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Group posts by AstroKink
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Jul 7, 2019Daddys/daughters roleplayingDaddy Much Needed1   
Jun 25, 2019OTK Spankingglass tears1   
Jun 23, 2019Daddys/daughters roleplayingBlowing daddy1   
Jun 23, 2019Humiliation ChatHumiliating moments1   
Jun 20, 2019Daddys/daughters roleplayingLooking for daddy1   
Jun 20, 2019OTK SpankingPost Spanking Events1   
Aug 16, 2012Humiliation ChatCant get into the chat room?1   
Jul 7, 2010Melbourne Skills ExchangeTrying to find Complete Shibari Volume 1:Land in Oz...Melb?1   
Apr 24, 2010OTK SpankingLost Bet = Girl with red bottom1   
Apr 17, 2010OTK SpankingFems to spank in Austria and UK (London/Midlands)?1   
Apr 17, 2010Humiliation ChatUK girls to humiliate?1   
Mar 31, 2010Meet 4 Travel 2 ConnectFrance - April, UK - May.1