry out and then she stopped and I started I was saying things that i never thought of saying and I was crying and laughing and somewhere deep in my brain exploded and after I was whole again but fuller I held him in me until he just slipped out and all I wanted was to be full again. when he kissed me I knew it was over for the night sir rolled over on one side and Sue was facing me on the other looking into my eyes with a smile on her face that said I told you. and we both started to giggle and sir said if you two are going to start that go into the other room and let this old man rest you almost killed me. sue said was that a complaint sir no not a complaint just a statment of fact you two are dangerous together.

so we went to the other room to talk and finish the wine. at one point sue asked if I knew where sir was taking me for a honeymoon I said the honeymoon what are you talking about arn't we going back to the ranch? sue smiled and said don't you mean home. I stopped and looked at her and she still smiling said welcome to the family baby. I am going home and i will see you when you get back. oh and enjoy it because when you get back you will have to share him and you will have to share us and watch out for Jane when she is done with you, well, lets just say you may have trouble walking
I was afraid he would be too much the gentleman(and i was right)
Posted:Feb 18, 2019 1:10 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2019 6:45 pm

let me tell you from the start of the day I was already moist and so was sue. that first store we went to on pearl st started a fire in my belly the owner or manager was such a hotty and she took one look at us and smiled in that way that said I know what you are but that's ok because I am too. she looked at us and said I have just what you will like but it's not on display, please follow me she took us in back and told sue to undress while she got what she wanted to show us. she bame back with the softest leather corset I have ever felt it contoured around sue's boobs loke it was made for her, of course, it was black and she brought me the same in red when we put them on we had to have them. but when we asked how much she shook her head and said I can't tell you your owner said not to talk price with you sue smiled and hugged me and said I'm so glad I came with you I love when he does this. this was the first twinge I had of feeling owned dominated nothing like sir is when we are working it was oddly comforting she then came back with the rest of the outfit short red mini for sue loose fitting so it swayed when she walked and when she walked just a bare hint of cheek showing. she gave me a pair of crotchless pantyhose and explained it's easier to put on and take off your pants she then gave me a pair of pants that zippered from front to back with a button to hold it together. then she put a collar on sue and leashed to a red jacket that she helped me put on and had us stand in front of a mirror o.k. that was it we had to take the outfits because my juce was full force flowing. sue was already smiling and flushed with her own lust. when we came out sir took one look and smiled walked up to mandy and kissed her full lip lock style and said now thay look perfect thank you. we then walked around town stoped at a few stores and enjoyed the looks some even circled around for another look. the look of some of the women was just priceless but we knew sir was watching so we didn't let our enjoyment show but god it was hard not to.

when we got to the restaurant the sir gave his name and the man asked table in back sir no I reserved an outside table the man replied but sir the ladies look to attractive I know but why should I hide them (o.k. first mini "o" of the day) sir held nothing back he made me feel like the only attractive women in the world that day ( and every time since) than you sir may I have another all during the lunch I felt like I was on display sir noticed and said yes you are on display all beautiful women are and when they turn on the sexy they become more like Venus worthy to be looked upon with envy and joy. (mini "o" number two) after lunch we went shopping some more sir bought two suit casses of courst one red one black. since we were not allowed to ask and they where not allowed to tell I have no idea what sir spent and now that I am really his collard and owned I no longer care. but at the time I was fretting sue who was all that experinced with sir (yea she was collard a whole 2 months ago) some were along the way mini "O"s 3 to 7 took place and it was time for dinner this took place at an intimate restaurant and sir sat us at the center table right by the piano player again center of attention. all eyes on sue and I know one even looked ats ir except some of the single ladies obviously younger and trying to get sir attention. ( o.k bigger "o" sir did not return the attention) just how good did that make me feel and i could see sue was just as affected as I so much for the experience. so to be honest by the time we got to Mr's G's I had a few little "O's" so i needed sex bad by the time we got there and was ready to explode when sue finished her little show an came loudly when she unzipped my pants and her lips touched mine when I looked at sir his eyes were smiling and sue had not taken him up her ass yet I knew the smile was for me and me alone.
I guess this is the best place to start my story pt 3
Posted:Feb 17, 2019 1:56 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2019 5:57 am

Over the next couple of months, I spent a lot of time with sir in his office. the whole time I was with sir I was always looking for the tell tails of a seduction being carried out but I saw nothing just his respect for me and the job I was doing little did I know that was his secret. he was allowing me to seduce myself I was becoming more and more infatuated with the way his mind worked how quick he found and solved a problem. Add to that the way the other ladies talked about him and how he made them feel about themselves during and especially after leading them through a sexual encounter. well, he was like no other person I had met. and he seemed almost mythical ( sorry sir but it was true that's how it seemed at the time).

it was about this time that it happened I was standing on a step stool puting something away when I lost my balance and started to fall sir was behind his desk granted he was standing at the time but for god's sake he's in his 60's he cought me in his arms and for the first time those skinny arms felt like steel bands surrounded by soft rubber and lowered me back to my feet. he said please be more careful it may be my job to catch you but I'm not around all the time take the heels off when you climb up there if your feet are cold were slippers. that was the turning point for me here he is with an attractive woman it his hands one who he just saved from some pretty bad damage and all he did was put me back on my feet the perfect chance to at least collect a kiss of gratitude and nothing I did not know weather to be insulted or grateful for the respect he showed. so i did what any women would do I went to mama Jane and told her what happend and asked what she thought I should do ( for god's sake I dont like men but there is just something about him) Jane smiled in that knowing way she had and said it's really up to you and always has been sir dosen't take he gives) infuriating yes enlighting yes. so things started to turn I found my self in negotiations with a man and by the end I had gotten a Dom. the final straw or nail in the coffen of my lezdom was when us ladies were watching the tape of Maris first time with sir and the fact he did not do more than kiss her and after care for her that jane must have been watching me she walked over to me put her finger under my chin and asked what are you waiting for. I told you it would happen don't be stupid go and beg him to love you and allow you to love him.
I guess this is the best place to start my story. part 2
Posted:Feb 17, 2019 12:40 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2019 12:49 pm

I think the seduction started in Colorado but it may have started back in California I guess I will never be sure. Jen, sir and I were in his office that first day talking about the reorganization of the company when Jane came in she was dressed in house sub style topless black G and stockings with the tallest heels I had ever seen on a women of 5 ft and i remember being pissed that a woman over 60 had a better ass then I did not even thinking about her legs being how I was, I was wet the moment I saw her she went around sirs desk and kneeled at his right he stopped talking held up a finger to us and turned to Jane asked baby girl is there something you need or are you just interested in what we are doing. ( Jane was the only one of us that sir had a bedroom name for) although now that Jen is the first sub he calls her wizard women) she replied that she was interested and needed to break in her new shoes. At this point, I made a monumental error I cleared my throught and said can we get back to business Jane grabbed his hand and looked at me with a look I had not seen except on my mothers face when I had embarrassed her. sirs voice got very low to a wisper looking at me and said since you have not had the benifet of protocol lessons yet I will explain slowly and carefully you will ask any questions after if you don't understand, Jane is the first sub she takes precedence over anyone or thing that happens in this house especially since you are not even one of my subs business always comes second to her, now tomorrow you will be taught the protocols instead of comming to work here and 2 work will resume when i say it will and not before. now do you have any question about what I've just said or were you stand in the pecking order of the house. I then componded my error by saying yes sir. Jane closed her eyes and shock her head and sir then said the only people entitled to call me sir are those I have given permission. and they are my subs. you will address me as jim or Mr. _________ if we are in public calling me sir is a privilege, do you understand. yes Jim(not bad your in the bosses office les then 2 hours and you've pissed him off twice not bad Deb). for the next 8 hours we worked on the plan with coffee and sandwiches at witch point cook came in and said dinner was ready. I crawled into my bed that night and fell right out.

the next day I awoke to a gentile shake and the smell of coffe and a cinnimon bun and a smiling Jane who informed me it was 9am and she wanted to start class by 11 my long time companion sue came in and asked how my day went. when I got my cry out and my explanation she said so you think its a good idea to attend protocol class I said yes. now this is a mystery to me can you explain to me how a women who stands 5 ft tall half naked with only one breast could look like not only a CoverGirl model but come across as the most intelligent person on the face of the earth with only an a.s. degree. Jane was a force of nature in herself and to submit to anyone gave me the first hint of how my life would be going the second shock came when at the end of protocol lass jane anounced that tomarrow she would start class in sub training for those who were thinking of going that way to my surprise sue said she was going to take the class and traing she said maybe in a year she will have another baby. this cought jane attention and she asked what happened to her children sue explained about her ptsd and the state declaringg her unfit because of it and taking her daughter. what happened there is her story to tell.
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I guess this is the best place to start my story. part 1
Posted:Feb 17, 2019 6:41 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2019 8:53 pm

My name is Debs (not my real name but the one sir gave me for this blog). Sir has rules and some anonymity I am not ashamed anymore for falling in love with a man. because I didn't, I fell in love with a Dom It may sound strange until sir came into my life and turned everything upside down in a good way I had no interest in people of his gender. I guess I better start at the beginning.

Sir came into my life like the other like a storm he amd Jane just showed up and introduced himself as the new owner with a bunch of security people and proceded to lt go a bunch of people now when i look back they were the useless ones and the nasty. but Jane in the meantime went arround talking to people calmiming and reassuring them. I had met both sir and Jane before as a guard for jane both i and sue. before taking promotions to the office. having worked for jane I knew her to be one of the kindest people I had eer met but this was the firt time I met Jane the buisness women she wasn't mean or anything but she cold ( this is the way it is and there will be no argument).

she then called each of us into a vacant office and proceded to ask us if we would consider moving to Colorado now I was born and raised here and always wanted to move back but as sirs sub that took some thinking. however after meeting with sir that first time and his outlaying his needs if me and what my duties would be it became a no brainer run his company and make him lots of that was it sure it was a little odd but in personl security you got used to that and lets be honest how many thirtysomething women are CEO's of million dollar companies dont bother looking there are mabey 5. so if it ment calling him sir and sucking him off on occasion no big deal. ( later I learned that secend part was not sirs way he never asked that of me as a mater of fact i have to beg for that.( how humilating is that)

Later that afternoon the four of us met with Jane together she explained and showed us the new buisness plan and salary breakdown. the four of us looked at each other and the numbers and realized we would have to hit the road running or sir was going to take a big loss the first year even with the cost cutting he put in place. Now I wa no financial genius but even I knew ther was a very big loss the first year. It was at this point that I made the mistake of saying that we did not have to pay this high of salaries. it was at this point that we were introduced to Jen. She just looked at me and said young lady Its not your job to see the bottem line thats my job sir James has set these salaries and I as CFO of the family holdings have approved it you just run the day to day and leave the to me. I know Jane and I will be very suprised if you four ladies do not break even the first year. that is very good because then the that was set aside to cover the loss will go to bonuses to the employees.
2nd day of discovery at sirs hands.
Posted:Feb 16, 2019 12:09 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2019 11:02 am

Discovery takes many forms and there are many ways to discover yourself. when I entered sirs office the 2nd day Jane was on his right Sue was under the desk so I took a position to sir left as I was taught he did not acknowledge me he was talking to Jane so you think that will be the best way to start.he said. she kneeled up to be kissed sir lowered his hand to her pussy grabbed her hair with his other hand pull her head back and kissed her until she came and he filled sue mouth with his milk. he then leaned over kissed sue deeply and turned to Jane and kissed herr just as deeply he then leaned back as Jane and sue kissed. (by this time I was wet and ready for anything sir wanted me to do) Sue and Jane walked out with an arm around each other. sir turned to me and said Jane feels we should start with rope work for your first time what do you think would you like that by this point I was so horny I just wanted to cum and said whatever sir wants he looked at me and said don't ever say that to the wrong dom it can land you in a word of pain if he is more sadistic then me. I looked at him with big eyes and said but you aren't sadistic and he said oh but I am just not the kind that inflicts pain to the body as you are about to find out. he had me follow him to the chamber were i was about to learn just how sadistic he can be.

he took down a coil of rope from the wall and started at the top of my neck and carfully wound it around my neck overlapping it at my spine until it encased my whole neck from my head to my shoulders then brought it around my chest and put one end of coil in my hand and said hold this tightly he the took the other end of coil and started to wrap my arm from shoulder to wrist tieing it off at the wrist he did the same to my other arm. He then strapped my arms and head to the cross. he then took a much larger coil of rope he secured me to the cross from just under my breasts down, by the time he starts on my legs the back of his hand touched my clit I exploded all over his hand his chest and neck. I had never done that before i was shaking with fear thinking i had just pissed all over my sir he brought his hand up and told me to lick it when I did I realized it wasn't pee. I had never squirted before I didn't know women could, sir leaned into me and we kissed long and hard until I thought i was going to do it again and sir stopped he said not to worry there is much more coming when he was satisfied with his work he put a lose hood over my head and i felt the world drop out from under me and just as i started to scream I stopped witha jolt I then felt sir insert a small stimulator into me and he turned it on very low vibration stated on both my clit and my g-spot he said understand there will be no sound but you will not be alone. for the next several hours i went through multiple explosions of pleasure until i fainted. when I came to i was in bed sir sitting next to me with food and drink. for the next hour, sir feed me and made me drink until I could talk and make sense of the babel coming out of my mouth
now that i have taken care of myself back to the story.
Posted:Feb 15, 2019 10:07 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2019 5:01 am

as well as being taught how to be a lady I was taught how to kneel and stand and sit like a sub. and if you think this is easy try standing in one place for 4 hours without even twitching or kneeling or just sit in the same spot. I was only 23 the time more energy than brains that point. over time I found it to be a turn on all as it's own and that became more of a problem you try coming without moving. to this day I still get red-faced when I . Jane said it will take time. where there tests oh my goodness were there every week we would go out to dinner to a different restaurant. and I was expected to sit and dine and hold a conversation. all at the same time and after I was critiqued by Jane until one day on the ride home she looked at sir and said it is time she learned about her needs. sir sied and saod fine put her in the schedule. jane looked at me smiled and said enjoy yourself you are about to discover what makes you unique in the world.

2 days later I was at sis office at 4 am and sir was already there hard at work. he looked at me and said have eaten. go eat and brush and if you haven't showered do so then come back. At 5 I was back and kneeling on his left side ( Jane told me to make sure I knelt on the left because if I kneel on the right she will be punished sir will explain why). He looked at me and said do you know why you were told to kneel on the laft of me? i saaid no sir Jane said you would explain. because the right side is for the first sub. if i live long enough doughtful you will take the right side or if you decide you no longer wish to stay I will find you someone who needs a first sub if i feel you qualify for that role for some reason Jane has put a lot of trust in you and has given you more attention then the others against my judgment but I have to much respect for her to ignore her judgment so today we will see just how good you are at oral sex you job today is to try to make me cumwith your mouth if you feel at any time you need to cum tap my foot and ask for permission ( did I think this would be easy yes in my youth and Aragonese) have you sucked and jerked and swallowed a cock for three hours and not gotten dejected and unbelievably horny at he same time at this point I tapped his foot and he told me to get up and sit in the chair. now i am going to explain to you your first lesson. i am not your average man first off I suffer from what is called retarded ejaculation this means it takes much longer then other men to cum and two I am always in perfect control after an hour I can cum on demand when I chose to you now have a chose were you wish to recive my milk.
special edition just for you dear one
Posted:Feb 15, 2019 8:35 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2019 2:41 am


I woke to breakfast in bed Jane in all her naked glory was sitting in the chair it was the first time i had seen her this way and of course me asked if sir had done that to her. she laughed and said no dear one that is what cancer did to me. ( she had an implant but the scare was very evident) she want on to explain that it was much worse when sir met her. and when she told him about it he shrugged and said well I only have one mouth, this you will come to learn is your new sir's way he considers perfection wrong somehow. he did give me the implant because I wanted it to make dresses better and bras fit better as you know I was in the fashion industry and looks count there not here. sir tells me plan languish turns you on this is good because in sex expression is everything you may be a princess out side of this bed but here you are a whore both his and ours. tell me something did you look in his eyes when you gave yourself to him. yes, I did and it was the most amazing experience I felt as if I was the most important thing in the universe and the only thing in exitance when I came. that is sirs secret he makes us all feel the same way when we give ourselves to him and you will learn it's not just the first time it is every time. 68 and when with him and it feels like the first cock I ever had with out the pain. now in a little while the rest of the ladies will be joining us but until they get here. I am going to eat every bit of sir's milk from you. and welcome you to the ladies of the house. and she did just that, she scuped every bit out of me with her very experienced tung I was kneeling over her mouth when i felt soft hands on my tits and another mouth at my anel ring preparing me I turned my head to the left and Jen was putting her mouth on my breast i turned to my right and and sue was sucking my tit I looked over my head and Jo was needing my tits I reached over on both side of me and started to finger jen and sue i looked at Jo and said feed me you pussy it was then i felt Debs opening my ass with her fingers preparing e to take her fucking me with her strap on.

the rest of the day was the same except they all took me one after the other in both my holes. with small breaks in-between orgasms. it lasted well into the night when i begged to them to let me sleep it was then that at some point sir had come into the room. he came over to me covered me kissed me and said welcome home, after that they all took turns kissing me and wecomed into the family.
training days 4-35
Posted:Feb 14, 2019 4:27 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2019 2:38 am

for the next month, I learned things that my mama should have taught me and other things that I'm sure she didn't know ( I think she didn't know). I learned how to eat at a formal dinner it's much more than what fork to use on what item. there is timing the proper way to sit how much a lady is expected to eat no matter how good it is. the proper way to walk at this I was shocked after all I had been doing just fine for most of my life. but I learned how to glide next to sir so that I was always right next to him instead of behind or ahead not easy to do when you are different heights and strides. I even had to learn how to stand with everyone looking and wondering if she wearing anything under that. learning to keep their attention on me and off sir until he speaks. you see we are more than just his ladies when we are out and about he does not like to be bothered when he is attending one of these things. ( sir say's it is really just a way for most to show how important they are). but necessary evil sir call's them, I attend them now with sir now that Jane has passed and I'll tell you a story we were in D.C. attending one of these events when we were approached by a very important man and his beautiful wife. they were competitors at one time and did not get along but he did vote for him because he said I have never known him to break a promise he just came up to sir and wanted to express his sorrow at his recent loss of two such wonderful ladies and he looked at me and said I hope you know what big shoes you have to fill ( I'll give him one thing he speaks his mind) I told him not to worry she trained me herself and I don't disapoint those i love.

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