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Group posts by joyceMtoF
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Feb 20, 2020Women Owning menWould a woman owning a man include TV/TG/TS being owned?2   
Feb 20, 2020Slave Auctions Meat MarketIntrigued with being sold and bought at sex slave auction8   
Feb 20, 2020sissys for BLACK MENMore black studs on white6   
Feb 20, 2020Anything GoesAsshole getting vacuumed2   
Feb 20, 2020sissys for BLACK MENAnother find of Black on white7   
Feb 16, 2020Anything GoesI live totally as a woman now and am happy9   
Feb 16, 2020Anything GoesHaving sex with a cactus1   
Feb 12, 2020Anything GoesWoman Has Sex With A Plant1   
Feb 12, 2020Sissy MaidsA pic of a cute sissy maid.4   
Feb 10, 2020Anything GoesWomen in bondage in the snow1   
Feb 9, 2020Anything GoesHaving Sex on a Ladder2   
Feb 9, 2020Anything GoesHow awesome is it that an openly gay male is leading the Iowa Caucus?2   
Feb 9, 2020Anything GoesKitchen Implement Insertions1   
Jan 26, 2020Dog Pound - Knotty Sexstuck1   
Jan 26, 2020Anything GoesHaving Sex with a Popsicle1   
Jan 26, 2020Dog Pound - Knotty Sexfence jumping1   
Jan 26, 2020Anything GoesMerry Christmas to all in this group!4   
Jan 23, 2020Anything GoesHollywood Films1   
Jan 23, 2020Anything GoesFucking a bicycle seat1   
Jan 12, 2020Anything Goeswomen having sex with an automobile1   
Jan 4, 2020Anything GoesFucked by an Airplane1   
Dec 28, 2019Anything GoesTranssexuals and Carrots3   
Dec 26, 2019Dog Pound - Knotty Sexstuck1   
Dec 26, 2019Anything GoesWeirdest Christmas Gift You Ever Received?1   
Dec 26, 2019Forced feminisationTucked or caged1   
Dec 26, 2019Anything GoesLava Lamp Fuck1   
Dec 26, 2019Dog Pound - Knotty SexWhere to get the knot1   
Dec 11, 2019Anything GoesChristmas Favorites2   
Dec 11, 2019Anything GoesHave you ever stuck a toothbrush in your ass?2   
Dec 11, 2019Anything GoesNo. Please God no. Please tell me he is not really doing that!2   
Dec 10, 2019Anything GoesVacuuming Tits1   
Nov 29, 2019Anything GoesFucked with a cue stick1   
Nov 17, 2019Anything GoesDrinking Cum Through A Straw3   
Nov 17, 2019Anything GoesFat bitches in bondage1   
Nov 17, 2019Anything Goesfucked with a broom1   
Nov 16, 2019Anything GoesDrinking Cum From A Glass1   
Nov 6, 2019sissys for BLACK MENLooking For CD's In The New York Tri-State Area...2   
Nov 3, 2019Anything GoesHalloween Favorites4   
Nov 3, 2019Anything GoesFucked by a Toilet Plunger1   
Nov 3, 2019Anything GoesFucked by Pineapple2   
Nov 3, 2019Anything Goespeeing fetishes2   
Nov 2, 2019Humiliated White Slaves/SubsLooking for property1   
Nov 2, 2019HypnosisI do self hypno1   
Nov 2, 2019Humiliated White Slaves/Subswhites are inferior1   
Nov 2, 2019Humiliated White Slaves/SubsWill you attend an event?1   
Nov 2, 2019Humiliated White Slaves/SubsHow many dommes should one sub have?1   
Nov 2, 2019true knot loversLookn for knot lovers1   
Nov 1, 2019Anything GoesDomination Outdoors21   
Oct 28, 2019Anything GoesWorld Series Conversation1