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Group posts by Isubmit2Unow
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
May 16, 2020Daddys/daughters roleplayingHas anyone managed to meet through alt?2   
Apr 25, 2020Forced feminisationEasy to remove make-up ??1   
Apr 16, 2020Daddies and littles ageplayDeer and Elk1   
Apr 16, 2020Cocksuckers CentralToo shy to hookup3   
Mar 29, 2020Daddies and littles ageplayWaterfalls on a sunny day1   
Feb 24, 2020Forced feminisationmommy wants a sissy1   
Dec 22, 2019Forced feminisationwhere to look ..1   
Aug 22, 2019Adult Theatre & Gloryhole fun!How to tell1   
Jul 2, 2019PissApproaching a new "friend "1   
May 26, 2019Forced feminisationDo you1   
May 5, 2019Portal to HellHumiliation1   
Apr 6, 2019Cocksuckers Centralthe best part of sucking cock is.....1   
Jan 18, 2019PissWhat turns you on about Piss?1   
Oct 20, 2018PissAnonymous Donor1   
Oct 20, 2018adult bookstore / peep boothsadult bookstore1   
Oct 20, 2018adult bookstore / peep boothsGlory Hole DOMS1   
Oct 20, 2018Gang Bang Central DungeonAre there any DOMS in central PA who like to share ?1   
Aug 1, 2018adult bookstore / peep boothssub sissy cd faggot1   
Jul 14, 2018PissOUT of a bowl ??3   
Apr 30, 2018adult bookstore / peep boothsWhat is the most kinky thing you have done at a bookstore?2   
Apr 6, 2018adult bookstore / peep boothsi so want to go into a public scene4   
Feb 16, 2018Cocksuckers Centralassume the position1   
Feb 13, 2018PissGirls having fun1   
Dec 25, 2017CUM GUZZLING SHEMALE SLUTS!Some of my favorites2   
Dec 18, 2017PissGood Girl takes piss1   
Nov 25, 2017Cocksuckers CentralHello, new and willing3   
Nov 6, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothsStoystown, PA1   
Oct 24, 2017Cocksuckers CentralFeeder in Tulsa, Okla. seeking sucker1   
Oct 24, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothspa abs gloryholes1   
Oct 8, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothsi would love to suck in a secure store far enough away so it will really be anonymiss !!2   
Oct 3, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothssucking at the hole for wife.1   
Oct 3, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothsDoes it Matter who's mouth is on the other side of the Hole?2   
May 14, 2017CUM GUZZLING SHEMALE SLUTS!hello i just joined1   
Jan 13, 2017Forced feminisationFinally a site that has recent posts...1   
Oct 21, 2015Forced feminisationlooking for a gurl near sw ohio1   
Oct 16, 2015Forced feminisationPlease don't be nice to me UNTIL after YOU have used me SIR1   
Sep 4, 2015Forced feminisationOutdoor FUN2   
Jul 2, 2015Cocksuckers CentralOWNED1   
Jul 2, 2015Cocksuckers CentralCocksucking 1011   
Jul 2, 2015Cocksuckers CentralAre there DOMS who like taking pictures of Their subs in action ?1   
Apr 30, 2015Forced feminisationMake up.... How to do it.1