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Group posts by BumMiester
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 23, 2019Anything GoesThe return of fruit fuckers5   
Mar 23, 2019Anything GoesLines that You will not cross. Are there any?5   
Mar 15, 2019Anything GoesFucked by Fruit4   
Mar 15, 2019Anything GoesUnfortunate Product Names2   
Mar 14, 2019Anything GoesWomen Kicking Men In The Balls1   
Mar 13, 2019Anything GoesWhat Lines WILL you cross?4   
Mar 13, 2019Cross Dressers & PartnersChoices7   
Feb 24, 2019Cross Dressers & PartnersBJ letdowns3   
Feb 19, 2019Anything GoesSo when getting a package don't have a decent tip???2   
Feb 19, 2019Anything GoesWhats the difference between kinky and perverted5   
Feb 18, 2019Cross Dressers & PartnersWhat makes a cocksucker good2   
Feb 18, 2019Anything GoesWhich she-male cock would you prefer to suck?2   
Feb 18, 2019Anything GoesWhich pictured Domme would you most like to serve?2   
Feb 16, 2019Anything GoesRimming3   
Feb 12, 2019Anal with a strap-onWhat's your favorite way?1   
Feb 12, 2019Anything GoesDick Pictures1   
Feb 12, 2019Anything GoesHow often do you wake up with wood?1   
Feb 11, 2019Anything GoesMen cumming on dolls1   
Feb 11, 2019Cross Dressers & PartnersHello all4   
Feb 10, 2019Cross Dressers & PartnersPick Up?3   
Feb 10, 2019Anything GoesSissy Maids1   
Feb 9, 2019Anything GoesShemales fucking men1   
Feb 9, 2019Anything GoesWelcome1   
Feb 9, 2019Cross Dressers & PartnersWho enjoys giving blowjobs?3   
Jan 28, 2019adult bookstore / peep boothsdirty blk gurl...1   
Jan 28, 2019adult bookstore / peep boothshot littlesissy girl1   
Jul 25, 2018adult bookstore / peep boothsGlory Holes in Lex Ky an Huntington Wv1   
Feb 2, 2018A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSI can't blow if you don't show!1   
Sep 16, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothsglory holes in Huntington Wv2   
Sep 12, 2017Truck Driver CDs, TVs, TSsHello1   
Aug 16, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothsFinding a Place to Play1   
Aug 14, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSLength vs. Girth12   
Jun 5, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSWhat's you favorite position Ladies? :?50   
Feb 27, 2016A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSWhat gets ya goin' / and what leaves ya flat?9   
Nov 19, 2015A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSPreferances23   
Oct 16, 2015A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSseeking dirty ol man for xxx theatre fun1   
Oct 16, 2015A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSSable is wanting1