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Group posts by DegradationDom01
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Sep 11, 2018Cunt DegradationThis is a room for Role Play and Scenes! Read and acknowledge.1   
Apr 28, 2018Cunt DegradationRoom Whores16   
Jan 25, 2017Cunt DegradationNot everyone gets a Trophie in the real world5   
Dec 22, 2016Cunt DegradationDoms Please Read and Acknowledge this Reminder1   
Nov 21, 2016Cunt DegradationNice group.1   
Nov 14, 2016Cunt Degradationisn't it a shame1   
Nov 12, 2016Cunt DegradationSARALookin4Fun - Don't ask, just TAKE IT1   
Oct 22, 2016Castle Whore HouseROOM POSITIONS AVAILABLE1   
Jul 14, 2016Dirty Bad GirlsIntroduce your self girls18   
May 17, 2013Dirty Bad GirlsSo have you been left in mid scene?2   
Jun 13, 2012Dirty Bad GirlsNow this is a DIrty Bad Girl3   
Apr 19, 2012Dirty Bad GirlsLooking for my Dirty Girl!1   
Nov 24, 2011Cunt DegradationTrolling and Room Poaching2   
Jun 14, 2011Cunt DegradationCunt Self Degradation - New and Returning members4   
Jun 10, 2011Cunt DegradationAnnouncements and Congradulations1   
Jun 8, 2011Cunt Degradationnew sub/slave1   
Jun 1, 2011Cunt DegradationLike1   
Jun 1, 2011Cunt DegradationA MILESTONE!! 30001   
Jun 1, 2011Cunt Degradationnew cunt saying "hi!"1