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For groups who like to act out fantasies or play a different role during sex. Dice are optional.

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Naughty Schoolgirls1,396 6,686 
Online/Cyber Role Play Only282 1,531 
An Affair To Remember1,171 1,249 
Wolf Den643 1,153 
Female Sluts Needing Use1,591 898 
Sons for Moms75 773 
Chaos and Sin904 735 
~Kum players~31 582 
G-Strings41 340 
Vivian's Oasis148 265 
NEW Cumsluts for Hard Use125 254 
Daddy's Playhouse47 243 
The Time Tunnel Tramps109 240 
Lesbian subs for use240 209 
In the Office127 199 
Talon's Tower102 169 
The Sensualist Bedroom96 150 
Daddy's Girls & Schoolgirls To198 135 
human zoo65 124 
Night Club R&C212 108 
Respect and Be Respected154 106 
BDSM Palace345 102 
Supernatural Force F***105 93 
Fight Challenge59 79 
House Of Darkness107 77 
brothers and sisters150 73 
Dark Tavern143 69 
Need Used Sluts??14 64 
Imperial Slave Market31 59 
Dragons Lair34 55 
Sports36 52 
Hall of Redemption100 50 
Eagleskeep67 49 
Forum Augusti17 48 
Snuff for Cumming147 42 
Kinky's "Blood Manor"209 40 
The Mists Of Avalon27 40 
I love to suck BIG BLACK DICKS269 38 
*** BDSM Chat Theatre ***34 35 
Sapphic Sorority33 
Ruby Lake and Village19 30 
Superior Male Inferior female51 29 
Mz Honeys Penthouse Palace43 29 
EMERALD CASTLE and Forest77 28 
Hunters30 28 
Sexual Dreams16 28 
Rubberdoll Playhouse247 25 
Filthy Kinky Thoughts47 24 
Needs and Desires22 
Sinfully Dark54 20 
Harem21 20 
Our Playground118 19 
Dark Visions106 19 
Brehon Prvte School For Girls14 19 
The Library18 16 
BBW Sex Slave n Springfield MO10 16 
High Council of the Realms16 
Mythical creatures of fantasy16 
Intergalactic Inn15 
The Opium Den13 14 
Capture & Force Collar Forest27 13 
Sweet "R@P3"12 13 
Master and Slave no Drama Room80 12 
Xena and Gabby74 12 
The Cave47 12 
Castle Vrael12 
Bubblegum Slut12 
Kinky college girls12 
~Slave Auctions Meat Market~14 11 
High Sierra14 10 
** Sweet Surrender **10 
TX Fire and Brimstone10 
deb does anything
KR's Private Training Dungeon31 
Pet Owners and Breeders.30 
Outlaws and Troopers
Hobar's Kinky Tavern16 
Ed's Place11 
Jeff's playroom18 
The Street of Brands
Dragon Warrior's Homestone
The Haven
The Manor15 
Wildwolfs Den
Nala's Pleasure Palace
Rebel's Pride Rock
the convent of sin
the vampire house
Exotic island get away
7 Kingdoms52 
Castle Domina14 
Brutality sluts for Use&Abuse
Whips and Whiskey
The Temple of Goddess Athena
Sydney NSW Oz
who wants a domme
Kinky Fuckery
birthin room
The Art of Seduction21 
Missleds slave room18 
Valdemar's Castle13 
The Ho D Estate
Desperate Housewives
Hu Cows/Puppys
The Wolf's Den
Forced Masturbation Playroom
Vampire Underground
Palace of Delenna
Erotic Delights
Vamp Slut's
latin Girls for White Cock
Ninja Heaven
Shadow Crimson Castle
HHH or Humiliate Her Here
Celestial Islands
Wife sucks black gangbangers!!
kitty play
Cherri & F/friends
Home of the Rising Sun~
dirtyunclesannaughty neices
"Ms B's B/B Private Play RM 1 "75 
teddi's play room34 
Maria's lesbian role plays14 
Kinky Slave Nest
The Dark Realm
Family Values
The Dark Foresst
novicebois for older DOMgaymen
~Aura's Dark Desires~
Mortal Peril Fantasy Play
J's Room
Funeral Director/Necrophillia
Dark Secret Edges
Hornymoms Role Play Dungeon
Daughter and her mommies
your slut
Roleplay Gyno Exam
Zhash's Dark Lair
slave training center
Down that trail...

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UK searchingFemale Sluts Needing Use56  0  9/17/2019
Thank youFemale Sluts Needing Use66  5  9/15/2019
Any in Ireland?Naughty Schoolgirls9  0  9/14/2019
I love slutsFemale Sluts Needing Use101  4  9/13/2019
masturbateFemale Sluts Needing Use56  1  9/12/2019
Any Sluts in Tampa?Female Sluts Needing Use35  1  9/10/2019
Koh Samui 13 SeptemberFemale Sluts Needing Use85  0  9/10/2019
Curvy ladyOnline/Cyber Role Play Only36  1  9/4/2019
needing useFemale Sluts Needing Use107  0  9/3/2019
SlutsFemale Sluts Needing Use100  2  8/30/2019
Looking for a threesomeNaughty Schoolgirls20  0  8/29/2019
great roomFemale Sluts Needing Use52  0  8/29/2019
females slutsFemale Sluts Needing Use70  2  8/28/2019
Sydney AustraliaFemale Sluts Needing Use80  1  8/27/2019
thanks for creatuing groupFemale Sluts Needing Use98  2  8/27/2019
Hello. New to room!An Affair To Remember45  3  8/27/2019
snuff meSnuff for Cumming124  6  8/26/2019
emchen vidFemale Sluts Needing Use88  1  8/23/2019
I brought my slut net!Female Sluts Needing Use123  4  8/23/2019
Single Black MasterFemale Sluts Needing Use86  2  8/20/2019
affectionate pup looking to have a loving breederPet Owners and Breeders.19  0  8/13/2019
Office hoursNaughty Schoolgirls24  1  8/12/2019
school girl wanted..mmmmmNaughty Schoolgirls32  0  8/10/2019
seeking a naughty "school" girlNaughty Schoolgirls29  1  8/8/2019
looking for a femaleFemale Sluts Needing Use123  4  8/7/2019
Houston, TX or Naples, FL area sluts??Female Sluts Needing Use63  1  8/4/2019
Long TimeThe Time Tunnel Tramps24  1  8/3/2019
Primal PlayRebel's Pride Rock30  2  7/31/2019
well wellRebel's Pride Rock19  1  7/31/2019
looking for those Colorado sutsFemale Sluts Needing Use54  0  7/27/2019[View All]

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