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curiousfun2025 34 M
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How Long   2/12/2018

How long until you start experimenting after dating?

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QuieroPinkTaco 46 M
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Most uncommon place you had sex   11/24/2017

What's the most unusual or uncommon place you had sex, or even just been naughty?

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rott444milfs 42 M
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looking   11/8/2017

looking for someone that has experience and like to meet woman always quizzing you about everything that they think of you negetive they want to see if you pass there quiz. they see everything as a challenge and want to see what they could see different about you from other men. they want to see the special something in you.

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slavepaladin 50 M
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Masochist   11/6/2017

I am new to Alt, but not new to BDSM, but I prefer the SM, yes I am a masochist, I love pain the same as others love chocolate. What to Dominants like to see in a maso, do sadist enjoy inflicting pain like a maso likes to receive it. You would think it would be easy to find the missing piece to ones life, but I feel whilst people say their sadistic when it comes to the pointy end they really ...

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Trem17 22 F
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Doms...   7/17/2017

I am new to this site and BDSM. I am very curious about the Dom/Sub format. I fit in the Sub section and want to know what all that involves. A certain question I want to know about is 'What do Doms look for in their Subs?' I know not everyone is interested in the same things but what are the main characteristics you look for?

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salesman58 61 M
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Outdoor fun   4/13/2017

This time of year starts the mind seeking new places for outdoor adventures, what is your favorite outdoor place for sex?

1) The woods

2) The beach

3) The backyard

4) Alley behind the dumpster

5) The pool

6) Somewhere else? Let us know where.

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salesman58 61 M
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So, will you...   12/14/2015

1) Grope your date on first meeting? 2) Flash your date a special body part? 3) Tease your date by some naughty talk? 4) Be the perfect Gentleman or Lady? 5) Totally devour them on your date? 6) Fuck & suck on first date?

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MissLoveParty1 37 F
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Dating   3/20/2015

If you are dating someone, what are some signs that your partner views the relationship as just between the two of you and doesn't want you to date other people? If your lover says he doesn't care but acts jealous, how would you address it? At what point would you consider dating someone exclusively?

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wolverine91183 38 M
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Ladies, What would you prefer?   10/9/2009

a simple question to ladies :: what would you prefer- good looking guy with a small/below average penis OR a big cock but not so good looking/below average looking? What do you intend? Looks or Cocks? Do reply!!!

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bdacouple4050 71 C
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Do you like you man in stockings/pantyhose?   8/1/2007

Seems like every once in a while, a lady I an seeing finally works up the courage and asks if I will wear either stockings or pantyhose for her while we are together. It's not really my thing - I am curious about how you ladies feel about it, and what might be the reason behind your wanting a man dressed like that?

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tazdawg46 49 M
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take her fishing   2/28/2007

One morning I was getting ready to go fishing and the little woman was bitching so I told her to give me a blowjob or go fishing with me.
She starred at me for a second and didn't say a word so I told her to get dressed I didn't want to wait till noon to leave. I went outside to get the boat ready.
When I came back inside she pointed at a chair and said sit down and got on her knees and ...

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cccc04 40 C
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are you still sure   2/16/2007

have you ever given up on someone to later catch up with them only to find out they are just what you would love to have as a partner if so do you wish you had off just put up with it for a bit longer now

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blackasianthai 45 T
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I'm transgendered and will admit at times to my bi curiousity. however, i am most attracted to men(gay). i recognize that there are all kinds of people in this world, but it seems to me that most are actually "bi curious"! what do you all think, with no offense to anyone?

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SkyyNET2 37 M
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Left or Right?   5/3/2006

Which breast do you go for first?

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domcouple11 45 C
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DOMCOUPLE   1/8/2006


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bound_slutofpain 51 F
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Toy Names...   12/22/2005

i'm not sure if this is the right category for this question, but.... *How many of y/You out there have toys... and do any of them have names? If so, what are the toys and their names? i am curious because Sir has a lovely flogger(Tinkerbell!)....

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NathaninDC 70 M
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Spanking for My Babygirl   8/17/2005

After a wondrous dinner, I escort you back to O/our room and as the door closes behind, place your collar around your neck and lock it in place…and a blindfold over your eyes… lead you to the center of the room…and begin. <br> I circle you quietly, examining you from all angles, watching the rhythm of your breathing, the rise and fall of your breasts…the pulse of the vein ...

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sweetsmiles1_4u 34 F
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do we really trust the people on this website?   8/5/2005

do we really trust the people on this website? they could have aids or some thing ..does that scare you

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SANTA[DATELINE]JOHN.RITTER.EXPLAINS: 1:Use your hands on my daughter and lose them later. 2:You make her cry. I make you cryi. 3:Safe sex is a myth. Anything you try will be hazardous to yourhealth. 4:Bring her home late, there's no next date. 5nly delivery men honk. Dates ring the doorbell. Once. ...

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SANTA;[DATE-LINE](p.o.'s-"Q_&_A") Q've been dating this guy, and I told him that I wouldn"t sleep with him until I felt confident about our relationship. He seemed to respect that and we had a only kissing, no feeling-up(you know a frustrating to me platonic try out for 2 months) He finally said that he loved me and foolishly I hopped into bed. After that I barely see him at a ...

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lil_sub_kitten 35 F
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Are They a HNG?   6/28/2004

if you go into the part where people have viewed You Youll most likely see a whole mess of Ppeople. but how d you know whos real and whos a player? i have provided a way for you t decide. <br> 1. does He/She ask about sex more than once an hour? <br> 2. is the first thing the say or ask sexualy oriented? <br> 3. do they constantly bombard you with winks ...

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petitscorpion 38 F
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who's that One   1/8/2004

who knows everything, to wich i am thinking everytime, who has the Power, and can see everywhere, who will stay without a face and unknown everytime ? - - - - you don't guess ? His rages are very well known from everytime.. but He becomes quiet and can be washing and cleaning your feet everywhere - - - He always request LOVE ! His punishion was the worse ? He accepted, ...

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