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Group posts by curvyenchantress
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Sep 28, 2019Enchanted TailsKick Kik To The Kurb3   
Sep 14, 2019Anything GoesWhich stupid-ass bitch is more annoying?2   
Sep 1, 2019Enchanted Tails**CAT 4 DORIAN SUPPOSE TO TURN!!!**3   
Aug 31, 2019Depraved Dreamswhat a laugh2   
Aug 25, 2019Enchanted TailsStolen words, explains it all!3   
Aug 24, 2019Severe Painoops1   
Aug 24, 2019Extreme taboo no limitsoops1   
Aug 22, 2019Enchanted TailsSometimes best laid plans......2   
Aug 21, 2019Enchanted TailsEveryone has one1   
Aug 21, 2019Enchanted TailsDodge ball2   
Aug 20, 2019Enchanted TailsSome horse people....2   
Aug 20, 2019Enchanted TailsSnortles!!!!2   
Aug 20, 2019Enchanted TailsNot my monkeys not my circus2   
Aug 20, 2019Enchanted TailsAppropriate meme2   
Aug 20, 2019Enchanted TailsStalkers!!!1   
Aug 20, 2019Enchanted TailsThieves??? Nah!!!1   
Aug 20, 2019Enchanted TailsChallenge ~~~~~2   
Aug 19, 2019ALT Website Community FeedbackBanning is not a 2 way street1   
Aug 18, 2019ALT Website Community FeedbackDue to slynxy's copying and sharing my blog !!!DISCLAIMER!!!5   
Aug 18, 2019Enchanted TailsDue to people copying and sharing my blog !!!DISCLAIMER!!!1   
Aug 18, 2019ALT Website Community FeedbackShould ALT staff remove the ability for users to read "Private" Chats?2   
Aug 17, 2019Enchanted TailsEmails from the sLYING sLYAR that sLYS ~ BuStEd!!!9   
Aug 14, 2019Useful Cunts & Fuckmeat 4 UseJoining Posts Here1   
Aug 6, 2019A Ladies Only DenLadies Only Dungeon1   
Aug 5, 2019Enchanted TailsThe Curvy Cunt and Curvy's Boys10   
Jul 26, 2019The DungeonThe BoE1   
Jul 13, 2019Dark Decadent DungeonRules and strong suggestions, (seems alt ate the first post, reposting)1   
Jul 9, 2019Female Sluts Needing UseRoom Entry ??1   
Jul 9, 2019Enchanted TailsThe Raf and the Gorean Fake Warrior5   
Jul 5, 2019Enchanted TailsInvite Only2   
Jun 25, 2019Enchanted TailsWhatever Happened to Loyalty and Friendship?5   
Jun 17, 2019Enchanted TailsCleaning up1   
Jun 16, 2019Enchanted TailsWhite Crayons6   
Jun 11, 2019Enchanted TailsLetting things go ~6   
Jun 9, 2019The Alternative Alt BlogIs He Back?1   
Jun 7, 2019Enchanted TailsEnchanting Humor8   
May 16, 2019Enchanted TailsRest in peace 1cutetease5   
Apr 23, 2019Enchanted TailsWanna see something funny??9   
Apr 22, 2019Enchanted TailsGroup Re-opened10   
Apr 22, 2019Enchanted TailsWhat Invite only Means1   
Mar 20, 2019Enchanted TailsHappy first day of spring!2   
Mar 17, 2019Enchanted TailsWhat does a Scots do on St Patrick's day?3   
Mar 13, 2019Enchanted TailsNOTICE:6   
Feb 23, 2019Enchanted TailsCoffeeology3   
Feb 21, 2019Enchanted TailsPETS OWNERSHIP3   
Feb 17, 2019Enchanted TailsLate Valentine Advise5   
Feb 13, 2019Enchanted TailsBanning Part II - Pathological Liars8   
Feb 11, 2019Enchanted Tailshello from largo florida1