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A Dirigible lost on the wind!

One soul, one life, and a shower of sparks.

Dragons tongue, Pt XXV a romance novel.
Posted:Feb 17, 2019 3:31 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2019 3:33 am
Next day being a Friday they returned to the internet cafe after school excited to see how the bidding for the coin was going and there had been a lot of interested people who left some inquiries which they did their best to answer.
One a collector praised them for the photograph they had taken as it showed the marks from the forging that was present on a coin he already had that was just like it.
Then pleased with themselves they strolled around doing some widow shopping. The two dollar shop had setup a special display of pirate clothing and jewellery and tacky looking pirate swords, knives and pistols.
Shona thinking about going out onto the ocean the next day thought it might be fun to wear some pirate stuff then when she was examining a necklace with a chunky gold painted chain she had an idea and presented it to Bree.
"Do you think if I put one of the pieces of jewellery from the box onto this chain it might kind of blend in and not attract any notice?" Bree replied. "I guess it might too, and with the pirate shirt and belt you would definitely look like you'd need a parrot on your shoulder too."
To this Shona laughed and said. "Okay it was a silly idea but I really would like to wear some of the real jewellery." To which Bree replied.
"Or you could just polish the stuff up a bit and I'm sure no one would think it's real gold and jewels." "Besides if you came on board dressed like a pirate I'm sure my pa would make you walk the plank with his cutlass poking your cute little ass."
So they went to where they had hid the treasure and Shona took the pendant with the dragon on it and offered the pendant with the happy faced women on it to Bree.
"I want you to have this as a present from me." Shona said and Bree replied as she examined the pendant and chain in her hands.
"That is rather wonderful of you, I will treasure this, thank you so much!" Then they returned to Shona's moms house and found she was out doing the Friday night shopping so they polished up their jewellery with some brass polish in the kitchen sink and soon noticed how well they came up then Shona pondered.
"I think I might wear this out on the boat tomorrow with my faded blue jeans and a tee shirt." Bree replied." Okay then and I will wear mine too and we can just pass them off as cheap crap from fleebay if my pa asks about them."
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Dragons tongue, Pt XXlV a romance novel.
Posted:Feb 15, 2019 5:00 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2019 1:27 am
So they walked into the small township that had an array of shops either side of the road and first they went to the bank to cash the money order and Shona deposited most of it into her bank account and took the rest in cash.
Then they went to the newly opened internet cafe that also sold food and drinks. They bought some donuts and hot chocolate and settled themselves at one of the computers. "Okay let's put this coin up for auction." Shona said as she found her account on fleebay.
"We should figure out the best way to describe it." Bree remarked then continued. "According to my research it's an Archaemenid period Persian Gold coin, so let's just try that." "Okay spell that out for me as I type it." Shona said as she worked the computer and put the image on. "There! all done." Shona said as she entered in the details. "Now we can come back tomorrow if you like to see how it's going."
Bree then replied. "Yep that'll be fun, or maybe no one will even bid anything, but at least you've got some money now." "Yes." Shona replied "I was wondering if you would like to go on a pony ride on Sunday as my treat for letting me sail on your ship."
" Oh I would love that." Bree replied. "But I am not very experienced as a rider, you may have to teach me some." Then Shona replied " It will be fine, I'm sure."
With that they left after finishing the donuts and chocolate and then they took a stroll down to the lake to check the yacht was okay. "I'm really excited about going out on her on Saturday with your dad." Shona said continuing . "I've really come to love sailing now." "Yeah it's great," Bree replied adding. "
Being under sail is the best way to travel. we might even see some dolphins." "Oh so we're going out onto the ocean then?" asked Shona. "Sure'.said Bree "If the weather is nice but it's up to you, we can just potter around in the lake if you like."" No I definitely want to go out into the ocean."
Dragons tongue, Pt XXlll a romance novel.
Posted:Feb 14, 2019 10:49 am
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2019 12:02 pm
Shona was called from the class room to the Principles office where she found that Mr Deeds had returned from his break due to the emergency. "I am so sorry for what has happened Shona. I had no idea about any of this.
They were using fake names and credentials so we never spotted it. I spoke to your mother on the phone and she agreed to me offering you a little something as our way of saying sorry." He then handed her the envelope and grasped her hand warmly as he did so reiterating his feelings on the matter. "Hopefully we can all get past this and resume the happiness in school that we are so committed to."
Shona was moved to smile at seeing the principle being so friendly and apologetic. She pondered briefly before replying. "Oh it really is nothing I guess I am sure I will easily forget it."
She said, but knew it was a lie since she had already secretly relived it as she played with herself wearing the same pink panties that she wore whilst being caned. She was suddenly aware that she might have betrayed herself with the coyness of her smile and then with that they parted and Mr Deeds reclined a little in his chair as if a weight had been removed from him.
She wondered what might be in the envelope but decided to keep it folded in her pocket till classes finished then she caught up with Bree in her room at the dorm. Bree's father had paid for the room due to the nature of his work and Shona had on occasions stayed here overnight. Bree was listening to headphones and playing a few chords on her guitar trying to work out her new song about her early childhood growing up in Canada.
She missed the snow as in this new place there was barely any Winter with just a few frosty days at most. Shona explained the events with Mr Deeds as she produced the envelope and began to open it to reveal a money order for 4,000 dollars which made her face brighten as she showed it to Bree.
"Fuckoff." Bree exclaimed as she viewed the amount. "You get 4,000 bucks just for getting your little ass paddled with the cane!" She then grabbed Shona attempting to put her over her knee but with Shona resisting she then settled for giving Shona's ass a solid whack with her open hand causing Shona to grimace.
" You are a lucky little girl!" "We should go out and celebrate, don't ya think?"

Dragons tongue, Pt XXll a romance novel.
Posted:Feb 12, 2019 2:12 pm
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2019 2:54 pm

Shona looked excited and gladly accepted Bree's invitation. Then Bree said "Hey I think I found your coin, the one we took the picture of. It turns out it's an early Persian coin that was in use before Alexander the Greats conquest of Persia.
It really is quite rare as not many survived from being melted down and made into the newer currency that Alexander made." Wow!" Exclaimed Shona. "So it really could be worth something?' Bree replied. "Sure is." "Apart for being 95% gold there may only be few of that kind left in the whole World!"
"Okay" Shona replied. "Now that we have some idea what it is we can advertise it and see what happens." "Oh Bree replied, I also found out that there's some legends about the early Persians traveling to China which may provide some sort of a link to the tablet with the Chinese writing on it.
It would be a good idea to translate it but it may not be easy due to it's age and the parochial variations of the language." "Oh shit." Shona replied."You're beginning to freak me out." "I can see you one day gaining a professorship in foreign languages!" Bree laughed and they went to their classes.
Dragons tongue, Pt XXl a romance novel.
Posted:Feb 11, 2019 4:06 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2019 8:54 pm
After Shona got changed her mom made her some milk and cookies and asked her to sit down and noticing the ginger way she did it questioned her about this.
Shona decided to give her mom the whole story which she listened to incredulously and stated there seemed to be something very wrong here and asked her to wait while she sorted it out.
So Shona waited watching her mom on the phone in the living room. She could not hear any of the conversation but could tell by her moms animation that she was not pleased. When she returned she stated to Shona that she would not be going back to the school till the matter was resolved. Shona stayed at home that evening and next day helped her mom clean up the house then she spent some time listening to music when a policeman arrived and questioned her about the events at school. He then told her mom it would be okay to return to school tomorrow which she did.{br] Bree looked excited to see her and couldn't wait to speak with her. " The whole thing was a put up." Bree explained.
" They took Ms Kimmel and Ms Broadbeach into custody and questioned everyone separately." "It turns out the whole thing was a setup, the books and everything. They were planted there to deliberately get the girls into the principles office.
They found wires and hidden cameras there recording the girls being punished, recording it to sell privately. Shona looked in shock, disbelieving at first.
Bree continued." It turns out they had shared a prison cell together years ago for sexual offenses and had then formed an alliance when they eventually got out with a man who had the technical expertise to set up the cameras.
They found his finger prints there in the office so they knew he was there but when they went to arrest him he'd got wind of it and had gone underground.' "He's also been using online dating sites to groom young girls." " Shona asked "How did you get all this?" Bree replied "My dad has some connections." " Hey we're going out sailing on Saturday, wanna come with us?"
Dragons tongue, Pt XX a romance novel.
Posted:Feb 10, 2019 11:20 am
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2019 8:50 pm
Shona decided to walk back home again through the winding track by the lake as she needed some privacy to digest what had just happened. Despite her overwhelming feelings of indignation and spite, she felt deliriously alive and sexy, something new in her had awakened.
The strong emotions of being restrained and punished now rose again in her chest, the shamefulness of being exposed and punished made her lightheaded unable to digest it all just yet. She arched her back and tightened her buttocks and legs feeling and enjoying the painful welts to her ass cheeks as she stretched, the dry clamminess of her dress and panties made her feel dirty. She continued her walk along the track enjoying the comfort of her hiking boots and an enveloping oozyness that was hard to describe.
Further along she encountered some boys smoking near some trees, they proffered some remarks that made her hasten on her way. She was glad when she finally reached home to strip off and plunged herself under the shower head to feel the warm water and soap cleanse her body.

Dragons tongue, Pt XlX a romance novel.
Posted:Feb 9, 2019 3:55 pm
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2019 11:28 pm
Then Shona took that cane,
upon the cheeks of her ass,
and boy what a fuss she put on,
squiriming and worming to break their grip,
but they wouldn't let her go,
they wouldn't let her slip,
then when she thought it was done
the real fun then begun!
the wack then became a thwack,
and reddened her up around her crack'
then a little higher up,
to the sensitive spot where the elastic had dug in,
then she fought with tooth,nail and hiss,
she couldn't hold on any more ,
so let out a piss,
that soaked her panties'
and wet the floor,
then finally they let her go,
she couldn't take any more!

Dragons tongue, Pt XVlll a romance novel.
Posted:Feb 8, 2019 1:46 pm
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2019 2:07 am
Ms Kimmel marched Shona to the principles office, all the other students had left the classrooms, going home or to their rooms at the dorm.
When Ms Kimmel arrived with Shona in hand at the principles office and knocked at the door. Shona was surprised to hear a female voice invite them in. Then Ms Kimmel shuffled Shona in through the door first and to Shona's surprise there was a women at Mr Deeds desk.
Ms Kimmel made a hasty intoduction for Shona. "This is Ms Broadbeach" she explained. "She has taken over as Mr Deeds is on leave for a few weeks." Then continued, "We are long time friends and share very much the same interests." Ms Kimmel explained with a mischievous look on her face.
" I actually suggested her as a replacement for Mr Deeds as discipline had become rather lax around here in my opinion and needed to change." Ms Kimmel then outlined Shona's repeated breaches of the schools laws to Ms Broadbeach.
" I see," Ms Broadbeach commented with a non-plussed expression, then her face frowning as she considered the braverty of the situation before reaching a decision, sliding her desk draw open as she further commented. "We can't have young girls like you just roaming around doing as you please you know."
"Rules are made for your own protection." "Your actions could easily end up as a porn addiction." She stated as she now had the desk draw open and withdrew the long cane. Shona could not hide the shocked expression on here face as she saw the cane come out of the desk.
Ms Kimmel had returned to the door clicking the lock in place then she quietly made her way back to stand behind Shona. Shona was abhorrent with the thought of the humiliation of having her bottom caned, being punished like a child she thought, as she backed away coming into contact with Ms Kimmel behind her who grasped her.
Now desperation registered on her face as she tried to free herself but was over powered by Ms Kimmel who was at least twice her weight. She put up a desperate fight now but Ms Broadbeach had joined in the tussle ,grabbing hold of Shona's arms as Ms kimmel had Shona by the waist as they manoeuvered her towards the desk, Shona got out a few short cursed words as they positioned her for the cane. Ms Broadbeach had Shoan's arms pinned behind her back and Ms Kimmel was positioned between Shona's legs holding them firmly.
Then as Shona put up a fighting twist Ms Broardbeach had Shon's dress up to reveal her pink panties underneath. Ms Bradbeach then spying Shona's delectable little bottom raised the cane and took her aim.

Dragons tongue, Pt XVll a romance novel.
Posted:Feb 7, 2019 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2019 6:26 pm

Shona made herself busy, browsing first in the libraries computer files for examples of ancient Egyptian jewellery and found that there were several glossy paged books on the subject.
She decided to first look at these because she liked to look at books more than the internet.
After collecting some she made herself comfortable, seating herself at a table, then she went through them and found that there was much jewellery based on snakes but not dragons in ancient Egyptian culture and that dragons did not show up till later on with the ancient Greeks who had a multitude of Gods. There was some information about the early queens who ruled and their influences on their people. Some stories about their sexual practices seemed kind of bizarre like how some servants had their genitals parts removed in ritualistic ceremonies.
She suddenly found herself aroused by her visions of this and noticed the thin elastic strap in her panties had dug into her skin.She loosened it a little then resumed her reading, and found that at some point the Egyptian and Greek cultures overlapped and great battles ensued between them.

Then noticing the time she returned the books back to their shelves and noticed that the library had become quite deserted by then as it was near closing time.
She decided to risk a quick detour to the adults book selection because no one was around and her sexual need was quite overpowering. She quickly found her favourite novel and went to where she had last taken notes. Then she took out her notepad and pen and began jotting down some more of the story. The words soon had there effect on her, so she snuck a brief feel of her tight little pussy pressing a fold of cloth up it till it had absorbed some of her dewy pussy juice.
She almost screamed and jumped when she heard Ms Kimmel's voice behind her. "So it's you again.' Ms kimmel said as she strove up to Shona taking the book out of her hands. " I think we ought to pay the principle another visit!" "Don't you think lady?"
Dragons tongue, Pt XVl a romance novel.
Posted:Feb 6, 2019 10:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2019 9:24 pm
Shona woke up the next morning feeling wonderfully horny. She slid a finger behind her tight pink panties and teased out her little clit with a finger and played with it while recollecting the events of the last few days.
She had a lot of things to take care of today she thought. Do some research in the library and catch up with Bree after school to work on getting the gold coin up for auction. She decided there would be time for a walk along the lake on her way to school if she got a move on, so she got out of bed and slipped her school uniform on and then deciding to leave her night panties on as they felt so unbelievably sexy, specially the way they seemed to cling to her ass cheeks as she walked.
She decided to put her heavy treaded hiking boots on for the path that ran along the river as it could be slippery some times. She met her mom in the kitchen and exchanged some chit chat with her as she ate the breakfast her mom had prepared for her. Then she made her way down to the lake and plodded her way along the winding wooded track enjoying all the wonderful sounds of birds and the scented thick odour of the tea trees.
Once at school she found herself unable to concentrate on her lessons. It all felt a little dreary and she yawned and relaxed letting her elbows rest on the table to support her head and letting her legs slip open as she dreamed. The sounds of voices drew her back and she peered through her slitted eyes as she became fully conscious again catching a staring right her snatch.
She let him stare a bit opening her legs even further so he could get a better look before she opened her eyes fully catching him in the act, making him quickly divert his gaze out of embarrassment .
At lunch time she caught up with Bree and they discussed their plans some more and reaffirmed there need to keep all they were doing to themselves so as not to cause complications that could have them lose the treasure.
After that Shona got through her remaining lessons to finally escape to the library as it remained open for some time after classes. As soon as she came through the library doors she was met by Ms Kimmel's disapproving stare as no doubt she was aware of what had happened in the principles office and Shona's face gleamed back at her out of triumph.

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