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Group posts by TNsubcdjen
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
May 4, 2018Forced feminisationBra and panties1   
Apr 22, 2018Cross Dresser's And TV'sWhat is it about panties that gets you excited?1   
Apr 4, 2018The Road to Destiny!Since SRS!1   
Mar 10, 2018A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSWhy do we dress is it just for the sex???1   
Mar 8, 2018TGirls TG/TS/TV & AdmiresAnybody in here1   
Mar 3, 2018sissys for BLACK MEN***MEMBER ROLL CALL***1   
May 25, 2016A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSwanting to set up a bbc blow bang1   
May 25, 2016A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSI love to spank and be spanked -Any fellow participants?1   
May 30, 2015Face-FuckingA sissy group?1   
May 5, 2014Forced feminisationowing to my landlord1   
May 5, 2014TGirls TG/TS/TV & AdmiresBack again1   
Mar 2, 2014TGirls TG/TS/TV & AdmiresWell....not much going on here...1