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degrade me as you wishCunt Degradation35  5  9/19/2019
Do you think recent site changes are offensive to users?ALT Website Community Feedback17  4  9/19/2019
fuck and use me as u wishKing's Sluts144  22  9/19/2019
Are you disgusted with ALT staff responsible for fixing site faults for not doing their jobs?ALT Website Community Feedback23  7  9/19/2019
Love and Spank and TickleDrama-Free Advice, Chat & More16  3  9/16/2019
Love and Spank and TickleDrama-Free Advice, Chat & More3  0  9/16/2019
Birthday release?Male Chastity95  19  9/16/2019
Which stupid-ass bitch is more annoying?Anything Goes375  36  9/15/2019
Have you ever been asked for money by another ALT user?ALT Website Community Feedback44  13  9/14/2019
chat replacement?Hypnosis29  3  9/12/2019
Which bodily function would you least like to happen during sex?Anything Goes151  34  9/11/2019
Has the ALT Direct Debit system charged you after cancelling gold membership?ALT Website Community Feedback33  4  9/9/2019
Listing heather's PenaltiesInterracial Fight Fantasies190  15  9/7/2019
nipple tortureFarmer Master,s farm130  26  9/2/2019
Attempting to view webcams currently results in the attached message.ALT Website Community Feedback174  40  9/1/2019
Has the ALT IMC chat service completely failed for you?ALT Website Community Feedback132  34  8/31/2019
Should ALT staff remove the ability for users to read "Private" Chats?ALT Website Community Feedback146  23  8/31/2019
ALT Users who are invisible in IMC and chat Vote Yes here.ALT Website Community Feedback27  8  8/31/2019
Users experiencing faults with ALT blog, group,magazine Editor.ALT Website Community Feedback22  3  8/31/2019
ALT friends list Fault.ALT Website Community Feedback123  25  8/31/2019
Are ALT Website service faults, impacting your ability to communicate with other ALT users?ALT Website Community Feedback78  25  8/31/2019
ALT IMC chat stops working during conversationALT Website Community Feedback99  19  8/31/2019
ALT IMC not recognizing daily points allowance.ALT Website Community Feedback86  24  8/30/2019
What type of main photo do you like to see on a person's profile?Anything Goes170  38  8/29/2019
Which Male Democratic Presidential Candidate would you most like to be your MasterAnything Goes114  24  8/22/2019
In need of a good hard ass poundingAlbany area sissie boy for use30  2  8/21/2019
Which female presidential candidate would you most like as your Dominatrix?Anything Goes147  34  8/21/2019
Multiple ScenesThe Knotty Scene321  38  8/21/2019
Punching. Turn on or turn off?Extreme taboo no limits79  16  8/20/2019
The Bold and the ?????Anything Goes172  32  8/16/2019
BBC or notWHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCK65  10  8/12/2019
cuckoldWHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCK55  11  8/3/2019
areaCross Dressers and Friends8  0  8/3/2019
Sharing of a slaveTPE: Consensual Slavery94  13  7/30/2019
For him and only him..Degradation & Debauchery28  1  7/28/2019
At what time do you usually start drinking on the Fourth of July?Anything Goes101  20  7/21/2019
udders markedFarmer Master,s farm108  12  7/20/2019
Wet And Messed Diaper Change PhotosSE Michigan Diaper Lovers34  2  7/11/2019
I need answers.Humiliated White Slaves/Subs101  7  7/1/2019
Rate the Band: MegadethThe REAL Metal and Rock Group67  21  6/22/2019
Rate the Band: Judas PriestThe REAL Metal and Rock Group67  18  6/22/2019
What Do YOU Do In A Diaper?Diaper punishment!27  3  6/21/2019
What Kind Of Diapers Do You Prefer?Diaper punishment!12  4  6/21/2019
Rate the Band: Amon AmarthThe REAL Metal and Rock Group49  12  6/17/2019
small mocking surveyMock The Smaller Cock74  15  6/11/2019
Has your dick ever done it?Mock The Smaller Cock76  13  6/11/2019
SIZE OPINIONCuckold Humiliation79  7  5/31/2019[View All]

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