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Group posts by joyceMtoF
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
May 20, 2019Anything GoesWomen having fun with inflatable animals1   
May 20, 2019sissys for BLACK MENMore desirable men off from the internet5   
May 14, 2019Humiliated White Slaves/SubsNEW MEMBERS 20141   
May 14, 2019Humiliated White Slaves/SubsSlave's duties1   
May 13, 2019Anything GoesWould you be humiliated to serve an ugly dominatrix?2   
May 11, 2019Anything GoesHave you ever coveted thy neighbor's wife?4   
May 11, 2019Anything GoesPeople with funny names1   
May 11, 2019Simply Old School BDSMHave read the rules1   
May 9, 2019Anything Goes"Men" Who Fuck Dolls2   
May 5, 2019Anything GoesYou only live this life once.6   
May 5, 2019Anything GoesLicking cock2   
May 5, 2019Anything GoesCum On Tits1   
May 5, 2019Anything GoesFucking inflatable animals2   
May 5, 2019Michigan Anal Sex ClubAnal Sex In BDSM Play3   
Apr 30, 2019Anything GoesHow far would you travel to meet someone from this site?2   
Apr 29, 2019Anything GoesPublic Perversion ?2   
Apr 29, 2019Anything GoesWomen having sex with a garden hose11   
Apr 20, 2019sissys for BLACK MENOne more find of black on white3   
Apr 19, 2019Anything GoesWould you? Could you? ... With a Neighbor?1   
Apr 19, 2019Anything GoesWould you like to die by crucifixion?2   
Apr 18, 2019sissys for BLACK MENAnother white sissy for for Black men7   
Apr 17, 2019sissys for BLACK MENNew pics of women wearing Q of S tats1   
Apr 17, 2019Anything GoesRimming2   
Apr 16, 2019Anything GoesHave any of you cocksuckers ever coveted thy neighbors cock?1   
Apr 16, 2019Dog Pound - Knotty SexFound this pic and made me think of a story11   
Apr 16, 2019Anything GoesSo when getting a package don't have a decent tip???5   
Apr 13, 2019Anything GoesK91   
Apr 13, 2019Anything GoesI have went on a BDSM site and become a member3   
Apr 7, 2019Anything GoesWhat to watch?3   
Apr 7, 2019Dog Pound - Knotty SexFound this pic and made me think of a story1   
Apr 7, 2019Anything GoesOn a Leash2   
Apr 5, 2019Anything GoesCock On A Leash2   
Apr 4, 2019Michigan Anal Sex ClubBDSM Or Erotic Enemas?1   
Apr 4, 2019Gay Masters seeking slavesI do not live in the area but I am sub1   
Apr 2, 2019Dog Pound - Knotty SexLegal Graph1   
Apr 2, 2019Dog Pound - Knotty SexToys for those that are looking to purchase1   
Apr 1, 2019Anything GoesLines that You will not cross. Are there any?2   
Apr 1, 2019Anything GoesIf the original Star Wars movie was X-rated...1   
Apr 1, 2019Anything GoesIf M*A*S*H was X-rated1   
Mar 26, 2019sissys for BLACK MENAnother find of Black on white5   
Mar 25, 2019Sissy MaidsPics of attractive sissy maids9   
Mar 24, 2019Anything GoesFucked Up Shit1   
Mar 24, 2019Anything GoesRate the Bitch1   
Mar 24, 2019Anything GoesWhat the fuck is this?2   
Mar 23, 2019sissys for BLACK MENThe porn I watch!9   
Mar 9, 2019Anything GoesAre you flattered if a fag flirts with you?2   
Mar 9, 2019sissys for BLACK MENPics of Black fucking white4   
Mar 7, 2019Anything GoesToilet humiliation1   
Mar 7, 2019Anything GoesWhat Lines WILL you cross?2   
Feb 22, 2019sissys for BLACK MENMore pics of Black tops and white bottoms5