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Drama-Free Advice, Chat & More


Drama-Free Advice, Chat & Thoughtful Opinions

This group was formed as an alternative to the advice lines. All are welcome who are serious about the lifestyle and wish to have intelligent discourse about it. The group exists to ameliorate the advertising, judging, trivial posts, and overall nastiness that sometimes occur in the regular advice lines. Posts here are scanned for rude and slanderous behavior, personal attacks & dogmatic tendencies.

A few housekeeping notes:

Who are you? Please take a minute to introduce yourself to the group. This provides us a chance to see who's joining us and to welcome you.

CHAT NIGHT: Every Tuesday evening starting at 9:30 Eastern Standard Time & ending ?, members are invited to get together and mingle, see inside for location. It's a chance to get to know each other and do jello shots out of someone's belly button. Additional chat times to incorporate those across the pond TBA.

To each their own kink: If you disagree with what someone has said, please post & have a dialogue about it. There are probably others who feel the same and we learn more from discussing the different points of view. A side note to this...please stay focused on the merits of the topic at hand. Do not launch any direct or indirect attacks, condemnation, or belittling of those whose views may differ from yours.

Breakin' the law, breakin' the law: The only other topics I request NOT be introduced to the forum are incest and beastiality.

**Warning** This space is for the exchange of ideas and for those that have questions about the lifestyle. Please do not attempt to advertise yourself here, as (Boston accent kicking in) most heah can smell an adveht like a faht in a hot cah, and they will call you on it. Blatant adverts and fuckery will be deleted; members engaging in deleterious activity will be banned.

Thank You & Enjoy!!!

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Ever use Japanese rope cuffs!!
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Hi and thanks and maby some help please pritty please.
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Advice from any and all Please
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