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Group posts by buddy7702
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Oct 23, 2016Young girl wants old cocksHi1   
Oct 23, 2016Female Sought For Breedingstill lookin for breeder5   
Sep 29, 2016Daddys/daughters roleplayingnj daddy lookin for asain princess1   
Jul 29, 2015Daddys/daughters roleplayinghello2   
Jul 26, 2015Real Time Daddies & Daughtershello every one1   
Feb 18, 2015Daddys/daughters roleplayingHi1   
Sep 21, 2014Just Take me Daddy!A Daddy Story1   
Aug 10, 2014Just Take me Daddy!why are daddies so hard to find1   
Jun 20, 2014Real Time Daddies & Daughterslooking for daddy ny area2   
Jun 18, 2014Ageplay Eroticanj daddy looking my lil princess or brat1   
May 23, 2014Just Take me Daddy!Daddies girl....1   
Mar 30, 2014Just Take me Daddy!nj daddy1   
Mar 30, 2014Daddy's Little Angel Roleplaynj daddy1   
Mar 30, 2014Virgins with fantasysIm a virgin1   
Mar 30, 2014Just Take me Daddy!nj daddy lookin lil one2   
Mar 15, 2014Daddys House Of Naughty GirlsHi daddies!1   
Dec 31, 2013Daddys/daughters roleplayingnew year1   
Dec 23, 2013Ageplay Eroticahappy holidays1   
Dec 23, 2013Daddys/daughters roleplayinghappy holidays1   
Dec 10, 2013Tween girlsdaddy1   
Nov 25, 2013Daddys/daughters roleplayinghappy thanx giving2   
Nov 25, 2013Daddys/daughters roleplayingMy 500th Post!1   
Nov 20, 2013Daddys/daughters roleplayingStretch me Daddy1   
Nov 19, 2013brothers and sistersbig brother1   
Nov 7, 2013Daddys House Of Naughty Girlsnj daddy lookin1   
Nov 5, 2013Little Girls Placenj daddy lookin rt lil one1   
Oct 15, 2013Young girl wants old cocksolder dad2   
Oct 15, 2013Daddys/daughters roleplayingdaddy returning3   
Oct 15, 2013Daddys/daughters roleplayingdaddy returnin2   
Oct 7, 2013DaddyDoms & lil girls NetworkPersonals and Advertisments2   
Sep 25, 2013Forced Breedingnj daddy looking for a breeder1