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The Academy for Slave Girls

Fellas, do you have a particular girl that you want to kneel and submit to your every command? Ladies, are you a slut that wants to know your place as a submissive servant? Don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in! The Academy for Slave Girl is a fantasy institution where women of all ages and creeds go through proper slave training. Whether through their own volition or if a client “applies for them” the Academy for Slave Girls can take even the most stubborn of bitches and make them docile servants guaranteed. Training programs ranging from domestic to a sex slave, the academy will individually tailor their education to make sure that the client gets what skills they exactly need to serve for any occasion! This is a once in a lifetime offer apply now while supplies last!

This is a room for scene play for slaves living and training in a slave girl boarding school; same rules apply for every other chatroom respect rules and limits, try to be curious, in and out of the scene(s).

Topic(s): Humiliation

Termoso 26M

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