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Group posts by mslut9
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
May 13, 2020PissPlease do1   
Apr 7, 2020Pissdoes any women like pee play or is it only a male dream1   
Apr 7, 2020Male ChastitySpikes1   
Feb 25, 2020Anything GoesSome women like more than one fruit1   
Feb 25, 2020TS/TV DominatricesWho needs2   
Feb 18, 2020PissPaddling pool1   
Nov 27, 2019Women that love bi-menIndiana Girl Wants To Fullfill her fantasy1   
Nov 27, 2019PissMe Licking the Toilet1   
Oct 29, 2019Cuckold Humiliationtrouble finding playmates2   
Oct 27, 2019Anal with a strap-onWhy is it so hard to find a strap-on woman?1   
Sep 19, 2019Male ChastityLOCKTOBER1   
Sep 1, 2019Pissgreat piss porn1   
Sep 1, 2019TS/TV DominatricesOn your knees1   
May 12, 2019Women that love bi-menIs there REALLY a demand/desire for a submissive bi-curious guy?1   
Feb 5, 2019Anal with a strap-onWhat's your favorite way?2   
Feb 5, 2019Male ChastityHello1   
Dec 6, 2018TS/TV DominatricesAss2   
Dec 6, 2018Cuckold HumiliationHello1   
Dec 6, 2018Male Humiliation ChatWhere is everyone? Why can't we get the Male Humiliation Chat room active again?1   
Oct 22, 2018Male ChastityKeyholding2   
May 6, 2018KeyholdingKeyholder??1   
May 6, 2018Cuckold Humiliationnew to this, any advice will help.1   
Apr 15, 2018Male Chastityclick!1   
Apr 15, 2018KeyholdingCommittment required to be locked up1   
Mar 19, 2018Male Humiliation ChatAnother man's load1   
Mar 3, 2018Cuckold HumiliationDrinking shot glasses of her lovers cum1   
Jan 25, 2018TS/TV DominatricesHey you1   
Jan 25, 2018Male Humiliation ChatHow is the new Year going?1   
Oct 31, 2017KeyholdingI wonder how many men here are locked up with a key holder.1   
Oct 24, 2017KeyholdingIntroduction:1   
Oct 5, 2017Submissives Seeking Dommesforced ass too mouth on a new unruly slave !! good. or. bad ???1   
Sep 20, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSYour thoughts, for both the guys and the girls1   
Sep 20, 2017Male ChastityLocktober1   
Sep 20, 2017Anal SlutsSavoring Anal Sex1   
Sep 20, 2017Cuckold HumiliationRequired posting1   
Sep 9, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSmilking1   
Sep 9, 2017Male Humiliation Chatpost1   
Sep 2, 2017TS/TV Dominatricestake me1   
Sep 2, 2017Anal SlutsAnal Finger Fucking1   
Jun 15, 2017Male ChastityQuiestion1   
May 20, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSStraight guys with fantasies on top t-girls3   
Nov 12, 2016TS/TV Dominatriceshello1   
Nov 12, 2016Horymom making men suck cockBI Spokane cpl looking for friends.1   
Oct 22, 2016Cuckold HumiliationHalloween1   
Aug 20, 2016Anal SlutsFirst times1   
Aug 15, 2016Male Humiliation Chatlooking for a good slave daddy1   
Jul 29, 2016Anal with a strap-onNew Male Bitch needed3   
Jun 18, 2016A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSIm lonely1