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This is a Gorean Home-stone of Masters, Freemen,Free women kajirae slaves and slaves all wanting to Practice and learn further the ways of a Gorean lifestyle. it is also a place the uninitiated not of Gorean ways might want to come into the room and chat , get to know those that are Goreans , maybe start to know the ways of Gor themselves if they a mind to learn such things as dance , refreshment serves or just to chat .we have been posting summaries and blogs in the lobby of this Home-Stone which may if view might help you to decide or get your interest in the things we might undertake in this Home-stone or we might discuss with those might show an interest in following this path to .

So this all being said this room is for people who might see a role they could or might like to portray in or enact ,who wish to learn new experiences in Gorean ways , with a BDSM element also added to the experiences we might all enjoy .after all it is an adult chat site as well,but focusing more to the Gorean ways of training .And to relate to this training for all. and to there own and to other's own experiences.

To enter the Home-Stone, you will greet with the word Tal which shows respect to the Master of the Home-Stone ,the Moderators and those who gather in the Home-Stone visiting to , if they are a Master a Freeman or Freewoman of Gor ,Tal Means hello and can mean goodbye to. and so you know as Goreans if greeted with Tal it can also mean you will not be killed today which should put you at ease in your visit .and if you or any say Tal after being in the rooms and leaving it can mean goodbye as well. La kajirae or any slaves submissives those not sure will enter the room doing a karta to enter the room once learnt , but any new ones to the Home-Stone would request to enter and greet till know the ways of Gor in this Home_stone. { Footnote } Sirs, Doms though recognised as being Male Dominant if do visit. {SIR } is not a term Goreans use for Male Freemen it is Master or Jarl , but a { Sir }is allowed in to chat so long as understand that he may be called a Master by the girls in the room. { Footnote } Domme .Madam , Mistress.though recognised as being Female higher than slave status. they are known as Free-Women in Gor but are allowed in to rooms to chat so long as understand this So knowing how to enter now . you can visit, greet, mingle, chat with others already in the room , or others also interested in learning the ways of a Gorean Lifestyle, you can now enjoy and relax can ,listen take part in discussion's or just sit , mingle, watch or chat ,Hopefully to feel comfortable in yours and other peoples company if they of a mind to chat with you , relax till ready to meet or start to train or be trained. or just relax

Topic(s): Gorin Masters/Kajira
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