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Group posts by Ixforqu
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Apr 22, 2019Anything GoesCock without balls1   
Apr 22, 2019Anything GoesThe return of fruit fuckers4   
Apr 22, 2019Anything GoesFucked by Fruit4   
Apr 22, 2019Anything GoesOn a Leash1   
Apr 22, 2019Anything GoesWould you like to die by crucifixion?1   
Apr 22, 2019Anything GoesYou only live this life once.1   
Apr 22, 2019Anything GoesWomen having sex with a garden hose2   
Apr 11, 2019Anything GoesK93   
Mar 30, 2019Anything GoesWhat the fuck is this?8   
Mar 28, 2019Anything GoesChange One Word of a Movie Title to Slut2   
Mar 28, 2019Anything GoesWhat to watch?1   
Mar 27, 2019Anything GoesWhich type of fruit are you most likely to fuck?2   
Mar 25, 2019Anything GoesWhich she-male cock would you prefer to suck?6   
Mar 25, 2019Anything GoesRate the Bitch1   
Mar 25, 2019Anything GoesMen cumming on dolls1   
Mar 25, 2019The Whipping Post and Stocksmaybe this will help1   
Mar 25, 2019The REAL Metal and Rock GroupJudas Priest's New Album1   
Mar 25, 2019Anything GoesAre you flattered if a fag flirts with you?5   
Mar 25, 2019Wets Bondage DungeonToys for bondage1   
Mar 25, 2019OTK SpankingBay area Domme- was spanking a "gateway" for you?1   
Mar 25, 2019Transgender Support and AdviceUsing Toothpaste as Lubricant1   
Mar 25, 2019The Whipping Post and StocksWhat happened to my posts?1   
Mar 25, 2019The REAL Metal and Rock GroupIf you could bring back one deceased musician2   
Mar 25, 2019Wets Bondage DungeonTight Restraints1   
Mar 23, 2019Force fucked fantasy kidnappedwanting to be kidnapped by MASTER (Real Not Fantasy1   
Mar 23, 2019OTK SpankingDo People Connect1   
Mar 22, 2019Anything GoesStrange things1   
Mar 18, 2019Anything GoesWomen Kicking Men In The Balls3   
Mar 14, 2019Anything GoesWhich hand do you tend to masturbate with?1   
Mar 10, 2019Subs for real Dom/dommeList of Dominant Players2   
Mar 5, 2019FakesNie im Messenger, aber Nachrichten schreiben5   
Mar 3, 2019Naughty SchoolgirlsRuler Vs. Hand1   
Mar 3, 2019Anything GoesWhich pictured Domme would you most like to serve?10   
Feb 28, 2019Wets Bondage DungeonBondage Breast Cuffs1   
Feb 23, 2019Anything GoesLines that You will not cross. Are there any?1   
Feb 20, 2019Anything GoesWhats the difference between kinky and perverted2   
Feb 18, 2019Bimbo FuckmeatHow do you wish to be used to be a total Bimbo?1   
Feb 18, 2019Naughty Schoolgirlspunishment for naughty schoolgirls1   
Feb 18, 2019Naughty SchoolgirlsWho do you prefer, dirty teacher or naughty student?1   
Feb 17, 2019Bimbo FuckmeatWhere does a sweet little girl find a daddy for the following?1   
Feb 17, 2019Bimbo FuckmeatWelcome to Bimbo Fuckmeat! Please Say Hi Here <31   
Feb 16, 2019The Whipping Post and StocksWhip or be whipped1   
Feb 15, 2019Wets Bondage DungeonAlways Good Metal Bondage1   
Feb 15, 2019Wets Bondage DungeonMetal Bondage1   
Feb 1, 2019Anything GoesBeer Bottle In The Ass1