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sore bottoms and happy faces by Mari
Posted:Apr 13, 2019 4:47 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2019 5:20 am

sore bottoms refers to the fact that sir is back and has had the time to care for us in the proper way. happy faces refers to both the fact that sir is back and he has given permission for me to use Janes books of the early days with sir her and Dena. but he says i may only print excerpts if there is interest and I protect the innocent lol as if any of them are innocent leave a short comment if you would like to hear.

the update for the families is good news all round, both families are now to be joined. Rita has become pregnant with sir james and stacy is pregnant with sir johns.
more babies.

Excerpt from before sir and Jane met)" why cant i find something other then cocks to work with after all what do you do with them after that couple of times. then you find out they have more intelligence then the owners."
sometimes even the smartest people do the dumbest things
Posted:Aug 23, 2019 8:40 pm
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2019 2:30 pm

I don't know what she was thinking and I don't care she broke rule one of the subcode of conduct. do not hurt your sir.

I am not the violent one I can not to be but risk hurting sir or the babies and you will see the violent side of . after explaining why the ladies were the ones to punish her we proceded each lady took swings there chouse hard or soft ( no one was gentile) and she is lucky that none of us are big. when that was done she spent the rest of the night sitting on a wooden straight back chair till morning her ass was bruised and some blood. not much any way she was put in a very bath and then had her cuts cleaned (hydrogen peroxide) and dressed she was given plenty of water and cheese and crackers for the . when she recovers enough she will wright a letter of apology to us and beg for forgiveness she will explain herself and ask to stay.
steeled my nerves and said it was time
Posted:Aug 22, 2019 9:16 am
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2019 6:00 pm

dishes in the washer, meat, and vegetables added to the snack stew outback and fresh rolls in a covered bowl I decided to visit the nursery and almost peed my pants.

upon opening the door and closing it I was greeted the biggest I have ever seen and it was not happy to see me it gave me the most dangerous growl I ever heard silenced Mari and then she said wolf meet V.V friend she then told me to standstill until wolf licks your hand means she accepts you in here. she came up and starting on the bottom and working her way up standing on her hind feet she sniffed my mouth then got back down and licked my hand then turned back to the babies. I sat where Mari indicated next to her, she then said we were wondering when you would come in here. I know this is kinda hard for you but I'm glad you came you must be filled with questions so ask. we will you as much as we can. this is the house jane built. well, not literally but she put all her love into it and you are just now feeling it. just like we all do nice, isn't it? is a real wolf. yes, what else would someone like sir own but to us, she's just a big shaggy with the sweetest disposition but she is very protected of her pack babies. she likes you 's why she is sitting on your feet she's hoping you'll scratch her head.

can you tell me is he just leading me on when we first met he told me in no uncertain terms I was not good enough to be one of his ladies. you owe to the doctor she saw something in you he didn't at the time and let's be honest if you saw yourself as you were would you be able to say I could be a lady. but know you can you found the ability to become something better oh you need training and a lot of it will be given us ladies and you will learn it even I can see it.
learning what she meant
Posted:Aug 22, 2019 3:50 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 8:55 pm

after having coffee this morning and a nice surprise I came up get dressed and start breakfast for the ranch. standing at the dresser brushing hair before putting in a net. I spotted a box when I opened it inside was a pair of diamond studs the ones I was looking at online. the note said thank you signed J. she was wright Sir sees everything. I had a set like this but I hocked them drugs. yes, I admit it I was that bad. so I did what sis said I just put them in and went start breakfast as she said. he will see them when I serve him. she says that is all he needs were them and smile. I think I will be smiling at least till I sleep tonight. I don't understand how lucky and loved I now feel. the doc did not come to bed last night she must have felt the woman needed her more. that's alright there bacon sausage eggs and pre-made hashbrowns ready in the fridge and I think the little , empathic niece will go and keep her busy for a while. new day on the ranch.
It is all nice and shiny
Posted:Aug 21, 2019 12:18 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 3:16 pm

well with the help of everyone that could the cottage is all cleaned ( not that the maids were dirty) but all the rooms are clean. but the small office that the ladies use as an office. the fridge is stocked with quick foods heat and serves stuff mac and cheese for the staying warm in the oven whine in the bar beer in the fridge and a decanter of Sir special bourbon if something stronger is needed for a sedative. I had no idea how he does it but sir got a plain to get her in Mexico to Butte Montana to pick up her husbands remains and the and will be landing in about an hour. sir john and doc will pick them up to take them to the cottage and let her finally start readjusting to what to her new reality without her partner, the rest of us are waiting for the doc to tell us what and when she needs something.
We just do what we are told (conversations at midnight)
Posted:Aug 21, 2019 6:43 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 3:17 pm

J- come on wake up we have a lot of work to do.
V- what's happening?
J- we have to move the maids in here and get the cottage ready for guests
after explanations
V-let me get this straight you ladies to make this decision and I have to do the work
J- stop complaining do you want a beating.
V- ah... yeah
J then get up an earn it.
wishes and dreams can come true!!!
Posted:Aug 20, 2019 3:17 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 2:05 am

I will admit I was scared when Sir came to get me. He escorted me to the playroom and tied a silk blindfold on me I was not completely blind I just could not recognize anyone.
he sat me down on the floor and secured me so that I could not use hands or move from the sitting position. I could not believe it was he really going to give me my sexual fantasy. he then told me you will eat everything put in front of you if you spill any you will be whipped every time. the first was a co*k it was not sirs but it did not matter I trusted sir that it was safe poor man did not last long I was that horny and thirsty and did not spill a drop the second sir cheated it was very tasty cu*t but she was a sprayer. and I felt the lash and came at the same time. I got lost in the moment after that it felt like an endless supply of cream all different tastes all different textures I could not concentrate and was whipped several times buy the time everyone was drained so was I the only thing holding me up was the restraints. sir took the blindfold off and told me to open my eyes I looked around but no one was there it was just as I fantasized I was just a toy I was used and discarded without a thank you. I looked at sir and he asked if I was happy I stuttered out a thank you through my tears. he then undid my hands and gave me a pure white silk hanky that too was part of my fantasy and told me to calm down and blow your nose he is a very lovingly mean man he then handed me a lease on a shop on spring st in bolder this is the new restaurant you will get with cook and Jen and redo it in time to open next spring don't worry about the money that is Jens and my department you work with cook and find the suppliers and work with me and Jen to get the kitchen and dining room set. the faith he has in me the financial risk the love he has shone me.
the ride back and HOME
Posted:Aug 20, 2019 5:01 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2019 5:02 am

sir kissed us all when he put us in the car then announced he was going to sit in the front. he put the partition up. I was quiet for a while thinking of this new feeling I was having sis reached over and raised my head and said o.m.g. you feel it don't you. I looked at her and said is this what it feels like I feel like I'm falling a hundred miles an hour but I know he will catch me. sis said I think every woman feels it differently but we all feel that we are safe to do or feel everything at the same time have two strong arms around us keeping us safe. soon enough you will come out of your cocoon and feel like a butterfly. I am so happy for you but I don't understand when I was dancing with everyone else I felt safe and wicked at the same time it was like he was standing right next to me and yet when I looked over at him he wasn't even looking at me. I know what you mean but you will find that sir misses nothing he is always there watching protecting but in a way that makes you feel free you will find that he will give you little things and when you open it it will be just what you were looking at but did not want to get because you felt like it was a waste. you'll see this man just knows.

when Sir walked doc and me to our room he kissed us goodnight and started to leave when doc stopped him she smiled and said not this time Galahad your jobs not done yet. doc and I held hands the whole night and the first time sir took me he was very gentle and caring I felt like a virgin when he was in me everything just felt right he just fit I don't know how many time I came but I do remember when he did he had the most caring look on his face I had ever seen he did not grunt or groan he just released and I actually felt his seed it was oh so warm and filling and that feeling seemed to travel up my stomach to my heart my lungs stopped my heart stopped and I felt like I was drifting out of my body until he kissed me and I felt life coming back to me and I fell asleep it was the most fulfilling and profound experience of my short life and left me wanting more.

the next morning things had changed I could feel it there was an emptiness that was no longer empty. doc was no longer doc she was betty and I no longer looked at her like this wise woman she was my sis and Jen and Mari and part of my new life.
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getting more then i wanted
Posted:Aug 20, 2019 3:47 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2019 6:59 pm

Friday I was with the ladies in the hot tub or as Mari calls it the "prego pool". complaining that they can't wait to deliver cook, who is one of the kindest bosses I have ever work for and Mari are both due soon. there were two things from the conversations no complaints about the men and no snarkiness that some women engage in that just registered on my brain when sir came out with sir John with after work out snacks and coffee and juice they kissed us all and went to the barn. they came out on their horses and came over sir said they were run the wire on the north side and should be back by noon. both were carrying pistols and I saw a very different sir then I was used to seeing. I had always seen him in casual business but he was dressed for work on the ranch now so I was surprised by my reaction It was like he changed from this Weisend old man with all the answers to the great mysteries of the world to an old fashioned gunslinger/cowboy. doc looked at me and said close your mouth dear (this from a woman who had her fingers halfway in her) everyone in the tub watched them ride away and cook said damn I wish I was that and we all laughed but confirmed we did too. a couple of hours later after sunning and swimming
we were back in the pool when Jen came out and gave doc and me two pieces of jewelry when she locked them on us and everyone hugged and kissed us Mari whispered in my ear wait it gets better. Jen told us to go see sir in the office just dry off and present ourselves he was on the phone so we had to wait. (this is the odd thing he insists that we take off work for three days but I never see him take off. he then gave us each two boxes one was a wooden box that looked like a shoebox and the other also wood you cold smell the cedarwood and said go with J and she will explain. she took us to one of the bedrooms and told us this will be yours at least until after the full bonding ceremony when you will come to the master sweet she then went on to explain that we would be presented tonight and in aa way, it is a very it was an important ceremony in itself it is both an introduction to the community as well as a formal declaration that you are under his protection and leadership when doc put her clothes she said I look like a slut Jen smiled and said you are a slut doc but with one very important difference you are his slut and no one else's not even yourself. when I put mine on and we looked at each other we had to admit we were hot doc looked like a forty-something cougar and I looked like an offering to the gods. Jen then gave us a small leash for our collars it was gold and it hung down to just below our tits and drew the eye to out collars. Jen sat back and proclaimed you look perfect she then clapped her hands and both maids came in and proceeded to do our make-up and hair and nails. from the neck up we looked like queens from the neck down we looked hot as hell. we had a grand time dancing and flirting but I kept looking over to sir all night finally at the end of the night he danced with us when he took me in his arms and glided me over the dance floor I had never felt so safe.

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