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Group posts by fatherfigure59
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Dec 28, 2014Daddys/daughters roleplayingBUSTED!1   
Dec 26, 2014Taboo Daddy & daughtersMerry Christmas2   
Dec 26, 2014Daddys/daughters roleplayingI was a very naughty girl.....1   
Dec 25, 2014DaddyDoms & lil girls SupportMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Daughters for DaddyMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Real Time Daddies & DaughtersMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Daddys/daughters roleplayingMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Adult Little Girls GroupMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Ageplay EroticaMerry Christmas1   
Dec 25, 2014Daddys House Of Naughty GirlsMerry Christmas1   
Nov 27, 2014Daddys/daughters roleplayingHappy Thanksgiving!1   
Nov 11, 2014Daddys/daughters roleplayingDaddy or Sir4   
Nov 11, 2014Ageplay EroticaNew here1   
Apr 22, 2014bbw Sub and Slave for a MasterHi Every one1   
Jan 15, 2014Squirting and the G SpotWelcome - please drop a line and introduce yourself2   
Dec 3, 2013Adult Little Girls GroupHi all2   
Dec 3, 2013Daddys/daughters roleplayingWhat a wonderful Whore1   
Dec 2, 2013Daddys House Of Naughty GirlsReal time encounters1   
Nov 8, 2013Daddys House Of Naughty GirlsMichigan Daddy1   
Nov 8, 2013Ageplay EroticaHi all.1   
Nov 8, 2013DaddyDoms & lil girls SupportMichigan Daddy1   
Oct 4, 2012DaddyDoms & lil girls SupportDaddys little girl3   
Aug 24, 2012DaddyDoms & lil girls NetworkHello to E/everone1   
Aug 24, 2012Daddys/daughters roleplayingGroup2   
Aug 24, 2012DaddyDoms & lil girls Supporti have a problem1   
Aug 23, 2012DaddyDoms & lil girls NetworkDaddy looking In Michigan1