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Sugar's Breeding Barn
Picture a barn in central Missouri in a wooded patch surrounded by fields in all directions. The casual observer might not notice that the large doors have all been permanently sealed and that the building has been modified to allow no noises or light to escape. This is Sugar's Forced Breeding Barn.

Inside it has been decorated for comfort - there are several apartments, kitchens, and showers. The main area contains a well stocked bar, couches, and several beds with attached restraints, and more benches that are fitted with wrist restraints.

Women enter here for only one reason: to allow their bodies to be used sexually, without protection by any man present and to allow themselves to conceive. Sometimes the men will wear comfortable black hoods so the woman will have no idea who the father of her child might be.

Sugar, the mistress and owner, is the only woman that retains free will over her body and accepts donations and payments from the men and women. Mods may also offer temporary protections for new women to the room who wish to talk and explore, and others as they see fit. Women may visit and leave anytime, but if they stay, they may be bred by any.

We particularly favor married whores who wish to be inter-racially bred. Lactating women are extremely prized and will be used accordingly. Couples are welcome as long as the men are willing to allow their women to be used, or wish to be cuckolded.

Although this is a non-consensual room, the common sense rules of scening all apply. No interruption of scenes without consent. No cutting in. Our mods will ban without warning. We also reserve the right to ban those whose behavior we deem as being incompatible with our intentions for this room.

Our room is for straight, male-female breeding. Bi and sub men are welcome but will be banned if they approach another male guest. No Ts. We love you all, but not for this room.

Cams are okay if you don't talk about them - people will see and watch if interested.

If your behavior causes me or my mods to have to ban you, I reserve the right to ban you across the various rooms I have without waiting until you create new difficulties in those other places.

Topic(s): Humiliation
Associate Moderators: riotgirldd, Newtothegame063

Restrictions: man, woman, couple (man/woman) or couple (2 women) seeking man, woman, couple (man/woman) or couple (2 women) living within 999999 of Livonia, Michigan, United States

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