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Group posts by cpl_bicornu
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
May 1, 2020Cunt Degradationbrisbane sluts and cunts2   
Mar 14, 2020Cunt DegradationCunt Meat's UK1   
Jan 17, 2020Cunt DegradationWhat do you say ladies...yes or no..kinkcurious minds wanna know1   
Dec 24, 2019Cuckold HumiliationFeminising the hubby1   
Dec 24, 2019Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYNeed a milf1   
Dec 13, 2019WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKFemales fit for Destruction...2   
Dec 13, 2019Sub Human Femalesworthless cunt1   
Nov 23, 2019Humiliation ChatHumiliated in front of others1   
Nov 23, 2019R#pe the shit outt of herthe best part id when she begs you to stop4   
Nov 23, 2019Sub Human FemalesLowest form of Life1   
Oct 18, 2019Black Breeding White Slut 24/7Time again3   
Oct 3, 2019Humiliation Chatlooking for1   
Sep 27, 2019Black Breeding White Slut 24/7Offering my wife5   
Sep 26, 2019Black Breeding White Slut 24/7Are you afraid to admit it, that you want it.1   
Aug 28, 2019Extreme taboo no limitspiss and poo chat1   
Aug 28, 2019Extreme taboo no limitscum cleanup1   
Aug 28, 2019BLACK DOM LODGE white fem submy wife fot black doms2   
Aug 16, 2019WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKlooking for black men to turn my wife into a slut2   
Jul 26, 2019Extreme Consensual AbuseAnyone in the Chicago area that like it rough1   
Jul 26, 2019Cunt Degradationfemales are pigs1   
Jul 26, 2019Extreme taboo no limitsTaboo Gangbang Fantasies1   
Jul 17, 2019Grandma Is a Slut3 month check in1   
Jun 21, 2019WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKwhats best for awhite cunt? to taste or to destroy?1   
Jun 14, 2019Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYForce Me 2 B Fucked by All9   
Jun 6, 2019Grandma Is a SlutGrandma does a group1   
Jun 6, 2019Black Breeding White Slut 24/7BM seeking local eastern NC slave to breed3   
May 10, 2019BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subMissing the Lodge1   
May 3, 2019Cunt DegradationTraveling Degrader2   
May 3, 2019Extreme taboo no limitsIntroduction2   
Apr 26, 2019R#pe the shit outt of herpost1   
Apr 26, 2019R#pe the shit outt of herin my dreams1   
Apr 26, 2019Pisspiss whores1   
Apr 19, 2019Sub Human FemalesBarn Animals1   
Apr 19, 2019Sub Human Femalessub human cunts1   
Apr 19, 2019Cunt DegradationFuckmeat3   
Mar 15, 2019WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKrequired1   
Mar 15, 2019The Sluts training houceShow Your cunt Sluts3   
Mar 15, 2019Black Breeding White Slut 24/7marry white yet breed black1   
Feb 24, 2019Cuckold HumiliationIncest cuckold fantasy2   
Feb 16, 2019PissPISSING IN PUBLIC1   
Feb 6, 2019WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKwhite sub slave2   
Feb 6, 2019Cunt DegradationNo UK cunts to degrade and abuse?1   
Feb 6, 2019Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYYou arrive at the address that was texted to You...2   
Jan 26, 2019WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKA special thank you to all the black men1