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Group posts by fatherfigure59
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Dec 28, 2014Daddys/daughters roleplayingBUSTED!1   
Dec 26, 2014Taboo Daddy & daughtersMerry Christmas2   
Dec 26, 2014Daddys/daughters roleplayingI was a very naughty girl.....1   
Dec 25, 2014DaddyDoms & lil girls SupportMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Daughters for DaddyMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Real Time Daddies & DaughtersMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Daddys/daughters roleplayingMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Adult Little Girls GroupMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Ageplay EroticaMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Daddys House Of Naughty GirlsMerry Christmas1   
Nov 27, 2014Daddys/daughters roleplayingHappy Thanksgiving!1   
Nov 11, 2014Daddys/daughters roleplayingDaddy or Sir4   
Nov 11, 2014Ageplay EroticaNew here1   
Apr 22, 2014bbw Sub and Slave for a MasterHi Every one1   
Jan 15, 2014Squirting and the G SpotWelcome - please drop a line and introduce yourself2   
Dec 3, 2013Adult Little Girls GroupHi all2   
Dec 2, 2013Daddys House Of Naughty GirlsReal time encounters1   
Nov 8, 2013Daddys House Of Naughty GirlsMichigan Daddy1   
Nov 8, 2013Ageplay EroticaHi all.1   
Nov 8, 2013DaddyDoms & lil girls SupportMichigan Daddy1   
Oct 4, 2012DaddyDoms & lil girls SupportDaddys little girl3   
Aug 24, 2012DaddyDoms & lil girls NetworkHello to E/everone1   
Aug 24, 2012Daddys/daughters roleplayingGroup2   
Aug 24, 2012DaddyDoms & lil girls Supporti have a problem1   
Aug 23, 2012DaddyDoms & lil girls NetworkDaddy looking In Michigan1