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Group posts by islanderbuff1
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 28, 2020Humiliation ChatRequired post1   
Mar 22, 2020Cuckold HumiliationWho wants to be cucked2   
Mar 14, 2020Cuckold Humiliationbreeding1   
Feb 21, 2020Cuckold HumiliationCuckold Training2   
Jan 30, 2020Male Humiliation ChatMy bitches...1   
Jan 28, 2020Cuckold HumiliationAge Gaps1   
Jan 6, 2020Cuckold Humiliationtime to post1   
Sep 3, 2019Cuckold HumiliationInput from Bulls5   
Aug 12, 2019Cuckold HumiliationI'm a sissy cuck !!1   
Aug 7, 2019Cuckold HumiliationWife wants a Big Bull1   
Jul 28, 2019Cuckold Humiliationrecent urges and fantasies to be cucked3   
Jul 24, 2019Cuckold HumiliationTime to post1   
Jul 19, 2019Male Humiliation Chatposting to join chat2   
Jul 19, 2019Cuckold HumiliationA Cuckold Switch?1   
Jul 17, 2019Cuckold HumiliationSIZE OPINION1   
Jul 2, 2019Male Humiliation ChatDegradation Is Relief2   
Jun 24, 2019Male Humiliation ChatI cant Explain1   
Jun 19, 2019Cuckold HumiliationHubbys to break1   
Jun 12, 2019Male Humiliation Chatwhere have all the Dommes gone1   
May 29, 2019Male Humiliation ChatA man's need to dominate1   
May 11, 2019Male Humiliation ChatWhat made you realise1   
May 9, 2019Cuckold HumiliationI have always wondered what it would be like to be a cuck1   
May 9, 2019HuCowsALT Screws Up Again1   
May 9, 2019Cuckold HumiliationAlt screwed up again.1