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Group posts by trainedbyWife
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Apr 7, 2020MsBunny's_MenagerieTied balls pics for MsB1   
Apr 5, 2020MsBunny's_MenageriePanty Pics for MsB1   
Jan 14, 2020MsBunny's_MenageriePussy & Cliity Pics For MsB1   
Dec 20, 2019Edging Games......Stocking Stuffers For missjess1   
Dec 9, 2019KeyholdingErection Training4   
Sep 28, 2019Chastity Keepertight toys1   
Sep 15, 2019KeyholdingMistress Alexis1   
Aug 30, 2019Edging Games......Where is Mistrerss London1   
Jul 5, 2019TS/TV DominatricesOn your knees1   
Jul 3, 2019ALT Website Community FeedbackSince the software upgrade Gold Status review stopped?1   
May 21, 2019Cuckold Humiliationdenying cuckie my teat milk1   
May 19, 2019Forced feminisationCuckolded husband forced to dress pretty1   
May 15, 2019Humiliation Chathumiliation1   
Apr 28, 2019Male Slave Humiliationhumiliations2   
Apr 26, 2019Male Slave HumiliationPeriod Training a Male Sub2   
Apr 18, 2019Male ChastityKeyholding1   
Mar 30, 2019Male Humiliation ChatCock Sucking Pet1   
Mar 19, 2019Male Humiliation ChatGolden showers1   
Mar 10, 2019Dommes Looking for Bi subsAre the male subs also loyal to their domina on this site?1   
Jan 18, 2019Edging Games......Edged With Vibrating Wand1   
Jan 5, 2019Edging Games......Humiliation Edging3   
Dec 27, 2018Edging Games......Sensual Edging1   
Nov 12, 2018Edging Games......Restrained & Edged1   
Nov 11, 2018men in pantiesSluts in panties1   
Nov 6, 2018Edging Games......Edging Methods1   
Nov 1, 2018KeyholdingMake you beg!2   
Oct 27, 2018Edging Games......CBT - Pleasure Pain - Edged To your Limit2   
Oct 13, 2018KeyholdingChastity Fashions for missjess2   
Oct 8, 2018Male Humiliation ChatUnderwear2   
Oct 7, 2018KeyholdingMonthly Milking1   
Apr 12, 2018Male Humiliation ChatSmall penis, large dildo humiliation1   
Apr 12, 2018MARRIED SLUTS / cuckold hubbysMy Wife Enjoying Several Cocks at the Same Time1   
Apr 9, 2018Keyholdingmissjess photo2   
Feb 21, 2018enemasEnema session in Manhattan1   
Feb 10, 2018KeyholdingIntroduction1   
Jan 28, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.Bulb Syringe Enemas1   
Jan 24, 2018TS/TV DominatricesHey you1   
Sep 30, 2017KeyholdingMore chastity fashions1   
Aug 27, 2017Male ChastityScrotum cuffs1   
May 4, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Banana Dare1   
Mar 1, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Predicament Enema Situation1